2012-07-16: Nothing On Television


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Summary: The Rec Room is a common hang out place at night.

Date: July 16, 2012

Log Title: Nothing On Television

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Nigel sits on the couch flipping channels. He's rarely seen outside of class these days with even his danger room sessions being private so this visit to the Rec Room is a rare sighting. Tonight's fast food feast is an assortment of goods from 'El Taco Hutt', laid out on paper plates on the coffee table in front of him with a pair of six-packs of Pepsi Max. "Crap.. crap.. crap… News.. Crap.. Mega-crap.."

Amy comes through the doors of the rec room wearing a pink tank top and a pair of jean shorts. She eyes the screen for a moment and says, "Go back a couple of craps, was that really crap? I think it was a commercial. I mean, sure, a crap commercial, but a commercial nonetheless." She hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and then says, "But maybe, just maybe, if you dig past that crap… you will find a crap encrusted gem."

With the weather being what it is, Nick's spent the better part of the day at the pool. Since it's dinner time he's finally decided to come inside. Wearing a plain green t-shirt, mostly dried knee length swim trunks, sandals and a towel over his shoulder, the wet haired blond enters into the rec room. "It's all crap? Usually they have Family Guy playing on some channel this time of night." He gives a wave Nigel and Amy's way.

Theo's emotions for the last couple of days has been mixed. He's just turned eighteen, finally an adult. His brewing plans for significant monetary gain can finally begin to be realized. First, however, there is something that he needs to do. He wears a light blue button down shirt, and a pair of charcoal slacks this evening. Presumably, he just came from work. Or maybe he just wanted to dress nicely. Whatever the reason, he strolls into the Rec Rom as if he owned the place. In his right hand between his index and middle finger is a cigar. As of yet, it's not lit. "Of course it's crap," Theo comments as he enters to the last part of the conversation about the shows. "It's television. Not exactly something that entices greater thought from the masses." He casually vaults over the back of one of the easy chairs, and lands in the seat on the other side. The cigar twiddles in his fingers.

Kaylee trudges in. It's hot. Hot out. She doesn't seem to even notice what else might be going on in the room, or react to it, save to drape herself over the back of the couch and semi pass out there, eyes half lidded. She's wearing a turqoise skirt made out of some lightweight material and a purple MLP shirt, and of course flip-flops. Bluuuuh…

Nigel glances to Amy and chuckles "Oh I don't mind crap.. just has to be entertaining crap. So far this is just plain crap." He gives a wave to Nicholas and glances to Theo "Well Hellooooo mister fancypants. So what's got you visiting the lowly masses today?" He blinks and looks up as Kaylee flops over the back of the couch. "Umm hi.."

"Well, well, well, cool cool Mr. Anti-Television Cigar man here to tell us how it is and set the record straight," says Amy with a grin, some bloodstains on her otherwise white teeth, gesturing towards Theo, before she takes a bow, "I defer to your knowledge, oh great cigar fellow." Once uprighted, she returns the wave to Nicholas and then says to Kaylee, "Hey, kiddo." And finally, "Yeah, I just want to be entertained when I watch TV. I'm not looking for a cerebral mindblowing experience, there, at least not all the time."

Nicholas goes over to one of the chairs and flops down into it, not caring if he gets the chair wet. "Hey Kaylee, and I'm not sure if we've formally met yet Amy. I'm Nick, I went with your brother to bring you here." The cigar from Theo gets a raised eyebrow from Nick. "So, cigar, congratulations on becoming a Dad?" He says not sure why he would be carrying one. "Why not just put on a DVD then Nigel?"

Kaylee just kind of blinks over at Amy for a moment, sinking down to her knees on the floor and propping her chin up on the couch as she gradually cools off and starts to look somewhat more alert. "Huh? Oh… hi…" she murmurs in response, glancing over to Nick at that moment, whom she stares at. Staaaaaare.

Theo grins slightly at the response, though it is half-hearted, it seems to be sincere. "Lemme know what you're looking for, and I'll tell you if it's on TV," he offers. To the comment about his clothes, he gives response to explain. "Well, Tony had to go to Japan for some thing with work," he says. "So I thought I'd come see what everyone is doing here. Eighteenth birthday and all, thought I would go ahead and try to be a little sociable." He raises the cigar up, and then with his left hand he pulls a pocket knife out. "My dad promised me we'd smoke a cuban together when I turned eighteen." One side of his brow cocks. "I couldn't find a cuban, so I guess eighteen is a year to settle for less." It's hard to tell whether the comment was said as a joke or in sincerity, but he reaches up and with a decisive slice, he cuts the end of the cigar.

