2010-07-31: Not Quite Therapy


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Summary: Kaji comes to Taskmaster to have another lesson beat into him.

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NYC - Master's School of Martial Arts

This Dojo looks to be like just about every other Dojo known to man, save for the fact that the walls are lined from floor to ceiling with every weapon known to man. Theoretically these are just decorations, but anybody who's aware of who's Dojo this is knows better.

Early morning Saturday. A time that barely anyone wants to get up early. But then again, life calls for it. For the past couple weeks, he'd barely slept enough so getting up early was easy for him. But recently, he's gotten things back in order. So, he arrives at the Dojo, fully recharged and ready to show Tasky just how he works when he's fully there.

What greets Kaji is probably the last thing he ever expected. Sitting in the middle of the dojo there's a psychiatrist's couch, and across from it is a comfortable leather armchair. In the armchair is a man who's the spitting image of Sigmund Freud. "Please," he says in a perfect imitation of the man's voice. "Zit down."

Kaji lets his jaw drop at the sight, and he just blinks a bit before he walks into the Dojo. He sets his bag down, a soft clang of muffled metal from it before he starts to head over towards the couch. He sits down on it, and blinks a bit. "Uh… This is an interesting hello."

Sigmund nods and pulls out a notebook and a pen. "It has been an interesting week, no?" He gestures at the couch encouragingly. "Go ahead. Get comfortable. And let's get started." He leans forward, and opens the notebook. "So. Zis Taskmaster. He lives up to his name, yah?"

Kaji lays down on the couch, though he seems rather tense. As this is Taskmaster after all. "I would say that he does. Always keeping me at attention. Even when I was… eh… not all there. He made me pay more attention."

"Indeed," Sigmund says, tapping his pen thoughtfully against his notebook. "Not all there. How do you think zis Taskmaster, zuch a man as he, would react to a student who is not all there. Particularly when zuch a man is so demanding?"

Kaji nods softly. "I think. That he would increase the difficultly of the training to force the student to be all there mentally. When he's so demanding, he would increase it either two fold or more."

"Ah!" says Sigmund holding the pen aloft. "Und what if he did, and still, his student was distracted? Wouldn't he wonder what was so distracting that could keep his student from being at one-hundred und ten percent, yah?" He leans forward, poising the pen over the notebook. "So. Tell me about your muddah."

Kaji blinks a bit, quirking a brow afterwards before he says, "My mother lives in Maryland. I haven't spoken to her in nearly 3 years." He starts to sit back up and looks at 'Sigmund'.

Sigmund nods and and scribbles something down in his notepad. "Mmhmm. Und why have you not seen her for so long?"

Kaji shrugs a bit. "Work, school, other things. I've been too busy. But I have been writing and talking to her over the phone." He laughs a bit at that before he looks back at the man. "Why're you asking me all of this."

Scribble, scribble scribble. Sigmund looks up from his notepad and blinks at the question. "Because you need a therapist und YOU'RE WASTING MY FREAKIN' TIME!" He shouts the last throwing the notebook at his pupil, the image inducer wavering for a bit before shutting off to show Taskmaster in all his full glory.

Kaji's hand snaps up and grabs the sketch book, tossing it to the side as he yells back, "My mutation is somethin' that I can control when it flares up!" He lets out a growl that flows into a sigh as he says, "ANd I've /seen/ a therapist. And she helped me set things right. Let's get on with this, and I'll show you that you /aren't/ wasting your time!"

Taskmaster barks out laughter with a single, derisive, "Hah! Listen to you. 'When it flares up.' Your mutation ain't hemorrhoids, boy, and if it 'flares up' then it ain't something you got control over." He stands up and paces around Kaji like a shark circling it's prey. "I've been tryin' ta help ya make ya become a damn fine warrior and you've been resisitn' me the entire way. I've been pushin' and pushin' you waitin' fer ya to finally release the beast within ya so I know what I have ta work with and ya spend more time fightin' it than ya do payin' attention ta me."

Kaji lets out a low growl. "Have you even dealt with a shifter before?" He looks at Taskmaster as he circles around him, the hair on the back of his neck raising as he gets more aggravated. "You want me to release him? You /really/ want that? Then make me!" Those last words holding more bite than anything.

Taskmaster moves fast. Faster than he's ever showed Kaji before. This time he's not holding anything back for the anthro, and with one fluid motion he unsheathes the broadsword at his hip and thrusts it deep into Kaji's shoulder. "I've fought three legged chihuahua that were more feral than you, whelp," he sneers.

Kaji's eyes go wide as one second he catches Taskmaster unsheathing the boardsword and the next he feels it embedded and through his shoulder. He let out a growl of anger as he moves to grab it, shifting anthro at the same time before he goes to grip that blade and pull it out. But, he's actually pushing himself off of it in a hard shove.

