2012-01-24: Of Fae And Flying


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Summary: A break in the cold weather brings Jill, Sage, and Warlock outdoors to play frisbee and talk about faeries, tea, and Superman.

Date: January 24, 2012

Log Title: Of Fae and Flying

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Even though it snowed over the weekend the rain and warmer temperature has washed most of it away leaving it oddly warm and sunny for a New York January, which is why Sage is outside. Dressed in his normal hippie style, his dreadlocked hair tied back into a ponytail with one of his dreads and his socked and sandled feet, he sits on one of the stone benches playing his ukulele to what sounds like the tune of 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps'.

The campus is slowly unflinching from the cold, and like animals stirred from hibernation, outdoor activities have resumed. A frisbee in one hand, the resident blue goo girl exits the dormitory with an exhausted but relieved expression. While she's no fashionista in blue jeans embroidered with daisies and a natural cotton longsleeve shirt, she still visibly reacts to Sage's… 'alternative' attire. Socks and sandals? Really? If Jill were more forthright, she might actually say something about that. But she isn't, so she won't. "'Sup?" she calls before she approaches, so as not to startle him. "Wanna play frisbee?"

And woop! we have some form of warmth so like the other students Warlock has decided to take advantage of the lack of cold and spend some time outside. Dressed in dark grey jeans, a dark green long sleeved shirt (with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows), red/brown belt, red/brown sort of Jedi-like boots, steam-punk style goggles on his forehead and his schoolbag over one shoulder Lock spots Jill and the fairy kid from the other day and heads in their direction, "Hey".

Sage looks up at Jill and stops playing. "That sounds quite fun." He says in his British accent, placing the ukulele down on the bench gingerly. "How are you doing today? I'm sorry I cannot remember your name, I just remember you as the girl who looks like the undine!" He says sounding excited by that fact. He stands up and then gives a wave to Warlock. "Hello, we were just about to play some frisbee if you care to join us."

"It's Jill," the undine offers, twirling the frisbee around the tip of her index finger. "And I'm doing pretty good. Just wanted to get outside for a bit while the gettin's good. Been spending too much time inside." When Sage waves to someone, Jill turns slightly, her smile broadening. "Oh, hey Lock." She makes a motion of throwing the frisbee to Lock and raises an interrogative eyebrow.

Warlock smiles and nods, "Yeah I’m up for a game", he nods at Jill to actually throw it to him, "What's an Undine, is that like the ice making thingies you were looking for before?", he thinks back to whether he got the boys name last they spoke, "Did you tell me your name before?"

"Yes, you're Lock and I'm Sage." Sage says to Warlock and he nods to him. "Actually they are quite similar to the Aeyins but Undine are water spirits. I think that Jill looks like one." He says grinning as he believes it's a compliment. "I know, I love being outdoors. While on holiday, even with the cold, my family and I spent a lot of time outside but it's hard to find a house to fit all of us in it."

One impressive twirl on the tip of her finger later like she's seen TRON one too many times, Jill flicks the frisbee in Lock's direction. "They're like water faeries," the blue girl clarifies for him. "But I only know that 'cause of Japanese RPGs." Hands now free, she claps them on her upper arms. "It's still pretty cool out here. Kinda makes me wish I could shiver."

"Oh yeah I remember now, Sage", Warlock catches the frisbee and making sure Sage is ready throws it in his direction, "I can see why you could mistake Jill for a water fairy with her being all cool and blue, then you've got the sheer amount of sugar she puts in coffee, only a fairy would have that much without going into a diabetic coma".

Sage catches the frisbee with ease and quickly tosses it to Jill, almost making the catch and throw one fluid motion. "I'm not sure what a Japanese RPG is, really pretty garden? If that what it is, there is a really pretty Japanese garden here at the school." He then nods to Warlock in agreement. "Oh the fae love sugar, actually honey they prefer. It's more natural. Fresh baked bread, honey and milk we use to try to find them."

"It's a video game thing. And I'm not-" Jill starts to protest then is caught off guard by Sage's quick catch-and-throw move. She totally misses the frisbee and has to chase it down. "I'm not a faerie," says the undine on her return, tossing Lock the plastic disc. "I just like sweet coffee. Don't understand how anybody could want it black. I coulda used honey but I wanted the raspberry syrup. Honey and French vanilla. S'good, you should try it."

