2020-06-15: Odd Questions


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Summary: Lucas asks Daisuke some…..strange questions.

Date: July 15, 2020

Log Title: Odd Questions

Rating: PG

The Future - The Underground - Living Area

Army barracks would seem like a five star hotel compared to this place, but cots and hammocks seem to fill the area. There are some side rooms where mutants tend to fit four to six to a room and there are even some holes in the wall a mutant or two seems to have made home. Like the rest of the tunnels, its damp and musty in here and not much light save the same electric and gas powered lamps found in the rest of the tunnels. Everything from small children to older mutants sleep in here and it can be seen from the people who cant get out of bed. In this room there is a small corner thats been sectioned off with old sheets and blankets to form a medical area with what stolen medical supplies the mutants have managed to gather.

Last night was a close call for Daisuke and he's lucky to be alive so for the time being he's decided to stay in until he's healed. In in the middle of trying to re bandage the wound on his leg as several stitches are on his shin and calf. "I swear….Deadpool needs to get beaten to a bloody pulp then beaten more so that he can't get up again."

Lucas wanders into the living area looking a bit distracted and tired. He is carrying a box of ammunition, which he walks over to the pile in the corner and sits it down. Then he looks around, noticing Daisuke. He sighs, and walks over, "Want some help?" he offers dryly, as if its duty, not politeness that brings about the offer.

"Please." Daisuke says as there are some faint bruises on his neck still. The reason he's having trouble his obvious, his right forearm is set up in a makeshift duct tape and thin metal rod sling. "What kind of ammo is that? I need to get some more for my Glock. I have half a clip right now as that's all we had at the time."

Lucas kneels and begins to rebandage the leg. He's a little rough, but there's obviously practice and knowledge behind his movements and work. As he wraps the wound, he glances at the ammunition. "They weren't handgun arms. Looked like a rifle shell of some sort. Ah dunnow." He sniffs, and looks at Daisuke as he works. He tightens the gauze, and when he does, he makes sure it hurts a bit, though he does so in a way that hides his intentional manuever. "What's with the tatt?" he asks, looking at the M on his face.

Daisuke lets Lucas take over bandaging and sighs at the 'M' question. "I was in one of the camps for a bit, any mutant caught and suck in the camp gets branded with this nice 'M' to let the world know they're mutant scum." He says rolling his eyes at people whose brilliant idea that was. "But lucky Jeri was able to get me out in one of the break outs a year or so back. And damn, I need to find more glock clips…well maybe I'll raid one of the old NYPD precincts."

Lucas tilts his head a bit, "Yeah. A lot of those mutants get the brand and become hunters." He again, pulls the bandage a bit in a way that would send Daisuke some pain. "How do Ah know that ain't you?"

Daisuke winces but doesn't make any noise, he's gotten used to pain over the years. "Because it was a Hunter named Deadpool who nearly sliced me to ribbons. Cause I've had both Addison the Loon and Betsy in my head to make sure. Because I was half tempted to leave Theo out there to die against Deadpool but decided against it. Though if you don't trust me….here." Daisuke says reaching down and picking up one of Deadpool's katana's. "Use it."

Lucas furrows his brow, staring at Daisuke. "Ah wouldn't need it." He holds the stare a menacing moment, and then looks back at the bandaging, finishing it off. "What brings you here?"

"The fact that for the last two years I've been working with the Rebellion?" Daisuke says confused by the question as he puts the katana back down, it's been sort of his trophy for his survival and an extra 'in case' weapon. "Thanks for the help Lucas, I just wanna get healed up enough to get out there again. Though if you go out and run into Deadpool…run."

Lucas pauses, his eyes locking again on Daisuke. "…Ah didn't tell you my name…" Suspicion begins to creep across his face as his left hand moves across to the lip of his right glove.

Daisuke actually facepalms and sighs. "We both went to Xavier's. I was a teachers aide there ten years ago. I've been on the Rebellion for two years, so have you." He shakes his head and sighs again. "This is really one of those moments where I wish alcohol worked on me. "My name is Daisuke. Daisuke Sakuragi, I used to go by Howl. I used to have too many problems with Sinister."

With the usual lack of decorum, Volk appears in the middle of the living area with the casual movement of objects towards the new central point of gravity, only to settle again as the man is now standing close by the pair. Nodding once in greeting, he pats Lucas on the shoulder while unslinging a bag from his shoulder and settling it on Dai's bed. Motioning with his head for one or the pair, he unzips and starts to move a few things around.

