2011-07-15: Observing Others


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Summary: X-Students chat about various subjects.

Date: July 15, 2011

Log Title: Observing Others

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

Sage has gotten his first care package from home and now he sits in the Observation Deck going through a small stack of letters. He's sitting on the floor in a sunny spot dressed in a pair of green cotton pants and a purple tunic shirt which doesn't really match with the pants. His bare feet poking out of the bottom have a bit of a layer of dirt on them. A crochet stuffed animal of a pig sits in Sage's lap as he looks over one of the letters he's got with a sad smile on his face.

It's a miracle but Tyler is awake and functioning after having spent all night watching movies on his laptop. With a thermos of juice in one hand, and his sketch pad in another he's wandered up to the Observation Deck for a change of scenery. Upon arriving clad in a pair of baggy shorts, sandals and a loose white button up shirt he notices his friend sitting amongst a small collection of letters. "Hey man, something from home?" He might be Captain Obvious but at least he's not bouncing all over the place as he normally does and has taken up a seat nearby Sage.

From outside the window a blurred figure can be seen nimbly ascending the building, making her way for either an open window on the Observation deck (if no-one shuts it) or perhaps the attic above it's hard to tell right now although the speed at which she's climbing means she'll be passing be fairly soon. Of course Chloe wouldn't be seen dead in any protective gear and, aside from taking special care to wear pants, doesn't seem to even taken basic preparations for climbing up a building. Like say having chalked her hands, a helmet or any climbing gear….

"Hallo Tyler. Yes, I got some letters from home and my sister crocheted me a replacement for Cinnamon while I'm here." Sage says holding up the stuffed pig. "I have quite a few letters to go through I hope I can answer them all." They were all sent in one box together. "How are you doing this morning?" Sage asks Tyler in his British accent before his eyes catch something moving in the window. "Um Tyler, is there supposed to be someone climbing outside?"

"That's so sweet!" Tyler gushes. The piggy is super cute and he offers up a slight smile to Sage. "That was also super awesome of her to do. Does the piggy look like your Cinnamon? I'm doing alright I suppose; thanks for asking." At the question the blonde haired teen turns to see someone climbing outside the glass. Curiouser and curiouser. "Nope, don't think they're up here to window wash either but the security hasn't flipped out so I'm not going to flail that something's up just yet."

Chloe barely pauses at the windows, springing up and heaving herself past the glass in the time it takes Sage and Tyler to begin looking out. Then a few moments later there is a thumping of fastworld footsteps from up in the attic.

Having used up his three hours of Tv today Mikhail heads up to the observation deck following the scent of the boy from before who was talking about fairies having some questions for him, he's dressed in a pair of black shorts (he's a little behind on his laundry), when he enters the room he raises an eyebrow at the noise coming from the attic, "Who's up there?"

"No, not really but I like her anyway. Violet did a good job." Sage says as he hands it to Tyler to look at. "Actually do you mind watching my stuff briefly, I have to go downstairs and grab something to eat quick. My stomach is talking to me." A quick glance is given up stairs before he heads to the elevator. "See you in a bit." He gives Mikhail a nod as he heads down stairs.

Tyler nods to Sage after accepting the piggy. He'll watch over the care package while his room mate runs down to get something from the kitchens. Noticing Mikhail as he gets situated in the chair, "Hey! No idea actually. Not seen them before but everything seems fine so I'm not too worried about it. How ya'doing?" Sets Commander Piggy down on the arm of his seat before drawing his sketchbook across his lap gazing over at Mikhail. "You want to go check it out? Maybe they'll come down here?"

And indeed come down here Chloe does. After all she'd left the wooden sword she'd been using for Bushido classes up in the attic and while climbing the building bare handed is one thing it's another entirely with something that size in your hand. Especially when it would cost money you can't afford to replace! "Stupid building layout," she mutters to herself, for a change talking in slow world despite not knowing people are around. "Bet it's intentional, so new kids and supervillians can both get lost with equal ease."

