2010-06-21: Old Meets New


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Summary: Introductions are made between Jakob and Michael, they engage in a brief spar

Date: June 21st, 2010

Log Title Old Meets New

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Gym

This module is also fairly large, containing an elevated track that spans the circumference of the room, giving it about an eighth of a mile for a single lap. Below the track and the large ports looking out into the water is a central area that can be configured for anything from basketball to street hockey. Around the central area are areas with hydraulic weight set ups, gymnastics equipment, fitness stations and mats for yoga, sparring or stretching.

It is an early morning in the Gym, not too many students coming in. There is one person, working with a trainer in the mat area however. An older man in a Barnes training uniform, holding a dummy knife and dummy gun in his hands in an odd grip, is working on take downs with the partner. He is very good at what he does, it seems.

Early to rise was a typical for Jakob, the squeak of his tennis shoes echoing off the walls of the gym as he entered with a quick full stop. Having jogged down here after quick stretches and a shower in his room, wearing a simple yet standard work out uniform of Barnes quality and regulation, standard grays and deep blues. Morning P.T. was never missed, except for the last two days thanks to the events of the 'Demonic Rave' incident. Setting his water bottle down he stood at the edge of the mats, watching the take-down technique to practice being executed by the instructor and student.

Michael is only out of uniform in one aspect. He has the short sleeves rolled up slightly, exposing the slightly lighter side underneath. He offers the fake gun to the man, and goes through several moves with the man showing a take-down when the other guy has the gun. He helps the student to his feet before the other man goes off, and then looks around the room. Michael nods to the newcomer.

"Sir." Offered Jakob respectfully and quickly enough. Having spent his life as a soldier for the past two years and brought up an Army Brat he knew the ropes. General military etiquette and doctrine a give in, around others who were enlisted SHIELD or otherwise he fell naturally into the habit, even at this moment standing in the stance of 'at ease' both of his hands behind his back, one casually cupping the wrist of the other.

Michael gives a nod. "I'd say at ease, but you seem to already be there." He says with wry amusement. "I take it you're one of the former enlisted who is going through the academy?" He asks, approvingly.

"Dropping into attention around superior rank hasn't seemed to be a requirement as of yet Sir, when in Rome." Jakob gave a lazy shrug, his posture held. " Still enlisted, Sir… Specialist Jakob Kincaid of the US Army, currently a Recruit for well… the obvious." He said dryly, having been through the song and dance once bit of youthful arrogance had him not liking the second go around even if it was part of the standard drill.

Michael chuckles. "It wasn't a negative comment, son, just amusement. Wouldn't be any fair for me to bark at you for not saluting when nobody else is expected to." He says amusedly. "Lieutenant Colonel Michael Pola, United States Marine Corps and U.S. Military Attache to the same obvious." He says, holding out a hand to the young man. "A pleasure to meet you, Specialist Kincaid."

"Likewise, Lieutenant Colonel Pola, Sir. " Jakob replies, "The mixture of civvies to Joes is on the side of confusing, admittedly." Glancing at those who were lingering he looks back towards the older man. "No disrespect, but may I inquire what your duty is here Sir?

"Putting the education the military paid for to good use." Michael says, with a genuine smile. "As long as I'm attached to SHIELD it was decided I could fill out my days by teaching as well. Military History and Science, as well as some other odd classes here and there. Some extra training, for people who want it." He explains. "Besides that, I'm the liaison between the U.S. Militaryand thus to an extent the DoDand SHIELD."

Jakobs hand retracted quickly rejoining the other behind his back after the brief handshake, "You are an Agent of SHIELD then?" A less a question and more a dense statement as he thought out loud,"Curiously then, is this entire set up part of a test in our abilities to maintain secrecy around other students? Was a theory I have had for a while, it's not easy being tight-lipped about everything including classes that are not held by others that some of us are 'special' enough to get into."

