2010-07-28: Not My Father


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Summary: James asks Kenta about a camping trip, while he hesitates to give an answer, Emma does.

Date: July 28, 2010

Log Title: Not My Father

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Walking up the path and away from the graveyards, James navigates through the gardens. Under one arm, a couple rolled-up sleeping bags; the other, a book bag. Both are sign that he's stopped living on the outskirts of the mansion grounds — for the time being at least. Being so near lunch, the hyena has only one thing on his mind:Food. At least until he eventually runs into Kenta. After that, it-s anybody's guess what — or whom — he'll wanna eat.

The smell of cigarette smoke might alert the Hyena that someone is already in the gardens. Kenta is sitting under one of the trees with his guitar resting next to him and a note pad in hand, just kind of jotting a few things down as he works on his music skills. Spotting James, the music teacher looks up, offers him a wave and not much more. He's not mad at James or anything but he figures giving the Hyena space is the best option at the moment.

Making a sudden beeline towards the teacher, James comes to a halt in front of him. "I want to go camping. Alone. I gotta start by asking you, right?" he says in his best neutral voice, "Dunno where, but for at least a week—maybe 2. And none of that boy scout campground stuff." He drops both bags on the ground and shoves his hands in his pockets, and wais for an answer, senses mildly annoyed at the smell of smoke.

Kenta puts out the cigarette knowing James' senses but he also knows the scent will linger around. "Well you don't have to start by asking me, I'm not your parent, just your squad leader but you want to go camping for a week? I don't know if I'm the one to give you permission for that." He's honest about that as he actually thinks it's something James' parents should give him yay or nay for. "How old are you now, James?"

"No, you're not," James reminds Kenta—something he's been meaning to bring up since their last run in "But it means I'll miss practice, so it means you're involved." To the question of age, the hyena offers his best smart-ass answer, "Old enough to get shot my hunters who mistake me for a bear." Yeah, that'll win him over. There's a show of teeth, "17. Why?"

"Just trying to figure out if you need parental permission for something like this, that's all." Kenta says leaning back so his hands are resting on the dirt and grass. "Yeah, well you were missing practive a few weeks back so what's the difference now?" There's a shrug at that. "I don't have a problem with it only as long as we know where you are, and how long you'll be gone and we make sure you have what you need to survive for how long you're gone. I'm not about to let someone just wander off in the woods with no experience and just rough it." He doesn't know if James has had camping experience before or not.

James nods and grins, "Well, as you said I don't need to ask you…so don't worry about it." The grin is more about 'funny' less about aggression. "I'm from Indiana…you can get lost just walking into the back yard. I'm not too concerned about letting lost. That's what the phone and GPS are for, right? I have issues I hit the button, and you come pick me up, eh?"

"I just don't want you getting hurt out there on your own, now, I suggest talking to either Headmaster Scott or Emma about getting permission or seeing about getting permission from your parents cause I don't have the authority to give a yes or no." Kenta says as he looks up at James with a shrug. "Well, what says I'll want to come pick your ass up if you have issues?" He jokes with the student.

James is standing near the teacher who has parked hmself on the ground With two sleeping bags near his feet, the large gnoll has ended his 'vacation' of hidin out at the church, "I'm not going to get hurt, Kenta, it's 'camping.' It's not like I have anythign to worry about. Probably safer out there then here anyways." He shrugs, "No one knows how to have fun around here."

"When I was a kid I had tons of fun around here, I did everything I could to see if I could get into trouble. I drank on campus, I walked around naked, I pulled pranks, helped throw parties, a lot of that has died now but, was fun while I did it." Kenta muses as those days are long lost to the music teacher. "Just…let me worry about ya okay? Just a little? And it could be safer it could be more dangerous. I just more worry about what someone might say if you don't come back."

