2010-07-21: Off the List


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Summary: Melissa officially re-joins the Thunderbolts, having a conversation with Erik "Atlas" Josten (NPC) and Abe.

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title: Off the List

Rating: PG.

Thunderbolts Hideout - Brooklyn

Mech-Bay:: A central area for the Thunderbolts hideout. It is spacious and covered in tools, parts, mechanical components of all kind, along the wall is secondary computer system and several monitors, all connected directly to the Big Boards. MACH-IV's various armors are suspended in here on the wall, even the old Beetle armor. There is a small table and four chairs within, waterbottle and for late-nighters there is a coffee maker in here as well.

Inside the Mech-Bay Abe stood hunched over a table, goggles latched to his face as sparks flew in all directions while he was set to work on his Mobile Armored Cyber-Harness. Dressed in a simple t-shirt, jeans, welding gloves and tennis shoes he looked to be stuck in concentration, if anyone was near he wouldn't have noticed them. Not even Erik who was seated at a table near the coffee maker, reading the newspaper and sipping at a cup of his own Abe's was across from him, cold now. Neither man was talking.

Melissa apparently was still on the fence about joining up again, but she was coming back to the base again with a slight chew to her lower lip, pulling one side of it in to be pinched between teeth as she stepped within and looked around releasing a breath. The left side of her lip bore a loop now, silver jewelry lacing into flesh just like what rested, nestled within her navel. The Button up shirt was sealed only by the middle four buttons to keep it in place, black leather pants resting low on the birth of hips, hugging posterior and legs down to the slight flare that left them rested over boots. The backpack slung over her shoulder was pulled down to thud upon the floor as she looked back and forth, unsure in the steps that carried her through the place, reminiscence as well as the apparent indecisiveness while she sought out life within the place, pushing the door open to the Mech-Bay and using booted sole to keep the door open. "Heya Erik working hard or hardly working?" Seeing as Abe was busy and likely half deaf she spoke to her other known friend.

"Ah whoah, hey Mel. You remembered security clearance codes eh? Nice. Yes… can say I'm a fan of Hagar the Horrible." A cheesy grin came from the muscular depowered superhero as he looked at his old friend, the Newspaper folding up. "Small column in here says you and Abe helped apprehend some murderers?" Abe meanwhile has not noticed her, too far intent upon what he was doing. Erik stood upright motioning towards a plastic cup, "Coffee?"

"Hard to forget.." It was more breathed out and words to herself than to Erik, but they were audible if you were listening. She was still wading out the welcome, but more her own feeling of it then what was offered from others in the base. "Hagar eh? Must say Garfield's sarcasm always fits for the morning read. Coffee is a plus, after my heart Erik?" A shift in her stance did not move her forward immediately but it was only some moments of another sweep of her gaze to linger on Abe and she nodded, releasing the door and heading for Erik and the coffee. The backpack was swung up and left in a seat as she made her way towards the coffee maker. "Murderers?" Who died, or was their past that much more in depth than the street show. "Yeah, that group, had a near familiar feel to them." Like past, familiar. "Two got away though..Let me see when you are done?" A small gesture towards the paper.

"Always Mel." He replies playfully. "No one died yet, they're both in critical condition and it seems the little girl has a rap-sheet of killings they think will all connect to her." Pouring a cup for her before she made it that far, the heated plastic cup being handed over. "Familiar how? I've never seen either of them before. There is nothing in the database by it either." A shrug escapes him as he sits back down once shes taken the drink he slides the news over also. "Good thing you were there, you probably saved more lives than just these those two sorry D-listers."

A crooked grin twisted Melissa's lips as she cast a glance towards Erik and accepted the coffee while listening and moving back for the small table. Her backpack was lifted from the seat and set on the table beside her but out of the way so when she slid the newspaper before herself with Erik's offering she could read over it. "I meant familiar from the past, our past, my past - just more reckless..Maybe." Her brows dipped in the middle in thought on that. Even as once Masters of Evil she didn't see them being that open, or was it simple blindness and bias? "I did not see too much of that little girl, just enough to know she was in need of stopping, she was after that boy." Tapping over the paper she let out a small huh and looked back at Erik. "Maybe, I could have done them better if I was more ready, but either way, all of them and just me.. It would not have been a good ending. Abe helped even it all out." It seemed an odd struggle to say the words but they came out in truth. "How are you liking this?" Glancing from Erik to the base as an overall gesture.

"It feels good. I'm glad to be back in the saddle you could say, I may not have powers anymore but at least I can still help out, keeps my mind off of Dallas and I splitting up anyhow. Which is something I know I need… how are things going for you? College I hear and moonlighting as Songbird off the radar. "Erik could understand what she meant by familiar, he didn't feel a whole lot of reason to remark on it though, "Shes a sick thing, heck, I called them D-Listers but not even sure if they're that. Maybe something even lower, is there a lower? F-List?"

