2009-02-04: Not The Headmaster's Office


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Summary: Scott has a talk with Eddie down in the locker rooms concerning the MGH Lab Bust.

Date: February 4, 2009

Rating: PG


Xavier Mansion: Locker Rooms
Lockers line half of the room for students to store their gym clothes and uniforms in between training sessions. The room is divided in half, one side for girls and the other for boys. Both sides are identical and have individual showers for students to clean.

The shower can be heard shutting off down in the Locker Room this chilly evening at the Xavier Mansion. A certain someone can also be heard singing. "Here he comes, a great big shark that sees us in the dark! Dragons in my own backyard, I just can't get away! Hello Cyberdream! Why you chasing me? My computer screen is my enemy!" Eddie sings, making his way into the locker room with a towel around his waist and another one drying his hair. The scars and stitches are visible on his torso but he seems unconcerned as he heads for his locker. "So…Watch yourself, you don't scare me, monster! Look out! Watch out! In day or night! Watch yourself! You don't scare me, monster! Look out! Watch out! And I'm ready to fight! Watch yourself, you don't scare me, monster! Look out! Watch out! Not day or night! Watch yourself! You don't scare me, monster! Look out! Watch out! I'll fight, alright!?" he sings on.

After learning that a graduate and a student had brought home a number of rescued mutants from a Mutant Growth Hormone ring. Scott had a pretty good guess at who was behind the rescue. Though having a talk with one or both of the boys had to wait for Scott to investigate another situation concerning the city. The Headmaster comes into the locker room, wearing casual clothes, no training tonight, he needs a word with Eddie.

Eddie has managed to atleast get his boxers on by the time Scott arrives. He looks up from folding his towel and squeaks when he spots the head master. "Hello, sir," he says, blushing and just a bit nervous. He's been worried about potentially getting in trouble since the moment he and Dai threw their first attacks into the fight.

"Hello, Eddie." Scott says, he's been thinking of what do say to Eddie and Daisuke when he learned of the deed. "I assume you know why I'm here." He takes a second before continuing. "First off, I want to say that it was an honorable thing you did to help those fellow mutants."

Eddie winces slightly then offers a sheepish smile. "Yessir," he says quietly, squashing the momentary urge to make a joke. His blush returns at the mention of honor. "Th-thanks you, sir…we didn't even know they were mutants until we got in there…but it didn't matter."

Scott's brow lifts a little bit. "But… you took a risk with the school's cover by bringing them straight over here. If a news van or someone had heard, or you were followed. This school's cover may have been compromised, and since Headmistress Frost has been away on business, that leaves me here, with no way to take that memory away."

Eddie winces, looking down quickly. "I'm sorry, sir…I didn't know where else to go and Deliliah was chasing us until Dai knocked her out but I didn't know how long it'd keep her out…" he frowns as he speaks, closing his eyes a moment. "We…thought running before more of the bad guys could chase us or the cops and media could get there," he pauses, squirming a little. "And I was sort…of panicking. I'm not all that sure I was driving well…"

"Did you try to give us a call so we knew what to expect?" Scott asks, not intending to sound accusational. "You did have the right idea, though with leaving while your opponent was incapacitated."

Eddie nods quickly, looking up. "Yessir. Dai called ahead while I kept the bad guys distracted. And I made sure to call in to the Avengers hotline to send them after Deliliah once I recognized her, sir," he says, still a bit worried.

Scott's face turns to stone, he was not told of the call. "I didn't realize you two had called. Whoever received the message failed to relay it to me." Scott does manage to praise Eddie another time though. "The Avengers were the right ones to call in that situation though. Overall, you guys did a good job. Just don't go looking for trouble to fix." He says, his neutral expression lightening up ever so slightly.

Eddie squeaks a little, cringing down. "I…um…thank you, sir. We won't…it…well, trouble sort of finds us," he admits, smiling a little.

Scott gives a chuckle. "You and almost every other student in this school." He knows that being a mutant seems to attract danger, for some reason.

Eddie smiles a bit more, rubbing the back of his head. "We try to avoid it, we really do," he says. "But when people in trouble just…crash into the path right in front of us, its hard to," he says. There's a pause. "This…this is the second time Dai and I've beat one of Spider-Man's bad guys…" he trails off, getting a thoughtful expression.

Scott gives a lighthearted scoff. "What, you'd rather cross paths with someone like Kang The Conqueror, or the Brotherhood?"

Eddie blinks a few times then squeaks a little. "I hope I never have to fight Kang…alone anyway," he shivers. "And…depends which people from the Brotherhood. According to my Danger Room sessions, I can take Toad and Pyro pretty well."

Scott nods. "I have seen the same reports." He knows just how well this student does in the Danger Room. "Do you have anything I should know before I head out?" He asks, open door policy and all. Not to mention the fact of the strange reading taking place around New York.

Eddie smiles, squirming on the spot a moment. "Well…nothing much, sir. Just going to get some research done and then finish up a report on the fight in the city," he says with a shrug.

Scott gives a nod to Eddie. "I'm looking forward to reading it. I'll let you finish with your business." He says to the student, starting to walk out to the hall.

Eddie nods quickly. "Yessir! Have a good night!" he says just as quickly. The teen waits for a moment before letting out a breath of relief and getting back to getting dressed.

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