2010-04-19: Old Face In The Park


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Summary: Jeremy and Misha are hanging out in the park when a face from Jeremy's past run into them.

Date: April 19, 2010

Old Face In The Park

Rating: R

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

It's after dinner by this point, the sun gone thanks to tall buildings, but the oranges and reds still linger in the reflections of those same structures. "Here." Mikhail returns, offering Jeremy a drink he'd picked up at a near by store. Dinner in the park! Even if it's fast food on a bench. His voice is just as awful as normal, and he soon offers the bag he carries too. "Got you extra burger. You are needing it." A grin as he settles down, taking a sip through the straw of his own drink. Misha skipped a class so that he could hang out, but he didn't admit that. Nothing that can't easily make up. "You okay?"

Jeremy doesn't know how many times he's had fast food on a bench in the park but Jeremy doesn't mind in the least. "You didn't have to get me more food, I'm getting three meals a day, I'm fine." He says digging in the back and he'll defiantly be eating that extra burger. "Yeah, I'm okay, it's just nice to be up in the fresh air. I spent a lot of nights in this park." He admits as he smiles at Misha as he eats. "How have you been doing?"

Curling one leg beneath him, Misha too digs around for his burger. There's some unwrapping as he looks around. Not quite answering quickly. "Are you glad that is not the way anymore? Sleeping here?" For he knows that's what was going on. As for himself, he shrugs. The teen has none the less been distant today, for he's been thinking a lot about something. "I am okay." Said with another smile as he looks back. He is sporting some obvious bruises on his face too, for he was distracted even during combat practice. Never a good thing. "Am thinking lots."

Jeremy nods while swallowing a mouth full of food. "I'm glad for a real bed and to not worry about the cold or rain." He admits as like usual, he eats with his gloves on. "I'm glad that I'm getting back into a normal life." He says as he eats fairly fast, he can't help it but he's still got a bit of that mentality, and the habit, to inhale his food as fast as he can. "A lot on the mind? Good or bad?"

Misha never mentions the gloves, for he knows exactly why they are needed. He's been careful never to make skin contact too, for all he doesn't avoid touching so that Jeremy doesn't feel distanced. "Never had to worry about cold or rain, but hard ground sucked." Said in sympathy. "Am not sure this counts as normal." For Barnes isn't. Still, he's in decent humor even as he shrugs. "Eh, not sure." Good or bad. "Sorry. Am I being bad company?" Honestly apologetic. "Am thinking of future. What I want to be doing, and with who. Been strange week."

Jeremy shakes his head. "No, not at all. You're the first friend I've really had in a few years and for me, this is kind of normal. I mean, I'm at school again and I'm getting a chance to practice with track but I can barely run two miles now." Which is crappy for what Jeremy was used to when he was in shape. "Oh after Barnes? What have you been thinking about? Weren't you talking about something with those SHIELD people?"

"You will get better." Said with a smile, "Both in friends and track." Teasing himself a little. Scratching his head briefly, Misha thinks. Then he eats some fries and thinks. How and what to say? "Yes." He was talking to the SHIELD people. "Is awkward." Gives a wan smile. "See, SHIELD wants me to be working for them. Already. Other people want me too. It scares me." Doesn't mind admitting that to Jeremy. "I told SHIELD not yet. I am wanting college first. This is merely delaying tactic though. There are being parts of SHIELD that make for bad. Not sure they are way to go. Am coming to see that I may have to decide sooner than want. That scares too."

Jeremy shakes his head. "No one should make you rush a decision like that Mikhail. If you want to go to college, you should go to college." He figures Misha must have a lot more going on in the school than he does but then Jeremy doesn't know the behind the scenes of what's going on with him and his powers in regards to Barnes. "They should take Not yet as not yet. They shouldn't be pressuring you Mikhail."

There's a shake of the head. "Oh, Barnes is not pressuring. They are being good." An assuring smile between bites of burger. Misha doesn't have issue with how Barnes is treating him at all. "Is other aspects I am not sure I should be telling of that have me thinking." He can see that Jeremy doesn't quite grasp it all though. Not sure if he wants to explain it either. "No, Barnes is not pressuring. I see trends, patterns. Way world works. Trouble I am constantly finding… Lots of things. Sorry, was not being clear."

"No, you're not but don't worry about it. I'm doing my best to understand." Jeremy says as he can tell Misha has a different look on the world than most. He knows Misha's had rough times like himself but if Jeremy isn't willing to share the he certainly doesn't expect Misha too. "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to Mikhail." Jeremy says and finishes right as a heavy hand drops on his shoulder as there's a dark skinned man hovering right over him. In a deep, forceful voice he speaks to the teen. "Hey there Jeremy, when you gonna come back for business?"

Misha doesn't have time to reply before that deep voice makes itself heard. "…" Straw to mouth, the teen looks up at the dark skinned man hovering over Jeremy. Might even seem a bit wide-eyed, for all that's ruse. "Business?" He asks innocently. There's no way this guy is here for something good. Not with that manner. Not with those words. "Maybe I tell later, Jeremy. This friend?" There's a reason he asks, even if his tone is quite carefully clueless.

Going a bit pale Jeremy tenses at the voice. "No, he's not a friend." He says to Misha. "And no, I don't do that anymore. Now leave me alone." He says not looking back and hoping that's enough to keep the dealer away from him, but as the dark skinned guy doesn't seem to take no for an answer, he grabs a fist full of Jeremy's hair to yank him off of his feet. "I said, /when/ are you gonna come back for business Jeremy. This ain't no yes or no question." He growls at him. "And Jeremy here is lyin' t' ya, him and I go way back."

