2009-04-03: Old Friends New Faces


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Summary: Alison drops in to announce her return, Erik is her first new friend.

Date: April 3, 2009

Log Title Old Friends, New Faces

Rating: PG-13 (mild adult language)

Xavier Mansion - Lobby

A large chandelier causes light to shine over the polished surfaces of the Lobby creating a bright welcome. A few wooden benches blend in with the wooden walls. A large portrait of Professor Xavier is displayed on the wall. On each wall is a doorway that leads to a different part of the school.

It is an afternoon here at the mansion, and it sees Erik moving students through the lobby, chuckling. "Come on guys, get to class." He tells them, motioning quickly. "The bell rang." He grins.

The sound of a motorcycle pulling up the driveway and parking can be heard ever so briefly over the din of the students, though there's a few moments between that and the door opening. If the security cameras let them in, it must be someone with clearance - right? A tall blonde in riding clothes, metallic blue helmet in one hand the other shaking out the helmet hair, doesn't say 'Hi' to anyone just yet. Instead, she looks a little daunted.

"… This is new."

Erik raises an eyebrow as he looks over to see Alison enter, chuckling a little bit. "Hello there." He says. "Miss…Blaire, yes?" He inquires.

Alison blinks, looking up at … huh. "Yeah, that's me. Hi." She casts her gaze up and down, watching kids head off to… classes? An eyebrow is definitely raised. "You know, I always heard that this place was supposedly a school. But all the other times I've been here, that's been more of a cover than actual fact!"

Amiable smile. "You work here?"

"No, it actually is a school, or else they are paying me to teach Government and Politics for nothing." Erik explains with a smile. "Yes, I work here. I'm the Government and Politics teacher. Leif Anderson." He extends a hand.

Alison reaches over with her free hand and gives a hearty shake - "Alison Blaire," and then she points at him a little, "But you knew that. Grats on the job, Leif, I'm sure it's pretty sweet." And once enough of the kids are off and out of the way, she leans in a little closer - "… The X-Men still live here, right? Or did they move and not send a forwarding?" Not subtle, no, but… well, no one's ever accused Ali of subtle.

Erik chuckles. "The X-Men are still in residence, the Professor is not." Erik explains. "But it was always a school as well." He says with a grin. "Are you looking for them?"

Alison shakes her head, "Not -especially-. No trouble or anything. I just wanted to pop in, say 'Hi', let people know I was back in town in case anyone needed me." She shrugs, though - "As for the Professor… well, he's a nice guy, but he wasn't around when I was actually on the team anyway. I'm sure he can take care of himself. We're all big boys and girls." Then she squeezes her eyes shut. "Those of us not in classes, anyway. How many students ARE there here?"

Erik laughs a little bit. "Enough to pay the bills." Erik says, a convenient way of covering that he oocly has no idea, before he nods. "Well we can take a walk around, see who else is about? I don't have a class the rest of the day, I'm happy to play tour guide."

Alison laughs, "Sure, why not? The last time I was actually here there were only, like, 10 people living here, if that. Why is it this place actually seems BIGGER with more people in it? Isn't that weird?" Hanging her helmet on the coatrack near the door, Alison gestures broadly to Erik - "Lead on, MacDuff!"

"But now you have doomed us to fight in a few minutes, and I wasn't born through Cesarian section." Erik offers as he begins to walk around the school with you. "I do not think Scott or Emma are available right now…"

Alison laughs at the joke - even though she doesn't really get it, but goes on to say, "Oh, Scott's always busy. He'll poke his nose out and I'll give him a hard time eventually. Emma who? She new around here?"

"Emma Frost is the Co-HeadMistress of the school. Well, rather Co-principal I guess, as calling her co-headmistress grammatically implies that Scott is a girl." Erik says with a chuckle.

"Ah, gotcha. Slim contracted out, got someone to help him steer the ship since Jean…" Alison stops there, shakes her head. "It's probably tasteless of me to make a joke about Jean and death, so I'll just leave it unspoken. It still sucks that she's gone."

"And it always will." Erik agrees. "Let me see, when you were on the team Emma might have been known more as her title. The White Queen?" He offers.

And THAT brings Alison to a full stop. "I first met the X-Men because her goons attacked me at a gig in town. And she had some of them in CAGES. Seriously, SHE'S helping HERE? I mean, I know Rogue was a bad guy too - boy do I know it, but I mean… Rogue was a super-strong MOOK, and a little kid practically! The White Queen? You're kidding. You're totally pulling my leg, right?"

Erik shakes his head. "Its the fourth of april, not the first unfortunately. Emma had a change of heart…from what I understand. And she has been at the school for a while now." He explains. "Sometimes villains do reform."

