2011-05-09: Not An Angel


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Summary: Just another evening at the Titicus Reservoir.

Date: May 9, 2011

Log Title: Not An Angel

Rating: PG

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

It's early evening and the sun is setting displaying vibrant reds, yellows and oranges across the sky. In the city you can't see the sunset as well as you can while sitting by a quiet lake and that's why Aiden's out here tonight. For the quiet, the piece and the beauty of the outdoors. He's been practicing his dancing out here a bit but is now sitting in the grass, resting on his elbows, looking at the sky. His stereo is next to him playing some mellow electronic song sung all in German. His wings are stretched out behind him occasionally flapping gently in the breeze and the tattoo like markings are a warm green colour.

Along a nearby path, a blind girl walks, tapping her cane in front of her as she moves at a careful, stately pace. Her practiced wrist flicks a rock and then a bit of litter out of her way, and she humms a tune as she goes. Sophie carries a backpack slung over both shoulders, that appears to have a book or two inside it, perhaps. Her course takes her near to Aiden, where she promptly stumbles over an object she missed; though she manages to retain her balance.

As he notices Sophie stumble, Aiden jumps up to his feet and walks over to see if he can help. "You okay?" He says as he looks around to see what she might have tripped on. "There's a root sticking up out of the ground a bit to your right so watch out for that."

Sophie tilts her head just as Aiden jumps up, and she straightens up as she faces in his direction. "Thank you, Senor," she murmurs, and bobs her head. "Si, I am alright. I am used to tripping over the occasional thing that I have missed with my cane." She pauses, and tapes around to her side until she finds the root, and then explores it with the tip of her cane. "Thank you for the warning."

"No worries but my name's not senior nor am I that old yet. Just call me Aiden." Aiden doesn't know that senor is the Spanish word for mister. "Need help getting anywhere in particular? I just don't want to see you accidentally fall into the water or anything. Sure it's nice out but that water is still cold."

Sophie chuckles softly. "Not Senior," she replies. "Senor. It is Spanish, for 'Mister'; and it is considered a polite term." She bobs her head, and clasps her hands around the top of her cane. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Senor…" She pauses, and blushes softly, beneath her blindfold. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Aiden. I am Sophie DeCosta, and I was really going nowhere in particular. I am merely exploring, before my Sunday reaches an end and I must return to the boarding school that I attend here in America."

"Oh, I don't know any Spanish, sorry." Aiden says. "And I don't think I've ever really been called Mister, it always feels so…not me?" He says not really sure how to word it. "Ah, I seem to meet a lot of kids who go to boarding school. You're the third one. The other was this girl Star and a kid named Kieran." He says. "I'm just relaxing out here tonight since I have a day off and don't have to work until later. I live in the city but it can get so loud there sometimes."

THe blind girl smiles, and shifts her hands to clasp once more around the top of her cane, but behind her back this time. "Yes, the city is very loud," she agrees. "At all times of day, even the night. Most people do not know how to listen to it, but… I do." Sophie flashes a grin, as she shifts her feet to rest her weight on one leg. "I know Senorita Star, but not Kieran. Star and I go to the same school. I am sure there are plenty of us who go there, si?" She pauses, and humms softly. "May I ask you to describe yourself?"

"Star's a sweet girl, her and I have similar powers so we get along well." Aiden says figuring she must know that Star's a mutant. "Describe myself well, I dye my hair black and it's kind of messed in back and straight in the front, I shave off my eyebrows and colour them on and wear black eyeliner around my blue eyes. Right now I'm wearing a sleeveless black shirt vinyl shirt that has buckles across the front and a pair of black pants tucked into my boots. Oh, and I have two large blue feathered wings that sprout of my back and I have these tattooish markings all over my body that change colours with what I'm feeling…I think that's about it for describing me."

