2010-06-03: Not a Bandwagon Fan


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Summary: A gathering in the park amongst Jakob, She-Hulk and Travis

Date: June 3, 2010

Log Title Not a Bandwagon Fan

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

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She-Hulk is caught in the middle of taking the first bite of her Gyro when Travis asks her a question. Caught off guard she mumbles a bit to indicate that she'll answer as soon as she's done chewing. She smiles at the boy and shakes her head. "No, I don't. I have a few connections to it, though. Are you a student?'
"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you while your eating." Travis says before nodding. "Yeah, first year of college there. I'm Travis, Travis Smith." He says holding out a hand to the Green Woman next to him. He's wearing a long jacket with four of his arms well hidden inside. For the most part he looks normal right now, maybe a bit broad shouldered. "I haven't been in the city too much so this is all kind of new to me. Do people really do this often?" Meaning the street performances.

"It's okay," assures She-Hulk, switching the Gyro to her other hand, and wipes her now free one on a napkin before shaking Travis'. "People have interrupted me for less." She looks at the street performers in question and nods. "Usually, yes. Less so late fall and winter when it gets too cold outside."
Travis can't help but look She-Hulk up and down, not only is she green but she's got that incredible body. He's a teenage boy, he's finding it hard not to stare, maybe a She-Hulk poster will be in order for him once he finds out that's who she is. "Can I ask you a kind of personal question ma'am? I know I don't know you but..do you mind?"

Jennifer doesn't seem to be bothered by the overt staring. She gets enough of it that she just kind of filters it out by now. Crossing her legs and setting the gyro aside on the bench on a napkin she nods. "I don't mind."

Jakob wondered if it was tangible on him as it felt, that scent, that 'aura' one could say. He'd killed before, unintentionally - that felt wrong, on several levels, even stuck him in a darkness he wasn't able to claw out of, but this, the feeling he had now was a sense of right. Somehow, someway killing that bomber was entirely satisfying, the man was a blight on humanity, a terrorist, everything wrong in the world these days and Jakob was able to put a bullet through his chest. His head was downcast as he walked, his jacket still the tattered green with the black under sweater from yesterday, his jeans were torn and ripped which could pass for a grunge style. All and all he looked haggard, a night of no sleep after that explosive at the rally was evident on him. His stride was carrying him directly towards amd through Central Park, having no clue one of his suite-mates was present.

Travis takes a deep breath and just asks the question on his mind. "What's it like, being able to walk in public looking the way you are? I mean…doesn't anyone bother you or do anything horrible? You don't try to hide that you're..different? That you have superpowers?" Travis asks as he is terrified to be seen in public with six arms. As Jakob starts approaching the area, Travis watches him for a bit, jaw set a bit tight, he doesn't say anything to acknowledge his suite mates presence though. "I mean you get guys like him beeing an ass because of what you are?"

Jennifer's jade eyes dart towards Jakob and then back at Travis with an unasked question. She reflects on the question some before offering up a dazzling smile. "I think a lot of is that I like the attention… both the good and bad kind. That and I've built something of a reputation, which in and of itself gives good and bad attention." She shakes her head. "Believe me, at the beginning a lot of the time I had problems with the public because they thought I was just a copy of my cousin, but after some hard work people got to see me for who I am."

Absorbed in his own thoughts Jakob almost skimmed past the familiar face of Travis, yet looking at him something was missing until the overly bulky torso tipped it off. Recognition struck and pulled Jakob out of the mental zone of confusion and loss he was in only to be catapulted back in upon seeing the large, attractive very green amazon beside him. Exhaustion didn't allow him his could be usual sardonic response only a wry twist of his lips in a half-smile as he got nearer, " Travis… " He regards coolly, a flicker of dark eyes had him looking She-Hulk over openly. He'd seen her on television before, not openly announced as a mutant but his father claimed ones no different from the other, yet he held some strange idolization of Steve Rogers saying HE was different. He was the epitome of an American and humanity this all made him exempt from that narrow-minded view.

"Copy of your cousin? Whose your cousin?" Travis asks as he looks back over at Jakob and gives a nod. "Jakob…" He says in response, nothing friendly about it nor overly cruel. "Sorry, I don't know much about…powered people just what I know from Barnes. I came from an area of the U.S. that didn't really have any superheroes and didn't really pay attention. It was always that thing that was over there." Cause when's the last time someone heard about a super villain tearing apart St. Louis or Colorado?

"The Hulk," explains She-Hulk. She nods at his explanation. "I know how it is. Most of the mid west is spared the madness that goes on around here." She gives Travis a pleasant smile despite the glower aimed towards her.

Jakob right now had some urge to tell of what had transpired, even about the rooftop game of tag with Beatrice, Domino, Neena, Tamara, whatever she was calling herself but found himself staring where he'd already burnt bridges of friendship before they were ever forged this easily cut off any desire to go into story-mode. Not that friends were needed, especially of Travis, he was a mutant Jakob reminds himself. Barely sure why he approached he shifted his hands in his jacket, forcing his smile to try and appear less malicious. Not yet bothering to move away as the current conversation and well the large green woman were one of them curiosity points. Plus, if Travis was here with a ride then this lovely fatigue wouldn't need to be endured in walking any further.

"Wait…you're cousin's the Hulk? I've seen on the news. That makes you Girl Hulk right?" Close but no cigar on the name, Travis just doesn't know his superheroes. "One of our suitemates is that Hulkling kid, is he one of your cousins too?" Travis asks before looking over at Jakob and it's not hard to tell that there's something on the mutant haters mind. "Everything alright dude?"

