2010-08-15: Not A Role Model


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Summary: Kenta and Lucas engage in a conversation about lost love.

Date: August 15, 2010

Log Title: Not A Role Model

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

The music room door is slightly ajar and Kenta's voice and guitar can be heard clearly in the hallway. He's spent the last hour up here playing his heart out, just kind of killing time on a Sunday evening. His son is in his room in the other hallway sleeping as he doesn't bother going home to New York tonight. He sings a sort of slow song and plays his acoustic along with it - unable to sleep, I look up at the window's moon… if I think about that day on the stairway to the sky, I walked each step one by one there is nothing, no matter how far I've looked, that I'm certain of but in joyful times and bad times, you were by my side …"

Lucas opens the door and smiles, listening for a minute, before walking in. He's wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a Tshirt that hangs loose on his body, and he's carrying a small stack of Xavier's Academy folders in his gloved hands. He walks casually down the aisle, and sits the stack of files on the desk. Hopping up, he sits next to them, and watches Kenta.

"In my heart from someday on it will shine, because you were there, even until all of my tears dry, so precious, because you were there…" Kenta sings on but stops after the first chorus as Lucas walks in. "Hey Lucas, how's it going?" He asks putting his hand over the guitar strings to stop any sound from ringing. "All doing well with the summer?"

Lucas nods, "Yeah." He taps the stack, "Ah brought the files for the music appreciation class. Ah figured you'd wanna assess to figure out where to start. Ah also took the liberty of settin' up your gradebooks on the staff intranet system, and Ah did the formatin' for the lesson planner system on there too, in case y'all wanted to use it."

Kenta looks at Lucas, impressed. "Wow, aren't you an eager beaver, I haven't really done much planning yet for the new year, figured I'll start on that next week." Since school is starting in about three weeks. Thanks though Lucas. I gotta see what kids I have next year and what instruments I need to put in requests for." Since they might not have what every kid needs. "You'll have to show me this stuff you put together so I can abuse you more." He says with a chuckle.

Lucas shrugs, "Ah figure if'n Ah'm bein' paid to do it, Ah prolly should, right?" He smiles, "New song?" he asks about what the professor was playing.

Kenta smiles and nods. "WEll I'm glad you're taking the job seriously. And as for the song, nah it's an old ballad of mine." He says with a shrug. "I wrote it after me and Daphne spilt up, I wrote a lot of depressing songs then. Every now and then I just dreg one up and sing it again. How about you, you have any final plans for the summer? You deserve to relax a bit."

Lucas shrugs, "Ah don't really have the funds, nowhere's to go if'n Ah did." He purses his lips, glancing around the room, then back at Kenta. "Thought about spendin' a few days with my maw. Ah ain't sure if'n Ah'm okay with that or not." He sighs, "Can Ah ask you somethin'?"

Kenta puts down his guitar and nods. "Sure, you can ask me anything." Kenta says a she doesn't go on to say what he was going to about his mother, he lets Lucas ask his question first.

Lucas swallows, furrowing his brow in thought a moment, before asking, "So… Why did you an' Daphne break up?"

Kenta takes a deep breath and nods. "It's a long story but I'll tell ya. Well, it started when we all got back, from that other dimension. We were all changed, Daph, she never got over what we went through. She kept thinking she'd become nothing more than a weapon that…she'd one day hurt Armande or myself. We started fighting a lot and one day, I couldn't take it. She kept pushing me away and I just..I just left. I didn't think she wanted me around anymore, I dunno. It was dumb but she went her on way and I wasn't really part of her equation. She joined SHIELD and she almost became…obsessed? Like she was happy she could be just a weapon again. I wanted the woman I loved back, the person not the weapon. So…that's why I left. I realized though I wanted her back and I tried to get her back, talk to her, win her over again but..she kept pushing me away and then…she was killed on a job. Kinda depressing I know."

Lucas nods, quietly. He doesn't say anything for a long moment. "Sorry." He fidgets with one of his gloves, not really sure what to say now.

Reaching out to Lucas, Kenta puts a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, it was a few years back. I'll always love her but I got other things to live for like Armande, the Paragons, even you Lucas. I like it here and I like teaching. Sure I never got to go on and fulfill my dream of being a rock star nor did I finish up at Juilliard but honestly, I'm happy where I am now."

Lucas nods, "Sure." He clearly forces a smile, and a second nod. He looks down at his bare feet. "Rashmi dumped me a few weeks ago." He shrugs, "It's really bothering me."

"You wanna talk about it?" Kenta says as he looks at Lucas and smiles. "I should know this but…how old are you now Lucas? Eighteen?"

Lucas nods, sheepishly glancing over to the instrument cases in the corner. "Yeah." He scratches the back of his neck, "Old enough, right?"