"Yes… we're all so terribly droll, Mister Palmer." A richly amused voice says from walkway leading out to the stables. Emma is dressed down from his X-men business chic to a draped grecian-style top, complete with the shoulder clasps, and a pair of billowy, silky pants that move almost like a dress. Ended in the usual heels that click softly around the edge of the garden, she comes to stop by the items laid out, "But he DOES make a point, Mister Gilpatrick… when was the last time we did anything fun with any of the students? Gave them any sense we're something more than a bunch of… mmmmm… what IS the term these days? Suffice with… Boring. So… what continent?"

JAmes fehs and holds up his paws at Kenta's statments abotu worry. He looks like he might be about to go into another 'you're not my parent' speil, but his self-righteous speech is cut short as Emma enters the gardens. HIs ears go back a little as the pair are interrupted, but he can identify with what she's saying, so offers no negativity towards her. "Yeah, see? Someone was saying that people used to go ike to the Amazon or islands and stuff. I can't even go down the street with out my phone beeping." Not one to back down from a challenge, James offers "Alaska!" as a response. First thing he thought of that wasn't Africa.

Kenta gives Emma a not so visible eyeroll as his eyes are solid black and hard to tell even what he's looking at. "Oh yes Ms. Frost because you and Mr. Summers have done so much to liven things up around here." And the way Kenta says "Ms." and "Mr." is definately over exagerated. "So I take it you'll be organizing the summer festivities then Emma?" He says with a smirk as he looks at James and shrugs. "Well I guess you have enough fur there to keep you warm if it's cold up there in Alaska."

There's a rather rich upturn of her lips, followed by a shading of the eyes as Emma replies, "Now now… no need to be testy, Kenta. I am still working on the things that as Headmistress need to be completed. But since you seem to be available, I am sure you wouldn't mind organizing some things for the boys and girls. After all… these are things your son Armande would enjoy as well." But with that said, she steps closer to James, almost to touch range, but stops there, "Two conditions. One is you take one of the new phones with you. They've been range boosted to work almost everywhere, and the new alert system is psionically keyed instead of an easily disabled button. Second is an image inducer. Not because you need one… but in case a ranger or hunter comes across you."

"Actually Ems, I do mind. Armande isn't a student here nor do I want him included as a student here. He's six years old, I guess I should just plan pin the tail on the donkey. Sure he comes here with me when my parents can't watch him but I do have a job as a father as well also that is why I do not live here on campus." Kenta says sounding a bit annoyed at that. At the grin from James, Kenta shrugs. "There, you have Emma's blessing." Just means it's not on his head if something happens. "Are you sure you don't want James to take someone with him, maybe another student, like a buddy system? James can pick the buddy if he wants, someone he trusts, if, that's okay with you James."

"No." Comes out of Emma's lips before any consideration can be taken to the question, as if it was a foregone conclusion before being asked, "Even though your reasonings are sound on both points, Mister Gilpatrick… you are failing to look at the situation from the point of view of Mister Palmer. And if you call me… Ems… again… you will find your assignments here most uncomfortable." With her head tilted once, forelocks trailing over her eyes, Emma then grins, "Genosha, Latveria, Madripoor, The Savage Land, Wakanda, and Mount Wundagore are off limits to you, Mister Palmer. As well… if you plan to leave the States, we'll need to set you a passport, and it cannot be a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States. IF… and I stress this…"

Emma's voice goes cold, "If I have to retain Jennifer Walters to assist in recovering you from trouble you cause… this becomes the first and last time, Mister Palmer. No games, no tricks. You know EXACTLY what I am capable of doing if required."

Actually, JAmes has NO idea what Emma is all about, having missed ut on 100% of the Selene stuff. So, now it's a challenge, and he loves challenges. Especially ones with words like 'Savage' and 'Wundagore.' But, the passport thing derails all but a couple of his plans as he hasn't one…or the time to get one. "Yeahhhhhh…I was just thinking the woods down the street anyways." Siiiiigh.

There's a slight smile from Kenta as he shrugs and seems pleased that he annoyed her with calling her 'Ems'. It's always fun to get on the Headmasters/mistresses nerves. Hell he'd do with with Scott. "Hey James, why not go for the Appalachian Mountains? Serioulsy. There's the Appalachina trail which cuts through New York around here and from there you can go north or south, wandering a bit an camping. I've actually heard it's nice and peaceful."

