2009-06-13: Not Going To Disney World



Summary: The Time Adventure takes one step closer to the finale as Jordan gets dropped into a time period to see a few familiar faces.

Date: June 13, 2009

Log Title: Not Going to Disney World

Rating: PG-13

Cape Citadel, Florida - ???

By now, everyone should be used to the rushes of air and light that come with time travel. Especially now that it's a nicer, smoother ride when compareed to the others. And this time, it's Jordan alone sent for the ride. Arriving in a rather open stretch of gress, he'll find himself alone. Behind him, a swamp is spread out, a lazy gator visible on the banks of the water. There's a rode a couple yards to the west, and if his eyesight is good enough , Jordan'll see a high fence topped with barbed wire far up ahead.

"Hm. Interesting. It seems I have recieved a signal from my other units. One of them has sent a gathering call to the rest," Skeets chimes from the wrist of Jordan, currently dressed in the garb of a Latverian Countryman.

Glancing around, Jordan sighs softly. "Lovely. Another stop." As he spies the gator. "Ok, talking jewelry, where are we? If we're in the US, seeing the gators, I'm going to assume Florida. Lord knows I saw enough of them growing up." He says, shaking his head as he looks at his outfit. He doesn't like this one as much as the last. Barbed Wire Fence? Nothing to him. He can pass right through it. "How long till we can meet them?"

Skeets beeps and flickers a few times. "Cape Citadel, Florida. I am unable to determine when exactly as there is a source of interference," the AI replies. "I am building a jump charge as quickly as possible but power levels are fluctuating due to the interference."

"Cape Citadel, Florida? Is the interference magnetic?" Jordan says as he puts two and two together. After all, he pays heavy attention in mutant history. Not to mention the school public files. He lifts himself from the ground, rising softly. he doesn't move very fast in flight, after all. He has an idea when and where this is. "And how do I avoid getting involved in this one?"

There's a momentary delay before Skeets replies. "Yes. A very strong electromagnetic power source is interfering," it replies. "Involved in what?" the AI asks, not quite understanding what Jordan asked of it.

"First big fight. The first one that brought some knowledge of mutants to the public eye. The original five and Mags." Jordan says simply as he picks a direction and starts walking. Not the swamp, that's for sure. Yeah, the gators can't really hurt him, but… That's just how things are. Well, not walking as much as hovering. His hover speed is faster than his walking speed after all.

"Ah. Well that is simple, child," Skeets replies. "Do not go to the missile base if you wish to avoid conflict," it replies, pulling information from its database now that Jordan's given it context to work with. To the west is the road, the east more grass, the south swamp, and north the base. Not much in the way of interesting sights. "And you may want to request a change of clothing."

Jordan does what he shouldn't do. He walks North. After all, what hero worshipper wouldn't want to watch this? "Oh, I have to request it now? The last two times you did it automatically." He says, sticking his tongue out at the talking jewelry. "Anything else I should watch out for around here?" He says, moving at his higher speed.

Skeets chuckles. "No, I am just having fun with your biologicals. You're much more entertaining than my creator of the thief that stole me," he chimes. With a small flash of light, Jordan is clad in an army uniform to match those of the men at the base. "Is this acceptable?" the AI asks. There's another pause. "I can only say that you should avoid causing serious harm to anyone here or trying to alter the timeline too drastically," it adds.

Up ahead, the gates are bent and twisted wide open. A few guards are unconcious around their posts but most people have fled. Atop one of then base's buildings, surrounded buy his EM bubble-shield is none other than Mageneto.

"What kind of an idiot do you think I am?" Jordan asks the talking bracelet. "I've been TELLING everyone from the beginning not to fuck with shit. But, I guess that doesn't matter, because I'm young, I MUST be an idiot." He rolls his eyes. "Though technically, since it's already happened, it shouldn't change anything." Not that he wants to get involved. He just wants to watch.

Skeets produces a slight snorting noise. "You asked an obvious question and got an obvious answer. It's no indication of anyone being an idiot," the AI chimes. "And even still, it is best not to toy with timelines too severely. There is a fine line between subtle alterations to history and creating divergent timelines. A very small degree of change is possible, such as changing the location of small items with no significant infleunce on life as a whole. The danger of alterations is more to you than the timelines themselves as the added intereference can cause difficulties when trying to return to your proper time," Skeets explains.

As Jordan gets closer, he'll be able to see that Magneto is not alone. He's engaged in battle with five people in uniforms. Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl are all in the middle of the historic first battle with Magneto.