Mikhail gives Sage a smile as he leaves to grab something to eat, "Hey Tyler, i think they are coming down", he grins as he watches Chloe climb down with the wooden sword in her hand, doesn't look like it would be much use in a fight, "So if you're not a new student does that make you a supervillian?"

Tyler turns about in his chair to notice the young lady who's come into the OL from the attic. "Hello…." drawing out the greeting as Mikhail asks of her an interesting question. Doesn't seem the super villain sort though one could never be too careful these days. "If you're not out to rearrange my particles my name's Tyler and this…" lifts up the little piggy toy that belongs to sage. "Is currently Commander Porkchop for lack of a better name and he's not really mine so I'm just messing around but I thought I'd throw that out there for amusement purposes or something." Rambles a bit then sets down the pig biting his lip before he continues to talk on and on.

Chloe tilts her head at Mikhail and then scowls. "Have they managed to teach you not to shoplift yet?" she asks idly, resting the sword across her shoulders. "And I know my way around perfectly. It's why I took the fastest route to my destination." At least it's the fastest route when you don't have to worry about someone opening a door and stepping out infront of you when you're pushing a hundred and fifty miles an hour. "And sorry, but I won't be in the mood for amusement until my best friend gets away from her parents."

Mikhail raises an eyebrow at Tyler, "Isn't that kind of a mean thing to call a pig?, if it was real it would think you're gonna eat it", he crosses his arms and frowns at Chloe, "That was a whole year ago, i pay for all my stuff now, isn't being with your parents a good thing?"

"Erm, no? It was in Toy Story. You know, Evil Dr. Porkchop? Commander Porkchop? Never mind!" Tyler would have those anime looking sweat bubbles near one of his temples if it were possible to do in real life. "Mik, I think she means Heather. Heather's parents are apparently super villains that busted out of the big house and are running amok in New York brain jacking people and causing chaos and destruction."

"Quite. But it's not apparently, they really are. It's a fact. Hence the school having so many kidnapped students," Chloe says distantly, standing on tiptoes to get a better view out of the window. "And I'm going to find them and give them an extended stay in the nearest maximum security hospital."

"Evil Dr. Porkchop?" Sage asks as he comes back up to the observation deck with a small bowl of assorted vegetables in a homemade dressing. Then the conversation turns to the depressing news of Heather's parents yet again and Sage just walks over to sit down next to Tyler again and look through his letters. He's never been sure what to say when this topic comes up as it disturbs him throughly. "I hope your friend gets back okay." Is all he offers to Chloe.

Tyler hands Sage back the piggy toy in a dancing manner, "Dr. Porkchop. I'll show you later on my computer." To Chloe he turns around in his chair bending a leg up to tuck underneath him. "I'm really sorry that your friend is going through all of this but are you sure you want to go barking down the 'rents door? I'd want to help my friend too but I'm not so sure I'd hold up against them when adults are struggling to deal with them."

Chloe laughs. "In my fastworld line I'm already effectively in my twenties," she replies, shifting the wooden sword from her shoulders and balancing it on two fingers. "Sometimes it's better to try and fail than to wait for someone else to do something. Getting captured maybe a risk but then they'd have to keep a speedster /and/ a time controller contained and I can't imagine that's easy even for a high level telepath. Besides I've got a friend working on getting a psionic jamming device and… I trust Heather and Robyn enough to believe they're working on an escape plan already. They've been in plenty of situations like this before."

Sage takes the pig back and puts it in his lap as nods to Tyler. "Computer…oh yes the magic box." He's still calling it that as it seems more fitting that the word computer to him. "Fastworld? Is that anything like Otherworld?" Sage asks to Chloe since that's the only part of the conversation he seems to follow…somewhat. "I'm sorry if I seem to be asking a strange question but I've just arrived here not to long ago. This friend of yours, these are her parents that are causing the attacks on the school? Why would her parents have cause to do harm on her and where she goes to school?"

Mikhail smiles at Chloe, "I can try and track them if you want, i havn't tried yet because i was warned that it was dangerous, but with your speed you say you can help so i'll give it a go?", he looks over at Sage, "Whats the Otherworld?"