Michael gives a nod. "Well, that's what my paychecks say anyway." Michael responds, before he listens to the theory. "Well, I think if it was a test they wouldn't e trusting you to do it on your own yet, would they?" He offers back. "I've spent twenty years with Special Forces; not talking about some things is just part of the job."

A give in." He replies calmly in agreement. Keeping the rest of his thoughts to himself, "Special Forces? Take it you seen some fun times, must be hard having to play babysitter now." Jakob's words weren't spoken with any form of rancor or disrespect, more pragmatic tossed out there observations, like he was thinking outloud and his mouth wasn't filtering. "Marine Force Recon?"

Michael shrugs slightly. "I don't see it as babysitting. There was an interim in mys service, during which time I finished my doctorate and taught community college. I'd always thought it would be an interesting challenge to teach at Annapolis, and this is just like that with more explosions." Michael responds dryly. "Force Reconnaissance Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Company." He confirms to Jakob's other question. "Up through 2002. Following my reactivation, I'm still not entirely sure if my reports are going to the DoD, the Joint Chiefs, or USSOCOM."

Hearing the reply he nodded. "Even Brass gets to suffer the rectal cranial inversion of hurry up, wait and lets forget what you asked, eh?" Jakob jests as he looked towards the mat and the weapons," I was part of the 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment attached 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 2007 until 2009. Can say it is an honor to meet you… even if you are one of Uncle Sams Misguided Children." More joking around, though he was hesitant with the last one, not wanting to insult a superior officer as he made motion where he was looking, " Semper Fu, Sir? Mind if I ask for a few rounds."

Michael nods. "Well, the issue being I think everyone reads the reports, since I', nominally in charge of any soldiers attached to SHIELD from the DoD that assist in Operations and Security." He responds, nodding. "You saw some action then. Afghanistan or Iraq?" He asks, chuckling at the USMC joke. "If we were at an Army Base I might not let you call it that, but I can deign to teach a trooper some moves. You don't want to run and get a horse?" He jokes back, his tone clearly light hearted teasing. "You have any extras I should know about? I'm just a boring old flatscan, all I can do is shoot well."

"Afghanistan, Ghanzi Province." He said towards the question, he chuckled at the horse joke." Well Sir, you know what they say about that… you may look like your mascot but we are hung like ours. Extras, not read my files? I'd like to say I'm normal but I'm not… sort of on the edge of enhanced I guess, term they used. Natural cheat." Jakobs features flushedt in shame, " I won't amp out though… just go as baseline as I can, some of it is subconscious anymore."

Michael shakes his head. "There are not an insignificant number of students in the school, son, and I'm not one of the normal trainers. Nobody is powering up during a lecture on the crusades, or force deployment theory in Korea and Vietnam." Michael offers, noting the flush. "Don't be ashamed of what God gave you. You think if I could take bullets without flinching, I wouldn't be taking them for the soldiers I command? You're a soldier in the United States Army, and you have nothing more to be ashamed of then not joining the Marines."

"Tch" Came from him as his head turned to the side, his jaw tensing while he moved onto the mat his shoes removing and he kneels down picking up a pair of MCMAP gloves, the padded knuckles and palms being drawn over his fists to strap about his wrists. "My fathers an Army Vet, he's also a Friend of Humanity community leader, explain to me where it's a gift from God to end up born a Mutant in that scenario. If he found out, I'd be disowned. As far as my families concerned, I'm a saint, a real bonified military hero following in his footsteps, right now I'm off in Afghanistan again shooting more Hajis." A touchy subject obviously as a vein had appeared in the younger man's forehead." Fair warning Sir, I been trained in Boxing since I could form a fist."

"If a sparrow can't fall to the earth without his notice, how is it you can come to do what you can without his blessing?" Michael responds simply. "Because I believe there is a plan for all of this. If I hadn't taken a piece of rebar the same length you are tall through my shoulder, I would have stayed in and probably not be here right now. Maybe I'm supposed to be here to teach you a trick you use to save Colonel Fury's life later, hmm?" He asks as he puts back on his pads. "Well, if you embarrass me too badly I'll just have to take you to the shooting range later and show off." He says dryly.

