2011-09-12: Of Stress And Newness


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Summary: The new school year has begun bringing with it all sorts of drama for teenagers. Two in particular have survived the first week of term though their lives are a bit hectic at the moment. One dealing with stress and the other having his third roommate in less than three months.

Date: September 12, 2011

Log Title: Of Stress and Newness

Rating: PG

NY- Xavier Mansion- Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

The first week of school has come to an end and thus the weekend was free for the students to do as they wish. Emerging from the boys dorm to hang out pool side while the weather is still amazing Tyler takes up a lounger with his towel, sketchbook and is wearing swim trunks and a pair of sunglasses. So far the day has been going well for the teen though that could change at any given moment.

Towel draped over his shoulders and a pair swimming trunks on, Kieran comes from the school looking to just lounge around honestly, He's been stressing even more than normal for him over getting used to things this year.

Tyler is just about to flip open his sketchbook and draw since there's not a chance currently that water can splash his way when he sees Kieran coming across from the direction of the school. With a wave he smiles, "Hey, Ki! There's a lounger over here with your name on it." Pointing to the nearby chair. "Busy week, yeah?"

Putting his towel down, Kieran nods his head a little bit,"Insanely busy." He says seriously as he lays down on the towel, his skin looking so very pale in the daylight. "I just been trying to get to figure out what the individual teachers want from me."

"What's got you so busy in the first week?" Tyler's rather curious as all of his classes seemed to be in the getting to know everyone stage and making sure people knew what was expected and here's the materials sort of thing. Pulling on the chair so that it lays down Tyler then lays upon his side propping up his head so that the can see Kieran. "How do you mean? Something beyond the syllabus?"

"Yeah. I've had to do a lot of homework and figuring out what they expect in terms of formatting and everything…" Kieran says laughing a little bit,"Also, took a lot of heavy classes since I could. Plus I've been practicing my piano and guitar a lot."

Tyler sighs dramatically, "I knew you were going to have a heavy workload and I still worry for that. There's no problem taking harder classes just don't over do it you know? You don't want to end up sick or something because of the stress." Dropping his sketchbook to the lounger having forgotten he had it in his hand he then reaches across the short space to rest a hand over Kieran's briefly. "I'm just saying what any good friend slash boyfriend would say. I know how important school is to you."

"I know. I am actually used to taking hard courses. I was taking a lot of them back at my old school so it's par for course." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"I'll be fine. Once I get more used to the schedule and get used to what the teachers want from me, I'll have a bit more free time. Right now I have to make sure that I do things in a precise way." He says moving to squeeze his boyfriend's hand gently,"And I know you are. Someone has to worry about that sort of thing."

"I just showed up to my classes, paid some attention to what was being said, and took the paperwork. You can see how this term is going to go right?" Tyler shrugs more with his facial expression than with any body language though there is a hint of a smile for the hand squeeze. "I've not a lot of worries and even if I did you would be right at the top of the list. Especially because trouble keeps finding you when I'm off doing something useless like trying to find a belt to match my electric blue sneakers." There's a chuckle as well as a flip of hair out of his eyes before he settles against the lounger again though this time he appears to be sunning himself while the sun is still high in the sky. "Have you heard that besides new squads being assigned, which sucked by the way, that some people have new roomie's as well?"

"That sucks. I heard about the new squads but not roommates. So you aren't Sage's roomie any more? Who'd you get?" Kieran asks curiously as he looks at Tyler intently. He's used to Tyler's more laid back attitude about school. "Hey! Most of the trouble that I've found myself in, you were there with me. Just a couple times where someone caught me without you." he says laughing a little bit, his eyes filled with laughter as he speaks.

Tyler sighs heavily, "Yeah, we kinda got thrown for a loop, no? Sage is a pretty cool guy and I was enjoying helping him out and well the squad was the bomb even though we didn't do a thing Danger Room wise before the switch up but yeah I've got my third roommate since coming here. Am I cursed?" Glances over towards his boyfriend with a rather grave expression. Wishes he could laugh about Ki's misfortune but those times he wasn't around Kieran was injured. "My new roommate is Theo. You know the guy with the armored suit that nearly scared the life off Sage that one day?"

