2011-03-18: Offer To Help


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Summary: Vinny offers to help Jeremy manage his powers.

Date: March 18, 2011

Log Title: Offer To Help

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
//Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory. //

It's late night in Mutant Town and sitting on a bench is Jeremy. He's talking to someone and there seems to be a bit of heat words between the asian teen and a guy in a red shirt, long black coat and black jeans. The phrase NMO and New Mutant Order can be heard a few times before the guy in the jacket storms off leaving Jeremy alone. Jeremy looks relieved for a bit and leans his head back. After a few moments he looks around to make sure there is no one that can see him before he takes a hit off of an inhaler.

Vinny enters the park, the hybrid preparing for his nightly practice session. He pauses as his Electrolocation shows two forms near where he entered and he walks towards the signals. He frowns a bit as he sees the guy in the red and black leave, he's seen that outfit before. The few snippets of talk he catches also raises some concern and he heads towards where Jeremy sits. "'ay there Mate, you ok? Don't see many folk in the park at this time'a night. Specially not with company like them."

Jeremy almost jumps a mile out of his skin when Vinny speaks and his gloved hand clutches tight around the inhaler. "No..no sir. No, it's okay." He says quickly as if trying to brush off the subject. "Now with company like who? That guy..it's okay between us really." His voice is nervous and so is his body language. "I'm okay, really."

Vinny shakes his head a moment and sighs "Mate yer about to come outta yer skin and look jumpier than a 'roo on hot asphalt. If them NMO wankers'er givin' ya trouble there ain't no shame in askin' fer help ya know?" He looks around a moment, making sure there's nothing else in range of his location sense. "So what's got ya all hopped up mate?"

Jeremy tenses and looks down at the ground, gripping tightly to the inhaler so that he's hoping it can't be seen. "I just owe him a favour for something. He wants me to join that N.M.O but I keep telling him no. Besides, not like I'd do any good in it." He says giving a shrug. "Not that I'd want to be a part of it even if I could."

Vinny nods "Good call, ain't no good gonna come from joinin' a bunch like that. Gonna be fools like them that get the rest of us in a mess'a trouble. So this tosser been hasslin' you alot? Can ya tell me anythin' about these blokes?"

"We just do some business together. He's really not that bad." But Jeremy doesn't really mean it. He wouldn't call that guy a friend. "What do you want to know, they're feed up with groups like the Friends of Humanity and stuff walking all over us. They think that starting up some Mutant Protection league will do some good around here. Make people afraid to try to mess with Mutant Town."

Vinny shakes his head "Or it just plays into everyone's fears that we're turnin' inta some kinda mutant army, and the trouble just gets worse. Last thing we need is ta turn inta some uniformed press gang. Seems most folk in this town think the same with all the signs I been seein'"

"I just know I don't want to see the Friends of Humanity around either." Jeremy says but he doesn't argue against what Vinny says. "I..don't agree with what they're doing but.." He looks down at his hand, the one that's clutching something and and sighs. "They just have something that helps me manage my powers so, I do business with them."

Vinny nods and looks to the hand "Whatever they're sellin' ya it can't be worth gettin' in with a bunch like that. The friends come back and we stand up and face them, not as a gang or an army but as a community. We defend our town and get tha message across that thier breed'a hatred got no place here and never will. You want a uniform, look to the red brick'o tha buildings and the black ashpalt'o tha streets, tha neon lights in tha windows'a the shops and the good people that live here. You don't need to wear those colors to stand up for them." He moves to take a seat on the bench. "As for tha powers thing, can't say I know yer situation since we all got a different pick in that lotto, but I know tha feelin' of lackin' control. Sometimes ya just gotta ask fer help, and yer not gonna find it in a bottle'o pills or'a can'o beer. Already tried that.. just makes more trouble."

Jeremy looks at Vinny and gives him a bit of a sad a smile before shaking his head. "Have you ever seen what the Friends of Humanity do? Like really seen it?" He asks. "And I'm not saying I agree with those guys and what they do, I don't think it's better for Mutant Town but I do agree with them being afraid of those groups. Not wanting them here." He looks down at his hand and opens it showing the inhaler that he's been using to get hopped up on Kick. "This stuff, it does help. It's the only thing that's allowed me to do this." He says taking off one of his gloves and touches the back of the bench with his bare hand.

Vinny nods "I know what it seems like, fearin' those that would do you harm for bein' what you are is one thing. But what they're doin' is walkin' the road that leads ta becomin' just like um. The road ta hell is paved with good intentions mate, they gain the numbers and strength they can do whatever they want in the name of "protection"." He watchs the motion and looks curious. "What ya one'o those assimilators? Take on the properties of what ya touch'er somthin'?"

Jeremy shakes his head. "No, I'm not going to be like my parents." He says firmly. Usually he barely talks to strangers and when he does he's very secretive. Though with the current high he's finding opening up not to be a problem. "Well I'm not joining them. I don't really like what they're doing either. Getting people to cause havok just so they can pretend to come in and save the day…" He then shakes his head at Vinny. "No, this stuff they give me, it makes the visions stop. Normally I can't touch anything without seeing the past."

