November 2011 Logs
Date Title Participants Rating
November 2, 2011 Finally Meeting Jeremy & Kai G
November 9, 2011 Twit in Shining Armour Giea, Kaden, Kai, Connor and Mason PG
November 16, 2011 Lack of Respect Kai, and Quetzal PG
November 17, 2011 Twit in the Music Room Heather, Quenton, and Xorn PG
November 18, 2011 Twits in South Street Seaport Aiden, Kisha and Quenton PG-13
November 18, 2011 The Twit and the Pendulum Heather, Quenton, and Shane PG-13
November 19, 2011 The Haunting Connor, Quenton, Sage, Shane and Tara PG-13
November 21, 2011 This is Normal Ahmed, Chloe, Heather, Jill and Nigel G
November 22, 2011 Lunch time for Twits Ahmed, Evelyn, Quenton, and Sage PG-13
November 23, 2011 Twits, Tears, and an Explosion of Goo Ahmed, David, Jill, Nicholasand Quenton R
November 25, 2011 Sharks in the Living Room Cloud, Nicholas, Quenton and Tara PG-13
November 28, 2011 Welcome To Your New Home Emma and Nicholas PG-13
November 29, 2011 A Trip To The Mall Connor, Heather, Nicholas and Rashmi PG-13
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