2010-10-10: Old Spice & Axe


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Summary: A case of guns ends up sold to a local gang which brings about a return call from a local Yakuza member wanting another meeting to discuss further arms dealings in the city. One thing leads to another as Stark n' Fluff are given a considerable amount of information to work with from the loose lipped dealer. After the meeting the guns having been sold are repossessed and a local gang base burns to the ground.

Date: October 10, 2010

Log Title: Old Spice & Axe

Rating: PG-13

Tokyo Japan

It had been a week since Tony had returned from New York to the hole in the wall apartment that he and the others were camped out in to keep a low profile. The trip to the Stark Facility had been very informative as they had pressed upon the man who was in contact with the Yakuza to find out that he had been threatened to within an inch of his life if he did not hand over several compounds that would make a rather nasty hallucinogen. The random ailments were not tied directly to the Stark facility but they had been given a name of someone who would know. Slowly but surely the trio had gone about tracking various Yakuza members and their dealings looking for a way to infiltrate the system and they had found an opening. Now they had to exploit it in order to get in on the ground floor so that they could begin the real work of finding out what the plan was, and who was running the show.

It was still a bit odd to be working on a laptop in a shoebox of a room looking for any information that will help their endeavor to be successful. The weapons that had been circulated into the system finally brought back a hit which meant that they finally had something to do other than walk about trying to attract attention to themselves. Closing the laptop Tony stepped out into the tiny hallway and entered what was considered the living room to see if Kaji was still sacked out on the couch in front of the ancient television. "Hey, we got a hit out in the commons. You up for becoming popular in an hour or so?" This is said to the wolf as he leans up against the yellowed wall clad in a t-shirt and cargos, his blonde hair spiking in a million different directions, and the blue contacts still in place from going out earlier for breakfast.

The voice brought a lift to an ear, the wolf laying on the couch as an anthro as he did lately for sake of heightened hearing. The TV was on, but the volume was at such a low level it might as well not even have been on. Kaji looks over at Tony, a soft curl to the corner of his muzzle as he says, "I still think you should've tipped it blue. It would've brought out your eyes." Sarcastic as always as he sat back up; reaching over for his shirt as he shifted back into his human form. "So, we got a hit?"

Tony is clearly not amused with the joke as he wasn't a big fan of wandering around as a blonde let alone a blue eyed one but it was out of necessity that he did so. "Check this out." A thin device is tossed onto the couch so that Kaji can read the information that Tony had downloaded to it. "Seems, that whomever unloaded that small shipment of weapons is pleased with the way things were handled. Not to forget that the merchandise was enough to base the decision on. Seems like we need to meet up with our little arms dealers union then tonight we'll go back out and collect everything up from those that got their hands on the weapons."

Kaji picks up the device with a smirk, thumbing over it to read all of the information before he hands it back to Tony. "So we get to get our hands a little dirty? Or're we just going in there under the cloak of night once more." He smirks a bit, resting his head on a balled hand as he looks over at the man.

"I'm not a big fan of cloak and dagger given how I'm usually so discrete," Tony teases as he heads into the God-awful kitchen to pull out something to drink. "We're going to go play friends for a bit and see if we can speed up our dealings with the worker ants to get a bit further up the food chain but…" Tony pauses to take a long drink from the water bottle till it is about half empty then he points at Kaji with it. "We're going to go rough a few people up tonight like ninja's. I'm sure you're thrilled to know about that part of the day."

Kaji just smiles, drumming his fingers on his cheek before he says, "I am looking forward to that. You know how well I blend into the darkness." He just smiles before he stands up, heading into the kitchen before he says, "So, I'm going to let you handle the friendly banter while I just look tough and menacing? Or shall I play guard dog and look the same way."
Tony would be amused by the image of a large wolf walking next to him to an arms deal, however, he needed Kaji in full bipedal presence as much for a show of strength and a caution to those around them. "I can handle the conversation if you do your best imposing look. We need to make friends but I'm not about to let them think that they can put pressure on me without getting pushed back." The rest of the water is drained then the bottle is discarded in the trash can before Tony goes about picking up various things off the small table in the other room that has become a catchall for everything from keys to magazine clips. "I need to get the case from the bedroom and then we're good to go for now. I'm sure we can stop off for sushi on the way back from our escapades later this evening."

Kaji finds that image amusing as well as he chuckles softly. "Well, all ya need to do is pick a form. ANd I'll assume it." Though personally, he finds the anthro one to be a bit more imposing than his human. But, with the right clothes, and stance; both will work fine. He walks over towards the table as well, looking over it before he just picks up a pair of brass knuckles and slips those into his pants pocket. Bit more oompf to a punch if need be.

"Keep the fur under wraps for awhile. No sense in playing all of your cards on the table when you can keep people guessing for a bit. Not to mention something like that is good for revealing in a pinch." Tony leaves the room to pick up the case that houses several handguns that all can be traced thanks to his handiwork. He wasn't thrilled about putting the guns on the street but the ends were justifying the means. The previous four guns would only be on the street a matter of hours before they were picked back up again, and the same went for these few as well. With case in hand Tony slides his dark shades on and meets Kaji in the kitchen then they head out onto the streets walking to their meeting location.