( One thing that Kaji will notice when he grips the blade of the sword is that it's /sharp/. It's made of some kind of alloy other than steel that allows it to retain its sharpness without losing any of it's durability or hardness, and will cut deep into his palms and fingers as he grasps it. Taskmaster looks like he's waiting patiently as Kaji pushes himself off the blade and off the couch. "That woke ya up, didn't it," he comments, and flicks the blade off to the side, letting the blood fly off before lowering it, tip towards the wolf, in a relaxed ready stance. "Gowan, Benji. Show me what ya got." )

Kaji growls as his hand is cut, and as the blood drips he starts to walk over towards his bag that he dropped earlier. "I brought these here to show you them. Seems they have a use." He opens the back with a foot; hooking a claw into the zipper and pulling it open. He bends down and picks up the swords as the blue glow forms around them; the air rippling as he grips the dull side of the blade. Letting out a hiss as he cauterizes those wounds.

All of a sudden, a shield rebounds off the wall, aiming for Kaji's wrists to make him drop the blades. "Pathetic!" he shouts as the shield returns to him, regardless of whether or not they hit their mark. "I ask to see tha wolf, and you show me a boy playing with toys! Yer still wasitin' my TIME!"

The swords are dropped as soon as the wounds are burned shut, the anthro growling as he hops backwards to let the sword hit the wall behind him; the two blades sticking into the ground as Kaji moves to clear the ground between the man. "Because I want to do this!" Regardless of the shield returning to the man, Kaji drags a hand through the air to claw at the man's face.

Taskmaster spins, the claws of the wolf catching the white hood he wears, tearing four parallel lines into it, but missing the face. He uses the momentum of his spin to his advantage swinging his sword into a low arc, aimed to catch Kaji in the thighs. "Then stop holdin' back on me!"

Kaji moves forward with his own momentum as Taskmaster moves into his spin. His eyes glancing back at the man and he fails to notice the chair in his way as he slams into it; knocking it over as the anthro tumbles over it. Rolling to his feet with a huff of air from his nose before he picks up the chair with relative ease and hurls it at Taskmaster! Waiting to see what happens, if it's cut; then the anthro charges in once more to try and land another swipe on the man's upper body. If it's dodged, then he goes for the roundabout way to go for the same attack just from the side.

"That's more like it!" shouts Taskmaster with a certain amount of glee, as Kaji finally seems to get the idea. The chair is too big to simply slice in half (even though that would be totally cool to pull off) so he simply ducks underneath the thrown furniture. Kaji's swipes are met with the shield, and as Kaji turns for another swipe at him, Taskmaster moves again with that practiced lightning swiftness to plunge his broadsword into Kaji's foot, hoping to pin it to the floor.

Kaji growls loudly as his swipes are blocked that infernal shield, and when he goes to move around. He feels that spiking pain in his foot as that sword skewers into his paw; pinning that foot to the ground. His teeth grind together as his eyes seem to center in on Taskmaster. If he was paying close attention, the hazel of his eyes were starting to bleed into the color of amber or gold.

Taskmaster moves forward, leading with his shield, pressing his attack by bashing at Kaji's nose. This, however, is nothing but a feint to hide the sai that got pulled out during the forward movement, and he aims to drive the point of the weapon in the wound in Kaji's shoulder.

Kaji moves to step backwards with his free foot, letting his pinned foot stay there for now as he angles his body to let the shield pass. But as it turns to be a feitn, he is too late with his free hand that isn't on the injured arm to grab that sai. But he snaps his other arm up to grab at that wrist; but he's too slow actually stop the sai from hitting his arm. He hopes he's fast enough to stop it from driving it deeper.

Taskmaster's wrist is caught before he can plunge the sai entirely into the wound. Only a few inches managed to get inside, but it's enough to reopen it. "Ha!" shouts Taskmaster, sounding like he's having the time of his life. "Better! Listen to your instincts," he shouts, bringing the edge of the shield down on a pressure point on the wrist that holds his, forcing it to let go. "Listen to the wolf! It's telling you how to fight! It's also telling you that something is missing." He steps aside, pulling the sai out of the wound. "Tell me, cub! Tell me what's missing!"

Kaji's maw opens in a pained groan as his wound is reopened, his eyes closed before that other hand snaps back up to stop the shield by planting his hand on the front of it and pushing it away. "I know what I'm missing. And I'm working to get it back!" Though his answer is different than Taskmaster's probably. Though his eyes flow full amber for a second before they flow back to hazel. "There's only one member to my pack, and he's in here with me."

The sai is sheathed as quickly as it was drawn. "Good enough," Taskmaster says, reaching out and pulling the sword from the wolf's foot, freeing him. "That's all the fighting for today," he says, flicking the blood off the blade. "One more task for you before you go." He walks over to the small bathroom, and pulls out a mop and bucket. "Clean up yer blood off the floor."

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