Hair is grabbed and Misha is moving. That drink he holds is thrown at the man's face. This is followed up by a kick aimed at the dark skinned man's head the head. The teen moves with precision, expecting Jeremy to be struggling. He's trying to get the man to give Jeremy some distance, and he will jump over the bench to further that if he has to. First though, making sure blows land so that he can do more.

The drink is thrown in the dealer's face and he throw's Jeremy forward to deal with his friend. "Jer, I think you made a mistake with your new company here." He says before getting kicked in the head and doubling over to grab at his aching head. "You fucking shit!" He yells at Misha as there are the sounds of guns cocking as three of his lackies walk into the area. "Mikhail…just….I can deal with this." Jeremy says as he gets up to his feet. "Rob, hey, let's just talk for a second." He says hoping that it'll help.

Guns appear and Misha is grinning. "Guns.. I can play with guns." Doubling over means that Misha gets in another kick at that head. "Are you being sure you want to play?" No, he's not giving Rob any room here. No chance to grab a weapon. "Jeremy, get down." That order is firm and harsh. Probably just his voice. As his hands take on a strange distortion though, clearly the teen isn't playing. He's preparing for the bullets that are soon to be coming his way. A shield should handle that while he gets in some blows on Rob.

There's a total of five, Rob plus his four lackies. Jeremy lets out a swear word in Spanish as he sees one of Rob's cronies fire a few shots at Misha, which they all hit the shield. "Shit, he's got powers!" One of them says but then it is mutant town, it's to be expected. Rob on the other hand starts going blow for blow with Misha trying to keep up with the teen. "Hey, hey, hey, we're just tryin' to do business here." Two of the guys start to close in on Misha while the other two start to close in on Jeremy's whose looking around and trying to run.

Trained by the batshit crazy Russian spy, and now being fine tuned by SHIELD… Yeah, Misha doesn't mind going toe to toe. He's got the bruises, and now bloodied nose, to show it. Really, the goal isn't to kill Rob, but show him that it's a bad thing to deal with Jeremy. "Leave Jeremy alone, or I take care of things." Eyes are a sharp green as he says this, and then he's gone just as those two guys are closing in to help. Misha doesn't linger there though. He races, in the other dimension, through the park bench, and after Jeremy. So not going to catch up the way Jeremy is, but he tries. The goal is hopefully shift back, grab Jeremy, and get him to safety too.

There are loud shots being fired both after Jeremy and Misha but Misha vanishes as Jeremy just runs and luckily he knows his way through the park. "Jer, don't think you can run away and don't think your friend can save ya!" There's a brief scream from Jeremy as he falls to the ground an stops running, either he tripped over something or one of those bullets that was fired hit him. "It's gonna get worse for ya Jer if you decide to take your business somewhere else." Since Misha's 'gone' he's not a threat. Though Rob isn't happy about being bloodied and bruised.

Misha draws his gun as Jeremy stumbles and works the safety free. When he appears at Jeremy's side he's not aiming for those two following, but for Rob. "You are one making mistake." He fires once, and then drops down to grab Jeremy. A bullet narrowly misses him and yet he doesn't bat an eye. Unless Jer fights, the two are shifted to safety. "Were you hit?" Mikhail asks, strangely calm and focused, as the world becomes a hazy, faded, hologram.. "Are you bleeding?" That's important! Far more than any history here.

Rob is hit in the shoulder and spins back, grabbing onto hit. "Fuck!" He yells out as his lackys come to his aid. "They're gone." He growls as he looks in the general direction he saw them last. "Jeremy, yous and I still got business." He says as he goes to leave the area with his men. Jeremy is teleported and looks at Misha. "I don't know, leg." He says pulling up his pant leg that is already soaked with blood. The bullet grazed his leg enough to need to stitches but nothing major. "Mikhail…thanks and..sorry."

Gun is placed down so that his hands are free. "Hold to me." Misha tries to put Jeremy's hand on his leg. "Do not let go." If he gets hands free he can do something about the bleeding. Doesn't care if he tears his tshirt, and it's soon getting wrapped around the leg after an inspection. "No, I should be sorry. I made things worse." There's a pointed look to Jer for that, and those eyes are green, not hazel. "Is my fault you are being shot. I felt it was good time to show why SHIELD wants me." There's an unhappy sound and look to that. "If you were not being in danger I would have showed more. I could have been killing them all easily. Wouldn't have, but is possibility." No, not happy about that either.

Jeremy keeps a hand holding onto Misha as he shakes his head. "No, it's your fault. It's mine. I…I feel into a bad habit Mikhail. He…he was my dealer. I quit but he still wants me to buy from him." Jeremy says as he lets Misha do his thing breathing a bit heavy to block out the pain. "He doesn't like losing the business."

Admitting that earns Jeremy a smile. "What? Where you being afraid I not be friend over this?" Silly Jeremy. Misha's voice is awful, but he sure sounds fond. "We deal with him when time comes." Eyes glitter for that as he gets the leg wrapped. "Jeremy, I have secrets that I not tell to protect you, and for that there is being little you could say that would make me not your friend. You said you gave up that buying. I believe you. You are trying better life, and that is what is important. Now.. we should get you to hospital." A firm look there. Hands bloodied, he none the less retrieves his gun. "Barnes or public? We can be finding cab."

Jeremy looks away and nods. "Yeah, thanks." He's still a bit embarrassed over his addiction but he eventually looks up. "Barnes, that'd be better and thanks….thanks a lot Mikhail." He still holds onto his friend and gives him a small, embarassed smile. "At least it wasn't worse?"

Misha laughs for that as he tucks away the gun. "Come on." That leg wound means he's going to need to support Jeremy, but he doesn't seem to mind. They just have to get far enough to not be shot, and then flag a cab down. It's going to be a painful trip, but it could have indeed been worse.

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