2011-1-15: Old Friends

Players: Robbie & Vance

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Summary: Former New Warriors and & Now Avengers, Vance and Robbie meet up and chat.

Date: January 15, 2011

Log Title: Old Friends

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Kitchen)

The kitchen is oversized, preparing for the possibility of cooking for large numbers. All the appliances are silver and black, lending to the sleek design for the kitchen interior.

Early afternoon in the Avenger's Mansion. Not much is going on, really, but Robbie Baldwin is here, currently in costume as Speedball. The biggest difference in the costume itself is the Avengers Logo on his belt. He's just walked in, carrying a stack of various and sundry pizzas, straight from Connecticut. New Haven Style. Can't top it. There's a good selection in there, including one Margherita with the letters SW on it. Since he knows that's Spider-Woman's favorite type.

Already in the kitchen, Vance Astrovik, dressed casually in grey jeans and a grey hoodie is making use of the entire kitchen while Jarvis has a day off. The song, "Grenade" is blasting as Vance sings along. He stands by the microwave as the timer is about to ring with a cup of hot chocolate. The water is running by the sink and various cups, plate, and utensils are being washed and dried. While he is not looking at them directly, he is still able to accomplish the task telekinetically so as Robbie enters various cups and dishes are flying about the room between the table and the sink.

A small bubble burst is flung at Vance. Not hard enough to do any damage, just enough to count as a small poke. Robbie sets the pizzas down on the counter and waits for the guy to turn around. He has been busy with teaching lately, so hasn't been in the mansion much. "You'll strain your ears!" He shouts at the loud music, teasing.

As the bubble hits Vance, a small grin appears on his face. All the dishes and cups are placed down in the sink or table and then brown-haired hero turns to see his friend. "Well, at least I can sing, Robbie." The volume on the music player is lowered and Vance moves over to his long-time friend, putting him in a TK aura and moves him closer to give him a hug, "It's been awhile, bro."

"ACK" Robbie says as he's gripped. "You know I hate that." He sticks out his tongue before the hug. "Well, you were on leave, I've been… TEACHING." He says, with a voice of fear and doom. "They want ME to teach… I don't know what they've been smoking, but hey. It's a steady paycheck added onto this one."

After the tight embrace, Vance releases Robbie, "Pot, I guess. If you're teaching. Jessica mentioned something about that school and I met two of the students. Barnes, right? I'll have to talk to Sam about maybe getting a teaching spot." He laughs, "You're messing them up, so someone gotta get them on the right path." The song ends completely and he telekinetically resumes the washing of plates, etc. The timer on the microwave goes off and the door opens and out flies the cup of hot chocolate towards Vance.

"Nah, I only teach one type of class. Damage Control." Robbie laughs. "You know, what I had to learn early on. And you should talk to them about it. But what would you teach? That's the question. Maybe ethics?" Of course, he knows Vance's history and what's happened, so ethics would be a good fit. "Eat, EAT. You're too thin." He points at the pizzas as he grabs a meaty one from the middle and pulls out a slice. "So, how've you been. And Angel?"

Taking a sip from the hot chocolate, Vance uses his telekinesis to pull out a sausage slice and he begins to munch away on it, "Well, college has a way of making me lose weight. The food sucked worse than your cooking." He teases and chuckles before answering the last question, "I'm good. And Angel is good too. She is finishing up with school. The holidays were good. We went away together and I'm back and waiting for her to come join us. How're your holidays?"

Robbie shrugs. "Alright. Just been busy with everything. Mom's been doing the same things as always. Dad's an idiot… as always." He sighs, shrugging a bit. "But, that's how it's always been. Haven't heard from anyone else in a while."

"Yeah other than Angel and, now, you. I haven't heard from the others. I should look up Dwayne and see about a mini-reunion or something." Vance shrugs and continues with the slice of pizza and pulls another slice for him to eat when he is done with this one, "So how're you liking Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Since I've been back I've only run into Jessica and Keld. Very interesting people." He pauses, "Well, person and alien." He corrects himself.

