2012-08-12: New York City Hot Dog


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Summary: Soleil has arrived in New York and is a pack mule. Cloud tries to catch a frisbee. They meet for the first time and Rainbow Dash is secretly awesome.

Date: August 12, 2012.

Log Title:New York City Hot Dog

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It is a sunny afternoon in such an iconic location of NYC…Central Park. People are jogging…bikes go whizzing by…skaters do their skate thing as women and men in capris jump up to catch a frisbee or laugh over a coffee cup of a Mocha Chocolate Mint Machiota…something or another. It is all rather fascinating to the young man who's trudging along watching people with wide eyes. With a duffel bag strapped across his back, a golden backpack hanging from his shoulder and a worn out dark brown messenger bag worn across his body and left to bump against his thigh, he resembles more a pack-mule than a person but he walks along, his long hair worn tugged back out of his face in a loose braid and secured with a black tie and a dark red knit cap worn on his head.
He looks around with eyeliner rimmed eyes all wide and taking everything in, a pair of fitted dark blue cargo pants that are about a size or two too big secured at his waist with a shiny black and gold belt and an oversized dark red hoodie is worn zipped over it all…combat boots on his feet. Is he looking where he's going? Eeh…not exactly.

Cloud is cutting across Central Park on his way towards the subway to go back to Xavier's, he's spent his morning putting things in order for him disappearing back to the school for the summer. He's dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and red sneakers, spotting one of the groups' frisbee heading his way out of the corner of his eye, turning to jump and catch it and throw it back lands him right in the path of the young man not looking where's going.

Soleil turns slightly to watch an old woman texting pass by before turning back time to just about slam/run into Cloud, eyes widening has he attempts to steady himself, arms flailing out on either side before quickly coming to grip the bag straps across his chest as he tumbles over onto his side, rolling over on his back by the time the fall is complete to…sorta splay out with arms to the side, legs v'd and back forced into an arch off the ground by the duffel bag on his pack.

Cloud simply falls onto his backside which while it still hurts is better than the sprawling mess of man and luggage that is Soleil, getting to his feet he looks around for what he bumped into. Spotting Soleil Cloud "Oops"' and walks over to offer a hand up, "Sorry man, you ok?"

Soleil takes a deep breath and then another deep breath, looking up at Cloud through a squint before his lips curve in a hint of a smile and he eyes the hand for a moment before accepting it with a soft groan. "Ahhh…oui oui…ce n'est pas grave…" He tugs himself up into a seated position with assistance before he blinks and chuckles softly. "I am meaning…ah…it is okay, really. Thank you." His accent is somewhat thick but it has a purr to it that softens his words.

Cloud helps Soleil up, as evidenced by his south Bostonian accent Cloud is a born and bred American, a born and bred American who failed French, so the translation is very much appreciated. Noting the accent and the luggage Cloud guesses, "Tourist?"

There is a snort and a hint of a giggle at the inquiry and Soleil just arches an eyebrow, struggling a bit as he gets back to his feet with his heavy load and he wobbles a bit before he's steady and he nods firmly more to himself than anybody else."Ahh…Tourist? Non. Just ahh…new immigrant I suppose? Just not with looking for a green card. I intended to make it here…" He ticks things off on his finger. "And I have made it here, so according to the song I should be able to make it anywhere, hm?" He winks before hiking his duffel bag up a bit on his back, steadying himself. "Come, I am planning to have an ice cream, I shall buy you one…I am Soleil." Then he starts walking towards the nearest ice cream vendor.

Seeing Soleil struggling with his load Cloud holds out a hand, "Do you want a hand with those?", he doesn't get the song referance but does't comment, it happens alot. "I'm not really one for ice-cream but thanks", either way he walks along with Soleil, "Nice to meet ya Soleil, I'm Cloud".

Soleil blinks at the offer and then he blinks again for good measure, hand moving to idly rub his eye as he shakes his head. "Non, but merci…thank you for offering…Monsieur Cloud." He then stops abruptly and turns a bit to peer curiously at Cloud, looking him over before tilting his head to the side. "Then are you maybe wanting a different type of token of appreciation? There is the ice cream and…" He brings his hand up to shade his eyes as he peers around to see the options. "Maybe ahh, there is pizza! Very italiano non? Hmm, maybe a hot dog?"