"I mention I also ain't very religious, not like my Dad? I don't believe he, she, it monitors or much cares what falls from the sky… but I'll be glad to learn any tricks you wanna fire at me, Sir." Moving forward he began a slow quick bounce on the balls of his feet, knees slightly bent, his chin tucked down as both gloved fists rose up one in line with his shoulder, elbow bent slightly, the other his right had the fist close to his chin, elbow close to his ribs, looking as though he was very relaxed despite the stance. Embarrass him on the shooting range, that one Jakob wasn't too confident on, "Depends on the weapon." He remarked with some mild bit of cocky inserted into that having no clue what Michael's true talents were.

Michael chuckles a little bit as he moves out on to the pads. "Fair enough." Michael concedes to the religion. He is already fairly warmed up, and settles into a relaxed stance, raising his hands. He isn't very tense, or even very aggressive, but to someone who knows is clearly ready to move as soon as needed. "You've been trained to box since you could form a fist; I've been shooting a gun since I could pick them up." He offers simply. He throws a deceptively quick jab.

"Good thing we aren't shooting at each-other then, Sir." Jakob shot forward and he tips to the inside of that quick jab that was thrown out, his left fist came out in a fast jab of his own aimed at Michael's chin, a fast 'snapped' punch that wouldn't compromise his defense. Following this up would be a right hook, his hip and shoulder rotating adding into the swing, making sure not to telegraph the attack as it was launched for his senior officer's jaw. His feet in continual motion. His left foot having slid forward to stay in range and give some 'swivel' for that incoming cross. This was your basic and simple one two combo, more a test right now than anything imagining that's what that jab from the Lieutenant Colonel was as well.

Michael chuckles and quickly block the attacks that are coming at him. Indeed, his quick jab had been a test of the man's defense, just to make sure that he wasn't dealing with someone pretending to a great deal more skill then he possessed. The first block is a simple boxing block, a quick turn to deflect the blow. The second one is much more fancy. He grabs at the wrist and quickly moves toward in to what he plans to be a Judo hip throw.

Jakob's wrist would be snared up, the jab an expected block. While he felt the turn his foot would slide in further and hook at the ankle, trying to curl infront of Michael's, that previous jabbing fist opened up and moved to grip at Michael's own grappling wrist, a hip throw incoming of course but the younger man was making sure the older would come down with him in a tumble, that could end up a grapple or hold either direction. Break fall was desired in this so that he could recover quickly and move on from there, the touch down of mat imminent. The jujitsu aspect of Combatives being employed along with the bits and pieces of martial arts he's picked up from Agent Hessel.

Michael gives a little bit of a nod as the man moves the feet in to the right position. Michael steps in close with the hip throw as expected, but quickly changes his footing to match the grab on his wrist. His feet have moved fluidly to try to move in to a different throw, this one based on the jujitsu lock he attempts to bind the arm with. Apparently, he does not want to go down to the ground with Jakob.

Jakob's arm was caught in a bind, curled and bent he gripped for any bit of clothing he could about the limb, only getting bicep as Michael had his sleeves up. With the put down towards the ground and his arm bent, his knee dropped down and his other leg swept with it right towards Michael's foot slamming at one supporting leg, his free hand was shoved back and in a clutch trying to grasp at his opponents wrist, if successful this would slap them both down on the mat, his own body weight and a tweak of the torso in a jerk were meant to free his arm simultaneously also countering the throw enough to put them both down, if it failed, Jakob would be on the ground with his arm in a very precarious position. Though a kick to the legs during this shouldn't be keeping the other man in an advantageous standing.

