2010-02-03: Old Business New Construction


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Summary: Crime, punishment, arguments thereof and teenage attitude at inappropriate moments.

Date: February 03, 2010.

Log Title Old Business New Construction

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Time has passed, Inferno is over, but things are still going on. Bitter squabbles. People fighting amongst themselves. Things that just don't need to be happening. As he hovers in the danger room, Addison sends a mental call out to three students. One… he never thought he'd have to call, but these things happen. He also let's Jonothon know about it, since he's going to be staying here for a while. The message was along the lines of meeting him in the danger room. It's been a long few weeks.

Robyn spending some time with Jordan when he got the mental call and with a sigh, he left and ran into Dallas and found out that he had a mental call too. Robyn doesn't really have a clue what it's about but since it's in the danger room he took the time to get into his Green and White Alpha Squadron uniform before going in. "Dallas, do you know what's up?" He doesn't have a clue what is going on as he walks in with his friend.

Since it's the Danger Room, Jonothon shows up in his costume. Not that it looks much different than his normal attire. A longer jacket, black pants, black shirt and gloves.. so most may not even register that something has changed. The man walks in without comment, lifting a hand in farewell. Doesn't give any clue as to what this is.

Dallas shakes his head at Robyn. He's wearing his own squad colors, hastily thrown on. "I don't know. I was /just/ here. In the weight room. You'd think they'd call when we were going to be, you know, somewhere in the building." His expression is puzzled but faintly amused. "I already have detention for the curfew thing. What are they going to do? Make me clean the toilets mutant-fresh?"

Lucas wanders in looking annoyed. He's wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants with a wife beater and a dark brown flannel unbuttoned over it. He looks around at the others here, and is then even more confused, his annoyance shifting to uncertainty. He folds his arms over his chest and just waits, not really speaking to any of the others.

"Good, you all made it here quickly. I was hoping you would." Addison calls, offering a smile as they come in. "Is everyone doing ok? After all of the… well… hell?" He asks, making pleasantries. "I mean, dealing with things you've seen, dealt with, or done?"

Robyn notices Addison and Jonothon in the room and it's like a false comfort, he just figures it's some weird kind of training, or maybe getting yelled at for skipping classes. "I guess, I'm doing a lot better. I know that shouldn't give me an excuse to skip classes but I'm still kind of trying to relax and get back to myself after everything." Best to explain the skipping of classes now and admit it than being caught out.

Jonothon opts to not say anything, but he shows that partial smile of his as Addison attempts pleasantries. No, he merely tucks hands into pockets and lets the red-head handle this. Especially since he doesn't quite know what Addison is working for and doesn't want to ruin it.

Dallas blinks at the sight of two teachers. This can't be good. He rests his hands on his hips, fighting the urge to slouch a bit and the question gets an arched eyebrow. He gives Lucas a single, frosty look and then ignores him as elaborately as one can, focusing back on Addison and then Robyn when his friend speaks. He shrugs when Robyn is done and looks back to the teachers. "I'm fine, thanks." Simple. Concise. Absolutely non-communicative. In other words, typically Dallas.

Lucas sighs, "No offense, Addison, but we ain't friends, and you ain't my shrink, so let's just leave it at Ah'm fine, okay?" He glances at Dallas, but then quickly looks down at the ground, before back at Addison. "My roommate's in the med bay, Ah'd like to get back to makin' sure he's alright if'n Ah could?"

Sighing at Lucas's form of discussion. "Fine. You want it blunt, I'll give it to you bluntly. You broke school rules. I'm not talking about your demonic rampage, Lucas… I'm talking about the three of you fighting on campus. One of you has been in trouble for it before. One of you has been known to be a problem starter. It ends. Now." He states, glaring at Lucas primarily, and then Dallas. Robyn just gets a pained look. "I'm extremely disappointed in all of you."

That pained look just causes Robyn to look down a the ground and he knows he let people he trusts down. He's never been in trouble for fighting before so it's a first. He doesn't have anything to say as he broke the rules and he knows there's no getting out of it. He just bites his lip and waits for it all to be over.

Jonothon came to watch this and see how the discipline was handled. Not like Addison needs him to back the other up. There is a frown at Lucas for that outburst. And the other wondered why people didn't like him? Keeping his thoughts to himself, there's a disapproving shake of the head. Not good, Lucas. Really not good.

