2010-02-21: Not a Dog


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Summary: Kael meets James who is out doing the scavenger thing.

Date: February 21, 2010

Log Title Not a Dog

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

It's a bit of a warm spring afternoon at the school, and some students are making the most use out of the outside as they can. At the dock, Kael's leaping from across it. Landing on the logs of wood that are holding it up out of the water, going diagonally across tot he next one. His hair nearly completely white as he glides from stump to stump; humming to himself happily as he does so. If anyone would to get closer to the dock, if there was wind such as a breeze near the school; there isn't any trace of it now.

Spring is here, at least in part, and with it out come the animals. Namely, the school's resident mascot for mischief: James. The hyena comes walking through the area, whistling some nameless tune through his big oversized teeth. With a notebook in one hand, a GPS in the other, the teenager is up to something; looking mighty suspicious with that metal detector slung over his shoulder.

The big hyena isn't really noticed until Kael lands on the last stump and turns around. His head cants up to look at his path of travel and he blinks a bit as he spots James coming into the area. If the wind could have a curious feel to it, it would as Kael starts to head towards the strange beast. "I know that this is hard to believe, but I don't think I've seen you around here before." Either Kael has selective blindness or he just doens't pay attention. Given his age, both would work.

James comes to a halt. Barefoot and wearing his usual garb--t-shirt and BDUs--the beast looks at Kael through a broken set of welding goggles. The latter's use a sure sign that 'something' is a foot. He gives Kael a thoughtful sniff and shrugs, "I don't think you're in any of my classes. At least I don't recognize you either." He seeeeeeeems friendly enough. But rumor states the contrary.

Thankfully, Kael doesn't really listen to rumors, or he just ignores the ones about the people he doesn't know. He smiles a bit and says, "I'm Kael, Kael Langford." A rather happy swirl of wind around the boy as he offers a hand out for a handshake. At the same time, his eyes flick towards the goggle and then the metal detector. "… What are you gonna do with those?" Asked with a more curious tone than anything.

James puts the notebook under his left arm and offers Kael a shake with his right hand…paw…thing. He replies simply, "James." He looks over his shoulder, ears pinning backwards, "What? This stuff?" He shrugs, "I'm hunting robots. Big ones!" He smiles toothfully, his front canines bigger than most people's thumbs. He gives Kael an inspecting look, "Heeeey…I don't suppose you have any like…mutant metal detecting ability?"

Kael looks down at the paw, smirking a bit as he rubs a thumb against the fur before he says, "Big Robots? I'm pretty sure that the grounds doesn' have any of those." He then laughs softly, "Nah, all I can do is control the wind." As if to prove a point, a swirl of wind around the hyena starts up only for a second or two before it just vanishes.

James' ears go sideways as he emits a sigh, hair blowing around a bit, "Damn…too bad." He reconsiders the young one's abilities before asking, "Can you use it to lift weight? Like…tons? Or maybe to displace large amounts of water?" The smiles returns, big black alien eyes looking hopeful!

Kael blinks a bit, visibly at a loss for answers on that. "Uh… I'm not too sure if I can. I've never tried, and most likely I wouldn't be able to lift it. The wind I control can't go that fast. And…" He looks back at the lake. "I haven't tried to displace water."

James grins, "Always a first for everything!" He gives a couple more seconds of brain power towards exploiting…errr….putting Kael to use, but draws a blank, "Well…when I find something, I'll let you know. Extra hands always help."

Kael smiles a bit. "Well, I'm sure I can try and do something with the water. I just don't know about the lifting thing. I mean, I can lift myself." Another swirl of wind and the aerokinetic is lifted up a good few feet off of the ground; floating backwards as to not hit James with the spiraling wind. "I just don't know if I can lift anything else." He hms a bit, floating there for a bit before he nods, "Sure. I don't mind. If I'm free and all."

James watches, eyes a little wider behind those old goggles of his "Well, that's cool." He puts his hand to his chin, "Okay, well, don't worry too much about it. I'm sure there's something you can help with." He pulls out his notebook, trying to look official as he jots down Kael’s name on it, "Well, Kale Kale Langford, when I find something, I'll let you know!" He smiles conspiratorially, "I have it on good authority that some just lying around. Or was…!"

Kael snickers a bit as he shakes his head. "Only one Kael in my name, James." He crosses his arms a bit as he just floats there; landing a few seconds later and says with a laugh. "Help with what? Moving dirt?" He smiles brightly before he starts to move around the hyena. "Honestly, I have to say. You look more awesome than Pallaton. He looks like a walking wolf."

James crosses his arms as the boy moves around, preening a bit at the praise, "Never met him, but I keep hearing about others like me; Owen, some guy named 'Wolf Cub, or something.'" He shrugs, "I dunno what I need. Depends on how many I find!" He seems sure he's going to find something. Though, ‘something’ will probably be ‘nothing’ but some spare change, a bottle cap, and a lot of dirt.

Kael lets out a laugh. "Wolf Cub might be Pallaton's nickname. OR it could be someone else. But, I do know that Owen went back to his family. I hope he's doing alright." A soft sigh before he grins a bit. "How long have ya been at the school?"

James tilts his head at the news of Owen, "Really?" He hmmms, not overly impressed to knew that tidbit. Fuzzies are far and few, and the people James feels he might actually along with are even fewer. His ears perk, "Me? Oh…only since after New Years. Not long at all. How about you?"

