2010-03-18: Of God and Rocks


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Summary: James finds Jono practicing in the danger room.

Date: 03-18-2010

Log Title Of God and Rocks

Rating: PG-13

Xaviers - Danger Room

This is a daily occurrence for Jonothon. Being in the danger room. Not only does the man practice with the team, but he also is here to gain some private practice. This is what he's doing right now. The location is the Giant's Stepping Stones in Ireland. A sullen day, with the surf crashing against stones. It leaves the air chill, but Jonothon isn't paying attention to that. It's just scenery while he works.
The man himself is surrounded in his psy-fire. It's a beautiful, living thing while like this. Fire lazily spiraling around the slender Brit. It pools around his feet, and plays with his hair. Right now it's also moving some stones. Jono is concentrating hard as he holds eight stones in a simple diamond arrangement. Yep, that's it. There's little that's impressive about what he's trying to do, even if his power suggests something much grander is in the making. Got to learn to use this stuff!

James has had some recent luck with being allowed to use the Danger Room off hours—assuming a teacher was free and willing. And that's exactly what he's down here to find out tonight. Entering from the rear of the booth, the hyena is a little surprised that the room is already in use. He leans over the controls and watches the scene below, letting out an "Aww, maaan" near enough to a microphone that his voice booms out over the practice area. !!! He gabs at the tiny receiver hoping to quiet it, instead causing it to squelch and squeal over the speakers and the mic itself as his mutant powers say hello to the electronics. "Damnit…" He waves from the window, unsure if he can be seen, "Jono…this is GOD. Stop messing with stuff and get off my lawn."

Jonothon jerks around towards the booth, only to cringe at the shrieking of the mic. It was one of those 'I jumped out of my skin' actions. It has him dropping those stones, and the psy-fire suddenly becomes very active. The man hides the stuff normally. Sure people may see it in part, but the way it's spread out isn't seen often. «Christ, JAMES!» Don't scare him like that! «You wanker!» If he had a heart, it would be pounding. As it stands, Jono's eyes are wide. One of those rocks pings off the control room window. «….» Uh, no, didn't mean to do that. The psy-fire has a mind of its own sometimes.

From inside there's some laughing that the mic picks up, at least until one of the rocks bounces off the window. THe next words that follow are, "Sorry, didn't know you'd be in here. I also didn't know this thing was on." He keeps his hands off the control panel, lest he be making with the unhappy Radio Shack noises once more. He opens the door to the booth and peaks out, "Truce? N more god for no more rocks?" HIs ears are sideways as he peaks around the corner. He doubts he'll get pelted at again, but the rocks are his least concern.

No rocks. Promise. You are glowered at though. Psy-fire lashes around, but not for long. Not when you are offering truces. His expression is dubious, yet Jonothon throws up his hands in defeat. «Truce.» Dragging both sets of fingers back through his hair, the man would sigh if he could. Scared the hell out of him! «You need the room, mate? I'm just practicing.» The suggestion here is that he can easily let someone else have it. Allowing the psy-fire to remain, arms fall to sides as the man watches the hyena. «You alright after our talk yesterday?» More worried about James having stalked off than in whether or not he apologized.

"What talk?" James responds to the question; the answer ambiguous. "Naaa, I don't need it. Just sight seeing," he lies, looking over the room. Emerging, hands at his side, he asks "Where's this place at?" It's attempt to change the subject into one he can easily navigate out of, should he decide he doesn't want to stick around, "Looks too nice to be local." The hyena give the place a snort, crossing his arms over his chest as his lips expose his front teeth.

Shoulders slump slightly, but Jonothon decides to let it go. «Not a common place to sight see.» Doesn't believe that one though, and for the asking, the man lets the topic shift. «The Giant's Stepping Stones. Ireland. Northern I think, but not too sure.» It really is an amazing looking place. «I've never been there, but I found it in the archives of the danger room settings. I can't work in the bare room.» Just can't relax enough there. That he found it might explain why there are even scents here. Grass, earth, water, and air. A coastal location. Including the sounds of sea birds in the distance. «You aren't mad at me, are you?»

James 'mmmmphs' giving the room a once over, ignoring the response about sight seeing. Nope, definitely not local! "Depends on if you're gong to bring up yesterday or not," the boy says, "So…don't, and I won't be." There's a shrug. No, he's still unhappy. He takes a look out at the scenery and relaxes a little, "It's nice in here, regardless." There's a little bit of posturing in his walk. Small talk mixed in with that, 'if I pretend nothing's going on, the person who I argued with last night won't say a thing' sorta thing going on. Keeping his eyes off of other male, James takes a seat on a rock, "What'ch you practicing?"