Dallas immediately assumes a sort of parade rest 'getting chewed out by the coach' posture, squaring his shoulders and lifting his chin a bit. He says, "Ah, I haven't been in a fight recently, that I know of. A couple of arguments." He arches an eyebrow and adds, "And with all due respect, sir, as much as I value the opinion of an X-Man, I think you're wrong." Well, that's new. He usually doesn't adopt that faintly stubborn tone or expression with staff.

Lucas shifts his weight to one leg, folding his gloved hands over his chest, and just looking like an annoyed tough kid. He chews his lip, and just waits. But then Dallas speaks, and he furrows his brow, looking at the other lad, and unfolding his arms. This should be good.

"No, not recently." Addison says looking at Dallas. "Before the whole mess started. January twelfth to be exact. At the pool." He says, tilting his head. "Where would I be wrong about that? I've got it not only from feeling the mental annoyance hard enough to give me a migraine, but also through the security cameras." He looks to Jono and tilts his head. That was an awkward comment from Dallas. "And the facts have already been reviewed."

Robyn bites his lip and looks from Dallas to Lucas and back down. "It was my fault, I'm the one who punched Lucas. I was the one who possessed him when I know I shouldn't use my powers against another student, I just reacted without thinking. If there's one person who should get in trouble, it's me."

Only after Robyn's had his say, «What? You think we can't keep track of all of you?» Asked with amusement. Not that the kids are tracked all the time, but honestly. Jonothon shakes his head at you all. Never mind the things he's personally see. «The problem in the city put a delay on things. Protecting you was a little more important.» What else can he say? Probably shouldn't have said anything, but he shrugs and lets Addison continue. Doesn't reply to Robyn directly.

Dallas blinks and says, "Seriously? January twelfth? Isn't there a statute of limitations on stuff like this? And you're seriously going to give us detention over fighting after /everything/ that has happened?" He gives Addison a look that is equal parts disbelieving, annoyed and, for some reason, amused. After Jono 'speaks' he adds, "Wow. Do you think they passed out tickets for swimming after hours while the Titanic was going down, too?" He shakes his head. "Ok, seriously. Don't you guys have anything better to do? I mean … really? World. Needs saving? Magneto? Playing bocce on the front lawn? Saints in the Superbowl? You seriously don't think there's like an alien mind control plot at work there?"

Lucas watches Dallas being… well… like Lucas. He furrows his brow, it bothers him. Is that what he drove him too? He takes a step forward, "Addison, it wasn't neither of them." He sighs, "It was me. Dallas made a comment about my maw, and Ah flipped out. They was both just protectin' themselves from me bein' stupid." What? Did Lucas just own up to something? Weird. "So… If'n ya'll are lookin' ta lay blame and detention… It's on me."

"Dallas, there is no statute of limitations. And yes, there are more important things we need to be doing than babysitting, but here we are. Since students can't control themselves, we have to teach them to stop. And, because sometimes, when your back is up to the wall, the only person you may have to guard it is a teammate you despise." Addison says. He looks at Lucas. "Not entirely. You've been bickering with lots of people since you got here. But he's been in fights before and been punished before. So, he knows better. And Robyn… well…" He doesn't say anything about that. "So you're going to HAVE to work together."

Robyn winces as Addison doesn't say anything, he knows that lack of words, that's disappointment and sometimes that just feels worse. He just figures it's best to stay quiet and avoid eye contact, with any of them. He just nods and and listens. He snapped and he knows it and the guilt of the situation is hitting him. It's easy to tell it's the first time he's really been in trouble.

The outburst from Dallas has Jonothon looking in disbelief. Like the teen started acting incredibly stupid. Oh wait, that's because he did. Privately to Addison he says as an aside, «If only we didn't have to babysit..» Apparently some kinds never learn. You know, says the guy who didn't for years. Lucas surprises the Brit, and all he can do is shake his head at both of them. «Lucas, I appreciate the gesture, but Dallas can dig his own grave without help.» There's no anger in it though. Kind of like Dallas, Jono is amused more than irked. Robyn he's sure won't be in trouble for some time in the future.

