2011-02-26: Observation Room Observations


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Summary: Two students, a teacher, and a student teacher have a chat.

Log Title: Observation Room Observations

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.


It's a Saturday night and Kenta doesn't have much else to do but go over lesson plans for the next week. Well, that's what he tells himself he should be doing. Instead the music teacher is up in the Observation Deck stretched out on one of the couches with his acoustic guitar. He strums lightly while he sings a soft melody, his eyes closed and just relaxing. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt and a cigarette resting behind his ear.

A soft tapping sound precedes Sophie's arrival into the room, as the blind girl probes the way in front of her with her cane. Her fingers follow the wall; eventually to the point where she's leaving fingerprints on the glass. She ohs softly as she realizes what she's doing, and pulls her fingers away. "Oops," she mumbles, as a soft blush comes to her face.

The elevator 'dings' and Lucas steps off. He's wearing a pair of torn up jeans and a wife beater, a flannel unbuttoned and hanging loose off his shoulders. He sees Kenta, and he makes a sour face, scratching behind his neck a little nervous. He considers letting the doors just close and going back down, but instead, he sighs, and steps off the elevator, lingering just off it as the doors close behind him.

Kenta opens his eyes and stops singing as soon as he hears Sophie come into the room, but he continues to play his guitar softly. He raises an eyebrow at her curiously. "Opps? You're not interrupting anything. I'm just relaxing up here for a bit." He says before glancing over at the elevator door open and seeing Lucas there, then Kenta actually does start playing. He moves to sit up and smiles at the blond. "Hey Lucas, nice to see ya again."

Sophie ahems softly, as she steps away from the windows. She sweeps the floor around her with her cane as she goes. "I meant… oops, as in I fingerprinted the glass, Senor," she replies. "Not that it bothers me, but it will leave a smudge that everyone with good eyes will see, I am sure." She shrugs her shoulders, and comes to a stop once more. "If it is not too much trouble… could you describe the room? I don't know where things are."

Lucas swallows, "Hey." He exhales, chewing his lip for a minute. "Yeah. You too." He furrows his brow a little, watching the blind chick asking for descriptions. He doesn't answer, letting Kenta.

The elevator needs a moment or two to go back down, and bring up another student to this floor, Trent. He dodges around Lucas, giving the taller boy more than enough of a personal bubble, brows lifting to scan quickly over those present, a common skittish, paranoid style common to the new arrivals at the place, though Trent himself is visually underwelming: average size, average brown hair, unintrusive. He has a few closed books under an arm, two of them spiral notepad type, one a clear library book.

Kenta looks over at the glass with his solid black eyes and studies it for a bit. "Nope, I don't see any finger paints on the glass." He jokes before taking a deep breath. "Describe the room, well, there's windows all around as we're on the third floor. This is the observation deck up here. Ummm, there's carpeting and chairs." He's not sure what else to say. "I'm Kenta by the way, I'm the music teacher here. Nice to meet you." He says before looking to Lucas. "Everything okay Lucas?" The music teacher doesn't seem to care that he has black markings on his arms and chest that are obviously visible. Trent also gets a wave and nod from Kenta. "Hey there."

Sophie bobs her head politely, and clasps her hands around her cane in front of her. "It is good to meet you, Senor Kenta," she replies. "I am Sophie DeCosta, a new student here." She resumes tapping the ground with her cane, as she proceeds forwards; at least until she finds a seat. She pats the chair carefully with her free hand before sitting in it, and sighing softly. "Hello, Senor Lucas also," she replies. "This mansion is unbelievable, I don't know how I'll ever get it memorized."

Lucas sighs again, and folds his arms, stepping forward. He shakes his head, answering Kenta, "Yes sir." He pauses, reconsidering. "No sir, actually. I um… I wanted to apologize." Clearly Lucas is now a pod person.

Trent may not say much, at least for now, but certainly pulling in all the information around him. Sophie gets the longest curious stare, but he realizes he's staring and cuts it out after a little while, to inspect the guitar. "Oh—- you're Kenta?" Trent asks, as if that connected to more than just 'music teacher' in his head, but drops it for now, since Lucas has other stuff to talk about, and makes his way to find a couch to sit on, shoving off his shoes into a neat pile so that he can pull them up under him, and sort through the books he'd brought up, various homework, stickynotes stuck in the side.

Kenta wrinkles his nose and makes a face. "Just Kenta. No Mister, Senior or any of that crap." He doesn't like feeling old. "Well then welcome to Xavier's Sophie, and you'll learn it given time." He says before looking at Lucas and raising an eyebrow. "Did you burn all my boxers or something cause….I dunno what you would be apologizing about." He says before giving Trent a nod. "Ayup, that's me. And you are…I'm so bad with putting a face to new students names, sorry."