Kaji smirks, shrugging on a jacket as he says, "Righto." He looks over at Tony with the case, and then slips on his own shades. "Lead the way, boss." He motions towards the door before putting his hands back into his jacket pockets.

The meeting was taking place in a low rent trouble filled district on the west side of town. Even though the streets were far busier at night the chance that deals were taking place before the sun went down was a common place sight. Anything from drug trafficing to weapons sale, and even money laundering could be bought for a price. Tony walked beside Kaji to the Rotten Fortune club, and they were allowed to pass without restraint by the burly guards at the clubs entrance. The inside resembled a low lit gambling establishment and gentlemans club where the stakes were sometimes deadly.

The case of the weapons was clasped in the wolf's hands, Kaji looking down at Tony for a second before he glances around. Not really moving his head except for a slight turn either direction; just getting his bearings. And looking at what all's around them. He stays a bit behind Stark so he could let him handle all the talking.

As they enter the room there is a slight nod given to the man behind the bar who acknowledges them with a similar tilt of the head. Tony walks over to a far corner table away from the dancing women who were praying on the wealth of the businessmen that came into this particular club to have a good time. Once sat at the table they have to wait but a moment before a man comes out from behind parted curtains with two 'thugs' in his wake. Tony and Kaji stand to exchange greetings and wait to be given the ok to take a seat. "I see that you've managed to acquire another shipment. I am impressed with your work gentlemen." Tony mentally rolls his eyes but offers up a smarmy grin, "What can I say? I'm the merchant of death. I wouldn't be doing a very good job if I couldn't produce my wares." With that he snaps his fingers signally Kaji to show the man the case.

Kaji looks over at Tony for a second when he snaps, and he just stays silent as he produces the case. He slides it onto the table, unclipping it before he spins it around to show it to the others. Opening it when the front is facing them. With that, he takes his hands off and steps back. Preferring to stay standing for the moment. He's been sitting down the entire day.

"Nice…do you mind?" The man asks all but drooling over the case as he leans foward to inspect the guns with his eyes. "Please, feel free." Tony says casually as he leans back in his chair watching the two men avert their gaze from the goings on. The man pulls out one gun then the next as he turns them over and pulls things apart inspecting them thoughroughly. "I'm prepared to cut a deal with you gentlemen on this, and offer another proposition." Tony waits for the man to put the weapons back in the case before talks continued. "I'm listening." The man outlines a bit of his operation as to how they guns come into the city then come to him to be sent out to various vendors on the street. "We've gotten lucky lately now that the boss has things under control down at the docks, and the airport. I'm willing to cut you both in if you can keep bringing in the valuable pieces such as these. They just don't make guns like these anymore." Tony smirks with a since of pride that nearly makes him sick. "I'm sure we can work out a beneficial arrangement." The man smiles at this and calls for one of the goons to remove the case from the room. "Now down to the details." The way things worked was outlined for them, and who to contact at various points throughout the grid. When that was over a motion was made which had the other goon dropping an envelope with a considerable amount of cash onto the table. Tony would leave that for Kaji to go over as the man was suddenly calling for drinks, and to bring the women over to the table.

Kaji picks up the envelope, thumbing it over for a moment before he moves to sit down. Pulling the corners out to count the money as quickly as he could, keeping his face stoic and emotionless as he lets Tony handle as the charismatic work.

The remainder of the time spent there was nothing even remotely enjoyable as the man they were doing business with tended to party exceptionally hard. With drinks floating around the table constantly refilled, the drugs out on display as if they were an every day item at the club, and the women hanging off the various men throughout the goings on, it left a severe distaste in Starks mouth. The upside to this situation is the more drink, and party items the man consumed the looser his lips became until Kaji and Tony were given quite the interesting piece of information. It would seem that the various Yakuza clans were uniting under one man, and that man was running the show for everyone in Tokyo.

Kaji quirks a brow very slightly at that little tidbit of information before he glances at Tony. Mentally, he's laughing a bit at this before he looks back over at the man who's been consumed by the loose lip syndrome and he just keeps an eye on him.

It takes considerable time to extricate themselves from the table as the company was far too inebriated and desperate in some cases. Pleasantries are exchanged and Tony leaves a considerable tip on the table for the women to fight each other over as he and his fuzzy friend make their way out into the street life. Now that the cops were all tucked safely away the district had gone to hell. "I need more than a shower. I might need to stop over at the plant to run through decontamination for a few hours." Tony full body shudders then points to an alley way that seemed clear. Once there a device is used to mask their conversation, "So…now we go after the guns then we bring Michael up to date. Did you bring your toys, dear?"

Kaji chuckles a bit, leaning against the wall before he hands Tony the envelope full of money. "Nah, I didn't bring those toys. But I did bring a few others." He stretches his arms above his head before he says, "Besides, it's not like I need those to do my job." He hms a bit with a mirk, "ANd now you know why I didn't really say anything, they stayed away from me."