It's not an answer he wanted to hear. Folding arms over chest, Jonothon frowns for it, but not too deeply. Bah. «Alright.» That's him accepting the terms of this arrangement. «What Sinister did unlocked aspects of my power I'd been hiding for years.» Looks away, and rather like he bit into something sour. Now that he has a face, it sure is expressive. «Hiding mostly from myself. So now I've got to learn how to use telekinesis. Problem is, it's really making it bloody difficult to practice with the other X-men. Not used to merely thinking an idea and having it happen. So.. extra practice.»
This reminds Jono that he's wrapped in Psy-fire. James' acceptance of it didn't have the man reacting immediately, but now he begins to rein it back in.

After the couple rows with the telekinetic, James is kinda used to seeing Jono decked out, so doesn't say much about the man's powers or appearance. That, and well…he's a selfish teen. But regardless, now that he's not trying to sheepishly hide subject topics from Jono he looks over at him, "Why did you hide it?" The question has noooooothing to do with the fact James is quasi doing the same thing at ALL. Pushing his beast down, hiding it, ignoring it, forgetting to. Nope….! He watches Jono manipulate his powers, the hyena's mind recalling the recent past.

You know, no one has every asked that. Seeming a little startled with it, the man unconsciously touches his covered chest with a hand. Jonothon has to think about it a moment. «Do you trust me?» Asked cautiously. «..I can't explain it, but I can show you why if you want.» This isn't about avoiding the issue, but instead about trying to be honest with it in spite of being very uncomfortable with the concept.

With out putting much thought into it James nods, "Yeah." Med bay check-ins, detention, and fisticuffs aside; the pair seem to be on a path to a pretty good understanding of one another. He turns his body so he can face Jono more funny, watching that new face as he waits to se what happens. His ears tilt forward, adding an almost impatient 'well?' to his body language.

Jonothon is still uncomfortable with this idea, even as he motions for James to step closer. The psy-fire is allowed to roam free again, and there's a simple, «Touch it.» It. The fire. Of course it isn't fire. No matter what it looks like, the stuff doesn't burn. Instead, touch brings a warmth that soon turns into something much, much more. Telepathic by its very nature, the contact that it shares isn't about words or feelings. Strangely enough, it isn't that. No, it gives a clear view of Jono himself. It's quite literally seeing the man's soul. A good man who's crippled at heart, and trying so very hard to heal. The innocence was stamped out of him so long ago that he nearly gave up all hope. He's lonely, frustrated with his life, moving along mostly for the sake of moving. The man who speaks of hope actually has very little for himself. Cares a good deal about the hyena too. Robyn, Rashmi, and James are the three who've wound into his heart in spite of his efforts not to allow it.

James nods to the request, pops up off the rock, and gives it a try. In a moment, the hyena's feeling pretty insignificant. After all, he's been kind a heel to the man last night and a little today. James frowns a little, his emotions broadcasting on a level where psychic abilities aren't needed, "I'm sorry. I've been kinda an ass." It's not so much pitty, just realization that Jono's got more stuff to worry about that some stupid kid holding a talk about a mutual acquaintance against him.

Shuddering with the touch, the psy-fire is pulled in the moment the touch is over. Not letting that one linger. Should be fairly clear why Jonothon hides it. One touch and his whole being is laid bare. Should tell just how much he trusts James though. Or maybe just how little he thinks he has left to risk. «Why are you apologizing?» There's the shake of his head as he adjusts the body suit that hides his throat. «That's why I hide it. Gets bloody uncomfortable when someone touches it.» And with good reason. «Does remind me. You have any questions yet?»

James crosses his arms and listens, big black eyes reflecting the other man's image, "Yeah…would make social situations a little backwards." He walks up to his friend and shrugs, "And I dunno. Now it feels weird to have done so, sorta like I'm only doing so because of what I just saw…which is sorta probably why I did it." He sticks his tongue out and smiles, "Probably the only way to get through to me at times, eh?" He gives the other male's shoulder a playful push, "Ehhh…I dunno." Conversation takes a little turn from there, "I just…I dunno." James looks around, "I don't bare myself very well."