Sophie smiles softly, and clasps her hands over her lap once more, holding her cane in front of her. "Yes, you are probably right," she replies. "Just… Kenta, then, Senor Kenta. I mean Kenta." The blind girl ahems softly. "Sorry… old habits." She tilts her head to listen to Lucas, and then to Trent. "And… who are you, Senor? The… third young man to be here, not Kenta or Lucas."

Lucas glances at Trent, furrowing his brow. "Weird. Ah thought you was Connor for second…" He looks back at Kenta, "Your panties are fine, old man," he teases, grinning. He steps forward some more, fully into the room. "Seriously, Ah just… Ah'm sorry Ah pulled a Houdini on you back in October." He gives a little nod, "Ah understand if'n you don't want me to hire me back."

Trent multitasks poorly, mostly ignoring his open book and attempt at note-adjusting. Too much to focus on with the new people. "I'm Trent Greene," he answers, mostly at Sophie, accidentally probably a little louder than is necessary. His experience with the disabled is low, but intentions are good. "I'm new here too. I just recognized the name from the notice about, um, Paragons?" Trent says, the last directed to Kenta.

Kenta waves a hand at Lucas. "Whatever dude, shit happens. You know I'll always want to have you as my student teacher." He says as he doesn't ask any questions or anything but just leaves it as it is. "But don't worry Lucas, apology accepted." He then looks at Trent and grins. "Ah yes, Trent, okay. Yup, you're on my team the Paragons. The most kick ass squad at Xavier's, actually I dunno if that's true or not. Just trying to make it sound cool." He says with a grin.

Sophie's lips quirk upwards, and she shakes her head. "It is alright, Senor Trent," she murmurs. "There is no need to shout. I am blind, yes, but I can probably hear better than you do." She grins broadly, as she shifts her cane to lie crossways across her lap. "So…" She pauses for a second. "Kenta. You say you teach music? And Senor Lucas, you help with this?"

Lucas nods, letting the subject drop then. When Kenta brags about the Paragons, he shrugs, "They WERE the most kick ass squad. You forget. Ah ain't on it no mores." He smiles, "Now they're just okay." He looks at Sophie, "Ah used to. Ah kind of took… sabbatical. Just got back, so… Ah reckon if'n Kenta is sayin' he'll still have me, yeah, Ah help with it." He tilts his head a little, "Bein' blind must suck ass."

"Sorry," Trent answers immediately, with a skew towards being a bit more on the quiet side. Overcompensation: but at least he's trying, really. "Blindness is scary, I've had it when, but it. I mean… yeah." Best to stop while he's behind, and not dig a deeper hole. He looks curious about the kick-ass squad, a mixture of amused and skeptical. "All the members kick ass? I have no idea why I got put in there, then," he says, but the grin in his tone and also on his face suggests it's mostly a joke.

"You get used to it." Kenta says in regards to blindness. "It really sucks when it first happens. Only reason I can see is cause I have powers without them, blind as a bat. Actually more so since I don't have cool sonar powers. But my situation was a lot different then most peoples." He says with a shrug before looking at Lucas. "I dunno, it's a tough call Lucas." He teases. "And yes Sophie, I teach music classes here. I figure since I couldn't be a rock star, be a music teacher."

Sophie blushes heatedly at the comments about blindness. "Well, it is not my favorite thing," she murmurs. "And… I cried a lot, when I lost my sight, especially at night. But Kenta is right, you get used to it." She shrugs her shoulders, and settles back in her chair. "It is not so terrible. I'd rather be blind than deaf, si? Being deaf I think would cut you off from the world far more than being blind. Imagine how few people you'd be able to talk to."

Lucas furrows his brow at Kenta, "Wait. It's a tough call if the team kicks less ass without me? That you'll take me back? Or that bein' blind sucks ass?" He rolls his eyes, "Nevermind. Ah'll just assume you meant the last because it hurts the least." He looks over at Trent, "You think y'all are pretty kick ass? What do you do, bookworm?"

"Guess it's a lot harder to judge people by how they look," Trent says, trying to be upbeat. "Which isn't to say any of you are TOO big of eyesores," he adds with a smile that does enter his tone. Trent's attention moves to his book, and he moves to a page that actually has the content he's working with, not the random one he'd sat down with. He doesn't seem terribly offended by the bookworm comment, but does stare at Lucas briefly. "It was a joke. I'd really rather never use my… thing, at all, ever," Trent says, simply, more quietly, that skittishness returning due to the subject shift to powers.

Kenta just laughs at Lucas and gives him a wink. "Don't worry Lucas, which ever it was I was teasing you." He looks over at Trent and nods. "There are a lot of people who feel like that in regards to their powers, especially at first but it does take time to get used to your powers." Then he makes a face as Sophie's words. "I think deaf or mute would be the worst for me cause music is such a bit part of my life. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't hear music or sing."

