Cammie "Whisperer" Lonsdale
Cammie Lonsdale
Portrayed By Amanda Bynes
Gender Female
Date of Birth 02/25/1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Whisperer
Place of Birth Peaks Island, Maine
Current Location Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Occupation n/a
Known Relatives Jonathan Kayne (adopted father)
Significant Other n/a
Identity secret
Known Abilities Animal Communication, Animal Empathy
First Appearance ???

Cammie Lonsdale with her faithful companion Puck!


Jonathan Kayne has just passed all his tests to become a firefighter and was officially on Peaks Island, in Maine. There was one fire department for the whole island, one truck, and about ten fire fighters. Being a small island with a population of maybe 1000, everyone knew each other and everyone was in each other's gossip. So at all of twenty three years old, Jonathan Kayne was the newest member of the Fire Department and with in a day everyone knew about it. Even though it was hard to keep something a secret on the tiny island, there was secret that Jonathan Kayne kept from everyone, that he was a mutant and had the gift of invulnerability. Which is part of why he became a firefighter, it was a job where he could use his gift for good. In a way it's his gift that starts the story.

One busy summer in the tourist trap of Peaks Island with all it's new faces of the non-locals renting summer houses and cottages, tragedy struck a vacationing young couple. Recently wed and new parents, Bonnie and Stephen <last name> had decided to go to Peaks Island with their newborn baby girl, Camilla. Unfortunately though, the house that they were renting didn't have the best wiring and in the middle of the night a fire struck and was quickly out of control. Jonathan Kayne was one of the first on the scene and without thinking about anything, he ran into the house to look for anyone stuck inside. The flames didn't hurt him at all with his mutant gift. He was able to rescue Camilla but unfortunately it was too late for Bonnie and Stephen.

With the rescue of the baby girl, Jonathan was proclaimed a hero, but it wasn't joyous as it weighted on his heart that there was this baby who now didn't have any parents or anywhere to go, and at all of twenty three years old, he decided he would do whatever it took to take of and raise Camilla. So with the help of his mother, Lissa Kayne, he was able to get custody of the young girl, Camilla Lonsdale.

Over the years, Jonathan raised Cammie as if he was her own, but never tried to pretend that he was her father. He gave her the most love and support that he could, and to say Cammie loved Jonathan would be an understatement. She became a fixture on Peaks Island as this hyper little girl that was full of life and adored by the locals. Curious and kind, she made friends easily. Everyone knew the story behind Cammie and Jonathan, and in some ways it caused the entire island to keep an eye on her, and laugh the way Cammie's eyes would light up when with Jonathan. Maybe it was something about how he saved her life, even though she can't remember it, but he was her protector in ways.

As years went on Cammie was one of those kids that marched to the beat of a different drummer, just loving life and her carefree ways rubbed off on people to like her as well. She was different, but likable. In school was a mediocre student, more focusing on fun than schoolwork. At the age of seven she became really interested in swimming and sailing, taking lessons on the weekends. By the age of thirteen she got into competitive sailing. Her and a few friends used to race wining a few races and losing some in their age group. It was always for fun.

Cammie never hit that rebellious preteen phase most kids go through. This was mainly because of the one fight Jonathan and her got into. It was one of those fights over nothing in particular and it ended with Cammie shouting 'your not my real father!'. As soon as those words came out of her mouth, she started crying and apologizing. She felt horrible for saying that to the person who raised and took care of her, and after that she never really argued much with Jonathan, the two just had a bond that was like father and daughter but more.

One December when Cammie was fifteen, her and three of her friends, Linda, Allen, and Rick, were tired of being trapped inside cause of the snow and boredom struck the four, hard. One thing that everyone on Peaks Island knew about was the old rundown Sturbridge House. It was set back in a wooded area and no one went near it. It was one of those places that had all the right ghost story rumours around it. Local children loved to frighten the tourist Children with the stories. Some said that it was where an insane woman killed her husband and children and then killed herself and the spirits of the kids still haunted the place. Another rumour was that an old witch lived there many years ago and after her death she still haunted it, driving anyone who stepped foot inside insane. Rumours of the angry ghosts killing kids who spent the night in there were aplenty too, along with just the typical ghost stories of just seeing and hearing ghost.

There were always dares to go inside but it was rare and unheard of people accepting them. It was also hard because the police always stopped people from getting to close in fear of the building being condemned. On a tiny island like Peaks, when a bunch of kids go running off in that direction people know what they're doing and usually quickly tell the local authority or parents of the kids, so it continued to remain a mystery. The stories grew and changed as the years went on and to this day no one knows the true story.