Cloud smiles and shakes his head, "Thanks again but seriously I'm good, I just had to eat the last of my food in my apartment 'cause I finished moving out today, pretty full". "Anyways, all i did was help you up after knocking you down, don't need a token of appreciation", he runs a hand though his hair, "So, what brings you to America then?"

"Very well, then I shall having the hot dog!" Soleil chirps with a firm nod, taking off to walk across some grass, looking behind him to make sure Cloud is following. "I did not, have to eat all the food in my apartment. So, my stomach believes my throat has been cut and has been bitchin' about it for hours." He hmms softly at the question. "I have lived in America since I was 9 so for a while now, but I am new to New York. I am wanting a new life oui? So I come here. Is the city of opportunity and…interesting crime history but mostly opportunity." His nose wrinkles. "You are living here non?"

Cloud follows Soleil over to the hot dog vendor and nods at the comment about the crime history, "That this place does, hard to believe some of the stuff that goes on here", he frowns, "A new life? how old are you Soleil?". He nods, "I did but now i live just outside the city".

The young Frenchman takes his time, ordering his hot dog and he doesn't get a bunch of condiments on it however, just a bit of mustard and he carefully counts out the total cost, accepting the hot dog with a polite 'thank you' in French before Soleil looks back to Cloud. "How old?" He just chuckles and stares off into space for a few moments and gives a little nod. "It depends on how you are measuring age. In years? In experience? In days? In…exposure?" He shrugs. "Older than many, younger than most…" A wry smile before he takes a huuge bite out of his treat, closing his eyes and sighing softly as it is the best thing he ever tasted.

"I'm talking age, as in how many years spent on this planet, I'll give you an example; I'm twenty years old", Soleil doesn't look that old but if he persists in dodging the subject Cloud will drop it, he raises an eyebrow at Soleil's reaction, it's just a hot dog.

Soleil chews slowly, savoring the experience with happy 'mms' as he arches an eyebrow at the clarification and he finishes the mouthful, working on the rest of the savory delight with a hint of desperation and a bit of exuberance before he tucks food in his cheek so he can speak, swallowing with a bit of a struggle and he nods. "I am 17 perhaps." He sighs softly. "This is so delicious…a New York hot dog! Have you had?"

"Where are your parent's Soleil? and what about high school? who are you here with?", Cloud's is momentarily distracted by a woman walking by, "Wha… oh, yeah i've had one before, i prefur the ones back home in Boston though, though there is a good place in Mu…, er near Hell's Kitchen".

Soleil is very quiet as the questions are asked and he watches a woman walking by before looking back to Cloud. "…hm?" He takes a deep breath. "I am having no family." He leaves it at that. "I am here alone and I am doing reading and such to make sure I am not…educationally retarded." He nods and takes another bite of his hotdog chewing quietly.

Cloud frowns, "Soleil where are you living right now?", a thought crosses Cloud's mind which is shocking enough that Cloud's eye's widen and he takes a step back before it passes, "Dude, New York can be a dangerous place if you're on your own".

Soleil freezes up as he sighs at the question. "I am only here for two days so far mostly." He admits and then he looks around with a thoughtful expression and he finishes off his hotdog with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Oui…" He turns in a circle. "What…what specifically are you talking about?"

"Just that there are a lot of dangerous people in this city, some work alone and others in group, it's safer here when you've got someone to watch your back", Cloud doesn't mention that sometimes you can't even trust the police in New York, "Not that it's a bad place, just it theres a reason it has a rep".

Soleil scratches his nose as he uses a napkin to wipe his mouth and he looks up towards the sky before looking back to Cloud. "It is very dangerous…to live in many places, oui." His nose wrinkles. "I…have been alone for quite some time, Monsieur Cloud…"

Cloud sighs, "I'm sorry to hear that Soleil, have you considered going to social services for help?, you're still a minor so maybe fostering or a halfway house?", Cloud's family resently adopted a little boy that he rescued from an apartment in Mutant Town, shame Soleil isn't a mutant, he could talk to Xaviers.