Warlock grins catching the frisbee thrown at him, "I'm sticking with Sage on this one, definitely a Fairy", he tosses the frisbee down to Sage a little off course (needs to work on his aim), "Man, can't stand coffee, much rather have a cup of tea any day".

Sage looks at Warlock and then at Jill and then shakes his head. "Oh no, I wasn't calling you one of the fae, you wouldn't be that large I don't believe and you wouldn't be letting us see you. They're a very secretive folk my Grandpa always told me." He's completely serious as he runs after the frisbee barely catching it. "I prefer tea myself, then back home we have afternoon tea pretty regularly."

"Still…" Jill strokes her chin thoughtfully. "Having big butterfly wings would be pretty neat. 'Cept they'd be blue and look like cellophane." Heaving a sigh and shaking her head like she's disappointed, she laments one of society's great burdens, "Tea drinkers."

"Oops, sorry Sage, my aim needs work", Warlock looks over at Jill and shakes his head in the same way as she does, "Caffeine junkie", he smiles at the idea of the wings, "Having wings would be awesome, how cool would it to be able to fly, I’d trade my power for it".

Sage gives Jill a confused look. "I don't quite understand, what’s wrong with drinking tea? It's just a taste preference, is it not?" He says tossing the frisbee to Jill. "I don't know if I would trade my powers, it is what the Donlalaps gave me and I'm quite fine with it. It's actually quite helpful to have your hair act as an additional limb."

"Y'know tea has caffeine in it, right?" Jill catches the frisbee with a clap between her palms. She favors Sage with an amused smirk. "I'm just playing with you. I drink tea too. But I also put sugar in it." She tries to get fancy and throw the frisbee to Lock from behind her back. It falls well short. "I think everybody'd like to fly, though. As much neat stuff as I can do, I'd still want to try it. Haven't you ever had a dream like that? It's supposed to be pretty common, which maybe says something about people in general, y'know?"

Warlock walks over to pick up the frisbee, "Not quite as much as coffee does though", he nods at Jill, "Yeah I’ve had a few flying dreams actually, always get mad disappointed when I wake up and it's not real", he throws the frisbee down to Sage doing his best to keep on target this time, "That we'd rather be descended from birds?"

"I prefer a lot of honey in my tea, I love it. I actually just like honey in general." Sage says with a smile. "I've had a few flying dreams but dreams are meant to be an extension of your imagination. Dreams can be quite wonderful." Sage says in a bit of a faraway voice. "What do you mean that we are descended from birds? Humans and birds aren't related."

"Or we're all jealous of Superman," Jill supposes softly. She chews her bottom lip before lifting a forefinger in a classic didactic pose. "Actually, not descended, but we are related. If you go back far enough. Like, way *way* far. But-" She shakes her head and looks annoyed, having accidentally sidetracked herself. "But the flying dream thing. I'm just saying there's maybe something psychological about why so many people have 'em."

"I meant if we were descended from birds rather than apes, we might be able to fly, like if there were aliens somewhere who evolved like us but from birds", Warlock smiles as Jill slips into knowledge mode, "Us all being jealous of superman seems to fit as a pretty solid theory".

"Who is Superman?" Sage asks quite seriously. Though the rest of the conversation starts to confuse him and he opts to just remain quiet. "The only people I am descended from are my parents, grandparents, and their parents and grandparents and such. Mother Earth, Gaia, is the one who created us all so I gather it's because we are all descended from Gaia."

Jill's raised finger crooks like a wilting flower. "Umm, Superman. He's a comic book character who can fly and do a bunch of other stuff. We've really gotta get some for you to read." The other bit she just lets slide. Now is perhaps not the time for an expanded discussion of evolution. Picking up the frisbee for another throw, she glances at her watch. "Oh. Oh my God. It's Tuesday? Aww crap, I was supposed to be in the Danger Room half an hour ago! Mr. Summers is gonna freak out!" Though Jill frets, this outcome is unlikely. Much more likely, she'll get a stern red glare, possibly a few words about punctuality. She starts toward the dorm, stops, turns back, turns toward the dorm again… In her haste, she throws the frisbee *at* Lock more than to him. "I gotta get my uniform, and, oh man…"

Warlock is about to call his goodbyes to Jill as she heads off in a rush as to not incur Squad leader wrath but instead a frisbee collides with his head, so all that is heard as Jill runs off is "Ouch!!".

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