2009-06-12: Observation


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Summary: Ebony discovers the Observation Deck.

Date: June 12, 2009

Log Title: Observation

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

A nice, quiet evening in the Observation Deck finds one Owen Folger just laying back in a nice and comfortable chair. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he's just enjoying the quiet with an issue of a Green Lantern comic book resting on his chest. Might look like he's asleep at first but his eyes are open and he's peering out the window.

Ebony walks into the room and looks around, "wow I didn't know this was here." She talking to her self. She spots Owen and blinks. She first thinks he is a sleep and up then notice your eyes are open, "Hello."

Owen glances over and chuckles. "It is a nice little out of the way place," he muses. "Howdy," he greets, offering a litle wave.

Ebony smiles and nods, "am I interrupting?" She takes a step forward
and looks at the comic book on your chest, "really a comic book isn't our lives enough like a comic."

Owen waves his hand a bit. "Not interruptin' anythin' but me starin' out the window," he says. Looking at the comic, he shrugs. "Was up here when Ah got here, thought Ah'd take a look. Think it might belong tah Max," he says. "And our life isn' like a comic. We're in 3D."

Ebony giggles "and we are not color color in with little dots." She walks in and sits down across from you, "what are you thinking about?" she looks out the window and and sighs some, "beautiful"

Owen shrugs. "Jus' powers," he replies. "Wonderin' 'bout gettin' mah old ones back," he says. "New ones are alright but Ah'd like mah DarkForce and fuzziness back."

Ebony nods and sighs, "seems everyone are upset about the power switch. I am glad I was not here when it happen." She pulls a peace of paper from her pocket and unfolds it. It floats up and shapes it self to look like a flower. She then touches it and it changes from white to green and red. She hands it to you, "here you go."

Owen blinks, watching the paper. Eyebrows arch up at the change and the teen lets out a little whistle. "Inerestin' trick," he remarks, picking the paper up with his telekinesis and floating it over to himself.

Ebony nods, "thanks my power is to fold and alter paper." she points at your comic as the edges of it move and flutter as if in a breeze, "I don't have full control over my powers yet."

Owen nods, closing the comic and tossing it onto a table. "Figured it'd be somethin' like that when Ah saw ya make the rose," he says with a little chuckle.

Ebony nods and smiles, "odd power isn't it? But I can make the best paper airplane now" she giggles and winks at you.

Owen laughs. "Naw. Ah wouldn' call it odd. Not a lot seems odd tah me anyway."

The papers on the comic keep moving they open and the papers start to flip on there own. Ebony smiles and leans back in the chair, "your the guy who turned into a bat right?"

Owen frowns slightly. "Yeah. Ah used tah be able tah turn intah a giant bat."

Ebony nods, "it must be cool to fly thought the air like that free of the ground and the problems down here."

Owen shakes his head and sighs. "Ah don' remember anythin' the Bat does so Ah have no clue whay flyin' as the Bat is like," he says. "But flyin' is good, mah new telekinesis lets me fly."

Ebony nods, "Oh I didn't know you have no memories while your a bat" She takes out another paper unfolds it and makes a swan. It then glides a round the room.

Owen shrugs. "No one does till Ah tell 'em," he muses. "Not like you're the first person tah make that same remark."

Ebony nods and smiles, "Well still I'm sorry for bringing it up." she looks at the swan and smiles. The paper unfolds and refolds takes a shape of a bat well more like the batman symbol. It flies over to you and lands on your lap.

Owen waves it off but remains quiet. He looks down at the paper in his lap and quirks an eyebrow. "Ah don' wear a cape and Robyn's jus' mah friend, not mah scantily clad sidekick."

Ebony giggles, "you sure you two would be cute together and not as creepy as the real batman and robyn" she looks out the window, "so your roomate moving back in and he will look like Mr. Logan."

Owen smirks. "As nice as Robyn is, he's not really mah type. Besides, Ah think he's taken," he says, trying to remember th rumor but failing. "Like Ah said, jus' mah friend," he pauses. "Skyler looks like…Mr. Logan? That'll…but a little weird."

Ebony nods, "yah it was done to save his life. Robyn shot these laser from his eyes and hit Skyler. Messed him up but Mr. Logan came quick and allow him to copy him so he could get healed up."

Owen nods, frowning again. "So that's what the noise was," he mutters, making a mental note to go talk to Robyn soon. "So everyone's alright now?"

Ebony nods, "yah things seems fine now just a scary moment that's all." She sighs and rubs her belly, "Using my power always make me hungry or a steak." she sighs, "So you can move things with your mind?"

Owen nods. "For now anyway. Not sure how long Ah'll have this power."

Ebony nods and smiles, "well you should train to use it better and stuff. Never know you might have it for the rest of your life."

Owen frowns at this notion. He starts to say something but just yawns instead. "Well, Ah'd better head back tah mah room and get some sleep," he says, standing. "Ya'll have a good night, okay?"

Ebony smiles and nods, "okay well good night then Owen have good dreams."

Owen nods. "See ya," he says, taking the stairs down and out of the room.

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