2009-09-24: Observations


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Summary: A bunch of Xavier's students all gather on the observation desk.

Date: September 24, 2009

Log Title Observations

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

It's evening, but the sun has not quite yet set. Robin sits watching the sunset with Blank by her side, waiting until the darkness has set in a bit before looking at the starts. She wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a hoodie with red horizontal stripes, presumably to keep her warm when the evening chill comes in through the sky vents.

The doors open on the elevator and Daisuke walks out with a large drawing pad under one arm and a pencil case in the other. He's dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, that look like they were purchased that way, and a short sleeved button down tshirt and plaid tie. "Oh, hey, I hope you don't mind company." He says seeing Robin in the room. "I was just gonna draw for a bit so I'll be really quiet anyway."

Skyler wanders into the Observation Deck to see if he can't get some homework done. For the past month or so he's been hanging out in Robin's body, but while Robin chooses to express herself as a girl, Skyler has chosen to be more of a boy. However, there's a good amount of androgyny between the two of them to fuel a Saturday Night Live skit for years. Bob, his version of Blank, is carrying his backpack for him. When he spies Robin he grins and calls out to her. "Heya, twin!" He, then, blinks when he sees the ever-elusive Daisuke and he rushes up to give him a hug. "Dai!" Bob claps to reflect his excitement.

The problem tonight, is that the majority of the boys seem to have feminine sides to them. Even Addison himself, if not looked at from the right angle, can be mistaken, though when he speaks and acts, the masculinity asserts itself. Stepping into the observation deck, he blinks. "I'm finally getting a fix on my shields. I didn't sense this many people accidentally." He says with a soft nod.

"Here to save the world, save the world tonight, save the world, from your kind…" Eddie Parker-Mayfair's singing a happy little song as he walks his way into the observation deck tonight. Dressed in jeans and a Hawkeye t-shirt, Eddie's got his backpack and a smile on. There's a pause as he notices he's not alone, singing stopping and the teen offering a wave. "Hi," he greets, moving to give Dai a quick hug.

The stars at night are big and bright, and perfectly relaxing to read a good book under. That is the whole reason Jared has decided to poke his head out of his room when he is not working out in the gym in a while. With Kendil in one hand, and an apple in the other the gladly not androgynous teen slinks into the room wearing his normal jeans and grey hoodie. He does not look up from what he is reading, since he is right in the middle of a fairly intense part of what is a new book for him, as he gives a little wave and says, "Hey Dai, Eddie….everyone else." before taking a bite of his apple.

Robin's voice doesn't really help with the androgyny, only intensifying it: It would be really hard to gender her based on speech alone, "Ah, no, I don't mind company whatsoever at all." She looks over to Skyler and smiles, "Oh, twin! Hi! Nice to see Bob carrying his weight," she says, gesturing to the backpack. She blinks a few times at the quickly increasing number of people in the observation deck, waving as each comes in. "I'm so calling dibs on a telescope," she notes.

Bombarded by hugs from Skyler and Eddie, his two best friends, Daisuke smiles. "Hey Skyler, Eddie. Wow this is a popular place tonight." He says with a chuckle as he finds a place to sit down. "I guess drawing it out of the picture tonight. Oh Addison, hello." And then when Jared walks in he breaks out into a larger grin. "Jared!"

Skyler chuckles at his friend, "Yeah, it's turning into a real party with this many people." He goes and flops down in one of the chairs. "And likewise with my homework. So, Dai, how's it feel to no longer have to be in school?"

Addison just moves over near the telescope to look upwards at the sky. "That's alright. I was just coming up here because I like the view. And… I could see it through your eyes if I wanted." He offers to Robin with a half grin. He offers a smile to Dai, along with a nod before looking back up.

Giving Jared a quick hug once he's done doing so to Daisuke, Eddie blinks. The power booster regards Skyler and Robin curiously, wondering about his own powers intereacting with theirs and what it would do. He doesn't vocalize it though. Snapping out of thoughts, he smiles and shrugs. "I just came to relax and do a little homework before I head home."