Nigel sets the remote down and ponders Nicholas's suggestion a moment, looking towards the DVD rack. Flexing his right hand a moment there's an audible crackle and his hand starts to blurr, followed by his arm to the shoulder. As it comes back into focus it looks.. strange. Not exactly his transformed toon state but not real either, like some odd cross of cell-shading and reality like from the movie 'A Scanner Darkly' Nigel grits his teeth and thrusts his arm towards the rack, it stretchs unnaturally as he grabs somthing from the shelf and it snaps back to it's normal length and returns to flesh and blood. "Wow.. actually worked that time. But damn that hurt.. arm went numb." He flexs his fingers as he tries to get the feeling back.

Amy watches Nigel do his trick and then says, "Well, if that isn't neato, I don't know what is." She then extends a hand towards Nick and then says, "Yeah, I'm Amy Black, thanks for the assist, Nicholas. I really appreciate it, really, I do. They were trying to bait me into killing that girl in the cell with me. And… well, I don't want to think about whether they'd've been successful." She nods once and then looks towards Theo and then says, "How about America's Next Top Model? I love how catty those girls can be. They're my heroes."

"Well Happy Birthday." Nicholas says to Theo. "If you're gonna smoke that thing at least do it outside, it'll stink up the place if you do it inside." He says before looking at Kaylee who seems to be staring at him. "What?" He says looking at her confused. "Everything okay? And Nigel, don't do anything to hurt yourself but yay that it worked?" Then as Amy makes her suggestion he stop looking at her and makes a shocked face at Amy. "Really, those chicks are your heroes? You should find a better hero, like someone awesome like John Wayne."

Kaylee starts when Nick speaks to her again, coming out of her daze/daydream. Whichever it is. "Bleh! Those girls are annoying," she shakes her head. "But I could totally see that. 'cept you could never be such an annoying ho like that. Not in a million years even if you tried."

"Wait, did you say kill? What've you been up to with your spare time?" Theo asks. He smells the cigar as he scans the channels. "America's Next Top Model? It looks like it's over for the evening." He didn't seem to use the control or shift the channels to find out, but he says it as if he just looked through the TV guide. "And yeah, I have to side with Miss Transgender over there, the very idea is pretty annoying. Sure, they might be hot, but then they open their mouths, and nobody wants to date them after that." He shrugs. "Cigars aren't like cigarettes, y'know," he comments to Nick. "They smell way better, and you want to taste the smoke rather than just breathe it in."

Nigel shakes his arm out a bit as he stands and heads towards the TV to put the disk in. "Been trying to tap into my powers without going full Wildcard, takes alot of focus and at least for the moment it's rather uncomfortable. Dunno if it's called bio-feedback or what but apparently transforming only part of myself at a time into unstable Molecules hurts like all getout." He opens the DVD player and inserts the disk, heading back to his seat and grabbing a burrito and pepsi as he goes. The opening scene of The Matrix begining on the TV. "If anyone's hungry feel free, got more here than I can handle myself."

"They're not really my heroes, I was being sarcastic Nick, but I hope to someday to be half as hilarious as they are," says Amy, chuckling softly at that, "You people don't get jokes, I think. I just love watching America's Next Top Model in the same way as I like to watch shows about plane wrecks. It's horribly explosive, destructive and impressive," says Amy, shrugging a shoulder, "And yeah, I said kill. Come on, you expect me to be a saint or something? They were starving me, making me feed on my roommate. I was in a like, Friends of Humanity compound or something. They don't just give you flowers and pat you on the back and tell you what a great person you are. They try to trick you into /killing/ people."

"Nice choice Nigel, good movie." Nicholas says as he hasn't seen The Matrix in several years. "Thanks for the offer." He leans forward and grabs a taco as he starts to eat it. "So Theo, how many cigars have you smoked in your lifetime?" He asks not really wanting to go into anything regarding the Friends of Humanity so he's outright ignoring the subject that Amy has brought up.