Kael nods a bit. "Though Owen wasn't fuzzy all the time like you. Only when he used his powers and stuff." The aerokinetic hms a bit, a small breeze wafts by and curls around him before he says, "Around April of last year. And believe me, I've seen some crazy stuff." Probably why he's so jaded, and thinks James would make a great pillow.

James nods, "Yeah…I hear that crazy stuff happens all the time." He sours a bit, "I was here for less than 2 weeks and suddenly I was possessed by demons. Not fun times." His hackles rise a little at the thought of the whole Inferno thing, but the mood passes.

Kael nods a bit, laughing softly that quickly dies off at the raising of the hackles. He oddly wonders if a petting between the ears would calm the hyena down, but he doesn't wanna try. "A long while ago. A good bunch of us had our powers swapped with someone elses. That… was an interesting few weeks."

James considers that for a moment, "Can't be so bad if you're on my side of the mutant gene pool. I can’t shift back at the moment. What you see is what you get." He raises an eye ridge at the thought.

Kael hms a bit. "True, and it might've been kinda neat to have your power. … Course, then I'd have to vacuum up all the shedded fur." The mention of chores makes the kid sigh a bit before he says, "Before all this demon fiasco… Uh, people were acting like they were in fairy tales. It was… well, pretty fucked up to be honest."

James tilts his head, "Oh yeah? Sounds like I missed something interesting." He grins, "Personally, I like the excitement. Well, the harmless type. The possession…it wasn't so harmless." He ignores the fur comment and continues, "So…what else happens around here."

The aerokinetic lets out another hm, "Well, when it was snowing. There were good few snowball fights. my boyfriend had a blast with those as well… he's an ice manipulator. So he thrives off of the cold, which is probably why I haven't seen him in a short while." He rubs the back of his head and smiles, "Basically, we make up our own fun. Go swimming. Hit the gym. Watch movies. … Annoy teachers."

James nods, "Yeah, but I was thinking the 'fun' stuff. Like…giant robots. Alien invasions. You know…the non-school stuff." He gets all toothful again, "The class stuff gets sorta boring, you know."

Kael smirks a bit. "Well, that stuff we can't really plan for. And the teachers can't really be there for us at all times. So if we're out in the city and it happens. Well, it's your call on what ya do." He pulls out his cellphone and saysk, "I say push the panic button and then get into the fray. MAybe they'll get there and see ya kickin' ass."

James nods about the cell phone—the thing he's always forgetting anyways. "I don't go much into the city," he shrugs, "I wait for all the action to come to me." His ears go back against his head, patient predator that he is.

Kael shrugs a bit. "Sometimes waiting gets boring." He slips the cellphone back into his pocket and hms a bit, his eyes flicking up to James' ears. He scuffs a foot a bit before he just asks, "Can I pet ya between the ears?"

James shakes his head, eyes narrowing as he crosses his arms, "No." It's a rather gruff, final response, "I’m not a dog."

Kael lets out a soft aww before he lets out a sigh. "It was worth a shot." He shrugs a bit, smiling softly before he says, "Rather dumb question anyway." He hms a bit, "Do ya… have anythin' to make ya look normal and such? Cause I was wonderin' if ya'd wanna go into the city and grab a bite to eat? My treat for asking the dumb question." Christmas money. It's nice to have it to burn.

James shakes his head, expression returning normal for the 7' hyena, "No. I don't use image inducers." He shrugs a little, "They're just not the 'real' me, and someday I'll regain my ability to shift. Until then, I should be working on regaining that and not leaving for the city."

Kael rubs the back of his head. "Want me to bring ya back anythin'? I need to head out to a friend's place anyway and see if can help me get over a bump in getting a move down."

James shakes his head and kicks at the dirt with a exposed toe-claw, "No…I'm good. School gives me anything I need. But thanks." He offers another smile, a mangy looking one.

Kael snickers a bit, smiling back before his bleeds full white. "Oh, I forgot to ask. What squad are ya on?" The winds around the two start to move semi normally; as if waiting for a command as the teen asks.

"Paragons," the hyena-boy responds, "You?" He gives Kael another inspecting look, one eye looking at him through a broken lens, "Lucas, Rashmi…few others are on it too."

Kael ahs softly. "I'm on Corsairs. Chloe, Heather, John, and I /think/ Rafael. I'm not too sure." He winces a bit as he says, "And the /colors/. White and yellow. And to think, I thought Scott had some color perception."

James nods, "Purple and white. Northstar's group. Figured he'd have had more taste and put us in some designer threads." He smirks, "I think they do it to embarrass us. They got the same treatment when they were our age. You see what 'they' had to wear? Yikes!"

Kael snickers a bit. "Well, I think any colors would be better than yellow and white. Though to Scott, I think the colors look red and orange to him. So to /him/. They look alright." He laughs a bit. "Yeah… I can see that. But still. This is just mean."

James grins and shifts his load a little, the metal detector making a little noise, "Still though, beats a normal life. Right?" He pushes his paws into the mud a little, "Well…I should get started before it gets too late. It was nice meeting you."

Kael nods a bit, lifting himself up into the air on that swirl of wind. "Agreed. It was great meetin' ya. Just don' get too dirty." Like that'd happen. He gives a wave before he takes off up into the air, heading towards the front of the school to hail a taxi.

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