2010-01-23: Not The Man I Married


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Summary: Jericho returns home to find his violin. He finds something else.

Date: January 23, 2010

Not The Man I Married

Rating: R

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Master Bedroom

A very large bed dominates this room. The bed itself is apparently a custom made one, because it's quite hard to find beds that size. Like the rest of the house, it's hardly been decorated, since someone else seems to enjoy doing so.

About an hour ago, Christopher snuck in his own house after not being seen for a week. He's been hiding in the bedroom, agasint the wall, camouflaged, his eyes can be seen, but he's been trying to do his best to stay unmoving. He's been waiting for the right moment to confrong Jericho so he can gather what's his to protect.

Since everything has gone crazy, Jeri and Jared have been staying at the mansion. However, there are things he has to come to the house for. Right now is one of those moments. He wants his violin. Sure, there's the crappy school violin, but it's a sentimental thing. He needs his. It's not right playing another. As he steps into the bedroom, he waits a moment, turning on the light.

Christopher waits quietly for a bit, smiling before steping out of his blending. His skin is dark blue and scaley, a tail sways behind him and a pair of horns stand magnificently from his head. He stands there completely nude, after all, it is his bedroom and house. "Ah Jeri, I was wondering when I'd see you again, I was beging to miss our time together." The smile hasn't faded once.

Hearing the voice, Jericho stops. "Shit. I should have assumed the worst when Addison told everyone he couldn't feel you anymore…" He says, bracing himself in a defensive gesture. "You need to leave, Christopher. I have my panic button on me, and I don't want to hurt you. But if you come at me or one of our kids…" He says, firmly. Yes, he loves. But he's also been through a lot of things, and knows that he will do what he has to.

"Leave? Why would I leave?" Christopher asks the smile still there. "I did this to protect you Jeri, I did this to protect what we have together. And the worst? Look at how much better I've become!" He says holding out his arms wide and turning around. "I just want you to come with me Jeri, I can make sure you're safe with me. Forever."

"And I'll take a raincheck on that. No offense, but you're not yourself right now, and I don't find that attractive in the lightest." Jeri says, looking around for something to use as a weapon if he has to. He's moving backwards. He doesn't want the house damaged. It was expensive enough up here. "So… what did they offer you?" He says, quietly moving a hand to the button in his pocket.

Christopher keeps advancing, hoping to get close enough to wrap his tail around the back of Jeri. "Oh, they offered me you Jeri. To make sure I'd never lose you, or the family. I'm going to make sure that happens. Don't you want to be with Jeri?" He says feinging a hurt expression. "I can take you with me, don't you know? You and Jared can join us and be a whole family again."

"No. Sorry. I don't want to be with you like that. You've fallen prey to the worst that we have inside ourselves, and I don't like it. Not at all." Jeri says as he presses the button, not knowing if it actually works or not. "They can't offer you things that they can't affect. And you can take me? So, you'd put me back into slavery after I broke free from Genoshan slavery?"

"I'm hurt Jeri. I did this for us, wanting you to stay safe is the worst inside of me?" Christopher goes to press his tail into Jeri's back, trying to bring them closer. "Jeri, I wouldn't let anyone else touch you but me. I'll make sure you're all safe, as long as you're with me. If you're not, who can say what will happen, what my happen to Jared."

"Jared is safe at the school right now." Jeri says, nodding as he slaps a hand at the tail behind him. "I didn't give YOU permission to touch me, either, Christopher. You're NOT the man I married and I'll have no part of this." He glares, cracking his neck. "If you know what's good for you, and for those you work with, you'll step back and let me get back to taking care of the students. And the woman that's appeared there."

Christopher puts an arm out and grips Jeri's shoulder, harder than Christopher ever could. "No..I think I can Jeri. You see, I am the man you married just…more powerful. Is that it, you only like me when I'm weak? You afraid that someone is just as…Buff? as you." Yes is a bit of a taunt there. "Oh a woman has appeared at the school? Now I really don't think I can let you go…../babe/."

That's it. With that, he knows that there's nothing he can do here to sway things. And he won't stop himself. Yes, Christopher is stronger than he was, but Jeri is still as strong as he always was. He pulls back an arm and slams it forward. "Get out of my house." He says, glaring as he tries to move backwards and outside on his own if he can. If not, he'll drag the demon with him.