Sophie clasps her hands over her waist, "I often pray to God and ask him please, please safeguard my ears and don't let me lost them as I lost my eyes," she murmurs. "I don't think I could stand to be blind *and* deaf. That would be too much." She shakes her head slowly. "I wouldn't be able to play the flute anymore, either." The blind girl brushes her fingertips through her hair, and in so doing dislodges her blindfold; before she sets it back to rights, the observant might catch the hint of a scar, normally kept concealled. "I think that means we will be competing at some point, Senor Trent? About you being on the Paragons, I mean. I got assigned to the Hellions… which is ironic, I think."

Lucas laughs at Trent, "You should use your thing. Trust me. Using it won't make you go blind." He smiles, and then leans his shoulder casually against the wall.

Trent considers Kenta's commentary about it. "Maybe; I think the idea is to get used to stopping it from happening," Trent says, honestly. "Which is control, though, yes," he agrees. "Competing? Well, not for a while anyway. I'm… really unsafe," Trent admits, with a watchfulness at those around him, if they take that poorly. The horrified look Lucas gets suggests Trent does think it can cause blindness. "Honestly I don't really see how it'll work to practice with other people, but, I guess you guys are the experts."

Kenta stands up and stretches. "Well that's also what the Danger Room is for, trail and error without anyone getting hurt. It simulates your powers and actual combat and environments without really being real, though it looks and feels it." He explains. "Well I'm gonna head to my room, I got my son sleeping down there and should check on him. Nice to meet you Sophie. Trent I look forward to our future practices and Lucas, I expect you in the classroom on Monday to help out." He says as he gives a wave and heads into the elevator.

Sophie bows her head politely. "Si, and good to meet you as well, Kenta." She smiles softly as the music teacher walks past. "Perhaps I will see you in class on Monday as well." As she tilts her head back up, her smile fades. "Honestly, the thought of this Danger Room scares me," she murmurs. "I haven't been inside it yet. I know I am told that it is perfectly safe, but… I am not used to so much running around and everything that it sounds like you have to do. I am certain I will break my nose." She pauses, and tilts her head to face in Trent's general direction. "I… what is your… 'thing'?" she asks.

Lucas lifts his brow amused when Sophie asks Trent the question. He unfolds his arms and heads for the elevator, remarking with humor, "Buy him dinner first. And hey, y'all make sure to be safe." He laughs, and presses the down button.

"Okay; that sounds a bit safer, then. Besides, I'm harmless if people don't touch me, so it's not /that/ big a deal," Trent says, with more strength than he particularly feels. He peers after Lucas, at that comment, snorting a little. "What is it that you can do?" Trent asks Sophie in return: he evades Sophie's question, while he decides how to answer it.

The blind girl's eyebrows rise. "Be safe? Something is funny?" She blushes as she cants her head to one side. "I have missed something. There is some joke I would have gotten if English were my first language," Sophie observes. "My power is nothing to make me mighty or fearsome, Senor Trent. I can heal… by touching people, I heal their wounds and cure what ails them."

"Uhhh," Trent says awkardly, watching as Lucas exits into the elevator before clarifying, "He made a sex reference," he says, simply, dismissively. "Healing with a touch?" Trent asks, interested. "Wow. I'm jealous," he adds, in surprise. "…and kind of sucks, probably won't work with me," he says, uncomfortably. "My power… mostly it attacks and like, bites, things that touch me. So. Yeah." He's bright red, even if she can't see it.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders. "Que sera sera," she replies. "If it ever comes to pass that I must heal you, then… then I shall heal you, and endure whatever I must suffer in return. I would rather that, than live knowing that I might have saved someone's life but did not." She fiddles with her cane absent-mindedly as she speaks, and shifts a little in her seat. "But perhaps by then you will have learned to control your power better, si?" The blind girl smiles pleasantly. "I think I understand the joke that Senor Lucas made, now. I will try to remember that."

Trent's tone darkens quickly, "No, no, definitely don't try to heal me anytime soon. I /really/ don't want someone else to suffer for trying to help…." he pauses. "But I think the only good thing about my 'power' is that.. well, I'm not sure how easy it is to really hurt me. I haven't been injured at all since it appeared. Maybe we'll just never /have/ to touch." He pauses, awkwardly, embarrassed by his own phrasing.

Sophie nods her head slowly. "As you wish it, Senor Trent," she replies. "Let us hope that you never are in need of healing, then, yes?" She smiles softly. "Or perhaps, by then, I will have learned to heal without having to touch you. I am sure that would be useful… though I don't know if I will ever be able to do it."

Trent is happily rescued from his poor phrasing, and accepts the shift in conversation away from that smoothly. "I'm only seventeen, not really a 'Senor'," he adds, briefly tangenting. "But I don't mind it," he comments, to clarify that it wasn't a problem. "Well, we're here to work on our stuff, really. I'm not sure yet, since I'm pretty new, but at least people are more understanding that I can't really touch, and accept it, not… get freaked out about it."

