2009-09-03: Old Faces Become New Faces


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Summary: Vincent visits his old school to suspicion to newer teachers.

Date: September 3, 2009

Log Title Old Faces Become New Faces.

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Robyn is outside enjoying the last few days he has before school is back in session. He's about to start his Junior year but he's not thinking about that right now. His mind is on other things at the moment such as the nice lunch he just spent with Jordan. Lying on the grass of the quad, Robyn is dressed in his usual black jeans with a t-shirt with Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt on. His hands are behind his head as he just looks up at the clouds, trying to figure out which shape each resembles.

What seems to be a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, and a t-shirt shaped as if they were worn by someone but with no person in sight idly strolls off the path leading down to the lake. Robert Weyrin, just about ready to begin his first year of teaching at the Xavier Institute, is just out for a walk for now. When Robyn's noticed, Rob considers for a moment before before starting over to see what the student's up to.

Vincent walks outside from the kitchen and looks over towards the dorm with a tilted head. "Huh." He grunts at the newer building before wandering off in the quad. The self-healer seams to be in a ship shape kind of mood, and is behaving a lot more gracefully than some days. Despite the aura he has, his left wrist is in a brace, and the sleeve of his hoodie is pushed up to his elbow so to not interfere. Vince almost steps on Robyn, but glances down at the last moment and stops himself from kicking the student. "No better place to sky-gaze?" Vince asks. Of course the floating clothes aren't quite noticed, yet.

Robyn looks up at Vincent as he's almost stepped on and grins. "Nope, perfect spot right here." He says as if he doesn't care if Vincent is in his way or not. "Besides, there's a path right there." He says pointing in the direction as he notices the invisible teacher approching. "Hello Mr. Weyrin!" He says cheerfully as he really likes Rob for some reason.

"Roof's better actually. Less chance of being stepped on," Rob remarks as he comes up behind Vincent. "And a better view," he adds. Never mind the rumor he heard going around that it's also a popular sunbathing spot. "Hey, Robyn," he greets, smile unseen.

Vincent's reaction is probably expected as he looks over his shoulder, darting to his left, instinctively making his right the target side. Getting a look at the professor's clothes he finally falls on his back and blinks at where the head would be, before Vincent gets up and dusts himself off. "Uuh, who are you?" Vincent asks pointing at Rob, the teacher.

"That's Mr. Weyrin, he's my squad leader." Robyn says as he shrugs at Rob's suggestion of the roof. "Yeah but I can't exactly fly to the roof, maybe I can get Jordan to take me up there sometime, but unless somehow absorbing peoples brain juice will let me fly, I don't think I'm getting up there on my own." He looks back at Vincent for a bit, he's never seen him before but he can tell Vince looks older than him. "Are you a new student here, or someone I've missed before?"

Arching an invisible eyebrow as he watch's Vincent's reaction to him, Rob shakes his head. "Little jumpy?" he asks. The man nods when Robyn introduces him. "I'd offer a hand but as you can't see…" he trails off. "You know, Robyn…there is a way onto the roof from inside the mansion."

Vincent shakes his head, "Not really, just woke up from a spar with Julian though." Vince says holding up his left hand as proof of his story. The self-healer looks at Robyn and nods, looking over at Rob, "You're a teacher?"

Robyn raises an eyebrow at Vincent as he leans back on his hands. "No, he's not a teacher here, just International Golf Champion for Xavier's." Obvious sarcasim but then that streak tends to hit Robyn sometime. "I didn't think we were really supposed to go on the roof though Mr. Weyrin, I mean they don't exactly have a door way with the word 'roof' on it, do they?"

"Surprise, surprise," Rob adds to Robyn's sarcasim. "Yes. I'm a teacher here," he says. "You a student?" he asks. Robyn gets a shrug. "Dunno if the door says anything but I haven't heard any of the other teachers say anything about students on the roof and I've seen a couple up there. I'll find out for sure but I believe the one area on the roof is alright but you jump the railing and you're in trouble."