"Heh," Tyler shrugs then flops back around in his chair. "Why is it that no one says this sort of thing is common place amongst the mutant community? Certainly wasn't mentioned when the person showed up at my home to pitch this place to my parents. People I run into are so used to kidnappings, mind control and alternate dimensions. I'm starting to think I might be better going back home and accidentally blowing up my house." The pencil kept tucked into the spiral of his sketchbook is pulled out to drum on the front cover of the book as he peers between the gentlemen near him and over towards Chloe. "If you do go searching for them I wish you all the best of luck in freeing your friend."

Chloe grins at Tyler. "Being here isn't usually better for /us/ but it's a lot better for your family. After all houses cost a lot of money," she points out. "Fastworld is…" She makes a strange noise, like a record on fast forward. "That. It's a way of saying I've got superspeed. You all live in the slow world, where different rules are important." No sooner has she got her sword properly balanced and then suddenly she changes position again, so now she's balancing it by the handle and the only thing keeping it vertical are the minute adjustments she seems to be constantly making. "They're doing it because they're /bad/ people. The kind who try drive a child insane so later in life she might help them commit crimes. Tracking wise I'll consider the offer Mikhail but not until we have a jammer or some other edge."

"I had to do all the repairs around the house when I broke stuff with my hair. It's only right." Sage says. "And it wasn't terribly expensive…I don't think. Then money is for the community not just the individual back on the farm." It's because they're not really wanting for anything. "It's sounds quite a bit like Otherworld in some ways. It's the fae realm." He explains to Mikhail. "Water falls flow up there and many rules are quite different with the fae." He then turns to Tyler and nods. "Yeah, my Mum and Dad wouldn't have let me leave home if they knew about this. I don't think I would have either. It's just so awful, all of it. How can people be like that. It's just..it sounds like a nightmare." He says shuddering and bringing his knees up tight.

Mikhail is confused, "What's a fae? and how does water flow up?", he's finding Sage just as confusing as last time, "It could be worse, students have gone missing before, and then there were demons and that other place we went, still this is bad", he nods to Chloe, happy to help.

Point taken. Tyler understands what Chloe's saying even though he's quite conflicted about the events that have happened since he arrived here barely two months ago. So much destruction, and violence and this was during a school break. What was the rest of the academic year going to be like? "It must be interesting to move about in a world that others can not. Like your Fastworld and the Faeworld. I bet it would be really trippy for someone who can't adapt to the rules of that world."
"I know how you feel, Sage. I was never exposed to the sort of things that are happening around here. Sure I love being around others who have interested gifts but if the price for knowing them is that I could get killed or kidnapped at any moment I'm none to sure about it. I've got no real choice in the matter so I'm stuck here crazy people or not. I've got your back Sage, no worries dude." Demons? Must add that to the list of interesting things he's heard about.

Chloe sighs. "Nice speaking with you all but… I have six hours of training planned and I haven't even started on my warm up routine," she declares flicking the sword up and catching it. "Cya around." And with that she's off at a brisk walk that'd put most sprinters to shame.

"Cheers." Sage says to Chloe realizing he never got her name. "Well humans aren't supposed to live in Otherworld, sometimes a baby will get kidnapped and replaced with a changling but it's not that common. And a fae is a fairy Mikhail, you said they weren't real even though they are." He then takes a deep breath and looks at his piggie. "I don't think I'd like to get killed or kidnapped. It's just….I hate things like this. I truely do. Things were so much easier back home, and nicer."

"Good luck with your training!" Tyler calls after Chloe then stuffs his pencil back into the spiral of his sketchbook. "Sage, try not to think on it otherwise you'll just drive yourself mental. Want to come back to the room for a sec? I'll show you Evil Dr. Porkchop and you could get back to reading your letters." Hops up off his chair tucking the sketchbook underneath an arm. "Or hang out here and I'll catch-cha later on."

Sage stands up and picks up his stuff. "I'll come back to the room with you. I think I'm going to try to figure out that magic box since I believe I'll be needing it next year. Maybe you can show me a thing or two about how to play records on it." He says following Tyler out of the Observation Deck.

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