Alison makes a face, "Of everyone on my list of villains I'd have bet good money on reforming, she wasn't on it." She clearly does NOT believe, but shrugs again sort of brushes the topic off with her hands. "Moving on!" Ali even puts her smile back on. "Ororo still knocking around? Or Betsy? I don't think I've seen either of them since -Australia-."

Erik nods. "Storm is still around, Miss Braddock I do not know about unfortunately, sorry." Erik says with a chuckle as he makes his way along. "The school is rebuilding after an attack."

Alison just laughs, "Well, THAT much hasn't changed, then." Taking a more serious tone, she asks - "Everyone okay? Physically anyway?" Definitely a former X-Man, presumes that mental anguish is a Given.

Erik chuckles. "Yes, we're all recovered, and the dorms are largely back in order as well." Erik explains as he motions to some areas that have an obviously new coat of paint. "Alternate dimension mutants controlled by the Shadow King." He explains.

Another face - this one with a lot more distastefully wrinkled nose. "Charming," Alison enthuses sarcastically. "That guy's a major yuck, no matter the dimension. So…" she cocks her head a bit, looking at Erik. "… I'm sorry, you look really familiar. Like you're related to someone I should be remembering better. It's bugging me a little."

Erik chuckles. "Really? Huh, I get that a lot. Maybe I just have one of those faces." He says with a disarming, but amused, smile towards you.

Alison queues up her mock-impressed face. "Wow. I've never used THAT one before." She raises a finger and sort of shakes it a little, "I know there's more to it than that, but I'll nag at you when I work it out on my own." It's as much a ribbing as it is a threat - probably MORE, actually. "Keep your secrets, that's fine. Lord knows there's probably PLENTY of 'em around here. Frankly, as much of a living hell it made my life for a while, having my only big secret blabbed to the world was kind of freeing."

Ali looks at Erik again, brow raised. "Did that make you want to tell me?"

Erik chuckles a little bit. "This is a place of secrets, Miss Blair, and while I have no doubt it may come to you in the dark of night, I do not think you will like the answer, so do not feel like sharing particularly much." He says with a sigh before he ponders something. "But I will /trade/ you."

Erik smiles. "Let me buy you lunch."

Oh THERE'S a thinker. "-Deal-," Alison agrees loudly. "I'll even let you pick the place."
Erik smiles gently. "But now you have to go with me or you are foresworn, and you will not get to see what I do on dates. Since most girls are suckers for a foot rub, that may be your loss."

Alison whistles, "AND he gives footrubs? Like I'd skip out on you NOW?" She grins, laughing. "I don't know how on Earth you're still sing—" Then she sees it. "Le." Brow goes right back up - pointing at the ring on his left hand. "Did she dump your ass, or are you a cheating bastard? Just so I know up front, you understand. If I'm going to Hell, I'd like to know why."

Erik raises his eyebrows as he looks down. Apparently…he had forgotten. "She died." Erik says simply as he looks at the ring. "I never cheated on her when she was alive, and I never would have. But…she isn't." He explains.

Alison winces. "Ok. I'm going to Hell because I'm a presumptuous bitch." She makes the 'OK' symbol up at the sky, 'Thanks a LOT, God!' expression on her face, then shakes her head. "I'm sorry, Leif. I… crap."

Erik smiles wanly. "My name is Erik Magnus Lensherr the second, and in the universe I'm originally from I'm the second son of Magneto." He explains who he is. "Remember, you promised." He smiles wanly, clearly expecting a freak out.

Alison doesn't look surprised. Or horrified. Or angry. She looks… thoughtful? "That sounds… REALLY familiar. Um. Hmm… I - I THINK I saw some of that back in the MojoVerse. Granted, I saw a -lot-. Over… God only KNOWS how long I was ACTUALLY there." Ali shakes her head though, "Not important. Anyway! Magneto's… when I was an X-Man he was all right - he was teaching the KIDS for crying out loud. So, I KNOW he's not always evil."

She even squares her fingers to get a good look at Erik's eyes and nose. Tilts her head to the side. "That's definitely the resemblance, though. I'd have figured it out eventually! And I -did- promise — you're totally still paying for lunch." Vaguely smug grin.

Erik shakes his head. "Well, I don't know about other universes, only the ones we ran into in mine." Erik offers with a chuckle, and nods. "Yes, although the white hair actually comes as much from my mother as from my father." He explains and nods. "And I will be happy to give you that foot rub for not freaking out."

Alison laughs, "Let's just see how lunch goes first, hmm, before we get to any rubbing?" She starts back in the direction of the door - "Ever ridden on a motorcycle?"
Erik smiles and nods. "Yes, I have, although I have to admit it was never something I was inspired to buy for myself."

