2010-02-21: Of Hockey and Robots


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Summary: Lucas and James talk while a game plays on TV

Date: February 21, 2010

Log Title Of Hockey and Robots

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Lucas is sitting on the floor of the rec room. The television is on, turned up loud, showing the US versus Canada hockey game. He has a bowl of popcorn in front of him, and is wearing a pair of flannel sleepy pants and a Nashville Predators hockey jersey. He's leaned forward, really into the game. "Oh, come on! That wasn't fuckin' offsides!!!" he shouts at the screen.

James walks in from the hallway. It would be an appearance like any other, except that the hyena's normally black clothing is stained brown, his fur matted in dried mud, "Hey roomie!" He flops down on the couch behind Lucas, making grabby paws at some popcorn—mostly for show since his hand are mud-covered too.

Lucas turns to look at James, "You been playin' in the mud?" he asks, dumping a pile of popcorn on the couch so he doesn't get mud in the bowl. "Here," he says as he does it.

The beasty boy nods and begins to Hoover up the popcorn, kernels and all. *wrrrrrr!* "Sorta…went robot hunting. It got a little muddy. ‘I’ got a little muddy." Sounding proud of himself he lays his head on the couch arm, looking at the sports scene on TV.

Lucas watches the screen intently, and only when there's a face off does he pause long enough to ask James, "Hunting robots… sounds boring. Fun would be BUILDING one." He leans forward again when the game starts back up. "Come on!!" he shouts again.

"That's stage two," the roommate says with a smile, focusing on the game, "I heard that decomposing Sentinel remains literally litter the backyard or something." He chokes on a kernel, "Hey, that was icing!"

Lucas turns to look at James, and he smiles, a wide, toothy grin that shows his giant dimples. "Yeah… it was…" He laughs, "Alright!" He looks back at the television just in time to see the Canadians score their second goal, tying the game. "NO!" He leaps to his feet, "Fuckers!"

James keeps an eye on the game and, when Lucas dives in front of him, he tries to see past, "What, what?" He sighs, missing something, he guesses, "Well…if I find anything. I'll let you know. I'm gonna rebuild one—if I can get one."

Lucas points, "The fuckin' Canadians just tied it up… Damnit!" He shakes his head, sitting back down again. He huffs, "Lame." He looks at James, waiting for the next face off. "Ah didn't know you was a hockey fan, Jimmy."

"Ehhh," the hyena states, "We have a team in Indy. I've been to a few of their games." He puts his mouth on the couch arm, giving the fabric a taste, "Ivf-'rrget-hat'feague." He makes a face and stops gnawing, "But, I was more of a Colts fan."

Lucas glances back at him, "You're what?" he asks, not sure what the hyena said while he was chewing couch. He grins, "Don't eat my couch."

James smiles and flops onto his side, "I forget what league they're in. It was a while ago." He gives his eyes a rub and stretches out fully, "Sooo…you're a fan?"

Lucas nods, "Yeah. Ah love it. Ah like… TAKE THE SHOT!!" he shouts, and then US scores. He leaps up, "YES!" he shouts as the game goes 3-2, USA. "See that!?!?" He laughs, pointing at the screen. "That was awesome!"

James grins and opens his eyes back up, "Sorry, I was reading the notes I wrote earlier." He yawns and sits up, "I've been digging holes in the back yard all day, so I'm a little beat. Might head out to the pool and give someone a reason to clean it." He smiles evilly at the thought of all that mud ending up another's responsibility.

Lucas laughs, and he leans back against the couch. "Why did you take notes? Or are ya'll trackin' where you done been diggin'?" He looks over to see the paper.

"No," James says with a grin, "I was just making an excuse for closing my eyes." He smiles up at Lucas, "I tried a metal detector, but I think I need something that goes deeper." He shrugs, "I'll worry about that later, though!" He flops onto his back and grins.

Lucas furrows his brow, but smiles. "Ya'll are in a good mood tonight," he observes. "Who did you mess with?" he asks, discerningly.

"No one…," the hyena says with a smile, "Yet." James nods to the TV, "I like the idea of digging up a giant robot and parading it around the back 40. Now that's a cool thing right there."

Lucas rolls his eyes a little. "Ah didn't know you was all engineering inclined. Why don't you tell people that?"