Jared smiles a little as he hears Dai call out his name. It takes him a moment to look up, a clear mental image of Daisuke clad in white atop a ghostly white horse leaping over an angery mob as the main character of the book he is reading floating in his head. "Don't worry about me, was just looking for a good place to sit and read, was getting tired of of the inside of my room and those math books." Jared gives a little smile looking up at last as he gets to a point he can break his attention away from his book. After hugging Eddie he moves over to where Dai is sitting and joins him there.

Robin smiles at Addison and says, "Ah, okay. Although…" she tilts her head slightly and says, "Would you able to see through Blank's eyes if I was seeing through Blank's eyes?" Not that Blank really has proper eyes, just sight. Both she and the blue puppet shrug in synch, and then look forwards at the sunset, which is getting dimmer and dimmer.

It's a good thing Daisuke doesn't have the ability to read minds or he'd be beyond embarassed at the moment. "WEll Jared, you know that I can always help you with math." Daisuke offers for the umpteenth time. "Skyler, how have you been lately? I guess you're copying her?" He asks pointing to Robin. Captain Obvious strikes again. "I always like the view up here too Addisio, that's why I love to draw up here."

Skyler gives Daisuke a wry grin. "Yeah, I am. She asked me to do it and I'm not one to turn a lady down." He chuckles and nods to Bob who is an emerald green while Blank is more of a sapphire color, "We found out that I don't always copy things exactly."

"If your link is mental, then most likely. Connecting to your mind and your mind is connected to its. Last time I connected to someone connected to another, I could hear both of them, though the second was like looking through water… or hearing through a wooden wall. A little distorted, but still there." Addison explains to Robin with a nod. "It's usually peaceful." He adds to Dai.

Eddie lets out a thoughtful noise. "I'm wondering what'd happen if I boosted and mimicked Robin's powers," he remarks. "Like…would Blank get bigger?"

Jared sighs a little, "I know Dai, and for the umpteenth time I have a tutor and don't want to have that mental connection between you and my math issues. Besides, I am doing better…just still not loving the numbers." Jared leans against Daisuke just a little, and for various reasons just could nto help but cast main character in the book he is reading as Dai. "Yeah, this place is a great area to relax, look up at the stars, and read and all."

Robin just says, "Huh! That's neat!" at Addison's explanation. She smiles and then turns towards Eddie and says, "I dunno. I don't think she's get bigger. She just has the same build as me… Maybe she'd get, um, bluer?" A moment of silent thought passes and Robin tilts her head. "Or extra awesome."

Daisuke looks at Skyler and chuckles. "Well it's never been exact exact cause you've always been you even if you look different. But this is new, seeing the variation on the power." Daisuke says looking between Blank and Bob. "I would go with extra awesome." Daisuke comments to Robin. "I know when Eddie boosts mine I don't get bigger but my sonics get stronger so maybe she gets stronger with everything she does?" He offers not quite sure. "So Skyler, when you're a female, are you still one to turn a lady down?" He teases

Skyler considers the question thoughtfully before shaking his head. "Depends on the female. I think, really, I wouldn't turn /anybody/ down." He grins wryly, "I'm just that kind of person." He muses about something for a while before wondering aloud, "I wonder how Eddie's boost would affect my power."

"Who knows?" Addison says as he thinks about things. "Perhaps it would gain more personality and become more like a second you, rather than just an extension of yourself. More like a clone." Considering that Addison is a powers instructor to some pretty unique gifts, who knows? Looking at Skyler, he ponders for a moment. "Perhaps it would add personality into your cloning matrix. Or give you a little more constrained ability. To take pieces of different people and put them together. Or even to call on past mimics."

Eddie crosses his arms and lets out a thoughtful noise. "Hmm, this is kinda weird. Like…if I mimicked Skyler, would I get his powers or the ones he was copying or both and…man," he pauses to just look confused. "Maybe we should give a shot to trying it sometime?"

Jared hmms, "Or would there be a chance you could end up with another puppet person thing? You know, boosted so that your powers end up making a second one? I just get stronger, faster, and more….healier when I get boosted." And English is one of Jared's better classes no less. "Still can't control it though. Heh, well its good to know Chivilry is not gender dependent." Jared lets his mind wonder a moment, loosening the little control he has on his power to sense life energies before he can clamp down on it again.