Lucas gives a little lip curled snarl at Daisuke, and stands. "Your bandages should be good for another couple days," he offers as apology, and then walks over to the crate of MRE's. "Welcome back, Volk." He emphasizes the name with a bit of distaste, like he'd rather use 'Ringo' perhaps.

"Thanks Lucas." Daisuke says again as he looks up at Volk. "Hey Volk, thanks for the other day, the stitches are holding up great." Though painkillers don't work on him nor antibiotics, neither do diseases and so there no risk of an infection in his wound. "Though, we ran into Deadpool again, lucky Mikhail….not Xavier's Mikhail but SHIELD Mikhail, was there to hide us."

A nod comes, and then a headtilt, and drags out a body-conforming impact vest, and presses it to Dai. This one is a little different as it looks like it was made specifically to lock to and connect the throat as well, still giving a fairly full freedom of movement. He goes back, and pulls out a second one, this one a standard military flak vest with pockets for extra ammo, grenades, a pistol, a knife, and several other pouches. This one is given to Lucas with a pat on the chest. Done he sits back and types out, -Found that in my stores, Daisuke. Figured you like. And take care of that Luke, it was a gift from my Uncle Yuri.-

Lucas takes the equipment, looking at Volk a moment, before nodding. "Ah love you're uncle Yuri," he mumbles as he heads for the door.

Daisuke looks at the vest and goes to try it on, having a bit of trouble with the bum arm but he gets it on. He feels the part over the neck and grins. "Shit Volk….this is great." He say looking up to wave at Lucas as he leaves before looking at Volk. "How long has he been with the rebellion and….well…did he hurt his head recently or something or is he just not observant?"

Helping you adjust the vest and get it in place, he digs in and takes out a couple ceramic plates, and slides them into place over the heart and back, adding a few more pounds to it, but still leaves enough to be worn under a coat. Then he types out, -Lucas is looking for a place to die. His best friend took everything from him. His Marriage, his daughter, his sense of purpose. Now, he roams out there as much as he can, coming back barely to eat and sleep.-

Shaking his head Daisuke stands up, favouring one leg, to get used to the weight, it's not to bad. "Yeah…hearing that I kinda feel sorry for the guy and I guess I'm glad that kind of happened to me years ago." He says as his looks out the door. "But you just have to fight on and let yourself get tougher. If you can put up with the worse and you keep telling yourself 'I've been through worse' then you can get through. Cause as bad as this is, I'll just tell myself 'I've been through worse'. At least now I can fight back."

Volk types out and holds up the PDA, -Or you could do like I did… break, and have to learn how to live all over again. I started fighting because it was all I had. Training and instinct. After that it was because I found out I was good. Very good. Then I figured out how I could use it. Stealing resources, stockpiling, intelligence, contacts. Problem was I was still just doing it for myself. Not anymore. As of yesterday, I'm on board. Though I still think Jericho has his head up his ass.-

Daisuke laughs at the last statement. "Jeri's not that bad just….I don't think he ever got over the death of Jericho. Also with all his kids being missing or dead, that's gotta have an effect. Me, I went through it young. Real young. When my brother killed himself when I was a teenager I thought that was the end for me but unlike you who had to live all over again, I had to learn how to start living at age sixteen. Though it's good to have you aboard Volk. You're a good guy."

The man just gives another shrug, and pats both of Daisuke's shoulders, before displaying over one side, -Still working on the good thing. How about we just call it Wrong for all the right reasons, eh?- And with a nods of approval he goes over and drags something else out, presenting it to the man. It's a sheathe. Looks like it's been cut from something else to make room enough to fit and support the katana over the shoulder. Sliding it into place, the former merc takes the blade and slides it into place for an overhand draw. A nod of approval comes from Volk.

Daisuke stands up and grabs the katana and throws it over his shoulder, behind his back. "Volk…sorry to ask this but, if you can find extra ammo for a glock, we're running low and I liek the backup incase of karate chops though I think your armour will help that." He says with a grin as he goes to walk in the other room. "I'm gonna grab some food, ya want something?"

Volk types out, -I think I've got some hollowpoints from some MP5 magazines leftover I can swap you over. I'll have to check my local cache. I'm transferring my supplies to Scourge slowly. What I've got you'll have in the morning, but I have to go out. Trouble doesn't start itself.- And with that he turns to leave, checking the bolt on his FAMAS before he leaves like he comes… vanishing with a sensation of air and bending reality.

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