2010-03-22: Not Much Ado About Anything


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Summary: Cam happens upon Dunstin gaming. Discussions.

Date: March 22, 2010

Not Much Ado About Anything

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

It's past dinner time, home work is done, and with the library being

It's past dinner time, home work is done, and with the library being 'out of order' for now, Dunstin's using the quiet of the dining hall to play some Lord of the Rings online. He's got his team speak set up as he talks to his Fellowship. Something about loot and whose getting what, and good run. Oh and to that one guy, if he ever does that thing with the AoE and the DoTs on a raid like that again, he's out.

As Cam comes in, having already eaten, he spies Dunstin and chuckles at the conversation. He remains quiet, but moves around to see the screen from behind, leaning in to get a clear view.

Dunstin gives Cam an enthusiastic wave and hits the mute button on his mike. He can still hear but they can't hear him. "Hey Cam! How's it going. Sorry was just finishing a raid, some guy is being an ass but what can you do. How'd you survive the attack?" He's a bit more excited to see Cam than the game at the moment.

"I found the safest path to the safest place to be." Cam says with surety. Nothing touched me. Nothing hurt me. I didn't see or hear a thing." He grins. "I are chicken. Hear me roar. BUKAWK!" He calls with a wink. Hey, he has no qualms about his status in a fight. The status… is mulch.

"I hid in the danger room so, I'm as brave as you are." Dunstin says as he's glad Cam wasn't hurt. "I'm only badass in my games, but dice…that's my weapon." He says with a grin as he types something quick on his laptop and logs out of the game. "There were several other people in the danger room with Mr. Parker-Mayfair but I was cool being safe down there."

"I was in some of the emergency housing areas." Cam grins. "Found an interesting path to get there." He says, moving to pull up a chair beside Dun and just watch him play or do whatever. "It's all good. I prefer being on the outside of it."

Cam doesn't watch Dunstin play for long as he logs out of the game and of all things that would be expected of his desktop background, an image of Dunstin as a little kid with what looks like his mother is probably not what is expected. "Yeah, I'm not much into fighting either, unless it's like fencing where it's kind of controlled. What am I going to do, throw d20's at the badguys until they fall into a hole?"

Cam awwws. "You didn't have to stop playing on my account. I'm fine just watching." He says with a nod. He doesn't mind. He just likes being around one of the few normal (if too rich) people. "Well, if you make them sharp enough, I'm sure you could throw them…"

Dunstin laughs and shrugs. "The raid was over, it's not that important, unless you want to watch me play for a bit. I can log on and show you the game. It's really cool. I also have a few open character slots if you want to try it out."

"Nah. I played a little guild wars and a little WoW. I'm waiting on FFXIV." Cam says with a grin. "It's a harder learning curve for the FF games, but they're a lot of fum endgame." He explains, and grins. "Just didn't want to take you away from your game was all."

"Nah, a friend is real life is better than a friend in a game anyway." Dunstin says checking his email quick. "Oh about going to the show, it's next Saturday, so two weeks. That okay with you?" Dunstin's excited about it cause it also means a trip into the city.

"Definitely ok with me." Cam nods quickly. "Not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon. Too far to visit family, so…" He grins, running a hand through his hair. That's the easy part.

"My Dad is in Rhode Island, not close but not to far." Dunstin doesn't remember if Cam said where he was from or not. "What was it like back where you lived? What was there to do out there?" He asks curiously.

"Not much, really. Biloxi isn't the most happening place." Cam says with a shrug. "Mostly, I just spent the time learning cooking and cooking for my family. Since they're all overweight hicks."He says with a nod.

"Wow, sounds like you get along really well with your family." Dunstin's not sure if calling your family 'overweight hicks' is endearing or insulting. "Okay, here Cam.." Dunstin says loading up Lord of the Rings. "I'm gonna help you make a character and show you the game a bit." He says pushing the laptop and mouse in front of him so Cam can do more than just watch. Maybe it's Dunstin's plan to get Cam hooked so the two can play together.

"Ok. Well, let's get started then." Cam says witha chuckle. "If you INSIST." He sticks his tongue out and follows the instructions. He's done character creation before, so it's not something unusual to him.

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