"I know Theo. He can be a good guy sometimes." Kieran says nodding his head a little bit,"Hey. I don't think the loss of the first roommate was a curse." He says grinning and leaning in to kiss his boyfriend's cheek gently,"I'm sorry though. He's a bit weird about gays. I've been told he's loosened up. He started accepting Robin by the time I met them, so maybe he'll treat you ok. Otherwise maybe you can file a complaint with the Headmistress and she'll change it." He says seriously.

"Dude, that didn't convince me of this being a good thing." Tyler is clearly thinking the future is going to be unpleasant to say the least. The teen even misses the kiss to his cheek as he's deep in thought. "I've got no problem with people until they cause a problem. I've heard a bit about Theo from different people so I'm kinda wary. Maybe nothing'll come of it?" The last bit is said hopefully. "I'd rather not have my first meeting with the Headmistress be over something bad you know? That and I don't want to be stuck in a situation where I'm going to be miserable and no doubt another person will be as well."

"He starts something with you, tell him your boyfriend with fry all his gear if he keeps it up." Kieran says grinning a little bit,"I'm pretty good at using my powers that I could easily using electromagnetic waves to mess with his gear." He says laughing almost wickedly. "I know how you feel. I really pretty much ignore my current roommate." He says sighing a little bit.

Tyler chuckles, "That might be a good one. Seriously? I'm hoping nothing like that will come of it. Hopefully he's mature about it; I hope." There's a silence that hangs in the air a moment as they've pretty much gotten stuck in a spot with the conversation that will surely drag their mood down. "At least if you've both been ignoring each other there's no chance for conflict. When I heard I was getting a new roommate I was shocked seeing as I had just gotten one..again. Anyways, I planned on making some MnM cookies as a hello gift and introduce myself a bit."

"I've got the blind girl from the danger room session we did with that… girl, on my new squad." Kieran says grimacing a little bit. Tara wasn't too bad since she could use her powers to 'see' but Sophie just has to be led everywhere."He'll figure out you're gay at some point, but who knows how it'll turn out." His eyes flicker a little bit.

"I've got the blind girl from the danger room session we did with that… girl, on my new squad." Kieran says grimacing a little bit. Tara wasn't too bad since she could use her powers to 'see' but Sophie just has to be led everywhere."He'll figure out you're gay at some point, but who knows how it'll turn out." His eyes flicker a little bit.

"Sophie? I'm not sure how that is gonna go dude. I knew you were concerned in that one session given that your powers make you the worst person in the world to touch other than myself and a few others that are around with similarly bad physical stuff. Give her a chance though as she's pretty cool otherwise. Maybe they'll help her out given that she'll have to be able to handle herself on her own and need to be able to defend herself." As for Theo he sits up shaking his head. "He already ought to know given people I'd never met knew I was your boyfriend. I don't exactly blend into a crowd either," poking fun at himself.

"She's a good person but in a danger room session I'm not sure that she works." Kieran says sighing a little bit at the whole thing,"I've also got Mason on my team. Plus side is that I've got Chloe on my team as well." His eyes flicker a little bit as he looks at his boyfriend. "Well you're perfect. You don't /need/ to blend in." He says laughing a bit,"But it's not like you're a flaming guy or anything. Just looking at you, you can't tell whether you're gay or straight you know."

"I've no idea what Mason can do as I only briefly met him that one time pool side when everyone was there. Chloe is pretty bad ass though! Her power seems pretty wicked and she was practicing all of those martial arts skills over the summer so yeah pretty bad ass imo. Other than Kevin I don't really know the people on my squad. I briefly met Hosea but I've not met Heather nor Shane." There's a blush for the compliment made to him with an automatic, "Oh shut up…really…I don't really care if I tip someone's gaydar for any reason really. I'm comfortable with who I am, and I've got this incredible boyfriend so all is good right?"

"Remember the girl who knocked me on my ass at the mall, that's Heather. She's always moving so fast that she has to record stuff and play it back sometimes just to be heard." Kieran says seriously,"Shane if I remember right is the one who exploded Cerebra." He says seriously,"Her powers were pretty destructive. Not sure about Hosea. " He adds before laughing brightly,"That's because you're awesome. I don't really care either. When your boyfriend is hot and sweet, and talented, then why be ashamed." He says meaning of course he thinks that Tyler is all of those things.