"Bastards," Theo bites. "I am just about ready to go kill every last one of them. They want to think us all murdering monsters, I'm about ready to let them be right." He ponders whether to light the cigar inside despite Nick's request. "I went to visit my sister a couple of weeks ago, they had to have a squad car watch the house twenty-four seven just because I was there." He seems willing to engage the concept. It's been at the front of his mind lately. "Never smoked one," he admits. "Dad made me promise not to before I was eighteen."

Nigel chuckles "Horribly explosive, destructive, and impressive.. sounds like my last Danger Room Session." He takes a few swallows from his drink. He ignores the current topic of the FoH and family visits and turns his attention back towards the TV.

Theo is glared at by Kaylee, who frowns. FROWN. Not cool! Either comment, really. Froooown. Well, it does soften afterwards, however. She refrains from using her tongue to steal his cigar, also. However, it just shoots out and snag a taco instead. She's feeling way too lazy to actually get up, you know? What with the heat and all.

"Whatever, I guess. That kind of stuff happens," says Amy, brushing her hair out of her eyes, "It sucks, but I'm about ready to move on and just focus on getting through each day. I don't want to end up one of those bitter vengeful people, always looking over my shoulder," says Amy, pulling a tissue from her pocket and then coughing a few times. The tissue is covered in blood once she's through, and she tosses it away into a nearby waste bin, "Life's too short not to enjoy it at least a little, am I right? I'm right."

Nicholas closes his eyes for a bit and just tries to shut out the words of Theo. He really doesn't want to be depressed tonight. "I think my last danger room session just involved me getting beaten up by objects being hurled at me to see if I could stop them with my shields." He's glad those injuries don't last. "I should be going though, I'm feeling gross from the pool, my hairs gonna turn green or something." He jokes. "Thanks for the taco Nigel, KAylee, Amy, Theo, you guys have a good night." He says as he gets up to head out of the rec room.

Theo pulls the lighter from his pocket, and stands to his feet. He salutes the rest. "Yeah, well, I like being bitter I guess," he says. "You guys have fun watching your movie, I'm going to go smoke this thing." He strolls back out the way he came in, off to smoke his cigar in peace.

Nigel waves to Nicholas, then to Theo "Have a good evening." He gets settled onto the couch again but gives Kaylee a bit of a look at the tongue trick. "Hey now, just ask and I'd hand you one. Neat trick and all but that's a little gross."

Kaylee gives the two a wave as they depart, commenting, "Well that was more peaceful than normal," with a slight little grin as she busies herself with eating the taco. Omnomnom.

"She has like, lizard powers, so tonguing up a taco, seems about par," says Amy, nodding and then waving towards Nicholas and Theo.

Nigel takes another swallow from his drink. Then stands and stretchs "Well enjoy the rest of it, think I need to crash as well. You two have a good evening." He heads towards the closest door.

"Eee, sorry," Kaylee shakes her head as Nigel wanders off, "Bluh… BLUH! It's so hot, sis. I dunno. I don't feel good. With it being this hot. I don't sweat anymore, you know? I just wanna crawl under a rock or something…"

"Yeah, it is pretty hot out. I've been trying to keep cool, obviously. I don't dress like this in winter, you know," says Amy, gesturing towards herself. "And it's a bit more air conditioned in here, so, that's good and stuff."

"No I mean like…" Kaylee trails off, "Like I'm actually gonna pass out just from the heat or something. I can't even think with it being that hot! And anyway, I know, you wear fuzzy things in the winter. Winter is all about fuzzy things."

"Yeah, I know winter is about fuzzy things. Like, even animals get fuzzier, that's how you know," says Amy, nodding wisely and then remarking, "I think you might want to stay inside though, if the heat's that bad for you."

"I don't really have a proooblem with that…" Cale sighs, "cept even I need to go out every now and then! It's not good to stay cooped up inside. Even if you are a computer nerd. It just makes me more shy."

Amy laughs and then says, "Well, at least for now. I thought lizards got more, like, energetic in the heat? Like that's their power and stuff. And you have lizard powers?"

"Well it doesn't work like that, I mean," Kaylee rubs the back of her neck, standing up from her spot hanging off the back of the couch, "I mean, it's not good to be too cold, or too hot. Lizards don't regulate their body temperature internally. I think. I dunno. Maybe I picked that up."

"I dunno, I'm not a herpatologist or whatever lizard lovers are called," says Amy, raising her hands up a bit defensively. "But yeah, I guess that makes sense? I sometimes get a bit dizzy out in the heat. Or really everywhere. I think it's blood loss.

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