Robin tilts her head and notes, "That seems more scary than useful, if she gained a personality and became another person. I'd have like a split personality except with two bodies." Blank raises her hands above her head to mime a scary motion, but with not facial expression, the effort fails. She smiles and says, "Maybe there'd be more! That would be so strange, though, having two. I don't think I'd even know how to control two at once."

"I would suggest trying it when there are less people around." Daisuke says with a slight yawn to Eddie. It's still early but he's getting a bit tired all ready. "I'm not sure what would happen, I don't know much about genetics besides what was taught in class." Daisuke then smiles at Skyler and nods. "And that's why you're awesome and an amazing best friend Skyler." He says in response to helping people out.

Skyler purses his lips. "I'd want to copy you first, if we did, Eddie, so that if you did copy my power, and clone somebody, you'll have yourself to be able to go back to." He grins at Daisuke and makes an 'aw shucks' scuffing motion with his feet.

"Hmm. I think if Eddie copied you, Sky, he could push your power out just like any other. He can stop copying at any time and go back to himself. After all, in his own body, his genetics are superior, and he only copies at a lower level. He doesn't get the entirety of my powers when he copies mine." Addison says, punctuation with a yawn. "I think I agree with you, Dai."

Eddie nods slowly, letting out a yawn of his own. The booster takes a moment to blink at it before shaking his head and looking down. "Hmm. Puzzling indeed. When I borrowed a shapeshifter's powers during the time travel thing I changed into someone else but when I stopped boosting, I turned back into me and fell on my butt," he points out. "So Addison's probably right there so…hmm. Maybe we can set up some Danger Room time…"

Jared just nods and listens, a little out of his depth on the power thing. Sure, he understands basic biology and things he might be able to sense wiht his powers but this is all beyond him.

Robin tilts her head slightly and says, "It would be so jarring for me to lose my Blank." Of course this 'would be' is not at all hypothetical. "I can't imagine pushing out my power for any amount of time even if I could. I guess people whose powers are designed for it might not have that problem, though…"

Daisuke stands up and gives Jared a hug. "I'm gonna be heading down to the room and going to bed." He says as he then turns to Skyler and Eddie and gives them hugs as well. "Skyler, we need to catch up again soon, I feel bad about not hanging out as often." He says. "Eddie you take care and we'll hang out soon too." He says as he gives a wave to Addison and Robin. "Good night Addision, Robin, enjoy the sunset." He says with a smile before heading downstairs.

Rising on a wave of energy, Addison stretches, "I'm going to go lay down. If you want to schedule danger room practice time with me, feel free. Though, I don't usually work with more than one person at a time…" he admits. It's easier to focus that way. "We could figure something out. Maybe in duos." He says before heading to the stairs.

Skyler grins at his friend, and returning the hug, with Bob giving him a little pat as well. "I'll see you soon," he says and then nods to Addison. "Sure. I've been wanting to get more practice with my powers for a while, now."

Eddie returns the hug and nods. "Sure thing, Addison. And see ya later, Dai," he says. There's a pause as his cellphone goes off. Eddie pulls it out to check the number and grins. "See you guys later. I gotta take this," he says, popping open the phone and heading for an exit. "Hey. How's it going?" can be heard before he vanishes from view.

Jared nods and hugs Dai. "Ok, I think I am gonna read a few more chapters…although if I end up still here at 3 am like I did when I read the book before this in the series I may have to write Mercadies Lacky an angery letter about her ruining my sleep patterns." As Addison lifts up on a wave of energy Jared takes a deep breath and trys to catch him before he goes, "Mr Addison….um…if its possible I would like to see if I could…well I need to get to where I can control my powers and everyone keeps saying your really good with it…."

Robin smiles idly as it begins to get dark enough for her to actually use the telescope. She gets up out of her seat and walks towards it, with Blank leaning forward curiously at the thing. She considers for a moment when Addison leaves and notes, "Maybe I'll take him up on it, too. I need to figure out how Blank works."

Skyler nods, and starts to take out textbooks now that the lounge has gotten a little less crowded. "Yeah. If I really want to start learning more about what I do, I'm going to need a bunch of volunteers who won't mind me turning into them."