Soleil closes his eyes for a moment and he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath, glossy red finger nails used to start picking at the napkin he holds. "Heh…not every person can live in a home, oui? There are…always how do you say…" He trails off. "There are always prices to pay, ulterior motives in place…sometimes trust and believing in security can lead you to an unheard of corner of hell, where you sit and you suffer…and you watch life pass you by in believing that it has been years, when it is only days, and months…when it is only minutes…and you grasp of reality and what it is to not be taken advantage of slips. You must seek out those who are given a good heart and a kind spirit, they exist…oui, but many people wear the masks and underneath are only horrors."

"You're right not everyone is a nice person but there are people out there who want to help", Cloud can't imagine what could've happened to Soleil to make that his reaction to seeking help, "At least take my number so that you have someone to call if you get into trouble".

Soleil turns to Cloud and tilts his head to the side before giving a firm nod. He does take some time to squirm and reach into his messenger bag to pull out a tattered and worn little notebook with….a Rainbow Dash (from My Little Ponies) cover and he slips out a stub of a pencil as he flips to a page filled with dollar signs and prices…like a ledger and he quietly adds the price of the hot-dog, subtracting it from his total to create a new total and worries his bottom lip before flipping to a new page. "Alright! I usually have to be wearing my good shoes and showing off my tummy to get a number so easily Monsieur." It is obvious he's joking.

Cloud chuckles, "Dunno about shoes but you're probably the first person not waving pom poms at me to get my number", he pulls out his phone and reads out his number, "Also i want you to take down the address of a homeless center i know of, it's in Mutant Town but i don't think they'll turn you away if you're not a mutant, thats if they'd even check", if Soleil agrees he'll give the address.

Both eyebrows raise at the mention of a 'Mutant Town' and Soleil looks a bit uncertain as he scribbles down the number and then he finally nods so he can take down the address as well. "I am hearing people like that can be ahh…dangerous oui? Sometimes without even knowing, not that being a Mutant is what makes them dangerous but the ignorance, confusion and fright that can be coming from not knowing what you are or…what you can do or how it will effect the others or…even why…" He trails off and shakes his head. "I will look into it."

"Soleil, Mutant's are no more dangerous than humans are, yes there have been accedents where they've had problem's controling they're powers, but normal humans have done the same when they've messed with things they don't understand. Assuming that mutants are dangerous is exactly the same, enough of that gets around and people start hunting mutants things get out of control and innocent people get hurt", Cloud sighs, "Mutant's are no different than the rest of us".

Soleil just shakes his head. "People…are dangerous. People are people no matter if they can wield a gun, kick a puppy or fart a rainbow…they are very dangerous because humans, people…beings are fallible. Expect the unexpected, oui?" He smiles and snaps his notebook shut, slipping it back into his messenger bag. "It matters not, I am in the city of hot dogs…Broadway and unexplainable phenomena with a history that is so rich that if it could be quantified…it would make historians the new millionaire reality stars." He laughs softly to himself. "The Bookworms of New York. Hm? Hm? Pretty catchy eh?" A wink and a grin. "Merci…Monsieur, sincerely, for your kindness."

Cloud shakes his head, "Not all people", and that's coming from a guy who can kill with a touch, "But in New York expect the unexpected will serve you well", he has absolutly no idea what Soleil is talking about but at least it sounds positive, "Glad to help Soleil, look after yourself".

Soleil does make an attempt to give a graceful bow, arm extended beside him but…the weight from his duffel bag does make him lean forward dangerously before he stumbles and catches himself, scowling a bit at his bag straps before clearing his throat. "I shall do my best, Monsieur Cloud…such a beautiful name, hm? I believe we shall meet again, non?" He turns to start walking before pausing to look over his shoulder. "Do you know what my name means in English? It means Sun. So oui…I believe we shall meet again…the Sun often spents much time…amongst the Cloud." He tips an invisible hat before continuing walking away, humming 'New York New York'.

Cloud tries not to chuckle as Soleil nearly falls over, "Yeah it was nice meeting you Soleil, i'll see you around", as he wanders off towards the subway he can't help but get the feeling that Soleil was hitting on him, hopefully the other boy will be alright and check out the shelter.

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