Ebony "Paper" Wonder
Ebony Wonder
Portrayed By Zoe Saldana
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 8, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Student at Xavier's
Place of Birth London
Current Location Xavier's School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Zoe (Mother), Maxwell (Father),Adair (Little Sister),Drake (Little Brother)
Significant Other July Lanford - Girlfriend
Identity Paper
Known Abilities Papyrokinetic, Paper Molecular Manipulation
First Appearance Hey Schoolgirl

Paper cuts any one?


The story of Ebony starts not in her home town of Hopatcong but across the sea in the city of London. A young (20 years old) ebony skin papyrokine wonders the street taken in the sights. This mutant’s name one Zoe Preacher an art student from the New York City. She had taken off a year from college to travel in Europe like many before her. While she thought of her self as worldly and wise she was far from it. The second day in the city she walking though an alley way when three large British punk step into the alley and approach her. They slam her ageist the brick wall. He cup there over her mouth so she could not scream out. Hey start to rip off her clothes. She struggle and cried but in the end they were to strong. It looked as if they were going to rape her but before they could a well dressed man appeared and beat the tar out of the three of them. He then goes over and makes sure Zoe was okay. While she was scared she was physically fine.
The man who saved her was name Maxwell Wonder who works for the Scotland Yard. That night she made love for the first time with this man more then 10 years older then her.
The two fell in love quickly and in a whirl wind relationship get engage. In that time Zoe becomes pregnant with Ebony. A month after Ebony’s birth the two get married. For the first year of Ebony spent her life in the UK. Shortly before her first birthday her family moved to the US so her mother could return to school. While Ebony’s mother was going to school at NYU the new family settled in New Jersey in a small town named Hopatcong. The town is as removed from the city as you can get. While it is not farm land it not a city.
Ebony grew up her living the life of a suburb kid. She never went with out what she needed or wanted. She knew does not have any fear of crime since there really isn’t any in Hopatcong. She grows up being a happy child. She was one of the only dark skin kids in the school system but she was always welcome and accepted. She was a popular girl at school and had many friends. She was good at sports and school work.
Ebony was a normal healthy upper middle class girl until one rainy day in April. While she had no where to go she sat down and started on some home work. While she was good at school work she found it boarding. She was just finishing up some math homework when a loud crake of thunder booms over the house making her jump. When she jumps so does all her home work. A wall of paper forms around her body. Pages rip from her books and add to the wall. More scared of what was happing she calls out for help. Her mother (who was home from work) comes running hearing the panic her daughter voice. She stops dead in her tracks when seeing the paper wall. She knew what was happening since this is how her own power work. Ebony is in tear now and scared more what was happening. Zoe knew she had to calm down her daughter that her own powers kick into over drive when scared. She use her power to part the paper wall and get to Ebony. She hugs her crying daughter and sings a song she use to sing to her daughters and son when they where little. The song work and Ebony calm down over time and the fall to the floor while they did not stop moving fully the pose no harm.
After that they called her father at work and he came home. They were also joined by her younger bothers and sisters as they came home from doing what ever. It was clear she some a mutant taken after her mother. They had a long talk about it and told the scared teen they still loved her and the fact that her mother is mutants. It was the first time they showed the kids there powers. The talking went into the late night going past the subject of her being a mutant into other areas of fear and worry she had. The fact her powers showed them selves and her family still loved and wanted her allows her to open up into other stuff she even comes out and tells them about her being bisexual and how she dated a few classmates’ guys and girls. Even this did not make her family hate her in fact besides the fact she was doing it behind there back they approved.
The papers never stop moving around her and she could not leave the house out of fear. While the kids are friendly there are always a few jerks who attack thought who are different. Her freshmen year of high school the first boy in the history of the school came out publicly. For the rest of the school year he got in many fights as other attacked him over it. Her mother called her out sick. Her family talked about home schooling her. One day not too far after the showing of her powers there was a knock at the door and there stood man and woman from the school. They explained who they were and why they came. Her family allows them in and they talked for hours. Ebony’s mother and father ask question and question about her education, safely, money, her training for her powers, and why they would do this. In the end Zoe and Maxwell were happy about the situation but left it up to Ebony. She said she needed time to think about it. She took her time as it was May before called up the man about joining the school. She informed her family and it was decided that they would move closer to the school so she would have to support of them as well. They did a quick sell on there home and bought a place in Westchester.


  • May 19, 2009 - Ebony met July and flirts with her.
  • May 20, 2009 - July and Ebony meet and go for a swim. After that they end up in the living room.
  • May 27, 2009 - July and Ebony get to know each other real well.
  • May 29, 2009 - Ebony and July meet and eat puddling and soon they are joined by Laura.
  • May 30, 2009 - July and Ebony are in the rec room when Rob comes in just before Skyer comes in and starts to talk about his new form and how mess up it is. As Skyer does Erik enters. Later Laura comes in and Ebony plays Freebird on her bass.
  • May 31, 2009 - Scout picks some mans pocket in the park. She is being chanced by the cops when Ebony spots her and thinks it Skyler. She tries to help her only to get capture by Sunlight.
  • June 1, 2009 - Ebony the night before mistake Scout for Skyler. Scout picks someone pocket and now Ebony skyler the next day about it. They argue some and things get smoothed over.


  • I'm from a small town in New Jersey called Hopatcong.


  • Ebony takes after her mother since both are Papyrokinetic.
  • When she started to go to the X-School her mother gave her a Capital One card with a $500.00 limit to it. She is supposed to use the card only in an emergency.
  • After the Wonder family moved to the city her father join the local police.
  • Her family has always been a musical and she was asked to take an instrument by her mother and father. She picked the bass guitar. Ever since she had one and plays it offend.
  • Has started to date July


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