"Aliens are people too." Robbie says with a nod. "And it's alright. It's like a more serious version of the Warriors. I'm hoping the others will come around again at some point, but meh." He shrugs. "It's not like the Avengers would turn any of them away. They took me, so they'll take ANY of them." He laughs.

Laughing, "I guess they lowered their standard from when I first joined the team." Vance jokes, "Well, I'll have to get used to working with this group. Still waiting to meet up with Tony" He finishes the second slice and pats his stomach as he lets out a loud belch *BURP!*, "Damn…."

"Tony's around, but busy. He's the one who let me in. That… was rather surprising. No tests. Nothing special. Just 'Ok.'" Robbie says with a chuckle. "I couldn't argue with it. And I had my whole argument all planned out."

"Really?" Vance shakes his head a bit oddly, "Wow. the first time I tried I didn't make the cut. The second time Angel and I had to go through a probationary period. Damn, then reserve status. Wow. Maybe they really did lower the standards." Vance laughs,"Again, just kidding. Robbie, you deserve to be here as much as anyone else. Though I am curious what would have been your argument?" He sips from the hot chocolate again, "Damn thing is too hot."

"More experience than some of the Avengers. Silverclaw? Psht. She came here straight from her homeland, with no experience and was brought in because she was Jarvis's adopt-a-child." Robbie says with an eye roll. "If she can do it, I can."

"Oh wow, dude. That's kinda harsh. I was there when Maria joined. She deserved to be here, but yeah, I do agree it was kinda fishy that she just kinda was let in and being Jarvis's kid." Vance had never thought about that part, "Nepotism at it's best, I guess." He shrugs and sips the cup of hot chocolate and opens a cabinet and out come marshmallows flying towards Vance, which he grabs and tosses into the cup.

"Oh, I have NOTHING against her. I like her and everything, and she does good. But so can I. That's my point. I'm just as good." Robbie explains. "It's not against her, it's FOR me."

"Yeah I understand. And you actually have more experience, but I guess being a demi-goddess, she has a foot up." Vance shrugs, "So tell me more about Barnes. how exactly does it work? We're training/teaching potential Avengers or SHIELD agents? Is it like Xavier's?"

"Bascially, that's it, in a nutshell. But more military oriented than Xavier's." Robbie says with a nod. "She's a demi-goddess, I'm indestructible. What's the difference? Her powers are limited, as are mine." He grins.

"True, I suppose. Well who knows, maybe Maria may join up again too." Vance walks towards the pizzas and considers another slice, "I'm looking forward to training. I missed that and you and I haven't trained together in awhile. We can beet each around and then cool down with some beers later."

"Well, with some finesse, I'm sure we can find ways to get at each other." Vance then thinks, "Oh you know what would be cool. If we came up with a tag team time move. Like Wolverine and Colosssus have the fastball special. We need something of our own. Maybe like the slingshot and I can hurls you at the villains. Though you can do that yourself." He smiles, "Oh but we should totally true that."

"It could work, but it would depend. And yeah, I can do that myself, especially if I find something to trap myself in." Robbie chuckles, shrugging. Anyway…" He says with a shake of his head. "Back around for good for now?

Nodding his head, "Yeah, I am back for good. To be honest even wit a degree, I can't see myself doing anything else. We've been doing this since we were kids. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't going on adventures and helping people." Vance stares off a moment trying to picture what he would do.

"That's part of my thing, too. Heroing is all I know." Robbie says with a shrug. "And construction in a minor level because of working with the DamageControl company."

"Yeah, we're given these powers, either through mutancy or a scientific experiment acciddent." Vance shrugs, "It's literally in our bloods. We are destined to do this stuff." He decides to take another slice and opens the pizza box ot pull out a plain slice, "So how're things with Damage Control?"

"Oh, I dunno. I only worked for them for a while. I got away from it. Not really my thing." Robbie chuckles as he finally finishes his first piece. He eats a little slow sometimes. "I just remember things. Tricks and Tips.