Christopher now has armour that can withstand exactly what Jeri's strenght is but the punch does get Christopher to let go. "Aw babe, so you wanna fight?" There is a definate playful tone to his voice as he puts a light sheild in front of the bedroom door to try to block Jeri's escape. "Don't leave yet, I've been wanting to you for so long, I need you babe."

"Christopher. Let me out of here. I'm not playing games. I will hurt you if I have to." He says, cracking his knuckles. Jeri will do worse than that if he has to. If damaging his house is required to get away, he will. He does NOT do well with being locked away. After the whole Genosha debacle, he's been fighting his own fear, but has never let it get in the way. Now… it might prove useful.

"Don't you know, I'm stronger now, I'm better. If you wanna fight, it'll be only worse for you. Do you really want to become a battered husband?" Christopher asks with a chuckle, taunting him as he doesn't lower the sheild. "I don't know if you can hurt me."

He begins planning his maneuvers. After all, that's the only way to make things happen. And since he can run faster than Christopher, he should at least be able to get outside. Sure, the demonic one can fly fast, but that doesn't mean much indoors. First, Jeri takes off, running at Christopher before veering to the side and attempting to run through the wall. Damage or no, he'll deal. He'll pay for it later.

Christopher see's Jeri run at him and goes to catch him but as Jeri veers, Christopher uses his tail to try to catch his ankle as he runs by, after all it's an apendage that Jeri doesn't know as much about. At the same time he goes to hit him with a light blast in to stop him.

As the blast hits, it's hard enough to cause some immediate bruising on Jeri's torso. "Christopher, I'm not playing around here. I will throw every bit of strength I have in my body against you. I don't care how much you want me to go, I won't." He says, starting to get a little too excited, his voice quavering with reluctance tempered with determination. He's on the ground, trying to scramble back to his feet, despite the tail wrapped around his ankle.

Before Jeri can get back to his feet fully, Chrisotpher tries to push him back down, using his body. He's a bit stronger but not as strong as Jeri, just as durable. "Oh but I want to play with you, and I want you to go, I thought you said till death do us part, I'm not dead babe, I'm more alive than ever." He says before attempting to punch Jeri in the head to daze him.

The nice thing about being in the position he's in, Jeri can see the punch coming and tilt his head to the side. Along with that comes a little extra knowledge. Even demons, if they have humanoid bodies, are going to be weak in certain areas, he hopes. And a nice, super-strong knee to the groin might be just what's needed to get himself out of this one. At least, that's what Jeri hopes. After all, it would hurt like hell on normal Christopher. Hopefully, on this one…

Even with armoured skin, a knee to his sensitive bits still does hurt, mostly since it just is able to get through the armour. Chrisotpher rolls over in pain and goes to fire a light blast at his husband, hoping to catch him with one blast, now he's trying to hurt his husband.

Jeri knew something would be coming, so stayed low to the ground before he began his hard, fast sprint, trying to get out of the house. If the light field is off the door, he'll go that way. If not, he'll go through the wall. You do what you gotta. He just runs, hard and fast, not even bothering to look back.

The light field is down and Jeri is able to run through it, though Christopher starts firing a few light blasts after him, aiming to hurt him and not caring if he wrecks the house. "Jeri, just remember, if you run, that means poor Jared is just going to suffer. I mean, he's your son, what do I care what I do to him?" He says laughing as he hopes it will get to Jeri.

"Good luck getting at him. He's at Xavier's and I'm not letting him out of my sight after I get there." Jeri calls back over his shoulders. He's not threatened. Not with the whole of the school there to protect the kids.

"You can try to protect your loves ones all you want Jeri! It never works out the way you plan!" Christopher says laughing again as he fires one last, large blast, to hopefully hit Jeri and if it hits, he'll take off flying, out of the house, and the going in the direction of Xavier's. It's hard to tell if he's bluffing or really going to go after Jared.

This one does hit. But with the speed he was already going, it flings Jeri even further forward. It hurts like hell, and it's gonna leave a lasting mark. But, he's safe if Christopher goes. And he'll make sure that Jared is.

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