Vincent's eyes roll at the sarcasm. "Nope." Vince says with a broad smile. He has already graduated. "I think the door's in the observatory… but I don't remember." Vincent says, realizing he's not remembering too much around here, and he takes a look at the dorm house, trying to figure it out and what its purpose is.

"I don't remember seeing a door up there at all." Robyn comments idly. "Oh Mr. Weyrin, which subject do you teach, I don't know if I'm going to have you as a teacher as well as a Squad leader. I'm also spending this last free weekend with my parents before coming back here to start school."

Rob moves slightly closer to Robyn in a defensive manner. "Mind explaining who ya are and what you're doing on campus then?" he asks, glancing quickly at the school. Vincent doesn't look like he'd be too much trouble to deal with until help arrived should he turn out to be hostile. "Math and History," he replies to Robyn, keeping an eye on Vincent.

"I am an alumni and I'm here to keep my skills and talents sharpened." Vincent says, being honorable and respectful. "I don't really remember myself." Vincent says with a smile before he turns and starts off back towards the school. Might need to grab a teacher who's been here for a while to speak for him.

Robyn gives Rob a weird look as he moves defensivly closer to him, he doesn't really understand why. After all isn't the school guarded against people just wandering in. "Okay cool, both those subjects I have to take." After all they're mandatory for Juniors. "Hey, where ya going?" Robyn asks Vincent curiously.

Rob relaxes at the news. It's not that he doesn't trust the school's security, he's just not one to rule out the possibility that someone could have found a way around it unnnoticed. He gives an unseen smirk to Robyn. "Don't think I'll be going easier on you just because you're in my squad," he cautions. The invisible man remains quiet on the subject of where Vincent's going, waiting to hear what he says.

Vincent holds up his left hand, "Gonna take this thing off." Vince is sure it was healed before he walked out here, but he didn't bother to go back. "But it can wait for a while." The self healer says before he walks back to the two, sure he's somehow pestering the invisible one. "So how do you plan on running your sessions when the time comes?" Vincent asks Rob.

Robyn runs his hand through his hair, glad that it's finally starting to look a little longer than a buzz cut. "In a couple of months I'll be able to cut my hair to how it used to be." He comments idley. "Nah I didn't expect you to go easy on me because I'm in your squad, I expected you to go easy on me cause you're one of my favourite teachers here." He jokes with Rob knowing it's not the case.

"How'd that happen? Julian do it?" Rob asks, looking at Vincent's hand. Robyn gets a laugh from Rob and the invisible teacher teacher gives the teen a light pat on the shoulder. "I've got a couple plans in mind. Gonna start 'em out with basic exercises and power demonstrations. Some sparring too. Then I saw some nice programs in that Danger Room I think they'll like."

Vincent nods softly. "Yeah, but that's what happens when I try to get him to go all out." He looks over at Robyn and tilts his head slightly before looking back through Rob. "Be sure to cover the basics really, really well." One thing that could have been improved when he was going.

"Yeah and I'll probably get my butt handed to me in all of them." Robyn says, not in a down way he just doesn't think of himself as a combative. He shrugs and brings his knees upto his chest since he's still sitting on the ground. "Julian, he was the guy that got lost with Jordan and the others right?"

Rob nods. "Don't worry. I'll make sure to drill the basics into them," he remarks. "I don't have claws or fire lasers from my eyes or control the weather so the basics are something I hold in high value," he says. "You'll learn how to hold your own, Robyn. And how to rely on your team," he adds. "Got lost?"

Vincent simply nods at Robs drill speech. "When did they get lost?"

"I've been working with Addison so at least I'm better with my possesion and my psychic vampirism. I'm getting better with the Astral Projection too." Robyn says with a nod as he's spent the summer not only scuplting and hanging out with his boyfriend but also working on his powers. It's his cello playing he's ignored this summer. "So how long ago did you graduate?" He asks Vincent.

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