Dallas sighs and rubs his forehead. "Sorry. I wasn't thinking of that." He shrugs at Addison as though apologizing at something said between them. Lucas gets a look and Dallas's eyebrows go up even farther. His tone is /very/ dry as he says, "Nice. Liked the little quiver there at the end. Drama class?" He looks back to Addison at that speech and says, "Again, with no offense, you're making a couple of assumptions. Yes, I want to be an X-Man eventually. But no, it won't be any team he's on." He jerks a thumb towards Lucas as he says that. "And every fight I've been in has been instigated by somebody else /and/ they threw the first punch. Or invaded the first mind or whatever. Look, I'm sorry that I'm more of a hippy, 'let's all hang out and make snow bunnies and doll clothes' kind of guy. And I know I'm going to end up doing whatever I'm told here anyway. But from my point of view, you're punishing me, again, for not letting people run over me. Well, no offense, but tough. That's not changing." Dallas folds his arms over his chest. "So go for it. Just understand that I'm /still/ going to do what I think is right and then pay for it. Period."

Lucas looks at Dallas, and he sighs. He folds his arms back over his own chest, and then just waits for Addison to talk again.

"Then, if Lucas goes that path, then you may NOT be an X-Man. The determination is not yours to make, Dallas. It's up to Scott. Yes, I believe you should stand up for what's right. But at the same time, you don't fight with people you have to live with. Would you prefer that we send a letter to your parents about your disciplinary issues and send you back, saying that no matter what we do, we can't get through to you? That they have to find something else to do with you?" Addison asks, since Dallas seems to be the one causing the biggest issue. "Recently, the boathouse was damaged. It needs repairing and refinishing. It's hard work, and you'll have someone supervising you. But you will all work TOGETHER to fix it and refinish it. It's not a lot, but it'll take time. And if any of you aren't actively working to complete it, or are avoiding each other while doing it, we'll find something else for you to do TOGETHER again."

Addison looks to Dallas. "War doesn't always give you the opportunity to choose your friends or your co-combatants. My world's version of some of the people here were arrogant assholes, but I worked with them. Why? For the good of my people. And you'll learn to do the same. Sometimes, it takes the bigger man to apologize for insulting someone. Even if they didn't mean to."

Robyn nods at the punishment and lets whatever happens between Addison and Dallas, happen. Is he thrilled with fixing the boathouse, not in the least, but he did do something wrong. "Yes sir." He says with less than enthusiasm. Inside he's panicking a bit, he's never done construction work, physical labor? That's not something he's really great with. "When do we have to start?" This is really going to cut into his art time and boyfriend time.

The disbelief Jonothon feels continues, but he doesn't step in and add anything more. Still, he's clearly boggling at Dallas. Nor does he answer Robyn about when, as he doesn't know. Sure enough he's going to be on the dock helping, but that's not something he's worried about. It'll make a nice break from the paperwork he's been dealing with.

Dallas flinches at the threat. /That/ takes most of the fight out of him. And the idea of spending his time with Lucas doesn't thrill him either. He shakes his head and tries to think 'loudly' not wanting to risk mouthing off in front of the other students with the danger of going home on the table. 'Great. So what? I pretend to think he's not a murderer and that we get some some cheap, Lifetime movie of the week love-fest going? Do I get to stay then? Because that really /will/ be all it is. Pretending.' His jaw sets pugnaciously and his chin comes up a little more. His voice is clipped but even. "Fine."

Lucas doesn't answer. He looks down, holding his left hand, encased in the giant glove, up just a little, looking at it. He furrows his brow, but remains silent.

Yes, he heard the thoughts. And yes, Addison is speaking out loud. "No, I didn't say you have to like him or make a movie-style lovefest. I said you had to learn to work with. To get along with. That doesn't always mean like. You can hate someone and still work with them." He sighs. Turning to Jono, he adds in, mentally.
«Children. Were we ever like that?» He doesn't know about Jono, but he knows how his childhood was. War. "It'll start next weekend. At least two hours a day. I'm sorry if that cuts into your time with significant others if you have them." He looks at Robyn, then at Lucas. "Or if you.. don't?" He says, the question rather audibly double checking something as he turns to look at Dallas, raising an eyebrow.

