Michiko "Blythe/Wraith" Hiramuya
Michiko "Blythe" Hiramura
Portrayed By Mika Nakashima
Gender Female
Birthday October 31st
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Wraith
Place of Birth Takayama, Gifu prefecture Japan
Current Location NYC
Occupation Thief, Musician
Known Relatives Mika Hiramuya(Mother), Yami Hiramuya(Father), Shiro Hiramuya(Brother)
Significant Other N/A
Identity Variable/Depends on a day
Known Abilities Manipulation of the states of matter of Oxygen on a Molecular level

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Early History:

Power Manifestation:

Life on the Streets:

Life up until now:



  • May 13th - Meets Deadpool in a bar; the two hit it off swimmingly. Both get kicked out of the bar.
  • May 14th - Meets Keith in the park; finds that her very existance pisses off the elemental spirit of air.





Blythe possesses a very specific form of telekinesis which manifests as the ability to manipulate oxygen and attached particles on a molecular level, provided that the base form is not heavier than a gas (ie. Not water, even though it is H20). This results in an ability to manipulate the density of the air by eliminating the space between particles causing them to pull closer together (henceforth referred to as eliminating), or by slowing down the motion of particles themselves causing them to cool and condense much like ice (henceforth referred to as slowing).

With this ability she can produce anything from waves of blunt force, to a high pressure field capable of potentially causing N2 narcosis, or the bends (ailments that a deep sea diver may encounter); to an field of air with the consistency of liquid or gel that she can use to 'swim' in the air, cushion falls, silence footsteps etc.; to solid objects of varying density weight, and mass.

Though these fields do not directly effect the content of oxygen in an area, being within one of a higher density makes it proportionately more difficult to breath due to the heavy density of the area.
The range potential is a 20ft radius/height around her or 40ft line with 20ft depth in any one direction, or a smaller up to 10x10x10 area up to 15ft away from her.
Pressure manipulation can also be used to create pressure waves at a range of 10ft radius.
At high pressures and densities breathing becomes next to impossible unless you are content to breathe liquid oxygen. As the density increases so, too does the visibility of the area of effect, ranging from a slight distortion in the air, to a mirage like area of refracted light even to a light blue. This visibility is also true of her solid air objects.

As well, a rapid increase in pressure is a lot like getting very heavy objects dropped on you. A crushing force. This is a much more difficult use for Blythe and generally not most practical.
The phenomenon also known as the bends can occur from decompression from her pressure fields. Though it is not quite so severe as it typically would be. Unless someone steps out of the area of effect on his or her own accord its unlikely to cause any severe damage. Unlike in a scuba situation the air that is available does have nitrogen in it so there is ability for the body to equalize the problem and have less of an impact to begin with. The potential for damage far less severe.

Because she can produce these effects two ways the results of each are slightly different.
At present she can only minorly dabble in her potential. Nowadays when she condenses the air, both methods, slowing, and eliminating, are in effect at the same time, to varying degrees; although she is not consciously aware of the difference between them despite her adequate use of the effects. However, she can learn to use these different manipulations to different effect independent of one another.

Slowing and eliminating together are capable of producing the most solid of objects that continue to exist and persist regardless of the attention Blythe is paying to it, when the object is created it simply is unless acted upon by an extreme force of heat (increases speed of particles and shakes her objects apart), or electricity (which fuses air into ozone and therefor breaks her creations.
These two also have the added side effect of producing items that are incredibly cold. With the potential of reaching liquid nitrogen temperatures when the density is incredibly high. When this is the case, the objects, which are typically invisible, or mirage like, show up as a faint crystallike white-blue color that is translucent.

Slowing is what produces the strange heavy nimbus of cold air around blythe, and is an involuntary side effect, aside of its usage with the elimination ability, it does very little else.

Eliminating is an ability that Blythe is not aware is usable without slowing at the same time (although this is what she uses to produce pressure waves). Eliminating is potentially volatile. What happens is the area between the particles is eliminated drawing them close enough together to pack them densely enough to create an almost liquid field. Objects produced from only elimination are far too unstable to ever be completely solid due to the frantic motion of the particles which still vibrate although they were in a gaseous state. This causes the area to heat up from the friction of the particles and boil. This has the potential to create globs of napalm like ooze or small but superheated areas. Again easily broken by fire or electricity. (ie. If something combusts from the heat of the area, the area will also dissipate).

In addition her body is very in tune with its element; as she had lost her eyes there is the distinct possibility she could entirely lose her typical physical body under certain circumstances (will cross this bridge when we get to it)

Blythes eyes are obvious. There is no glassy wet surface to her eyes to reflect any light. They are black holes. The inside of her eye sockets and lids are actually lined with a membrane is receptive to depth and densities in her area. Because she once saw normally her mind makes assumptions and helps her create complete pictures of what she sees. Unfortunately they are not always accurate. Learning to sort out this strange vision has been a problem, making many jobs and forms of entertainment rather impossible. She is incapable of driving or riding any vehicle. Blythe is blind, she does not see in color, she does not see detail very easily, and she cannot see anything written on a flat service, she also cannot see through any surface that is a solid or and liquid produces muddle images. While she may not see everything going on around her with great clarity unless it is extensively focused on she is, at the very least functional.
There are several perks to this detriment however. She is capable of seeing the movement of sound and vibrations, and light and dark have no bearing on her, she can see smells and oddities in the air, and changes in temperature by the density. This also allows her to keep track of her areas of effect. She is very easily blinded by loud or layered sounds and heavy winds or fast movement, in these conditions she can only see the motion of particles and nothing else. Shes learned to find beauty in these movements and it only furthers her love of music, as it has become a visual experience for her as well.

Due to her power there is a persistent nimbus density floating around her. It is uncomfortable. Within approximately 7 feet of her the area begins to feel at first as though the air was heavy with humidity, as proximity increases so does the density and chill in the air. Standing shoulder to shoulder with her is like breathing in a steam-room through a straw and the temp averages 5-10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Chilly and oppressive but harmless and quite uncomfortable is the best description. When upset or nervous or high strung the effects of this aura increases.

She is immune to high and low pressure environments to an extreme. Her body requires very little oxygen to function and is therefore has no problems related the high pressure or depressurization issues that are caused by nitrogen build up. This is also notably not immune to any hot or cold that her abilities may produce.

Unfortunately a side effect of high pressure areas is an over abundance of air in one place. Because of this, Blythe has a tendency to make fires burn much brighter than they otherwise would in per prescense. High pressure areas are also consequently more conductive of electricity.
IN addition, Blythe is not immune to cold. While she has gotten used to it, she's just as susceptible to hypothermia as the next person. Her aura warrants her dressing warmer than most people for the majority of the year. Using her powers in the winter to form fields around herself, could most certainly be detrimental to her.


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