2010-11-05: Octopus Attack!

Players: Chloe, David, and Kenta

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Summary: David and Kenta go for a swim and end up almost being dinner for a giant octopus, whom they defeat with Chloe's help.

Date: November 5, 2010

Log Title: Octopus Attack!

Rating: R

Tegu-Haaz - The Lake

The black waters are fairly clam except for the occasional ripple in the water that laps up to shore. The reflection of trees and the sky shine on the surface of the waters. There are a few rocks and sand along the shoreline but it's mostly grass and weeds. A small dock extends into the lake with a rowboat tied to the end. Both oars are there but half the rowboat is submerged underwater because of a hole in the middle of the boat. The trees around the lake are either coloured in reds, golds and oranges or are bare and broken. A few logs lie in the shallower waters, half submerged and half on land.

It is early morning in the land of Tegu-Haaz, David is dressed in a semblance of his 'Prodigy' costume. He stands at the edge of the dock peering out into the waters and sighs. He is leaning on the remnants of a spear he had been using the past month for survival. He sighs as he looks around, "It is macabrely beautiful out here"

Landing down not to far from David, Kenta lands from the skies. His black wings dissipate behind him as he takes a few steps towards the young man. Kenta's finally taken to wearing some period style clothes but for some reason the way he wears them takes away from the effect with the pants maybe a bit too tight and the shirt left open. "Hey David, fishing for lunch?" He jokes as he doesn't think anything in those waters is edible.

Turning to see the darkforce manipulator landing behind him, David turns and quirks an eyebrow and starts laughing rather loudly, though it may be uncertain if it is because of the joke or the clothes on Kenta, "Not really…but I like the new look. Have you gone from walf to vampire?" He half-jokes and then ahems, "Sorry…I was out here thinking and exploring a bit. I hadn't actually been by the lake since we've been here."

"I don't sparkle." Kenta comments before smiling. "Hey, I gotta keep up that failed rockstar appearance some how." He's always been a bit…big on his looks. "I haven't really done much by fly over it but I keep hoping that there's something, somewhere, we missed. I mean did you hear how they found that assfuck who got us stuck here?"

Chuckling a bit about Kenta's rockstar appearance, "Well, you should keep that look when we get back. Your codename even works with it." David offers with confidence again, he is certain they will go home, "I know. The assfuck known as Alaric Blackmoore mentioned something about silver waters, so I came out here to look, but I think I am taking things too literally. I am starting to think this fucken place has affected me too. I feel dumb as shit." He exhales, "I was actually going to suggest that you kill Leo. But…I have hopefully stopped that line of thinking." He shrugs, "So how does it feel to be wolf free?"

"It feels…good actually. And Kill Leo…well James did shoot me with something and I got better." Kenta says realizing how stupid and Monty Python it almost sounds. "And well, I usually keep a casual look, I try to look somewhat teacherly." But he doesn't really. "Silver waters…well…how about we dive and see if we can find anything. Obviously there's something we're missing."

"Yeah, well at first I took Alaric at face value without thinking deeper. Since Leo and Troy has been affected…I figured the weakness for a light manipulator would be darkness, but I think a decision should be made about what happens and who remains, Leo or Troy?" He shrugs, "Emma can figure that one out." He looks over the water and removes his trenchcoat, "The killing part of what Alaric said is true though, when I killed Mike, he returned to normal." He then removes his boots, "I think even if we find nothing…A swim might be good." David looks over the water, "Can't be any filthier than the Hudson or Chicago Rivers." He smirks and reaches for the spear he has been using since in Tegu-Haaz. "Last one in has to go bustier shopping with Emma!" He dives in.

"Well when James shot me he yelled 'Kenta Gilpatrick Must Die!' so maybe that's what he meant." Kenta then raises an eyebrow at David. "Like hell I'd ever swim in the Hudson river." He says as he starts to take off his shirt. "But this might bring us a way home. And silver waters, I just think of Mercury or something. Wasn't it some Chinese dude who was buried with a lake of Mercury to make a silver lake or something?"

Diving into the water and making a large enough splash that waters hits the small dock hard, David submerges and then his head pops back up and spits out some water, "Nasty…try not to get any in your mouth…and hey, I'm not sure if you can do this with your powers. Do you think you can create small pockets of darkforce over our mouths and noses? Might assist with breathing or the very least not getting this nasty shit in our bodies." and in response to the question of a Chinese man in mercury, "No idea about that."

Kenta shakes his head. "Sorry mate, if I did that, you wouldn't be able to get any air besides what's trapped there." Kenta says taking off his shirt and shoes before diving in to the water as well. "Oh god this is nasty." He says poping back up. "I'll file this under horrid ideas for 1000." He then dives under the water to see how deep this lake goes and it's a bit before he gets back up. "Let's just hope we don't discover the creature in the black lagoon."