Sophie ah-has, and nods her head. "I thought I heard wings, "she observes. "But they were too powerful to belong to the average bird." She giggles softly, and moves her hands to sweep her cane around herself as she does so. "You must look a bit like an angel, then? I can imagine that having wings must be quite… liberating, si? To be able to fly wherever you wish to go, and to get there quickly, without the hussle and bustle most of us must make our way through, hmm?"

Aiden tries not to laugh at that comment. "I don't think I fit the whole image of an angel, I mean I don't think an angel would look quite as…goth as I do." He tries to explain sounding uncertain. "It's great having wings but I don't know how quickly I can fly places most cars can drive faster than I can fly. Only thing is I don't have to worry about public transportation."

Sophie shrugs her shoulders, and shakes her head. "It doesn't matter," she replies. "I think your wings must be quite impressive no matter how you choose to dress." She smiles, and fiddles with the top of her cane absent-mindedly. "I'm not likely to ever drive a car, either. I suppose it is a good thing there are plenty of taxis in New York, si?"

"Learning how to drive a car is over-rated. I never learned how." Aiden says. "And not because I'm from New York City, I'm actually quite new to New York. I learned a little bit how to drive the truck and winnebago but I never got my license." He says. "I like my wings, they're part of me. They've been there for so long I've forgotten what life without wings is like."

Sophie ahhs softly. "I can understand how that would be," she replies. "I… well, if I may be so bold as to presume that you are a mutant, Aiden? …I am one as well; I am told that my chest glows sometimes, that may give it away." Indeed, the battery organ under her chest is giving of a soft glow. "I also find it hard to remember what it was like without my powers, sometimes. Though I have never forgotten what it was to see."

"Nah it's not bold to presume that, I'm quite open that I am a mutant." Aiden says sounding quite proud of that fact. "Howard taught us not to be ashamed of what we are or that we we'll always look different. I don't bother hiding my wings so I don't care who knows. And being a mutant doesn't really mean anything bad Sophie DeCosta, be proud of who you are."

Sophie blushes softly. "It is only Sophie," she replies. "If you are to be Aiden, then there is no need to worry for my last name, Si? And it is good that you are proud of who you are. I have no reason not to be pleased with the person that God has made me, either; if others do not like me simply because of what I am, well… then I pity them, for being so closed minded, and I will pray for them. There is nothing more that can be done, is there?"

Aiden isn't quite sure how to respond to the last part Sophie says as religion is something that hasn't really been touched upon in his life. "Uh..I guess? I just don't really care. If they say shit, that's fine cause words are just words. It's when they have ill intent that I'll try to calm someone down." He says rubbing the back of his head. "I grew up with a group of mutants and we all looked like mutants so I got used to just realizing it doesn't matter what others think. Besides most the time they warmed up to us once they watched our show."

Sophie hoists up her cane, and telescopes it down into itself before tucking it into a pocket sewn into one of the shoulder straps of her backpack. "It is good that you have had such family, si?" She bobs her head once. "My elder sister is a mutant, also. While we were still able to find each other, it was good to talk to her often, si?" She pauses, and sighs softly. "I do hope that I shall hear her voice again someday soon, and that we will not lose one another again."

"Had. Unfortunately." Aiden says. "We got separated and I've been on my own for about two years. I've been looking for my girlfriend and the rest of them since. I found my first clue in two years to where Lauren might be." Aiden says as the green markings over his skin take on a blueish colour. "I'd love to just hear Lauren's voice again, that'd be really nice. My birth family, I haven't talked to them in many years but I don't miss them."

The day has been busy. Hosea spent much of Mother's Day with his mother, since she lives in the city. He couldn't afford much, but he spent the entire day with her. Now that the evening has come, he was on his way home, but he thought he'd stop by the park for a little quiet time before returning to the school. He's first visible in the sky, as the African's preferred method of travel has become teleportation, now that he is getting more accustomed to the ability. After a moment he lands about fifteen yards away from Sophie and Aiden, having not realized that the blind girl was here from his high vantage point. He stumbles a little on his landing, having not been quite as pinpointed as he would have liked, but catches himself, and stands up straight, tugging at the edges of his polo shirt.