Sophie ahhs, and nods her head. "I understand," is her sage reply. "I don't even really know how my powers work, yet. But I do know that I can only do it for so long… but doing things like sitting out in the sun… how do you say it…" She scratches her head lightly. "It 'recharges' me, I suppose. People tell me that sometimes something in my chest seems to be glowing. And I am sure there is a sex reference in there too, but I mean it literally."

"Sure. Like a plant?" Trent asks, with a shuffling sound of the papers he had in front of him, as he mostly puts them away, for now anyway. It isn't like a blind girl would notice where he was looking. "I could see how glowing outside could be awkward, though," Trent nods. "Similar to me then, a little. Looks scary to people, when it happens." Sad; clearly a bad manifestation. "Is that why you came? Somebody saw?"

Sophie chuckles softly. "I am not a plant," she replies. "But perhaps it is something similar. I don't know. Nobody has told me my hair has gone green." She shakes her head slowly. "No, plenty of people saw; that was not the problem. I was raised by nuns who ran an orphanage in Spain. When my powers manifested… eventually a man came to talk to me, who asked me a lot of questions and was very… I want to say he was cruel. That was last week; the Mother Superior arranged for me to come here right away."

Trent isn't sure really what to say in response, so he's quiet for a time. "Wow, by nuns," Trent answers softly, taking that one in. "This place must be extremely different. I mean, even without the whole 'powers' thing as a part of it."

Sophie hmms, and tilts her head thoughtfully. "In some ways it is different," she agrees, "There is no chapel within walking distance, here; and there are as many men among the adults as there are women. But other things are quite similar. There's a heavy emphasis on schooling here, same as there was back home."

"Well, that's good, at least it's not entirely weird to you," Trent suggests. "How's your roommate? Mine could be… worse, really," he chuckles briefly. "I think he liked having a room all to himself, but hey."

Sophie shakes her head, "I have no roommate," she replies. "Not yet, at least; I suppose there are an odd number of girls and I am the latest to arrive." She grins, "It is alright, I just toss my stuff on the other bed, si? I am sure when another girl arrives, she will be horrified. …Who is your roommate?"

"A guy named Theo," Trent answers. "But our schedules aren't too similar, so he probably gets his room to himself most of the time anyway," Trent smiles, adding, "Just glad he doesn't snore." And mock-shudders… and promptly winces. Doesn't work to do visual humor with a blind girl, duh.

Sophie waves her hand, "I used to sleep in the girl's room in an orphanage," she murmurs. "There were usually around twenty of us; and always at least one was snoring. I think I am used to it, it's almost strange to have a room all to myself." She giggles softly. "I think that boys are worse though. Always I heard them complaining about someone sounding like an elephant."

Trent laughs softly, "Or have more sensitive sleep habits?" Trent says in amusement. "Or bigger noses," he wonders, after a pause and chuckle. He pauses, to check his watch. "Blah, it's getting late though, I do have to study 'fore tomorrow's test. Sorry."

Trent laughs softly, "Or have more sensitive sleep habits?" Trent says in amusement. "Or bigger noses," he wonders, after a pause and chuckle. He pauses, to check his watch. "Blah, it's getting late though, I do have to get this reading outa the way; sorry."

Sophie nods earnestly. "Of course," she replies. "I always took my schooling seriously too, though my grades fell when I lost my sight. The nuns seemed to understand though." She shrugs her shoulders, and stands up. Her cane flicks across the floor in a circle around her. "I ought to find my way to bed myself."

Trent turns his head, sitting up a bit more on the couch. "Careful, there's a couch there between you and the elevator," he says, helpfully, watching her cane movements. A pause. "You don't need help getting back, do you?" he asks. "I mean, I don't mean to offend you."

Sophie grins, and shakes her head. "No no, it is alright," she replies. "Offering me help isn't something I find offensive. Don't mistake me, I… I often do long for the days when I could run where I pleased without any help at all. But those days are gone, and often, I must accept help. If you happen to be going that way as well, the sure… but if you're staying, don't worry, I can find the way." She nods. "Oh, and thank you for the warning about the couch. It wouldn't be the first time I've plastered my face to a piece of furniture."

Trent grins some, "Well, think of it more like… healing practice?" he suggests hopefully. "Naw, I'm gonna stay here and finish up, if you don't need me, though. I like this spot for studying. But nice meeting you; Sophie, right?"

"Yes, Sophie," replies the blind girl. "And it was good to meet you, too, Trent. I'm sure we'll talk to each other again soon." With that she smiles, and then turns to go; tapping her way carefully back towards the elevator, and avoiding the couch.

~ Fin ~

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