Floating with his head above the water and holding a spear, "Well, I am prepared should anything attack us. We are so close to going home, that seriously, I am almost ready to kill to get these kids there safely." David sighs as he has technically killed already. He extends his arms and kicks back away from the dock, "I guess we just swim around…taking turns going under?"

Trampling through the woods comes a thing far more terrifying than a monster, dressed in an outfit which seems to have been inspired by the Artful dodger from Oliver Twist. Only with enough assorted knives strapped on that she might be taking up a new vocation as a cutlery display stand. But Chloe's new look isn't the scary bit! No it's her singing… "Dashing and daring, Courageous and caring, Faithful and friendly, With stories to share!" She's singing in slow world, largely because that's how fast she's walking to conserve energy, and hefting a pitchfork for use as a walking stick and/or weapon.

Kenta pushes his hair out of his face and nods. The grimy water showing on his skin. "This is so nasty dude, why I did I suggest this, and why did you listen to me?" He says as he tries to get the grime and such out of his face. "Hey Chloe!" The teacher yells from the water. "We're looking for the Silver W…" But before he can get the rest of his sentence out something seems to have dragged the teacher under the water.

Bobbing his head underwater to see what has grasped Kenta, David shouts out, "Chloe, run to the pier and be ready to aim your knives to where I signal!" David swims under a bit further, spear in hand ready to jab and battle whatever is grasping Kenta and dragging him under.

"Every time I run into someone a monster ends of trying to eat them," Chloe mutters, springing along towards the pier at half her top speed. "And I can't help but wonder if I should be taking it personally or not. As for throwing knives? Not unless Mr Gilpatrick has a stab proof wetsuit on." She does get ready with her pitchfork though. "Silver what? I'm a little out of the loop, been trying to map out the edges of this place."

A large tentacle comes out of the water, complete with octopus suction cups on the bottom, and slams onto the waters creating quite the splash of water, grime and who knows what other lake slime. Kenta still seems to be under the water trapped as a second long tentacle reaches out of the lake and makes to hit David, the other intruder to it's home.

Taking the spear and using what strength he can muster, David attempts to jab the spear into the tentacle. He pops up out of the water for a second and yells, "I am not afraid of you!" to the monster and then looking at Chloe on the dock, "Chloe, watch out and throw some knives into the water for me to use!" He sticks his head under water momentarily to scan for Kenta and then back up for air.

"This is all going to end in tears," Chloe shouts, sort of holding the pitchfork one handed with her deactivated cybernetic hand so she can draw a few of her less favored knives. "Lets see this one, that one with the broken tip and maybe the slightly rusty one." With each knife she names she flicks it over in Davids direction. Her throwing isn't bad, but while her Dad did give her some lessons on knife use they didn't really include the art of throwing them. Throwing complete she frowns and then switches her hand on for a bit, better safe than sorry.

The knife with the broken tip just seems to bounce off the lake monster and the slightly rusty one sticks in but doesn't do much the the giant beast. Each of the tentacles must be eight feet long. David is able to jab into one of the tentacles and as he stabs into it, oily black ichor seems to ooze from the wound. The head of a giant octopus emerges and screams as it goes to slam a tentacle down on David, the one that hurt it.

As the knives are tossed, David is already swimming in the direction of the one with the broken tip that bounced off the lake monster. Submerging to avoid the large tentacle, he swims in further down attempting to avoid swinging tentacles and pop up for the knife, while doing so scanning for Kenta.

"I guess I could spare these two as well," Chloe decides with a sigh, aiming and whipping the knives forward at superspeed in an attempt to actually injure the monster with them. Reducing her knife collection down to a mere two. "Rocks might work. I'll be right back!" And with that she dashes back to the shore, grabs hold of the biggest rock she can carry and begins carrying it back to her bombarding position.

Somewhere down in the water is Kenta, wrapped up in the octopus' clutches, barely able to fight the thing due to lack of oxygen. The two knives that Chloe throws hit another tentacle and slice through the thing thanks to her super speed. There is more oily black icor that spills out along with another roar as two out of the eight appendages are seemingly useless. Under the water the Giant Octopus tries to grab the swimming David to add another human to it's potential meal.

Relying on his own skill, David swims relatively fast. Grabbing the knife with the broken tip, David copies the octopus' swimming skills and increases his own speed and instinctively knowing where it will strike, he artfully dodges the tentacles until reaching Kenta and he stabs repeatedly at the tentacles grasping Kenta. His thoughts race to how he lost Kisha in this land and he won't lose another mutant whose name begins with K.

Chloe plants the pitchfork in the ground at the start of the pier, then rolls her shoulders. "Please don't miss. /Please/ don't miss!" she repeats as a mantra as she sprints forward to the end and hurls the huge stone with both hands. "Eat this you B-movie reject." As soon as the rock has left her hands she begins sprinting back for her pitchfork.

The stone flies through the air and hits the octopus with a loud roar obvious hurting the beast. Though as Chloe reaches the end of the dock and throws the rock she'd feel the rotted boards start to bend and crack under her for a possible quick dunk into the drink. David gets to the octopus but the knife with the broken tip just doesn't seem to have what it takes to pierce through the rubbery skin of the massive eight armed lake creature.