Sophie bows her head, and clasps her hands in front of herself. "I am sorry to hear that you are seperated," she observes. "I will pray that you will be able to find the ones you love, si? Perhaps it will be of some help." She brushes her fingers through her hair once more, and picks at her blouse as they go back down to her waist. "I would happily talk to my sister again… and there are people in Santa Margarita, where I grew up, who will tell my sister how to contact me, if she asks. So far she has been silent… for nearly two years." She pauses, and tilts her head to one side. "I hear another, who has arrived not too far off," she observes. "Is it another who can fly?"

"Yeah, two years can feel like forever and at the same time a short period of time but it's hard when you can't see someone you love for two years." Aiden says rocking back and fourth on his boots a bit. He raises a drawn on eyebrow at her question and looks around. "Uh..I just see a really tall guy who just appeared in the park but it doesn't look like he's flying." He didn't hear anything himself. "Well I hope you hear from your sister, why don't you try to contact her instead of just waiting?"

Hosea turns around to see Sophie and Aiden. "Ah! Sophie, how are you?" the rich Nigerian voice calls out. "I did not expect to see you heah," the large toothy grin present on his dark features. "And who is dis?" The goth appearance gets a slightly odd look for a brief moment, but the African's smile remains, and he holds his hand out toward the winged mutant.

The blind girl shifts her feet and turns to face the approaching Nigerian, as a big grin graces her lips. "Hosea! Oh, I never recognize your footsteps when you arrive that way. Hosea, this is Aiden, who used to travel and was part of a show; and Aiden, this is Hosea, and he is a student also at the same school as me. Though I am at a loss as to how I shall carry one when he graduates and goes off to find a career for himself." She blushes softly, and clasps her hands behind her back. "To answer your question, Aiden… I do not contact my sister because I do not know how. She is… hiding, I think. At least from me."

Aiden takes Hosea's hand and smiles, introducing himself. "I'm Aiden and yeah, well, I still am part of a show. I'm a firebreather and a sword swallower down at the Coney Island Freak show." He says with a shrug. "Nice to meet you Hosea, and sorry to hear that about your sister. Just don't give up okay?" He says before stretching out his wings. "Well I gotta get headed back to the city I gotta get to my job. Nice meeting you two and have a good evening." He says as he takes off to the skies to fly back to the city.

Hosea'a hand finds Sophie's clasped behind her back. " Be well, and go with God," he offers, watching as Aiden take off into the sky. "Hmm, he looks vedy strange," he comments to Sophie. "He wears make-up like women. Americans can dress vedy silly." He watches as the winged young man disappears out of sight. "I will not leave you all alone," he tells her. "I think it shall take a few more years for me to catch up, yes?"

Sophie squeezes Hosea's hand, and shifts her feet so she can lean against his chest and wrap her arm around his waist. "I know you won't," she murmurs. "And I'll never leave you all alone, either, Hosea." She pauses, and bites her bottom lip. "It is… for my sister, it is different, si? She hates herself, I think, and I wish I could talk to her so she would not. But she blames herself. You see… it was her actions that caused me to go blind."

"If she feels she has wronged you, why does she not desire to speak wit you?" Hosea asks. "I would think dat she would want to make it right? Is she afraid of da shame?" His other hand reaches around to hold Sophie. "She will not answer da phone or e-mails?"

Sophie shakes her head slowly. "If she has a phone or an e-mail address, I do not know it," she murmurs. "She… it was she who set the fire, that led to my blindness. She went to prison for it, and for a while when I wrote her she wrote back… but she was always very dark, and full of hatred for herself. I tried to tell her that… that I fogive her, and I still love her, si? A sister is worth more than eyes. But I have not heard from her since she got out."

