Candy Lynn
Candy Lynn
Portrayed By Megan Fox
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 15
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases None
Place of Birth Arizona
Current Location New York City
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Known Relatives Amanda Lynn, Mother. Jordan Lynn, Uncle
Significant Other None
Identity Known bounty hunter
Known Abilities None known

“I believe everybody in the world should have guns. Citizens should have bazookas and rocket launchers too. I believe that all citizens should have their weapons of choice. However, I also believe that only I should have the ammunition. Because frankly, I wouldn't trust the rest of the goobers with anything more dangerous than string.”
~Scott Adams


Just like so many unwed teenage mothers, Amanda Lynn at the age of seventeen just didn't know how she was going to handle a baby, school and a job. So she dropped out of school a year before graduating, and took to working full time. Her young child, Candy Lynn was placed in daycare, and when she could, she stayed home with either Amanda or Amanda's brother Jordan. More than anything, Candy adored her Uncle Jordan. He taught her everything she knows. Which of course made her a bit of a tom boy. Throughout her school years, Candy was known to be anything but sweet. She'd get into fights, usually not with the girls. No, they were always too easy, it was usually the boys who went home with the black eyes and fractures. She wasn't angry or out of control, but when her or more importantly, her friends, were picked on, she was always the first to lose her temper and step up to fight. She spent a great deal of time between the principals office and detention.

She graduated with a C+ average, just good enough to pass through school without being anything inspirational. When she got accepted into college, it was her mother's dream come true. She'd never gotten to finish high school, so a daughter in college was everything she could ever hope for. Candy picked criminal law, figuring that she could put that fighting skill and temper to good use. And maybe this way she could stay on the right side of the law. Her mother pleaded with her to take law classes, because how wonderful would it be to have a lawyer in the family, and what mother doesn't want that sort of thing for their child. But Candy was more into what it would take to become a cop. So she decided to try both, taking classes that would lead down either path for her future. She was between juggling classes and trying to hold down a crappy job at McDonald's when fate stepped in the way with it's own design for her.

It was time to deposit her paycheck at the Bank of America when five masked men came in with huge guns demanding that everyone get on the floor. Terrified and angry, Candy hit the floor with the rest of the patrons of the bank, watching as counter girls emptied their drawers with guns in their face. With wide eyed amazement, Candy watched as another masked person entered the bank. But unlike the robbers, this woman was here to put the money back where it belonged. With a master precision, the masked hero took out the five robbers one by one, using little more than her own reflexes and a set of old Colt 35 Specials. Candy watched with amazement, crying out as she watched the last of the robbers, one who'd only been playing dead, pulled a gun on the masked hero. The bullet soared through her chest, sending the woman toppling to the ground right in front of Candy. The woman's eyes turned towards the startled girl, her mouth gasping for breath. But rather than plead for help, she used the last of her strength to

Not really sure what the woman had wanted her to do, Candy took the guns, gasping at the sudden flood of knowledge through her mind. The guns vanished from her hands, but the thoughts stayed with her. By that point the police came, and the rest of her day was shot between interviews and eye witness testimony. When she got home, she whispered what she thought the woman had said 'Blaze and Glory' mistaking the woman's approval for her own death for the names of the guns. The reappeared in her hand, and in that moment a brilliant idea was formed. All of those classes, all of those fights, they were leading up to one thing; Bounty Hunting. Hell, if that guy Dogg can do it, so can she!

With what little money she had saved up, she began a new business, buying a little hole in the wall shop with a tiny apartment above it. With it, she began to take in bounties, and learn the ins and outs of the big bad city. She was always a fast learner when she put her mind to something. And this was going to be so worth it. She's been at it for 5 and a half years now and has gotten herself a fairly good reputation. But it just isn't good enough. She intends to be, and /will/ be the best bounty hunter New York has ever seen.


Ultimate Skill - Guns

The moment that Candy's eyes land on a gun, old fashioned, brand new, or even alien, she has an immediate and in depth understanding of how to work the gun. She will know how to shoot it, how to take it apart and put it back together, exactly what sort of ammunition she needs, everything that has anything to do with the gun. She will also know how to shoot it. And shoot it perfectly. The moment her hand lands on a gun, she will shoot with with the precision and accuracy of someone trained to be perfect with that particular weapon.

The transfer of knowledge on how to use the weapon, etc.. is immediate upon sight of the weapon and takes ten seconds to completely embed itself into her mind. Once the information is in her mind, it is permanent. She will never forget how to use the weapon

Artifact Creation - Blaze and Glory.

A magical pair of Colt 35 Specials that have worked their way through time and history have now made their way into the hands of one Candy Lynn.

The guns never need ammunition, it is self creating and self perpetuating. It can shoot nothing but one type of bullet, but it will never run out of those bullets. The bullets can shoot out at a rate of one per every20two second for each of the guns.
The guns can be called into being by Candy thinking, or speaking their names. It takes ten seconds for them to appear fully in her hands, and cannot be shot until they are fully tangible. While Candy doesn't know where the weapons go when they are gone from her hands the in fact are in a continual loop through time. When not with her, they are in the hands of another fighter through the span of time. Perhaps Billy the Kid, Perhaps Bonnie or Clyde. There's no way of knowing, but they are never inactive.

Blaze and Glory can be called into being three times a day for seven hours at a time. There will be three hours for every twenty four that the guns will disappear from her hands. (So that they can be available for use for others throughout time, to avoid paradox.)

The gun can be called 6 out of seven days a week. So she tends to be very careful about when she has to put them in play.

The guns can withstand up to fifty tons worth of pressure without taking damage, anything over that will damage the guns and put them out of commission for 48 hours. Only after the full 48 hours can she call them again.


  • Feb 20, 2009 Candy meets Danny, Erik, James and Kevin
  • Mar 1, 2009 Candy, Kevin and Kitty ponder over the reason for the Manhattan lock down.
  • Mar 1, 2009 Candy gets her bounty. Erik stumbles across her.


- 'Someone needs to be out there remembering that bad guys don't always wear black spandex.'


*Candy's favorite flavor lollipop is cherry.
*She has a soft spot for animals, she loves anything fuzzy. Including spiders.
*She's a big nerd.


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