Jonothon mock grabs for that tongue, not even actually getting close. It's the first bit of humor he's shown today. Maybe it's because he's back to being merely a black clad, skinny Brit. «You're gonna hate this, but you're a kid. That's all part of being a teen.» Uncertain, bottling things up, etc. The punch though, that earns a reaction he wouldn't make if he had a choice. While Jono starts to smile, the punch has brown eyes turning red and psy-fire appears to shove at James. Did warn the day before about the no touching thing. The shove is strong enough to send a man tumbling, and it leaves Jono struggling to retrain it. «CHRIST.» He protests. Swaying, he can't do anything more for a moment. It was a shock to his psyche.

James' lets out a surprised yelp and falls backwards, talking leave of his feet. Landing on his butt, he give the man a questioning look. Was it an accident, did James just trip, did the hyena piss him off? He scoots back a few feet and stands, dusting off his legs, eyes never leaving the man. He gives Jono some room, "You okay?" James' body language says differently about himself. He's not sue what he did, but he's unhappy he landed on his rear.

«Are you alright?» Asked in worry about the same time James asks it. The Brit is moving forward a step, but he stops himself at that body language. Jonothon's features should give it all though. He's shocked and scared - worried for James. «I'm fine.» Stunned, but fine. And with that he slumps some, running a hand over his face. «Sinister left me a present, James. People can't touch me.» Unhappy about landing on your rear? Try dealing with not being able to touch anyone without concerted effort. The day before? Those ear tweaks? Those were hard for Jono to do, and why he kept forcing himself to. «I'm sorry. /I/ don't mind, but people touch and I react before I can even think.» Dejected about it.

James smiles, "Oh?" He's already thinking of a way to exploit it before his more sympathetic parts can catch up. Maybe…accidentally…push someone…into… He frowns as the more reasonable parts of his psyche fire up, "Oh…jeeze…" The hyena relaxes and walks up, offering his hand, letting the other man touch him first. No hard feelings, "Seems to be a habit. Bad guys and leaving presents." James narrows his eyes somewhat, "Anything I can do to help?"

An uncomfortable look for that hand offer, but Jonothon accepts it. So not the being a hyena that he has issue with. Immediately that prickly skin feeling returns. Remember that from the day before. «They love to stick it to you, yes.» Sour that, and he shrugs. «You are actually.» Helping. (And it's a damn good thing he isn't reading those ideas, James! There would be trouble….) «The more I touch, the weaker it gets.» Doesn't help that Jono's been fairly hands off with people for years. Played on his own habits with that one. «I didn't hurt you, did I?» Worried.

James shakes his head, canines the sized of adult's thumbs showing off, "Me? Naaaa. Just surprised me." Today, he's all about no harm no foul. At last after he got another insider's view. He keeps his oversized hand on Jono's and shrugs, "I got brain bits of mmy own to deal with, so acting offended would make me a bigger ass than most people already think I am." The smile admire more than he knows. He doesn't mind the rep.

«You love being an arse.» The tone is a little teasing though. Not mad at you, just more of stating the obvious. Jonothon's thoughts shift to the hand he's holding, and really, it hits him that you two are holding hands. There's a little smile that spreads, but if allowed he turns that paw over. More curious than anything else. Let him and he examines that paw. The palm, pads, claws, how the fingers are articulated. After a moment of this he looks up, for he's much shorter than the Hyena. Sure the tk feeling is there, but it's muted the more he's in contact. «You want help with anything? Not that I'm not a bloody mess myself, but the offer is there.»

It's a thing of nature mixed with the a horror movie, that paw. Thick, pointed claws more at home digging than ripping. Fingers are larger than a normal paw and articulated like a human's, but that's the only real difference. His palm's skin is thick, allowing for a reinforced pad sorta area that's both black and a little cracked. Almost like you'd expect to find on an animal. James shakes his head, posing that paw in a quasi, flexed and ready to strike. If he were of the mind, "I dunno…for now just tell me I'm doing good and everything's fine. Barring that…" James snorts a little, "I dunno. I think I'm fine." He thinks he's not, but he also thinks he has it under control.

Jonothon's eyes are dark again. Human eyes as he looks up. So very easily they can shift to being fire filled, but not at the moment. «You want me to lie to you?» A thumb is rubbed over a crack in that pad, but he allows the paw go after that. Appreciates that he was allowed to look though. «I'm not good at that.» Well, it's not that he can't lie, it's that he totally doesn't want to. There's the shake of a head and there is an audio command of, "Simulation end." Jono's voice and from the comm he wears. Yes, he can use it to speak, but dislikes it. «James, you can't run away from yourself. Trust the guy who tried for eight years. Never works. You need me you know where to find me.» There's a nod, and he adds in, «Cheers.»

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