November 2010 Logs

Total Number of Logs for November 2010 - 62

Date Title Participants Rating For Tez's Use
November 1 Teacher Talk Drew Daniels, Gabriel, Index and Quetzal PG *
November 2 Smashing Clocks David and Mike R *
November 3 We'll Be Home Soon David and Star PG *
November 3 The Mad and the Angry Connor and Troy R *
November 3 We're Going Home? David and Hosea PG *
November 4 About a Girl Drew Daniels and Quetzal PG-13 *
November 4 Clues Right in Front of Your Face David, Robyn and Heather PG *
November 4 Past Frienemy Index and Quetzal PG *
November 4 Personal Tastes Heather, Mike and David G *
November 5 Octopus Attack! David, Kenta and Chloe R *
November 5 Sir You've a Ninja Infestation Kaji and Tony R *
November 5 Goodbye Mr. Hyde Heather, Kenta and Leo/Troy PG-13 *
November 6 Not so tricksy technopaths Theo and Tony PG *
November 6 Up To Speed Heather and David G *
November 6 Three Teachers and A Russian Dashenka, Drew Daniels, Index and Quetzal PG *
November 7 Tony Stark, Tawni Star, and Tiger Shark Jordan Mayfair and Tony PG *
November 7 Goodbye Bear Heather and Robyn PG *
November 8 Tegu-Haaz Catchup David, Heather and Robyn PG *
November 8 And Now For a Musical Interlude... Connor, David, Heather, and Mike PG *
November 8 A Mutant Walks Into a Bar Bruce, Kage, Jordan Mayfair and Shifter PG-13 *
November 9 Tomb Raiders Hosea and Robyn PG *
November 9 Teammates Assemble! Kael and Quill PG *
November 9 Lingering on Losses Christopher and Theo PG *
November 10 Symphony of Dissonance Theo and Xorn PG *
November 11 Chitchat David and Heather PG *
November 11 Assumptions up the Wazoo! Chloe, Emma, Heather and Kenta PG *
November 12 Scarlet Beetle Quetzal, Summoner and Texas Twister PG-13 *
November 12 Don't mess with a SHIELD Agent's Phone Corrin, Theo, Xorn, Shifter, and July R *
November 13 Om Mani Padme Hum Theo and Xorn PG *
November 13 Thorough The Silver Waters Connor, David, Heather, Mike and Star R *
November 14 Not Going Home Cloud and Star G *
November 14 Clearing the Air David and Mikhail PG *
November 14 Back to Normal Rashmi, Theo, David, and Connor PG *
November 15 Happy Reunion of Friends Rashmi and Robyn G *
November 15 Asshat? Kaden, Kalindi, Jordan Mayfair and Shifter G *
November 17 Sweet Tooth Chloe, Theo and Xorn PG *
November 17 Painting Memory Heather, Robyn and Rashmi PG *
November 18 Incoming fangirl Mason, Robin and David G *
November 18 Feeling Trapped Connor, Daisuke and David PG-13 *
November 19 Hogwarts School for Mutants David, July, Quill and Shane PG *
November 20 Makeover Heather and Chloe G *
November 20 Broadway! Mason, Heather and Connor G *
November 21 Trading Drama for Drama Mason, Shane, Connor and Heather PG *
November 22 The Air Up There Theo and Sam G *
November 22 Creative Insults Christopher and Shane PG *
November 22 Meatloaf, Cars and White Hairs Dashenka, Leo, Quetzal and Rashmi PG *
November 23 Aeolus Theo and Kael G *
November 23 After Hours Theo and Shane G *
November 23 So Late it's Early Mason and Kisha PG *
November 23 Tale of Two Prodigies Kenta and Mason G *
November 23 Is This All A Joke? Robyn and Shane PG *
November 24 Nothing Left to Say Shane and Mason R *
November 24 Raising Suspicions Index, Quetzal, Tex and Zoya PG-13 *
November 25 Man of Few Words Shifter and Theo PG *
November 25 Working off the Turkey Heather and Mason PG *
November 27 Like Parties? Star, Cloud, and Mason PG-13 *
November 27 Sharing Candy Megan and Robin G *
November 28 Spider-man is Mean Mason, Cloud, and Xorn PG-13 *
November 29 Central Park Performers Mason, July, Jeremy and Kalindi G *
November 29 Life Goals and Death Tolls Robin and Theo PG *
November 30 A Home For the Holidays Rashmi and Travis PG *
November 30 Costumes and Medicine Balls Connor, Robyn and Shane PG *
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