Vinny nods as it sinks in. "Ah a postcognitive, that explains tha interest in ya. You could touch a keypad and know tha last number punched into it, or the combination on'a lock. Bloody hell yer a regular key ta tha city. Touch specific eh? Tell ya what mate, I know'a few thing's about focus and control. You meet me here tomorrow night and we'll see if I can pass on a bit'a what I know ta you. I ain't much, but I'm willing ta give it a shot if you are."

"This is the first time I've been able turn it off so to speak." Jeremy says. "They've been training me at the school I go to but all we found out is that now I can also share what I've seen. I can give it a shot but nothing's worked so far." He says before shaking his head. "I don't really want to be a key to the city. I don't want to use my powers for that, and that's why I told that guy no."

Vinny nods "School is good but tha voice of experience can't always come from tha pages of a book. I know we just met and ya got no reason ta trust me, but ya got nothin' ta lose either. Worse that happens is you spend another evenin' in tha park." He smiles a bit.

"Why?" Jeremy asks eyeing Vinny cautiously. "You don't even know me, you just know I'm some junkie mutant who can't control his powers. Do you offer every kid you see help?" He asks being a bit paranoid.

Vinny smiles "Mate look at me, this ain't a mask and coat. I didn't exactly have a stroll down easy street. I know what it's like to not be in control of yer powers, I only started to really get a handle on them once I got here. You go to school, yer not some burnout street bum. My folks taught me that you gotta do what you can when you can. I got experience I think you can benifet from and if I don't share it then I'm failin' myself as much as I'm failin' you by not tryin' ta help, wether you know me or not."

Jeremy looks up at Vinny and takes a real good look at him, letting what he says sink in. Then the teenager nods. "Sorry just, it's not easy to trust people. Before I went to school I lived out here, on the streets, for quite some time. My parents didn't exactly like me being a mutant so I ended up here. I got lucky with the school so I'm not used to people being nice without reason." He says. Then he offers his hand. "Jeremy."

Vinny smiles and shakes the offered hand "Vinny, nice ta meet you. I suppose I should count myself lucky, I been like this since birth. Well the tail and the bill and such came in later but I been a hairy bastard since day one. My folks loved life and everythin' in it, to them I was just thier son.. even after the change. My only regrets are that when what I was became public knowledge they paid the price for it. But they never blamed me. They get by but I know what it cost them to stand by me. I help wherever I can and whoever I can becasue it's what they would do if they were in my place."

Jeremy nods as he listens to Vinny and takes a few deep breaths. "You're very lucky Vinny, sir. I found out my parents were members of the Friends of Humanity. I ran away before it got really bad. That's why I can understand where those guys are coming from even if I don't agree with what they're doing it." He looks down at his hand and takes a deep breath. "Listen, don't let anyone get you to take this stuff or hit you with it. I took it by choice but they're are some people out there they aren't giving the choice too."

Vinny nods and looks at the inhaler "Needs to be inhaled right? Well good thing I'm amphibian, can hold my breath for a good long time. Thanks for tha heads up Jeremy, sounds like this bunch is gettin' dangerous. You got an extra one'a those? I know somone that might be interested in findin' out what this stuff is."

Jeremy looks at the vile and takes a deep breath before handing it over to Vinny. "I can get another one." It's almost like it's painful for him to part with it but he does hand it over reluctantly. "It increases your powers and that's why I can touch things…it…it feels great.

Vinny nods and takes a handkerchief from his pocket, wrapping the inhaler in it and tucking it into a pocket. "I'll take your word for it mate, last thing I'd need is somthin' that would make me even more bestial. Had a damn PETA nutjob throw paint on me the other day as it was." He grins, trying to make a joke. "But thanks, I know some folks'll be happy ta get this. Oh and tomorrow I need ya to come here clean, this ain't gonna do much good if yer dumbed on this stuff when we start, got me?"

Jeremy nods. "Okay, is it okay if I smoke a cigarette or two though?" The smokes help him between fixes. "That sucks about PETA. Just, I wouldn't recommend anyone getting hooked on Kick. It…it feels great but…you become too reliant. I know I do it and I'm not a great example but, I'll come by clean tomorrow night."

Vinny nods "A good smoke ain't a problem. But if yer gonna lick this control problem without the puffer yer gonna need to do it yourself. We control our gifts, they don't control us. You get where I'm comin' from?"

Jeremy signs and puts his head in his hands. "A few years back I got introduced to heroin, did it for a while but I kicked the habit, for almost a year. Something drove me back. I saw something I had trouble dealing with and so, I took the easy route. It helped a bit. Then I got recommended this stuff.

Vinny nods "Ya kicked one habit, ya can kick this one. This time ya kick it by takin' away what ya need it for. Ya get yer gift in line, ya get yer life in line. The rest is all gravy yeah?"

Jeremy stands up and shakes his head. "I kicked one habit to go right back to it." He says before looking down at his feet. "Thanks again, but I should head by to my school before curfew. Um…I'll see you tomorrow and if I know anything else aobut those guys I'll let know you."

Vinny nods and stands "Sure thing mate, you get along and stay safe ok? I'll see ya tomorrow night and we'll see if we can help ya get this monkey off yer back."

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