"For someone who has a somewhat destructive power, kinda ironic you worked with Damage Control." Vance is munching on his third slice already, "Hey what do you want to drink?" Vance telekinetically opens the fridge door, "I can get it for you."

"I'm good. I don't need anything right now." Robbie says with a shrug. "Just thinking of going to campus in a bit and maybe running a training session with Travis and Rashmi, and maybe a few others. If they're around."

"Oh I met Rashmi. She reminds me of me when I first joined the Avengers. She seemed almost starstruck when she saw me and kept calling me sir." Vance laughs, "I me her at a bar in Mutant Town, which happens to be hangout for a terrorist. Dingo." He sighs, "Took alot for me not to try to take him in there, but it seemed many of the patrons would have helped him."

"She's a little TOO forceful in her desires and attempts sometimes." Robbie laughs. "And she calls us all sir. Just because our names are known. Not like it really means anything. I was promised hot chicks everywhere. Not one around yet."

"Yep, just like me when I started." Vance laughs, "And I lucked out. I got my literally hot chick right off the bat." He thinks, "Kinda funny. Dwayne had Sil. Rich had Nita. I had Angel and you had Rina. You'd think being on a team leads to romance. So hey, maybe you and Jessica. Though I think she is too much of a woman for ya." He laughs, "I'll try setting you up with someone. Rumor has it Squirrel Girl is into you."

"OHGODNO. Do NOT let her anywhere NEAR me. That chick is batshit insane." Robbie says, scared. "And Rina and I… we were just friends. Not anything more, really. Her powers and mine… well… they saved my life, and I do miss her, but…" He shrugs. "I know it wouldn't work well."

Vance starts laughing, "Batshit is right. Though I hear she has taken down some of the more powerful villains." Vance shrugs, "Well, maybe you should give Rina a call. Or maybe when Angel comes on by we can double date." Vance ponders who would be a good pairing with Robbie. "So many to choose from? But really who could handle you?" He continues laughing.

"I wouldn't know how to talk. It's been a long time and I don't want to interfere with her new life, whatever that may be." Robbie says with a shake of his head. "I'll pass." He obviously actually cares for the girl, but knows it's not destined.

Vance nods, "Yeah that's true." He ponders giving Rina a call if anything just to check up on her, "Plus groupies can be better. I bet now that you are in the big leagues, you have a fan club out there somewhere."

"Oh, I highly doubt that. And if I do, Squirrel Girl is the only member." Robbie says, shaking his head dramatically. "God, if I ever see her again, it'll be too soon." He shivers.

Vance starts laughing again, "What happened when you met?" Vance begins to imagine the various scenarios of the two heroes encountering each other. "Isn't she on the Great Lake Avengers. Maybe we should call her and have her come by."

"If you do that, I'll set up an intricate plot and photoshopped pictures of you to send to Angel." Robbie says with a glare. "Please, god, no." He shivers. "She's way too pushy and hero worshippy. And… the teeth, dude. The teeth."

Chuckling, "Well, if you are human squirrel hybrid, you're gonna have weird teeth. And that tail." Vance shrugs, "At least it's not like she's a hybrid of a human and." He thinks about exotic animals, "and." He ponders, "And a platypus or anything like that. Goodness, imagine that. That's be crazy!"

"That would make more sense though. Why would… nevermind. Changing of subject. How about this weather we've been having. Better than that canned, artificial weather we were having a few weeks ago." Robbie says with a grin.

Vance smirks and shakes head, "I can't stand the snow. I mean I like snow, but this has been nuts. I feel like we're living in the North Pole." He shrugs, "But it was nice on Christmas."

It worked! "YEah, but you should come by the school sometime. See what you think of it. You'd do better than I would as a teache,r and I seem to do just fine." Robbie says with a nod as he looks at his wrist. Forgetting there's no watch, he glances at a clock. "Gotta get heading that way in a few."

Vance smiles, "Well that was a nice change of subject." He takes another slice and chomps away, "Alright, then. I'll check out Barnes. You can give me a tour sometime." He takes a set at the table and eats the slice while using his telekinesis to finish washing and drying any dishes tha weren't done before.

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