Jared slips off his shoes and pulls his feet up on the seat he had shared with Dai till he left to get comfortable while toying with his Kendil a little. "I will volenteer if you want, but I would sudgest doing it in the danger room. Just about the only place in the area that has next to nothing living near it….and the sudden shock of feeling every single living thing around you is something you might want to ease into…"

Robin shrugs, "You're already copying me, so I dunno, I'm okay with it. I could help you." She looks through the telescope and starts viewing the stars.

Skyler chuckles at Jared and nods. "Yeah, I think that'd be a little disconcerting." He laughs at a thought he just got, "I should put up a sign-up list one one of the bulletin boards we've got around the school."

Jared nods and laughs a little. "LIttle nothing, people are ok cause they are kinda like me, small mammels are not that bad either, but the bugs are really off and plants…those are just plain odd. Hmm, that would be the best way to get volenteers I can think of."

Robin smiles as she moves the telescope around, trying to see what she can get a better look at in the sky. "A sign-up list? That's so bizarre! 'Want me to be you? Sign up!'" comments Robin distractedly.

Skyler grins widely, while Bob makes as if it's chuckling. "Yeah. I think I'm going to do it. It'll be interesting to see who signs up."
Jared grins pulling up his Kendil ad finding his place in the book he had again. "Might want to word it a bit different. Mutant Mimmic looking for volenteers for experaments involving powers…."

Robin chuckles and says, "Yeah, volunteers for experiments sounds kind've menacing, though, doesn't it?" She looks up from the telescope and turns around.

Skyler scowls at the thought, now that Robin mentions it. A dark, troubled look passes his features which he shakes off with a shake of his head and a wince, and for the briefest of moments, Bob flickers color to a ruby red. "Ow," he says, raising a hand to his temple, and scowling.

Jared stop and actually thinks about the words and shudders a little. "Ok, nix the word experament from there. Hmm, Mutant mimic needs help with powers, loking for volenteers to be copied in controled situations? Maybe an attention grabbing header, like bright red Ever Want a Twin?"

Robin takes a step back when she sees Skyler's Bob shift colours, but then quickly rushes over to him to check if he's alright. "What happened to you, Sky?" she says, sounding concerned.

Skyler shakes his head, massaging his temple. "I just got a headache, that's all."

Jared blinks as he hears Robin and looks up form his thoughts and the digital book and actually looks at Skyler. "Um….sure its just a headache? Robin, does you doll ever change colors like that?" As he talks Jared reaches out with his power to take a peek at Skyler and 'bob' to make sure there is nothing wrong with him like a stroke that might have caused the sudden change.

Robin shakes her head at Jared and says, "She's only changed colours like that once for me that I've noticed. I thought it was because of… something else." She doesn't go on, leaving the rest of that thought unsaid and she says, "You're feeling okay? Are you really really sure?"

Skyler grunts. "I'm doing fine," he says with a wave of the hand. "I'll be okay. It'll pass." As far as Jared can tell, Skyler is in peak physical condition.
Jared hmmmmms. "Sudden headaches, and weird power things are never a good sign, but your physically fine. Not so much as a hang nail from what I can see."

Robin steps back and crosses her arms after Jared leaves, stating, "Okay… so long as you are sure. The only time I have seen Blank shift colours was when she died… I thought that was why, what she did when she was killed. I guess not…"

Skyler's brow furrow at that, looking up at Robin. "When did she die?" He thinks for a moment, "Was that when you got captured and they put that collar an you?"

Robin shakes her head and looks aside, "When they put the collar on, she disappeared… she was still alive, but she left me alone. When she died… I felt her die, and I watched her die and I felt myself die." She looks down at the ground. "When I was on the street, I thought someone was going to hurt me for being a mutant. I… I pretended Blank wasn't a part of me, that she was the mutant… and made her run away. They caught her," she says, voice trembling a little bit. She sits down on one of the chairs, brushes her hair back with her hands and tries to recompose herself, "Anyways. Be careful…"

Skyler looks at Robin with a mix of horror and surprise. "Oh, God, that's awful." He gets up to walk over to where she's sitting and gives her a comforting hug.

Robin hugs Skyler back and whispers, "'m not going to cry about it again." But this is clearly a lie, since she's already started, but she tries her best to hold back as she speaks. "I… I woke up in the alley, a couple of hours later… Blank saved my life, and I killed her. But she was there."