"She-Hulk," corrects the woman. "Teddy isn't related to me, no. He took his name as more of an homage to the original Avengers from what I hear." At Travis' question to Jakob her attention turns back to him. Again, a disarmingly pleasant smile is sent his way. "Come join us," she says, trying to be encouraging. "I won't bite."

" She-Hulk! " Jakob almost blurts out in correction to Travis near the same time as She-Hulk did herself, but curbs it into a more controlled and tolerable tone that sounded dim under her voice. Giving a quick short grimace, " Everything's grand, just tired. " A boldfaced lie true in at least the part where he sat down on the furthest edge of the bench without much hesitation. Where as normally he would have protested with a 'no freaks mingling' excuse " What, one of us is Hulkling!? " He shot out as his back hit the bench.

"That really weird green kid we room with, he's Hulkling. And the other kid Billy is Wiccan. There part of some Junior Avengers or something. Teddy is -way- to over enthusiastic about superheroes." Travis says with a shake of his head. "And sorry, She-Hulk, like I said, Superheroes aren't really my forte. I'd rather be doing other things than pretending to be a superhero." Like baseball or carpentry or getting drunk.

Jennifer shakes her head, not looking too bothered by Travis' mistake. "Don't worry about it." She looks over to the other student and quirks an eyebrow at his outburst, picking up her gyro to give him some room on the bench. Back to Travis, "Why are you pretending to be a superhero?"

Drunk didn't sound a bad idea, Hulkling, not something he really knew much about beyond one or two conversations he could count. Teddy? That figured. No wonder he was such a smug ass. Confident in powers, no doubt a car hurling rager like the news always captures the Hulk as. Jakob's frown re-appeared not realizing his eyes had been since he sat down pinpointed on one green thigh. This broken as he hears the question She-Hulk asks, " You're pretending to be a superhero? " Almost laughing as he leaned forward trying to see what Travis was wearing beyond what was obscuring his arms.

Underneath Travis's jacket is just a pair of jeans an a Colorado Rockies t-shirt, so the pretending to be a superhero comment gets a weird look from him. "I'm not pretending to be a hero, nor am I trying to be one. I'm just trying to figure out this whole mess." As he knows he's considered a freak and no longer an average guy and at the same time probably has the Maggia still hunting him and his mother. "Just cause I go to Barnes, doesn't mean I'm trying to be a hero."
Jennifer holds her hands up defensively at Travis. "I never said that you were trying to be a hero." She looks at both students before saying, "Barnes isn't about making people into heroes. It's about teaching people how to use their special gifts responsibly and legally." And turn them into soldiers for the government. But she doesn't say that out loud.

Jakob grunts. Settling back further into the bench, " Yeah, plus a Rockies t-shirts a piss port costume, you'll just get laughed at. " Hearing what She-Hulk was saying he added in a, " For some of us, I guess. " That urge to spill guts on earlier almost overcame him, to gloat, or share? What was it. His eyes were playing the magnetic game again and he lost his train of thought.

"Piss poor costume? It's hard to be piss poor when you don't have one." A bit of annoyance is in Travis's voice as he says that to Jakob. "That's mainly what I'm there for, learning how to use this stuff." What stuff, well he doesn't even tell She-Hulk as he keeps his extra arms hidden. "And there's nothing wrong with the Rockies. And if you say you're team's the Yankees I'm just gonna call you a bandwagon fan."

"Hey!" Says She-Hulk admonishing Travis. "There's absolutely /nothing/ wrong with being a Yankees fan."

Jakob smiles, " Not a bandwagon fan, will show you my team one of these days. For now though, we'll just stick with yours sucking and I'd be affraid of actually seeing what sort of costume you would sport. " Going silent as he found himself getting too comfortable in the presence of these two.
Even on the side of nervous at being in close proximity with She-Hulk for various reasons.

Travis smiles at She-Hulk and shrugs, he's not about to give the hotness a hard time about her being a Yankees fan. She could be a Mets fan and he still wouldn't give her a hard time. Not only the hotness but the fact that she could break him over her knee easily. "Well that days not gonna come, sorry dude. Though if I had to sport a costume, I'd probably rip off the Baseball Furies."

Jennifer just shakes her head at the banter between the two students, content to let them argue it out for now, as she finishes her Gyro.

" Kiss gone baseball. I can see it, be a decent look for you. " A smug smile appeared as Jakob pushes himself upright. Standing visual, the magnetic eye-field strikes again, that guy language out of easy habit swept through him and he made sure Travis caught the look. Shit, he was bonding with a mutie not just any mutant the freakiest looking in the school he'd encountered. His dad would beat him senseless, his head shook at himself and he started to walk off. " I'm going. " Clearing his throat he stopped and turned to look at the large overly hot green woman, about to say something but instead clamping his mouth shut after a quick, " Nice meeting you." His walk picks up pace and he makes for a quick exit.

Travis noticed the look and realized that he was starting to tolerate the suitemate who he really could give two craps about and sighs, he doesn't even say good bye. He looks over at She-Hulk and smiles. "Well it was nice to meet you She-Hulk, I should get back and meet up with my Mom so we can head back to Barnes. I hope to see you again at the school." And ohboy does he hope to see that amazon of a green woman again. Does someone have the Captain Kirk syndrome of Green Women?

"It was good meeting you two," She-Hulk says. "Stay out of trouble!" Not likely to happen, but good advice nonetheless. Now that they're gone she can get back to her gyro.

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