Tyler nods in understanding, "I know of them I just haven't met them. Heather I know from the mall and what people have told me about her. Shane I don't know at all other than she was a part of the attack on the school. Hosea is a really big guy who I think is dating Sophie; don't quote me on that! I'm not sure but I think that's the deal but as I said I only met him briefly then he went to the chapel with Sophie." The blush creeps across his face heading down his neck and tinging him quite the shade of red. "Stop, it why don't you before I turn purple. What a stroke of luck I had meeting you though. We're different yet we work. Though you're talented, and well all of that other mushy stuff."

"I remember that about Hosea." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"That's because we have enough things that overlap to make it work." He says seriously,"Heather's actually pretty nice most of the time, so you're lucky. I have no idea what Shane's really like. But yeah, she's the one who caused Tara, Sophie and I to get pretty injured. Don't hold it against her. She wasn't really herself. It's like when Robin was attacking us."

"Yeah, I know that wasn't really them so I've got no issue with any of them about what happened. Man, if that had happened to me I don't think I'd be ready to deal with classes and Danger Room things. Maybe I could make them cookies as well? Cookies help everything right?" Spinning about on the lounger he plants bare feet to the ground while holding onto the edge of his lounger. "It's been so hot out here lately that I've had to keep indoors. Today's not so bad so I can at least be out here and it totally paid off because VOILA…" extends his arms outward, "here you are! I know that's a total change of subject but I had just thought about it and you're used to me you know I do stuff like this. AND for another change of subject you gonna be ok? If there's anything I can do to help with the destressification or in some areas the studying I'm the right guy for the job."

"I am not sure. Cookies might work, but who knows." Kieran says with a soft laugh as he finishes,"I am going to need decompression. So on weekends we should arrange to have dates." He says smiling, eyes glittering a bit,"Maybe the occasional massage and cuddle session, especially the second one." He says his eyes filled with the amusement that he's feeling,"The music does help keep the stress level manageable." He adds smiling a bit,"Being able to play the stress…"

Tyler leans back a bit, "Oh, really? Is this your way of asking me out? Oh, and it gets better than that with those requests. Hmm, I think I can be available for this on the weekend. I'll pencil you into my planner, ok?" Laughs. "Seriously though I'm glad you have an outlet for your stress with your music. I paint furiously when I'm feeling strongly one way or another so I totally understand where you're coming from." Picks up a foot to playfully shove at your chest. "You remembered the sunscreen right?" Quickly gets up hoping to avoid any retaliation. "If you turn into a tomato no cuddle time massage for you!"

"With my skin tone, do you think I'd have forgotten?" Kieran asks laughing a little bit at Tyler's behavior, seeming to actually enjoy his boyfriend's playfulness. Sides he can tickle torture him later. "Your method is a lot quieter than mine." He adds with a smile,"And yes, I'm asking you out on dates. Every saturday." He says with the utmost sincerity. "Hopefully we'll be able to do it. THat way we can both have fun and destress."

"Just doing my job as the ever annoying yet sweet boyfriend." Tyler snaps a playful salute to the seated boy. If Kieran thinks that Tyler is going to fall for any shenanigans again that wind up with him being tickle tortured the sparky one is going to be in for a shock! Tyler does appear to be considering Kieran's request as he's tapping his chin with the tip of a finger. "Not that I really had to think about it all that much," smiles. "I'm in. Just find me Friday so we can work out what we're doing. You know mainly the time as the rest can be all spontaneous." Points a lone finger at Kieran, "You stand me up I know where you live."

Oh Tyler doesn't know all of his boyfriends tricks yet! The sparky one has a few tricks up his sleeve. "And the same goes for you! You stand me up and I know where you live and where you're sleeping." He says, blue eyes amused. "But yes, we will need to work out the time for the date ahead of time. THen I can also make some plans for the special occasions, like our year anniversary, that sort of thing."

"Crap! I knew that wasn't going to work seeing as we go to the same school and we live close to each other back home. Sigh, I suppose I can't play hard to get." Leans down to tap Kieran on the leg then wanders over to step into the pool. "Hey, what about the six month anniversary? Or are we not supposed to celebrate that? It happens a lot in the movies and on tv so you know I was assuming that I'd have to pull out the stops some how." Floats over to rest his arms on the stones while peering over at Kieran. "I can plan the six month extravaganza and you get the year? Seems fair. Though I'll need to start planning all that out soon." Wheels turn over in his mind.

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