Emma hmphs softly, "There's no reason for either of you to be coming off that smugly. The offer however stands, Mister Palmer. We will transport you someplace you wish to spend two week at by yourself. We will not bother you unless it's a serious emergency and your assistance is required, and we will be ready to send a Blackbird, or one of your friends who can move quickly should the need arise for such to be there." Her eyes then flick to Kenta, and the grin that was there flattens out slightly, "I do not need to be a telepath to know you're both skeptical of my motives in this, but he wants his space… Kenta. And for all that he's been through in the last year? He deserves it. More than." And then she looks back at James, "You are still a minor by the letter of the law, James. Which means in lieu of your parents, we're responsible for you. And we've fallen short in that. This is my way of beginning to make up that gap."

James waves off Kenta's suggestion. Bring a teen, he's all about deciding it for himself, and offered ideas go right to his 'no' list. His broad neck fuzzes out a little, however, as the two teachers start having a mild misalignment of views. A sign that he's no doubt enjoying the mutual chiding, "Yeah…Exactly!" He node deftly and crosses his arm, "And I'll be no trouble at all." Heeeee….

Kenta nods. "Hey you're the headmistresss, it's you're choice." He says putting up his hands as he ponders another cigarette. "So what are you going to do to make it up to the other students who've had a rough time in the last year?" Just a question, he doesn't really need an answer but, the music teacher is curiuos. "I never said I was skeptical of your motives." Actually Kenta never really was, he's just glad he didn't have to say the 'yes' in case anything happens.

Emma continues to look at James, "Simple, Kenta… we as a school learn about the students who have come to learn from us, so they may trust us again. So they feel like they can talk to us. So they can see that perhaps we were not so different at one time. The only way to gain trust is to give it, and in that giving to give respect as well. All joking aside… I do not want James to return to the school because he has to. I want him to return because he wants to, and because he feels he's ready to." The smile returns, but a bit faint this time, "We both know quite a bit about earning trust and respect inch by inch with people. We both also know how easy it is to lose them." She then pauses to put the stray lock back in place, "I will not make you do anything you truly do not wish, James. You will do what you need to do, and all we ask in return that is you let us know, and when the time is right… let us help you."

James makes it about 30 seconds into the speech before his eyes glaze over, "Yeah…sure…okay." …Butterfly… Anything more is lost on him and is only fodder for him to use against others later—there for is best forgotten anyays. Especially sicne he could think up a lot to Emma's 'anything.' He looks between the two as if just joining the conversation, but says nothing.

Kenta stands up and offers a smile at James. "Have fun camping, seriously." He says as he looks at Emma. "I'm gonna be on my merry way now, got some things to do. Take care Ms. Frost." He picks up his guitar and waves at the two. "See ya at practice later James." He says as he walks back towards the school, lighting up a cigarette as soon as he's far enough away from James' sensitive nose.

"I always do, Kenta…" Letting that hang there for a moment before turning a bit to look at the garden, standing next to James but still leaving him his space for the moment, as Emma adds, "He does care about you, Mister Palmer. And that says something. Many of them do… I can feel their worries prickle around you. The question is though… will you reward his faith in you?"

James hmphs and crosses his arms, "Not my parent." It's gruff, unfriendly…but at the same time said only after Kenta isn't within ear shot. Just another sign of James' dual nature. "Sp his disappointment will only be his fault. I'm just a 'kid' and not his." He lets his eyes narrow, not allowing his internal feelings to interfere with what just gets said.

Emma murmurs back, "And you are not old enough to be truly THAT bitter, James Palmer. I meant what I said. Your space is yours, with my conditions. Come to me when you have decided where, and arrangements will be made. I've made no friends here by interfering, however… the important person in this is you, and not Kenta Gilpatrick." That said, she turns and begins to walk up, stopping for a moment to kneel down and pick something up from inside the garden itself, and then frowns as there's a sudden puff of flame and smoke in her hand as whatever it is, possibly a cigarette butt, is destroyed.

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