James shrugs, "Ehhh!" He lets that answer go as if it was a perfectly good one, "No one asked." The familiar smart-ass smile returns, "And we both know it wouldn't make much of a difference around here. Haters be hatin' so biters be bitin'."

Lucas laughs, "Sure, Ah guess Ah just… you know…" He shrugs, "Ah think if'n you let people like you, you'd have it easier here. You're actually prolly just about my favorite to have to be around."

"That's 'cause I put up with you," James says with a grin. He stretches out, "As far as roommates go, I'm glad I never got around to turning in my request for a single room in." He smiles. There's a shrug, "That's quasi-about Zack isn't it?"

Lucas shouts, "YES!" as the score grows to 4-2. After a minute, he settles, and he shakes his head, "No. Not really. But we can talk about him since you brought it up." He smiles, a shitty grin. "What happened 'tween you two? Ah ain't never actually heard the story."

James crosses his arms and gives Lucas a look—obviously he does not like where this conversation is going, "Since our relationship is ‘sorta’ a two way street, I'll tell ya. Fine." He gives Lucas a nod, "You know why I like you? I mean, now that we know one another it's different. But, originally? Upon our first meeting? You remember that? I was wearing most of a bed on my head, answered the door, and gave you a bunch of crap?"

Lucas nods, "Ah remember…" he says, and nothing more. James is sharing. He doesn't want to scare him off.

"Well. You weren't afraid of me. I mean, you were surprised. But you weren't afraid," the hyena states, the differences to him obviously something large as he continues, "I'd been here for maybe a week before you came. And everywhere I walked, people were afraid of me. And you know what? Fear stinks. It stinks bad, and every time I smell it makes me want to do something about it…" He leaves 'what' off the radar and makes a quick pause.

James continues, "Well, Zack was afraid of me. And we're on the same team. And, you know what, I can't afford to be distracted because someone watched the Discovery Channel one too many times." He pans his ears sideways, "I tried to be nice, but it didn't work. So, yeah…I started picking on him because I knew one day he'd switch squads or get over it. And, you know what, I was right. He's pissed, and that's a whole different scent—and it's one I can live with." He shrugs and flips over onto his stomach, "Don't care if he hates me. Now, I can concentrate on what's going on around me and not having to ‘listen’ to Mr. Sensitive anymore."

Lucas sighs, "Yeah…" He nods a little, and then shrugs, "Okay. Here's my problem. Rashmi feels like shes our leader, and that she has to fix everything. Right now, the thing on our team what's broke is you two. She's goin' crazy, and she asked me to help. So, Ah need to help her fix it. Ah suck with people. So Ah was hopin' you could help me out here…"

James narrows his eyes as he listens, "Yeaaaaaah?" He hmmms, "Well, as far as I'm concerned everything is fine. Ever since the other day my problems have ceased to exist." He smiles, "So, there's nothing wrong, now, right?" Hyena logic at its distilled, base form.

Lucas sighs, "Well… Just… Do me a favor and TRY to be kinda a little nice to him, okay? Ah'll go talk to him too. Kick his ass if'n Ah gotta. Maybe we can be a good team still, huh?"

"Ehhh!" the fuzzed one starts, "I haven’t talked to him in a couple weeks. So, that makes me nicer to him than I've been 98% of the time he's been here. Right? So, mission accomplished." There's a smile that creeps across the feral's face, "See how easy this is?"

Lucas glances at the television, "Good lord…" He laughs, "Miller's blockin' everythin' tonight!" He smiles, and looks back at James. "Yeah… Real easy." He sighs. "Forget Ah asked, then, huh?" He looks back and cheers at the US's next goal.

The hyena smiles, "Done and done!" He puts a leg over the back of the couch and begins to fish himself out of the large seat. He slides over the back and looks towards the door, "Well, if you need anything else, I'm going upstairs! Bed is sounding awesome." He yawns, exposing rows and rows of his bear-trapped pie hole, "Let me know if Zack give you trouble."

Lucas nods, "Sure," though it bears some tone that conveys how unsatisfied he is with how things played out. "Ah'll be up after the game, Ah guess." He turns back to the game, and offers, "Night, Jim."

Jimmy James calls back, cheerfully, "Night!" as he heads out the door. "I'll see you in a bit." Behind, he leaves a couple leaves, a twig, and some pebbles. Ahhh, mud.

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