"Or if you don't." Robyn says looking at Addison almost trying to think something his way. "So, are there instructions? I've never built anything like that before, and…okay." He isn't trying to fight it but his next thought is of the cold and he sighs. This sucks.

Not hearing any loud thoughts because he doesn't try to, Jonothon would be glad if he knew. He wouldn't want to hear the hate anyway. Then he gets the question from Addison and if he could breathe he'd snerk for it. There's an obvious laughter reaction before he nods to the man. Privately, he admits, «I was far worse.» At least he grew out of it. Then to Dallas he pulls a hand out of a pocket to motion with it. «Listen, as one of the newest X-men, ignoring the five year gap I had between now and then, I can tell you that Addison is right. You want on that team, you have to prove yourself. That means working with people you don't like. Working with people you absolutely hate. You can't prove that small aspect while you're a student, then no way is Scott going to accept you. Even if you have awesome power. We have to trust one another. You don't.»

Dallas blushes from his hairline down to his shoulders and is suddenly thinking, quite loudly, of the most complex and arcane football plays he can remember. He shrugs faintly at Addison, clears his throat and starts to turn away. Jono's words make him turn back and says simply, "Trust is earned. And so is distrust." He glances at Lucas and then does turn. "Well, I guess I'll end up using stuff from wood shop after all." His stance quite visibly excludes Lucas from his field of vision as he says to Robyn, "Well, hey. Maybe Ikea sells a kit?" A bit of graveyard humor.

Lucas finally speaks up, angry. "See? Fuck, Ah've apologized to him, and Ah've tried to make right. Now you've tried to FORCE him. He's not gonna accept me, so why don't you stop tryin' to force it?" He scowls a bit at Addison and Jono both. "You're just makin' this worse!"

"That's what our job is, Lucas. To get people to work together. Nobody's forcing him to accept you. Nobody's asking him to ACCEPT you. We're telling him to work together. And that goes for you, too. End of discussion." Addison explains with a sigh. he shakes his head softly. "If you don't like it, you can try talking to Mr. Summers. But, I have a strong feeling that he'll agree with us, and tell you exactly what Jonothon and I have told you. That's the way it works. So, Lucas, you're free to go see how your roommate is doing." He says with a nod. "And Robyn, you can go back to making sure Jordan is ok." He looks to Dallas. "And you can go back to… working out." He finishes. Smoothing over the questions he has.

Robyn wants to shout at Lucas so badly right not but he keeps himself in check. There is a slight chuckle in regards to the Ikea statement though. "Again, sorry Addison, sorry Jono. It won't happen again." Or so Robyn thinks as he nods to both of them and looks to Dallas and mouths 'that sucked' to him as he starts to leave now that things seem over.

«That's a bollocks answer, Dallas. Trust works both ways. You don't, so you won't earn any. Pull your head out of your arse. You're so in the dark you aren't seeing how close you are to the wire.» Jonothon isn't angry, but worried. That threat of being sent home is real. «We're not telling you to like anyone. Who you like, or dislike, is your choice, but while you are here in this school you will follow Addison's direction. He says to work with Lucas, then you have to. You chose not to, and that threat becomes reality. The choice is yours.» It's the consequences that no one seems to like. Jono shrugs and sticks that hand back in its pocket. No skin off his nose. No, he doesn't expect replies after the teens are let go.
Addison handles Lucas, so he turns his attention to Robyn. «That's what matters, Robyn.» That it won't happen again.

Dallas sighs and starts to argue but again, that idea of getting sent home comes up and he just shakes his head and shuts up. And switches to basketball statistics at that last comment from Addison. His expression is stony and blank as he takes his leave, still not looking at Dallas as he goes.

Lucas just stands there, staring at Addison, waiting for the other two kids to leave.

Nodding, Addison makes a motion to the doors. "Don't you have things to do, boys?" He asks, shaking his head.

Robyn looks to Dallas and shrugs as he goes to exit the danger room. "I guess it could have been worse?" He says hoping that this doesn't ruin his friends mood. "And it's just for a week or so and then it's over."

Dallas sighs at Robyn. "Probably longer." He shrugs and looks back as they get ready to leave and lowers his voice to the point it hopefully won't carry. "It will feel longer anyway." He grunts and asks, "If I were wrong about him, you'd tell me, right?" And with that, he's out the door.

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