Which brings us back to the boring snowy day on Peaks Island with Cammie and her friends, and of course it was Cammie's idea, that they go to the old Sturbridge House and see what was inside. The four got dressed to go outside and hurried on over. Since most people were inside due to the storm, they weren't seen heading over to the area of the house. They laughed and dared each other on who was going in first over and over until they got to the house and the four teens froze. It became the you go, no you go first, game until Cammie got one of those mischievous smiles and stated that she was going to go first, and she did.

Leading the pack, Cammie was able to slip open one on the bottom floor windows and sliding inside, the other three following suit. Taking out their flashlights, they decided to split into pairs and look around to see what they could find. Cammie ended up with Rick and the two started upstairs. The house was beyond rundown with peeling wallpaper, holes in the floor, moth and mouse eaten furniture, dusk everywhere, creaky floors, old pictures with the eyes that seemed to follow you and to say Cammie wasn't scared would be a lie, she was jumping at every other creak. Then when the two were carefully looking around the master bedroom, Rick was commenting that he didn't think anything seemed Witch like here and that all the stories had to be lies since he hasn't seen anything, but that's when Cammie stopped.

"Can you feel it?" Cammie asked her friend. "It's upstairs. It's so lonely." And before she could even register what she was feeling or where she was going, Cammie ran into the closest, finding the stairs to the attic and that's when she saw it, the ghost. But it wasn't a form of anything she recognized, just kind of a whitish shifting..thing. "Are you okay?" Cammie asked and the 'thing' lunged at her, knocking her over and causing Cammie to let out a scream of blood murder. Rick ran upstairs after her and saw the white spirit ontop of Cammie, he ran over, grabbed her and brought her back down stairs to the master bedroom.

Cammie was pale and he couldn't wake her so he yelled for Linda and Allan to get Jonathan, and the two ran out of the house while Rick stayed with her. Unfortunately though, Rick didn't get to Cammie in time, as a few things happened. The spirit triggered her latent mutant power, causing her to feel his loneliness and when she went upstairs, Cammie started to bond with the spirit. The Spirit latched on and started to affix himself to her soul via old magiks, but Rick was able to get to her and pull her away before the process was complete. You see the spirit that she found wasn't a normal ghost, it was the ghost of a witches familiar.

You see, part of the rumours where true, a witch did live here and was murdered and the house was haunted, but it wasn't haunted by anything human, it was the spirit of her animal familiar, Puck. In the last dying wish of Madelyn Sturbridge, she cast a spell for her familiar to linger on as a spirit and eventually come back when he found someone worthy. There was one problem with the spell and length of time, the spirit of the familiar forgot his purpose and his past life with Madelyn. Never finding anyone he deemed worthy and being stuck to the house, the spirit grew extremely lonely, and when he came in contact with Cammie, something clicked and he knew he had found the right person.

When Linda and Allen returned to the house with Jonathan, he rushed up stairs to find Cammie unconscious on the bed upstairs. He was worried and tried to wake her up, but Cammie was pale and wouldn't wake up. He knew it was her idea to break in here so he didn't yell at the other kids, just picked up Cammie and escorted the three of them out side. "I won't tell your parents that you broke in here, under one condition, you never come out here again." The warning was stern enough that the three obeyed it. Never coming out here again or having your parents find out, they thought the choice was obvious. They went on home and Jonathan took Cammie home in hopes that she would wake up soon.

That night though, strange things started happing to Cammie, since the spirit only partially bonded with her. In the middle of the night she she first woke up in hysterics crying and screaming for someone named 'Puck'. Jonathan, who didn't leave her room that night, calmed her down and once he did, she didn't know who Puck was, but there was this void that she could feel, like she was missing something. The hysterical outbursts continued happening about three to four times a week, and within two weeks she was starting to break down in the middle of the day as well. She started to go through a depression where she didn't want to do anything.

All Cammie wanted to do was return to the house, but Jonathan would forbid her going back there after the last time. She knew she /had/ to go back but Jonathan did forbid her and she respected him enough to obey. Jonathan was worried about her, and he didn't know what to do, just that he blamed that house. He would have long talks with Cammie where she would explain over and over to Jonathan the same thing: That she could feel Puck, that he was supposed to be with her. And she couldn't find him. She would go on that she felt so lonely without Puck that it was almost painful. But when asked who Puck was, Cammie would never know and just say "I don't know, but I know he's supposed to be with me." It was strange and things didn't add up, but Jonathan just remained supportive and out of fear of losing Cammie he never took her to seek mental help.