Hosea frowns. "Dat is a terrible thing, Sophie. It is something to pray earnestly about." He gives the thin girl a squeeze. "God can change her heart, yes?" He takes in a deep breath. "Dear Father, we do ask now dat you be with Sophie's sister, dat you would reveal to her dat you love her, and dat you care for her. Teach her to forgive herself, so dat she and Sophie may be restored in deir relationship. It is in your Son, Jesus name we pray…" he leaves the amen for Sophie to announce, or to add to the prayer if she desires.

"…We pray that you be with her, though I fear she may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, so she may fear no evil; and that she may find in herself the forgiveness she needs. We pray that she find the strength I know she has, to face her deeds and be absolved of them, and no longer blame herself for accidents. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost… Amen." She swallows softly, and rests the side of her head against the tall Nigerian's chest. "Thank you, Hosea," she murmurs. "I… I needed that, also.".

Hosea reaches up to pet Sophie's hair, "It is always my pleasure," he says. "And dere is no one dat I rather pray with den you." He looks out over the park, now starting to have fewer people in it as the sun has set.

Sophie mmms softly, and her lips quirk upwards into a smile. "I would say the same for you," she murmurs. "I am glad to have come to this place, where you are, Hosea. It has been very good for my heart." She leans back, and would be gazing up into Hosea's eyes, if only she could see. "Is the sun setting? I can feel the air getting cooler, and I know it is about that time."

"Yes," Hosea answers. "Are you cold? We could start to walk back home if you like. Or we could take da fast way?" He looks back down at the girl, even though he knows she can't see him looking at her face, the angle of his voice might be an indicator. But he hasn't taken the initiative to move from the embrace, rather he is planted in the position.

"No… I'm not cold, not yet," Sophie replies. "Mind you, I think having your arms around me probably helps, si?" She giggles softly, and makes no move to break the pose, either. "I'd rather stay here for a minute, if you're not in too great a hurry?" She pauses, and her lips quirk upwards once more. "I've found a way to try to practice my powers. It might sound silly, though."

"You have?" Hosea asks, his brow raising. "Why should it sound silly dat you can practice dem? You have learned to detect da use of your powah?" He leans back a little, curiously as he looks down at Sophie, his arms still around her at her back. "You must tell me!" he encourages with his bright smile audible.

A soft blush creeps over Sophie's face, and she shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Well, uhm… when I fire off energy blasts, I can only do a few before I am exhausted, si? And eight tries to practice my aim, followed by a day to recharge myself… is not very much practice." She pauses, and coughs softly, before shifting her hands to both rest on Hosea's shoulders. "So… I went to the mall and bought a couple of water guns. Now I just need time in the danger room with targets, I suppose."

Hosea grins, "Dat could be fun, but I do not think dat you would need to wait for da Danger room, yes? You could have a watah gun fight wit people anywhere!" He chuckles, "You can shoot at me if you like, yes?"

"At you? Hosea, you are the last person I want to shoot at," she points out, though she is grinning as she's speaking. "But, if you would like, we could organize a great big waterfight, for all the other students at Xaviers? That might be fun." She grins, as she tilts her head back to gaze at Hosea once more. "It was the only thing I could think of."

"It is getting warmer! It would be vedy much fun, yes?" Hosea continues to smile broadly. "I shall look forward to it. Maybe we could have teams, and you and I could be on da same team, yes?"

"I think it would be a lot of fun," she agrees. "I am sure the professors won't mind… especially once exams are done." She shivers lightly, and drops one hand to pat her collapsed cane, in the pocket on the shoulder strap of her backpack, just to make sure it is still there. "Perhaps we should go back… Do you wish to? It *is* starting to get cold."

"Yes, we should go back, den. I would not want you to get sick, yes?" Hosea says, adjusting his arm so that he stands next to Sophie, arm still around her waist. "But it is a nice night, maybe it would not be so bad to walk back." He holds her tightly to his side, and begins leading them back to the mansion.

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