"It all works to our benefit," Tony comments as the envelope of money is tucked into a pants pocket for safe keeping. The money would be dropped off before the night was out at a local shelter for the homeless but for now the men had to deal with the more pressing matter at hand. "See, you should listen to me more often, Benji." They make their way to the first location that was shown on the small computer device Tony had pocketed earlier in the night before coming to the meeting. All of the weapons had apparently been purchased by a gang that frequently ran the area, and were now held up in a tri level run down building. Whereas Kaji could scale walls and leap roofs with ease Tony had a bit of a challenge but eventually they were atop the right building.

Kaji smirks. "It's kinda hard to have swords in a easily accessible yet completely hidden location. But, all I really need is myself." He just smiles before he shifts into his anthro form, shaking himself out before he scales the walls with relative ease. Though there are a few points of slipping and grinding his claws against the walls. "Just lead the way boss, and we'll get to have some fun."

"Should have taken up the Saki offer," Tony grumbles as they approach the door leading into the building. Just like a group of self inflated thugs to leave the roof entrance unlocked and unguarded. With a shake of his head he turns on his image inducer so that he appears like a man dressed up in head to toe black with a mask over his head covering all but his eyes which are green now. "Let's try to keep this quiet. I don't fancy a bunch of them coming in off the streets to unload an uzi on us."

Kaji just smiles as he drops down low, keeping his ears and nose primed for anything as he sneaks along. Scouting as well as he can. A soft mental mumble to himself about forgetting his knives. But he's his claws and skill. He's well enough prepared for this. He glances over at where he thinks Tony is, waiting for a signal to drop down.

The cloaked duo drop down on two men who were working at a table littered with money, drugs and playing cards. There is a brief struggle as the men try to reach for their guns and they fail to do so as Kaji tangles with one and Tony manages to knock out the other in a hold that he learned long ago from Cap. Motioning to Kaji with his fingers he signals that there are two more on the next level as he has taken out their security camera's and rewound the footage several hours so no one sees it coming. Slowly Stark picks up the guns and puts them into a bag around his shoulder.

Kaji drops down at Tony's signal, landing behind one of them as he moves to grab at the back of his jacket. Holding tight and dragging him down to the ground before he knocks him out cold. At his friend's signal at the two more on the next level, the anthro is off into the shadows once more. Climbing up, and crouching upon one of the railings in the darkness. His eyes watching the two walk closer; holding their guns at the ready. He waits for one of them walk close enough to brush against him before he grabs the man by the head; a hand over his mouth before he pulls him further into the darkness. Leaving the lone man up top. Wondering where his friend went.

Tony has watched Kaji's approach from close by behind a stack of large crates that littered the area about where they were. When the confused man wanders past the opening between the two stacks nearest Tony, Stark acts quickly bringing his arm around the mans throat and locking into into place as he drags the body into the shadows. When the loss of air sends the man into unconsciousness Tony lowers him gently to the ground and takes up the weapon to put in the bag with the others. Two more gang members to deal with on this floor then he and Kaji would set fire to their collection of drug paraphernalia.

Kaji closes his eyes, taking a few sniffs of the air before he heads off in a direction. Following the scents and sounds of the other two before he peers around a corner. Both of them are heading down the stairs to this level. Seems they went to check why the roof door was open Probably thought it was the wind. The anthro leaps back into the shadows, falling in behind one of the crates; crouching partially on top of the man he knocked out as he waits.

Tony has slightly better hearing than a human but is unaware of the two men until he hears the footfalls close by. Quickly he treads on silent feet to lurk in the shadows again as the men come into a range where he can see them. Knowing that Kaji is on the far side he waits for the wolf to make the first move then he will deal with the other in the most effective way he can manage.

Kaji waits for the two men to walk past him, and he plants a foot down onto the man under him. Pushing that face into the ground before he presses off, he sneaks through the shadows. Waiting for the men to get right near Tony's hiding spot. In a flurry of movement, Kaji sprints forward and leaps up. He puts his hands on the man's shoulders and brings him down to the ground with him; putting him into a choke hold. Giving Tony a good window to get the other man.

The other man almost had time to fire off a few shots but ended up taking one hell of a shot to the kidney which caused him to loose grip on his weapon. Tony kicked the gun aside as he entered into a hand to hand fight with someone who clearly had martial arts abilities. Kaji might even have time to watch Tony bust out his varied combat forms as this fight seemed to be fairly evenly matched save for Tony was a bit quicker than this other fellow.

Kaji stays crouched down on the man he knocked out, using his weight to keep him out of it for now as he watches the fight between the men. He quirks a brow, watching the for an opening to help Tony. But he couldn't see a big enough one, granted Tony could hold his own against one guy.

Tony can handle this guy without much problem and after a flurry of punches the much taller man drops to the ground moaning in his unconcious state. A shrug is given to Kaji as he sees his friend watching him from nearby. It was time to set a merry blaze to the place, and get out of dodge before the rest of the gang arrived. Weapons packed away the men work quickly together to rig something up. With barely any time to spare they jump off the roof onto the next as something explodes on the lower level causing the chain of events to begin. Stark n' Wolf: 2, Criminal Element of Tokyo: 0.

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