2010-07-05: Of Butterflies and Spiders


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Summary: Kenta tracks down Forge. THe pair discuss team-building possibilities.

Date: July 5, 2010.

Log Title Of Butterflies and Spiders

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Blackbird Hanger

A quick shuttle ride exits you to a large bay where sits the Blackbird. Advanced equipment to maintain the high tech plane is locked in cabinets and closets through out the room. Unless you are trained and have the authorization codes, you will not be able to access the Blackbird or the miscarry doors that open up for its launch.

It's the day after the Forth and Forge is spending his post-Independence recalibrating the security system. Having accessed it via secure terminal using the Hanger's workstation, the X'er stares into the screen intently. Punching in a few commands using the keyboard, he leans back in the office chair, steeping his hands for an unconscious added effect as he waits for another routine to finish running.

There are a few places Forge can be so Kenta's been hitting all those spots. He's hit the basement and now he's in the sub-basement and is now exiting out to the Blackbird. He really needs to learn to fly the damn thing. "Forge? You here?" He calls out figuring that if he's not there then he'll just continue looking and maybe ask about since that's his last option. He walks further into the room and sees Forge in the office and knocks on the door. "Yo Forge, how's it going?"

"Hello Kenta," Forge responds, not moving from his spot. Touching his com-link he tells someone on the other end, "I'm pretty sure 15-6-A is out of alignment, and 44A-G23 isn't responding. Tell Julian I'll handle it. I'll be up later." He pushes back the chair and stands before walking towards Kenta with a smile. Offering his hand in greeting, he asks, "What brings you to the bottom run of the mansion?"

"You're saying that stuff like I understand it." Kenta says with a chuckle as he walks into the office and returns the greeting to Forge. "I know we don't talk much as you're usually holed up with something and I'm either with my son or holed up in the music room but I wanna talk to you about one of your squadlings." He guesses that's what he can call them, squadlings, it sounds good to him. "One of my kids, James, wants to put together another team on top of the usual one for extra practice and such."

Forge leans up against one of the desks as he listens to Kenta. With his eyebrow raising as the hyena's name is mentioned, Forge can't but help give the other man a long probing look, "That seems like an odd request coming from someone who was nearly banned from all of the shop classes. Why?" He puts his hand to his chin, "I hear that that lobster boy is still having night terrors as a result."

"Well James has been working with me for some more advanced danger room sessions cause he requested it. He's been wanting to push himself to make himself better. He's a bit of a clown but he's got a good head on his shoulders." Kenta says as he doesn't believe James is a bad egg. "After the incident in the park, when Cam was taken and he was injured, James wants to be better prepared for if something like the Demon attack, or the marauders or anything else happens again. Honestly, I don't think it's a bad idea. I think it's good for students who are older to get that extra bit of experience since if we like it or not, they're in danger. It's not like we're sending them out to fight crime just giving them harder training, which I'll be over seeing, and they'll be like extra security around the school. Like what James is now, with him as the leader."

Forge nods, making a 'hmmm' sound, "Well, a serious injury is enough to change anyone's outlook on life." He can't help but flex his hand in response, "An it's an unfortunate fact that the school's students are in as much danger as we adults are at time…so I can't find any fault in that line of thought. However, who's watching him? I assume we're not allowing him to run around unchecked, correct?" Another vulcan-like eyebrow movement from The Maker.

"I'll be watching him. I'm not letting him do this all on his own." Kenta says as he doesn't trust James to be doing this on his own and be one hundred percent in charge. "He'll just be the leader of the team, I'll be keeping my eyes on him to make sure it all goes well. He's -not- running around unchecked, he's not leading like an old New Mutants group where they'll be going out to fight crime, it'll just be like security and advanced training. Now he suggested someone on your team, I am curious, before I tell you who, who would you recommend?"

Forge crosses his arms for a moment, "Well, Robyn made a point to hunt me down after class to ask for extra training. He's also been showing up for these sessions like clockwork. Given that initiative, I'd say he would be the top of my list." Forge can't help but chuckle, "Given that they're friends, I assume the request is for him?"

"Yeah it is, but do you think it's a good suggestion? I just mostly know him as the kid always in the art room. Well occasionally I see him in my classroom with his cello." Kenta admits as he hasn't had much interaction with him. "I know most of the kids he chose are his friends and I still have to let Jono know about this but…if you think Robyn's a good choice I'll give him the okay. Lucas, Jinx and Connor are the other three and Lucas is also on my squad and I think it'd be good for him. Maybe give him direction." As Kenta's taken a bit of a personal interest in Lucas. He likes the kid.

As analytical as ever, Forge responds with, "You'd have to ask the originator of the suggestion that question. But, if you want to know what my thoughts are, I've already said he would be on the top of my list. Is there something I'm missing out on?" Forge tilts his head a little, wondering if he missed some subtle clue people throw out when not addressing a subject directly. As for the team, he adds, "Sounds well rounded—even if they are his friends. I think Robyn will do just fine. You've got my blessing 'if' James has your trust. I 'did' find him shoving a child into a parts washer once. Friend of his or not, I would hate for that to be one of my squad's students."

"Yeah, I do trust him but I think I should let all teachers know they if they catch him acting up or abusing his position they let me know and there will be a significant punishment that could ultimately result in the end of his 'team'. Or at least the lead, I can't punish the other kids if they're doing well for his actions but they will have to keep each other in check." Kenta says as he's wondering some things now, not in a bad way just about discipline. "Any advice you have on this Forge or if you can think of anyone else to suggest, let me know."

Forge offers a quick bit of both before Kenta leaves, "I'll watch my squad and see whom else might be a good pick. As for James, I think the team is good idea and should be put into place no matter who runs it. If he does something questionable, it should be handled like the military and he gets his rank pulled." Forge gives Kenta a somewhat squinted look, "My teacher Naze had a saying, 'Caterpillars turn into butterflies all the time. But a spider can disguise himself as both.'"

Kenta nods at Forge's words. "It's a good saying. I'll make sure that I have caterpillars and they can evolve instead of spiders. James and Lucas, I think the direction will be good for them. Sometimes I think I could have used the direction more as a teen here rather than being thrown into the crazy life I lead." Kenta says with a chuckle. "Thanks a lot Forge, I'll let you know what happens. I gotta take off now though, I gotta check on my son."

Forge offers a grin, "At their age, I think I could have as well, Kenta. But yet, we both ended up here anyways." He gives the other teacher a pat on the shoulder before heading back to his terminal, "Have yourself a good night."

Kenta nods and smiles. "You to Forge." He says as he turns and heads out of the hanger to head back up stairs to put Armande to bed.

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