Then about two months later, a week before her sixteenth birthday, Cammie couldn't take it anymore, against Jonathan's wishes, she snuck out in the middle of the night and headed back to the Sturbridge House. She slipped through the same window and took the same path back up to the attic. The spirit was still there and in her head she heard "You came back." She could feel the loneness but replaced by hope and Cammie smiled. "I had to." She walked to the spirit and the spirit lept towards her, merging with her yet again. Cammie let out a scream again and passed out, this time though, the spirit did finish merging with her.

Back at home, Jonathan woke up, thinking he heard something, (Cammie leaving the house) and when he went to check on Cammie, she was gone. He knew where she had gone. Quickly getting dressed he rushed out of the house with a flashlight and first aid kit, heading over to the Sturbridge House as quick as possible. When he got there, he called out for Cammie but heard nothing. He searched the house until he found the staircase leading upto the attic and up there was Cammie, unconscious on the floor with a sleeping kitten draped over her. Jonathan immediately tried to wake her up, but again, he couldn't so he grabbed the smelling salts from the first aid kit.

With one wiff of the smelling salts, Cammie woke up, as did the kitten, and she was smiling exclaiming that she found him, found Puck. Anger and relief ran through Jonathan as he first scolded Cammie for coming back here and in the middle of the night at all times, but then Cammie shook her head and said that she had too. She knew that she would never be happy again if she didn't.

Cammie tried to explain that the kitten was Puck, and that she knew he was a part of her now. Jonathan didn't understand, who would. What made things even weirder was when Puck started to speak to Jonathan. Explaining that he was a part of Cammie, echoing her words. Here was his surrogate daughter not only with a strange animal she found in the middle of the night but a talking animal. Cammie thought Jonathan would be excited like she was, but instead he seemed confused and stressed, which caused Cammie to be nervous. Her emotions started to reflect on Puck as he passed around her shifting from one small animal form to the next. "Puck's my companion, I don't know how I know, but I do, I can feel it, I can feel him. That pain I felt before, and loneliness it's gone now that Puck's here." Cammie went through explaining as much as she could Jonathan, scooping up Puck in Fox form.

"He's a fox now?" Was all Jonathan could say as he took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Listen Cammie, let's get out of here and talk about this on the way home." And with a nod, Cammie, Jonathan, and Puck left the Sturbridge house. On the way home Cammie and Puck explained what they knew, about the spirit she saw, and such. Also on the way home Jonathan confessed his secret to Cammie as well, his mutation and that because of it he was able to save her a child. The two talked about many things, long into morning.

The next day Cammie took the day off of school and the two talked even more about what had happened, deciding that it was best to keep the bond a secret and claim that Puck was a new pet. They promised each other that it would just be their secret about his mutation and her 'pet'. The next day though proved to be problematic when Cammie was about to leave for school and leave Puck home with Jonathan. She couldn't get all the way down the stairs before collapsing in tears, crying for Puck as they realized Puck wasn't just a pet, he was more, and Cammie couldn't be more than a few feet away from him.

The problem was Cammie didn't have time to realize her mutant gift or anything about it with the new bonding between her and Puck so when an Xavier's representative came to the door, both Jonathan and Cammie were confused. They explained what they could and that she was identified as a mutant, and yes, they knew Jonathan was one too. The representative offered for her to be a student there. And after much talk between her and Jonathan they decided that it was best for her to go since Cammie and Puck couldn't be away from each other. So the two took a road trip to New York State with all her stuff so that she could begin life at her new school. The hardest part for Cammie is going to be that she's away from her best friend, her father figure, her knight in shining armour, Jonathan.

Theme Song

New Radicals - You Get What You Give


Animal Communication and Empathy - Cammie is able to talk with animals and tell what they are feeling. She can feel any animal's emotion at a range of thirty feet, but only from two animals at a time right now. (ie if Cammie were to walk into a stable of six horses, the first two that came in her range she would feel and continue feeling until she consciously dropped one animal and picked up another) She can under stand what an animal is saying when they speak and them her.


June, 15 2009 Cammie is one of many watched by The Watcher. Everyday Life


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  • Cammie loves sailing and swimming.
  • Cammie doesn't have an off switch between brain and mouth.


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