Mentally cursing, David kicks at the tentacle holding onto Kenta and while trying to smack Kenta awake. Kenta needs air, so David grabs onto Kenta and attempts to give him mouth to mouth with what little oxygen he has to wake up the mutant to use his darkforce powers on the monster.

"Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap," Chloe blurts at superspeed as one of her feet goes right through an old board. It's only through a combination of fast reflexes and her climbers grip that keep her from taking an unscheduled bath, as she latches onto one of the pylons which make up the pier and clings on desperately. Her feet just about splash in the water as she scrambles to pull herself up.

The air is enough to get Kenta to wake up a bit and he's able to get free and takes a deep breath once he's on the surface. No cuts or anything but there are a few sucker marks on him from the octopus. Right now he can't do much of anything but utter a thanks as he tries to inhale as much oxygen as possible above the water. Meanwhile the Octopus isn't happy about losing two tentacles, getting a good rock to the noggin and losing dinner, his remaining six tentacles flail wildly trying to hit anyone it can with quite a bit of force.

Grabbing Kenta and trying to swim to shore, he yells at Kenta, "Look, I know it's hard to concentrate, but you need to let loose with your powers and blast that fucken octopus out of the water or something!" David is able to swim and avoid the tentacles coming towards him and Kenta knowing instinctively where the creature will strike and avoiding it.

Only two things stop Chloe getting smashed by flailing tentacles. Her superspeed reflexes and her substantially less stylish ability to flail and climb like a hyperactive monkey. "Your plans SUCK!" she shouts at David when he reaches the surface. Not quite trusting the decking of the pier she begins leaping from pylon to pylon, trying to time her jumps with moments the monster isn't making the whole rickety contraption shake.

Eventually the dock just collapses under Chloe as she hops around leaving floating pieces of rotting lumber to soak in the water. The Octopus continues flailing about until Kenta snaps out of it and turns towards the giant creature. He lets loose a blast of dark force that smashes into the creature and cause all the tentacles to splash to the water with quite the force and large splash of water crashes down over Chloe, David and Kenta as the creature roars in pain.

Bringing Kenta to shore and feeling himself almost out of breath and exhausted, he looks to Chloe, "What plan? We saved Kenta and the creature is defeated….whatever the plan…it worked!" He is suddenly drenched by the large splash of water that comes his way, "Well, I'm glad I was wet already." He turns around to see what become of the creature after the blast.

Making one final leap Chloe sails off the pylon of the pier as the whole thing comes crashing down, hitting the bank only to get a huge wave sploshing over her. "I do all that to stay out of the water only so you can drench me? Charming," she sullenly declares as she snatches up her pitchfork. "The throwing knives at it plan. And if being in monster world with an angry tentacle monster is your idea of safe I'd hate to see us in trouble…."

The Octopus lets out one final groan, almost pathetic sounding, before slinking under the waters without his dinner. People are so mean to the hungry giant octopus. Kenta likes on the shore soaked and breathing hard. "Octopus…fucking octopus." He says before coughing up more water. "thanks guys." He says before shaking his head. "Dumb idea." And he knows it was his. Off to the side there's something that shines as if it got washed up and is now sitting in the muddy bank.

Ignoring Chloe for the moment, David checks on Kenta, "It was dumb….but I went along with it. Sorry about that and…um…other stuff…." He spots the shiny object and then heads over that way, "What the hell?" He walks over to it and examines the object.

"Whatever it is could be a trap," Chloe warns, one hand on her hip and the other hefting the pitchfork like it was a very low budget lance. "Rule one for not getting monstered. Treat everything as if it was evil and suspicious, kinda like math homework. I wonder if monster hunting is a viable career option in the real world, it'd beat a nine to five job any day."

In the mud is a large old looking iron key though surprisingly it's not rusty even though it's been sitting in the water all this time. "Chloe, I think we're beyond precaution here. Seriously, what can be worse than almost drowning cause of a large swamp monster thing." He says as he stands up and looks at how much mud from the water he's covered in. "What do you have there David?"

Heeding Chloe's advice about it being a trap, David remains a moderate distance away before moving closer, "That's weird…It's a key…but…" Giving a little time, David finally moves to pick it up, "It must have been underwater for some time…but …it looks relatively new." He looks it over as he walks over to the other two mutants and shrugs, "Maybe it's a key home." He laughs.

Kenta stands up and grabs the shirt he discarded. "Well I'm gonna head to back to the Lamb, feeling a bit light headed. Lemme know if you guys find anything else out here. And I hope that key is good for something David." Kenta says as he takes to the skies to fly back to the Lamb.

David hmmmmns and pockets the key, "You never know, what it can be too." David grabs the trenchcoat and looks to Chloe, "I better dry off and clean up. So should you?" I am going to head to the tavern, but make one quick stop first." He waves to Chloe and rushes off.

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