It doesn't fail, taking Michael to the mat as Jakob expected. Michael twists his body to absorb the impact on to the ground, quickly moving his body to obtain a superior position despite his sudden change in circumstances. He plants his feet firmly on the ground and twists, moving again for one of Jakob's arms.

A grunt exhaled from Jakob, the knee under him shifted to support some of his weight as he kicked off the mat towards Michael in a rough pit-fighter like shoot, one arm out grabbing for the other man's face, splaying out to obscure his vision with fingers over eyes as his right hand came up and about to try and 'sock' the other man in the side of the temple with a harsh hook. This wasn't textbook here, this was more 'street improvisation' but it came the quickest, if Michael was getting an arm it would most likely be the one that was incoming at him, the one that was scrambling for his face. Thigh and leg muscles pushing the strong youth onward in this low to the ground spar.

Sometime later…

It is not an easy fight for Michael, even though in the end he does win. He may have age and treachery, but Jakob is in the prime of his youth and ability. But after a time, the Marine takes the soldier's arm and manages to pin him down to the mat with an effective arm bar, kneeling on the younger man's back until he taps out. Michael stands up, panting slightly.

Tapping out wasn't in the younger man's mental make-up, the sparring and strikes went on and on, the old man was in better condition than he let on and had age and experience over Jakob; end result he was on his face, an arm bent in an impossible position with his teeth grit and his brow furrowed, more pressure and he still wasn't giving in, a lovely side effect of his powers was in play alongside that competitive stubborn-ness, Michael perhaps knew it, probably even foreseen it and in Jakob's mind he seen it as another test, the next sound anticipated or not was an audible loud grind sound then *pop* ligaments torn, then the upper bone forcibly slipped free of the cup-shaped socket part of his shoulder blade. "Argckh."Was heard from him and he slackened, obviously yielding. His arm dislocated at the shoulder.

Michael seems remarkably surprised when he actually pops the ligament, almost losing his grip and letting the arm flop uselessly. But instead he carefully sets it down, and looks to one of the others milling about. "Nurse or doctor, now. Go." He commands, the student running off. He looks down at the shoulder. "Soldier, there's a reason why we tap out during these exercises; you don't do any good if your ripped up." He says with a sigh.

Jakob sat upright, his arm lolling forward as he reaches the other hand up and grips it, feeling around before closing his hand down tighter, touching along bone and joint before he was applying pressure, moving his hand down and applying pressure again. With the addition of the endorphin rush right now he felt relatively little pain "It's all right, guess maybe one of them Godly 'gifts' you could say…"Bitterness in his voice as he continued to massage it, "I'm good with pain. You have some nice movies old ma… Sir. Mind if we make this routine? Maybe you can help me on the firing range also, promise you next time I'll make this more of a challenge."

Michael raises an eyebrow at that comment, shaking his head. "Certainly wouldn't have minded it when I got shot. Or stabbed. Or had a piece of rebar sent through my shoulder." He offers before nodding. "It'll certainly keep me on my toes, that's for sure." He offers as he waits for someone to bring back a nurse. "You almost had me most of that time; I'd hate to see you amped up."

Straightening up Jakob pushes up to his feet so he's standing, his arm cradling the other. "It's something else I guess." A frown re-appearing, his heightened pain threshold and mutant ability over 'knowing' anatomy had definite perks in times like these. "Permission to go find the medic and head to class Lieutenant Colonel, Sir?"

Michael gives a nod. "We'll keep doing this as often as you like," Michael pants, "as long as you keep better care of yourself. I'm going to tap out when it becomes unsafe because I have a /duty/ to be fit if needed; you should consider yours." He nods. "Dismissed."

"I'll manage." Jakob said calmly, the dislocated shoulder he would take to the medical area and get seen to, his enhanced durability usually saved him from such an injury but Michael knew exactly what he was doing and the younger man had pushed it, but at least something was taken from this, he discovered another instructor here worthy respect. "Have a good day, Sir." Snatching up his water-bottle on his way out of the gym he took off.

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