"Yeah, but I'm not doing anything but watching. I'm not getting involved. What history buff wouldn't want to see it?" Jordan says with a shrug as he continues moving closer… close enough to see, but not close enough to be involved or be caught up in things by the ones actually IN the action.

Skeets beeps a few times. "I'm just going to assume you don't want the actual answer to that question," the AI chimes, sounding a little amused. There are a couple places to hide and not get involved, mostly just things to crouch down behind. The worst Jordan'll have to deal with is the hairs on the back of his neck standing up thanks to a stray EM-blast passing overhead, or some wayward slush from the Iceman.

"Move! Move! Move!" comes a voice from Jordan's right. Several soldiers are loading into the back of a truck and preparing to evacuate from the battle. As one truck pulls away, a call to scatter comes. A heavy metal door is hurtlin through the air towards them, And while most of the soldiers get out of the way, another doesn't look like he's gonna make it without help. And he might just look strangely familiar to Jordan.

One thing a lot of people don't realize is that Jordan actually IS quite attentive to things. Hearing the move, he turns his head. The flying metal causes him to grunt with potential pain as he sees people in danger. Normally, he wouldn't interfere, but as he sees a certain face, he stares for a millisecond. "I know we're not supposed to interfere, but maybe this interference already happened. Otherwise, I would have heard about injuries like this." He says as his body condenses in onto itself, bringing him down to a mere few inches of height, as he blasts towards the flying door. With his strength at that size, hopefully, he can force it to NOT hit the people, and maybe not be seen.

The name 'WARD' will definitely be catchable in black lettering on that green uniform as Bullet streaks by with a BANG. The door is impacted, spinning and smashing into the ground next to the fleeing soldier instead of on top of him like it'd been going to originally. The only casualty…besides the door…is that fleeing soldier's hat. Poor hat. And luckily enough for Jordan, Marvel Girl looks back at the sound of the bang and the rescue is attributed to her. She frowns in confusion a moment before a call from Cyclops brings her back to the battle with

Skeets takes a few seconds to respond. "Well. That was certainly close."

"Oh thank goodness." Jordan says with a deep sigh of relief as he crawls his way forward under the demolished door to peek out and view the rest from relative safety. "Sorry about that." he says to the talking jewelry. "That was my dad. He never got flattened by a door. So, I must have already saved him." He says with a firm nod. There. That settles that.

Skeets pauses and blinks a few times. "Well, no temporal errors detectected so there is nothing to worry about," the AI remarks as the startled and hatless soldider runs off with the others. The battle continues, the door eventually being lifted off where it rests and sent hurtling as a projectile towards Cyclops by Magneto. It's around this time that Skeets beeps again. "My jump charger is almost full. Approximately five minutes until complete charge."

Jordan is retaining his tiny stature at the moment. Why bother growing when there's the risk of so much damage around. Not to mention, the risk of being seen. While someone like Mr. Summers seeing him might not be so bad, if he even remembers it all, but letting his DAD figure out who he is could cause issues. "Five minutes. Good. Any idea where we're going to end up this next time, since you seem to be getting better at it?"

Aside from a few confused animals and perhaps Magneto himself, Jordan goes unseen. Big metal doors flying at someone draws their attention better than inch-high soldiers. Skeets meanwhile displays a screen shuffling through data. "I am a prototype unit that was damaged upon theft. My self repair systems have steadily been working to improve my functions. The actions of the sonic-power biological have increased the speed of my systems," it explains while retrieving data. "Ah ha. Yes. Two of the units are currently in the year 2008 but the gathering call is what we'll be responding to. The master control unit is mostly there. It's only missing one component as near as my sensors can tell from this time period," he goes on.

Meanwhile, the X-men seem to have won their battle against the Master of Magnetism

"One piece from this time unit or that you can tell while you're IN this time period?" Jordan asks, flying up high so as to see what's going on from a vantage that will cloak his size.

Up high above, Magneto can be seen fleeing the scene as the X-men clean up and head back to their jet. Skeets lets out a little noise. "That I can tell from our present time and location. Inter-period sensors are still only at 72 percent," the AI chimes. "If you're ready we will be able to jump soon. Would you like to do the honors or shall I?" Skeets inquires, projecting a holographic red button before Jordan.

"You'll be doing it anyway." Jordan says with a shrug as he presses a tiny finger at the button. "You've got the control."

"I still want to amuse myself," Skeets mutters. "Teportal Jump Activating. Jumping…NOW!" the AI emits, glowing bright blue. And with another flash of light, tiny-Jordan is sent flying to the final leg of the journey through time.

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