October 2012 Logs
Date Title Participants Rating
October 1, 2012 Mutant Nicholas R
October 2, 2012 Enter The Handler Quenton R
October 2, 2012 Keeping It Together Connor, Nicholas and Quenton R
October 2, 2012 Getting It Out Ahmed, Christopher and Shane PG
October 3, 2012 Rough Day Nicholas and Quenton R
October 3, 2012 Into The System Theo PG
October 3, 2012 Shaking off the Rust Rashmi and Yuri PG
October 4, 2012 Broken but not Beaten Nicholas and Warlock R
October 4, 2012 A Caged Wolf is Still A Wolf Connor R
October 6, 2012 Rampaging Nigel R
October 6, 2012 Inception of a Superteam Jill, Miwa and Nigel PG
October 7, 2012 New Plan Maxwell R
October 7, 2012 Becoming The Enemy Maxwell R
October 7, 2012 A Little Help from My Friends Jill and Kalindi G
October 8, 2012 Cooking For Cats Ahmed and Christopher PG-13
October 10, 2012 Torn Apart Connor, Nicholas and Quenton R
October 10, 2012 Let's Turn That Frown Upside Down Quenton R
October 14, 2012 Holding Onto Faith Nicholas R
October 15, 2012 A Large Favour Jessica and Rashmi PG
October 15, 2012 Parting Gifts Connor, Nicholas and Quenton R
October 16, 2012 Welcome To the Purifiers Maxwell PG-13
October 16, 2012 Plans Revealed Rashmi and Hooligan PG
October 17, 2012 Getting Through Heather and Robyn PG-13
October 18, 2012 We Won't Be Broken Nicholas, Quenton and Warlock R
October 19, 2012 Reboot Echo and Mike R
October 19, 2012 Planning Rashmi and Travis PG-13
October 19, 2012 At What Price Jill and Kai PG
October 19, 2012 The Night Before Connor, Nicholas, Quenton, Warlock and Kalindi R
October 20, 2012 The Main Event Bruce, Cable, Connor, Donna, Heather Jill, Maxwell, Nicholas, Nigel, Quenton Tabitha and Warlock R
October 20, 2012 A Side Event The Crimson Dynamo Armor R
October 20, 2012 Back Home Hilde, Jill, Nicholas, Quenton, and Sophie R
October 21, 2012 Not The Same Anymore Jill and Warlock G
October 21, 2012 Emotional Recovery Ahmed, Jill, Kaylee, Heather Nicholas and Sophie PG-13
October 22, 2012 Food and Terrorists Nigel, Nicholas, Quenton, Shane and Warlock PG-13
October 23, 2012 Bed and Burger Tabitha and Rocket PG-13
October 23, 2012 Soldiers and Warriors Connor and Echo G
October 23, 2012 Toys for the Techie Nigel and Theo PG
October 24, 2012 Uncertain Future Jill, Nicholas and Warlock G
October 21, 2012 Fresh Air Jill, Nicholas and Warlock PG-13
October 25, 2012 Musing on the Past and Feeling Better Cale and Sophie G
October 26, 2012 Sacrifice Sophie and Hosea G
October 27, 2012 Much Better Than Hospital Food Ahmed, Nicholas, Shane and Taylor PG-13
October 27, 2012 The Short Goodbye Jill and Sophie G
October 27, 2012 Courage Sophie amd Rashmi PG
October 28, 2012 Welcome to the Party Amunet. Rashmi, Travis, and Sophie PG
October 30, 2012 How Are You Enjoying Your Stay? Amunet and Sophie G
October 31, 2012 Message For You! Hooligan and Rashmi G
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