"Oh, this'll be fun." Alison just grins, "C'mon, I've actually got a spare helmet in my saddlebag. You're gonna love it."

Westchester - Harry's Hideaway
The typical bar. Dim lighting, wooden tables, booths and, of course, the bar. It sits in the center of the room and wraps around the liquor cabinets and taps in a rectangular shape. Posters hang around the room, famous, older bands, such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and so forth. Music plays lightly through the room, upbeat melodies to aid in keeping the drunks from getting too depressed. The wait staff is at your service.

Let it be noted that Alison drives a motorcycle like someone who actually knows how. Which is to say that, to most people, she drives like a maniac. Which is why it's probably pure mercy that she actually turns off the highway and into Salem Center proper and parks outside of Harry's.

"I've never actually eaten here, if you can believe it." Though Ali makes a face at that, getting a look at the place. "I'm beginning to wonder if there was maybe a reason. Still, nothing ventured!"

Erik chuckles as he steps in, shaking his head a little bit. "I think I'll stick to cars in the future." He says idly as he smiles. "Never? Thats almost sad. It is pretty good." He says as he moves over to a table, pulling out your chair for you.

Alison sits down, nodding a thanks, "I joined the team official-like just in time for us to all die on National TV, and after that we lived in Australia. I'm probably the person with the least actual connection to the Mansion and 'traditional' X-Men stuff."

Erik chuckles a little bit and nods. "Well, it isn't a four star restaurant, but it is a decent place." He smiles and moves to sit down across from you. "So what brought you back?"

"Some little kid versions of villains I don't think have hit this particular version of the universe yet blew the dimension I was living in all to hell and killed my husband, and I figured the X-Men could help with that." Ali starts looking over the bar 'menu', all cocked eyebrow. "They couldn't, really, so I took off to figure stuff out on my own." … "Wait, did you mean to New York? London wasn't working for me, so I figured it better to go back to my roots."

Erik blinks a little bit. "I meant this time specfically to New York." He says with a wan smile. "Rather than from Australia. I am sorry to hear about your husband, however. I know what thats like. My K…my fiance was killed before we could get married, since our wedding day had been interrupted by an assassination."

Alison winces. "I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't mean to mislead - He's not dead, but we were never really married either. I just -thought- he was dead. I actually saw him not too long ago. He has amnesia. AGAIN." She shakes her head, "I -hate- amnesia."

Erik chuckles a bit. "We all have such exciting lives with amnesia, and dimensions, and all of that." He says with a wan smile, running a hand back through his hair. "Far too exciting for our own good."

"That kind of excitement I can live without, thanks. It's happened to him… a lot. He had it when I met him the first time. And then proceeded to catch it every few years like it was going to go out of style or something." Alison shakes her head, "God. I'm rambling and I haven't even had a BEER yet."

Erik fixes that, and orders himself a Guiness. "What do you want to drink?" He inquires of her.

"Sam Adams," Alison states, then leans her chin on her hand. "So, is this what you do on your dates? Promise a footrub and then get the girls to spill her guts over the table before the first drinks even arrive?"

"I'm kind of out of practice." Erik says with a small smile. "And I don't normally expect gut spilling, but when you come from the Mansion it seems you have such trauma that it just can't wait to get out."

"Mansion nothing," Alison laughs. "Put one of those X-emblems on any piece of clothing and that's it - you're scarred for life. Damned thing might as well be a TATTOO."

Erik grins and nods. "Yeah, well, give some people out there their way and we'll all be wearing tattoo's anyway." Hesmiles. "And no, normally I get them out here, give them a foot rub, and then tickle them until they agree to my demands." He teases.

Alison laughs again. "Ahhh, a fast mover." Chin goes back on her hand - "Been a while, hmm?"

Erik shakes his head. "No, still teasing." He comments dryly, although he nods. "But it has been a little bit, yes. We were…too busy fighting for our lives, right up until the end, for anything."

Alison nods a little. "I know what -that's- like, too." Siiiiiiigh. "Man. Awkward turns in Conversation for 500, Alex." She runs her hand across her face, shakes her head.

Erik chuckles. "I can pretend I'm drunk and start dancing on the table?" He offers helpfully, smiling wanly.

Alison laughs, shaking her head, "Noooo, no. I don't think I want to see that, either."

Erik pouts cutely. "Fine." He says with a huff as the beer comes, shaking his head. He holds up his glass. "To scarring memories and nightmares." He toasts with a smile.

Alison lifts her glass, "To absent loved ones and new friends."

"And random foot rubs. L'chayim." Erik clinks his glass with yours, and drinks.

Alison grins, "Cheers." So far, so good - coming home to New York hasn't sucked!

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