"Always will be a place for you among us as far as I am con—cerned.." Us. Her nose wrinkled as she eased back in her chair and covered herself with the rise of the steaming cup of coffee to her lips for a sip. Quick change in subject and her eyes refocuses on Erik, flicking to peripherals as he spoke of woes with him and Dallas. "Keeping busy to keep my mind on the right track as well. College…Is.. a new experience and somewhat refreshing, that's why off the radar is preferred. Recognized will only make the refreshing wear off?" It was a question before it would ever pass as a statement, much of it being what she was telling herself. "They're off the list now." To that a small smug grin came into play on Melissa's lips, some sense of pride in something being done again. She missed it, there was no lying about that.

"Us, huh?" Abe's voice interrupts, the sounds of his welder shut down now as goggles pushed up onto his forehead and heavy gloves are cast aside. Dropping into a chair he sits down and takes up the cold coffee before he could be warned, downing some of it only to make a face.

"Lets hope they stay off the list too."Erik comments, "All done, Abe?"

A nod came in return from Abner, "For now yeah. So, us Melissa, guess that mean's your coming back to the Thunderbolts? We could use you."

Erik didn't say anything while Abe spoke but he agreed, they could use her. Just the two of them was rough to count as a 'team' it was more like the amazing jet-man and his semi useless side-kick.

Melissa seemed to shrink an inch in her seat and her shoulders hunched a moment when Abe spoke up. The coffee was a focal point that seemed to steal her attention like something shiny does to someone with ADD…and lasted just as long. She was looking back at Abe and then Erik, pushing back upright and adjusting her seating back to something a bit less ready to fold in on itself. "I have classes, a new life, responsibilities, hell I am heading towards a career in…Something.." Her hand waved towards her back pack and unzipping it she pulled out her carapace, suit and beneath it all was a crumpled class schedule. Trying to smooth it out she tossed it on the center of the table. "Hell with it. Yeah, I'm back.. But I have to try and keep to that." She pointed to the schedule and went back to sipping her coffee with a dedication. She was in control - Not so much.

Erik raised arms up to fist pump the air, "Woohoo!" Came an a joy filled exclamation.

Abe managed a larger smile as he pours himself some fresh coffee the cold stuff dumped into another cup. "This makes me… all of us happy Melissa, alot we can do. Heck, you proved that yesterday." Sitting back down again he sipped his hot coffee. "So, did you learn anything extra from those two before you checked them into the hospital?"

Erik frowned nudging the table so it shook,"Abe, bud. Lets just celebrate for more… not jump straight into work. Besides, them two were so wounded from the sounds of it I doubt she got anything at all and don't worry Mel, like good parents we'll make sure you keep up on your grades."

Melissa couldn't help but smile at Erik's reaction, again trying to hide the widening of it at Abe's own behind the rim of the coffee cup, letting it linger for a prolonged sip until she could return to some form of stoicism. Business helped that, but it was not much to offer, as Erik had stated. "Cyborga was in shock about her legs, seeing her own body decay in front of her. Furtrap was unconscious and still smoldering.." Her nose wrinkled as she recalled the look of him, the smell of burnt hair was one hard to wrench from the senses as well, even after a scalding shower and trying to erase the smell, the sight of him burning… Clearing her throat she set the coffee down. "Once they are out of critical the police will question them. Do you think they will give us a chance as well or at least give us the files after Abe?" Her eyes went in his direction and then to Erik, casting him a small smile of thanks, for more than just what she spoke on. "Just make sure I am up on time, and my number is on speed dial."

"A shame… to see that to happen to anyone."Erik said, then slouched back a yawn came from him and he was standing up. "I'll leave you two kids alone. I'm sure you have things to talk about. Needto hit the hay."He gives Melissa a one armed hug before waving off over his shoulders. "Glad you came around."

Abe watches quietly as the other Thunderbolt departs, his gaze drifting over towards Melissa. Silence, that awkward long silence followed. He didn't want to sound too excited, nor did he want to touch on their own relationship… or lack of. So, he did what he could and stood up as well, "Pick out whatever room you like, I should probably get back to work."

Watching Erik go her eyes followed his back as long as they could, but Melissa was pushing to a stand with a screech of chair legs over the floor before Abe even spoke. She knew what was coming and the awkwardness was just best avoided. Her schedule was gathered up and she paused in stuffing it into her backpack as Abe spoke up and she nodded. "Of course, I'll go look for the one with a view." The suit and her carapace were gathered in her arms, walking towards the door and pausing before it. "Thanks for the welcome, good to be back." The words were said over her shoulder with a smile towards Abe as she hooked fingers around the door handle and tugged it open.

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