Skyler holds Robin close to him, sharing his warmth and comfort as best he can. "I can't even imagine what that would be like," he says softly.

Robin stays silent for a few moments, only her tremblings breaths making any sound, and she just holds onto Skyler and closes her eyes. "That's why I was scared when I saw… the flash of red. That flicker… I hope you never have to imagine it."

Skyler doesn't break the hug until Robin does so first. "I'm fine," he says reassuringly. "Really. It was just a migraine that hit me out of nowhere."

Robin holds onto Skyler for just a few moments longer before breaking away, and she brushes her eyes with the backs of her hands, smearing her mascara. "Okay… I'm sorry for getting all emotional on you." She wipes her eyes once more and says, "And… I don't usually get migraines."
"Not like that, anyhow."

Skyler breaks off and goes over to retrieve his backpack and starts to rummage through it before bringing out a little thing of tissues, which he promptly hands over to his twin. "Don't worry about it," he says. "It's good to get these things out sometimes." He shakes his head at the mention of the headaches. "I'm sure it's nothing."

Robin starts wiping her eyes with one of the tissues and says, "I just try not to talk about it. Even thinking about it is so disturbing to me…" And clearly so, since Blank is nearby sitting with her head buried in her knees. "When I manifested, she saved my life… That's the first thing she ever did. And I know she's just a part of me, but to feel her die like that, and to feel myself die in the same way… I just can't handle it."

Skyler reaches out, once again, to rest a reassuring hand on Robin's shoulder, Bob doing the same for Blank. "That's just wrong," he says. "I don't think anybody should have to experience that."

Robin says, "Yeah, I know… Thanks. For everything." She puts a hand on Skyler's and smiles at him, Blank miming the motion with Bob. She opens her mouth as if to say something, but quickly reconsiders, closing her mouth again.

Once Skyler is assured that Robin's okay, he gets up and retakes his seat, where his text books are. He watches her open and close her mouth, and cocks his head curiously. "What is it?"

Robin sits back in her own chair and says, "Well, I jus' wanted to ask if…" She shifts a bit uncomfortably and then says, "Would you go out with me?" There's a bit of a pause and her eyes widen as if panicked that she actually said that. She turns her head to the side and says quickly, "I mean hypothetically!"

It's Skyler's turn to do a fish impression by opening and closing his mouth at the request, his cheeks blushing furiously. "I… uh…" he stammers. "I mean, well…" He shakes his head trying to clear it, "I guess if you're okay with me being either male or female on any given day, yeah," he says sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

Robin bites her bottom lip and considers that answer for a few moments while Blank does about the same thing. "Well, I mean, no matter what, you're you, right? I think that's all that should matter." She pushes her glasses up her nose a little ways and asks while blushing and looking totally embarrassed, "Okay, um, same question, but less hypothetical."

Skyler laughs heartily at the question and nods. "Sure, I'll go out with you," he says, with Bob doing a little clap of joy. "And no, it shouldn't matter. But sometimes it does." He shakes his head. "I've never gone out with anybody. Especially after I, er, discovered my powers."

"Oh my gosh, I haven't either," says Robin, smiling after getting an affirmative answer. Blank gives Bob a hug in response, as well. "Going out with someone always seemed so weird and foreign. But with you…" She shrugs and says, still smiling, "I dunno. I've just kind of been thinking about it for a few days…"

Skyler blushes even more at the thought of somebody actually /thinking/ about him like that. For a while. Yeah. "I guess you just gotta find the right person, then."

Robin nods and brushes some hair out from in front of her eyes. "Oh gosh, I must come off as super awkward, um. Yeah, I think it's about finding the right person, for sure…"

Skyler sits there, looking at his textbooks dumbfoundedly. "Uh, yeah." He looks up helplessly lost. "Okay, so, uh, what do we do now?"

Robin raises her feet up so that they rest on the chair, "Ummm… actually, I don't know." She lightly rubs the underside of her obscured eye, "I guess I should have thought that part through."

Skyler gives Robin a grin and shakes his head. "I'm sure we'll figure something out," he says.

Robin nods and says as she begins to slide forward in her seat, preparing to stand, "Well, um, for now do you want to walk me back to the dorms?"

Skyler stands up himself and stuffs his textbooks into his backpack. "Yeah, I can do that."

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