Kenta smiles and stands up. "Wait right here." He disappears for a bit and when he returns, he had two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. "I really shouldn't be doing this but when I was your age once and a while my father would do this with me." Even though Kenta's Japanese, the Irish last name shows right now. He pours a little in two glasses, just enough to relax but not enough to get drunk, and offers one to Lucas. "I shouldn't be drinking myself but here, if you wanna tell me why it's bugging you."

Lucas studies the drink carefully, spinning the glass a little, watching the liquid swirl in the glass. He smells it, "Uch," and he coughs. "You drink this," he asks, laughing. "You're braver then Ah thought." He finally takes a quick drink, and immediately begins coughing, holding his hand on his chest to catch his breath. "…Christ…!" He clears his throat. "More." He smirks. "Ah dunnow. Ah mean, Ah did love her. But… She dumped me, an'… Ah'm okay with it. An' THAT bothers me, too."

Kenta laughs at the reaction. "Nah, that's it. I'll drink about anything Lucas. I was such a partier at a young age, I snuck alcohol in this school all the time at sixteen. I was an alcoholic at a young age so..I try not to drink much." He says with a smile. "It bothers you that you're okay with it? Well….maybe that shows that you two weren't meant to be together. Just because you love some body doesn't mean you're meant to be together."

Lucas sighs, "But Ah love her. An' Ah just…" He shakes his head. "Ah can't stand how much Ah miss her, an' Ah can't understand how little the fact that she left me hurts." He takes another large drink of the whiskey. "…gah…that's… burns… heheh…" He tilts his head a little, "She was really mean when she dumped me. An' all Ah could do was forgive her, Ah love her so much."

"Okay Lucas.." Kenta says finally downing his glass in one shot. "Lemme ask you the important question, do you want to be with her? And depending on your answer determines if I say I'm full of shit or not."

Lucas sighs, "Ah just… Ah dunnow…" He finishes his own drink, and fidgets with the glass. "Like… Ah'm tryin' to pursue other interests," he says, kind of awkwardly. "…but Ah don't know what that's about." He sighs again, "Is it weird that… at 18, Ah still… Ah haven't… you know…?" he asks, even more awkwardly.

Kenta looks at Lucas and gives him a puzzled look. "If you're talking about sex, I wouldn't say that's weird. I bet most of your friends haven't yet. You don't need to rush into it. Honestly a number on your belt doesn't mean shit nor does it matter when."

Lucas sighs, but its that teenager way of saying that the adult in the room is clearly not understanding what being a teenager is like. "Sure." He nods a little, and then chews his lip. "How old were you?"

Kenta pours himself another drink and downs it. "Listen Lucas, I'm not a role model for this stuff. I was convinced I was gonna be a Rockstar, by the age of sixteen I had already slept with seven girls cause…well..rock stars do that sort of thing. I drank, I smoked, I honestly thought I was larger than life. If there was a rule, I would see if there was a way to break it. If taking my pants off a party meant attention, I'd do it. Alcohol or not, I didn't care. So, I was like fourteen or fifteen when I lost it, but at the same time Daphne was number seven and the last woman I slept with. I haven't had any in quite sometime..soo..yeah. Wow..now that I've thoroughly told you too much."

Lucas smirks, "Wow." He sits the empty glass on the desk between them. "Ah almost did it once. When Ah was sixteen." He looks off a little, "Her name was Sam." Something slight in the way he says it might give Kenta the impression he's still stuck on her. "Ah sorta… you know… Ah was young. Ah went off early…" He blushes just a little, not looking at Kenta. "That was the night my hands exploded." He sighs again, and looks at Kenta. "Ah want to know Ah can. Is that stupid?"

Kenta doesn't comment on Lucas' 'almost', but he does smile at him. "Lucas, you know what I think, that you feel strongly. That when you like a girl it's not just a small thing with you, you really feel for her. And that's a good thing, you're a passionate guy. Was everything alright with the exploding?" He asks knowing Lucas' powers. "And no, it's not stupid at all, wanting to know you can."

Lucas doesn't answer the question, he just looks away. There's a long enough silence to make the answer pretty clear. After almost a minute, he hops off the desk. "Thanks for the drink," he says, and gives the man a little smile. "Lemme know if you want anythin' else from me 'fore classes start."

Nodding to Lucas, Kenta stays quite and doesn't comment on it. He can tell something bad happened and knows saying more would make it worse. "Lucas…just one last thing, I think you should visit your mother, the school can help you pay for the trip. I..I think she'd like it." He says and leaves it at that. "I'll let you know what I need, good night Lucas."

Lucas pauses, looking back at Kenta. His brow creases a bit, thinking. Finally, he says, "Every time Ah go she's a little worse. It ain't really the money. Ah just…" He shrugs, "Ah'll think about it." There's a little nod, and he turns to go again.

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