Nevaeh "Duplicity" Simone
Nevaeh Simone
Portrayed By Michelle Branch
Gender Female
Date of Birth Feb 15
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Duplicty
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Xaviers School for the Gifted
Occupation Student
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Self Duplication

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Life did not kick off on the right foot for Nevaeh Simone, born to a stripper/heroine addict who had no desire to keep her child. Nevaeh was signed over to the state a mere two months after she was born. Beautiful and well behaved, the state figured that it would be easy to place Nevaeh in a solid home.

Even so, she needed to go through the fostering system until they could find someone to adopt her out to. Luck was not on Nevaeh's side. Despite her optimal age and adorable dimples, she spent her childhood in the foster system, bouncing from house to house, spending less than a year with any given family.

It seemed to be her lucky day, when at the age of 5 the state finally found her a solid home. She loved her family, and they loved her. She had two brothers and a sister and she finally had a chance to be happy. Eventually, the family adopted her, taking them in as one of their own. For the next six years, life was wonderful. She has everything a little girl could hope for. It wasn't until her eleventh birthday that once again, her world took a turn for the worse.

The older brother she'd come to love stole into her bedroom and pinned her to the bed. He'd gotten his hands on some drugs, and now Nevaeh would suffer it's effects. She laid there, eyes slamming clothes as she prayed for it to be over. He hadn't even managed to get his pants off before his body slumped against her, forcing her to pry her eyes open. Staring back at her was a duplicate of herself, holding a broken lamp that she'd just smashed over her brother's head. Scrambling up from the bed, she wrapped her robe tightly around herself and stared between the two.

When he groans, Nevaeh let out a yelp and headed for the window, the duplicate in tow. She didn't know what to do, and didn't think her family would believe what he tried to do. Especially since she'd technically hit him from behind.

She'd heard plenty of stories in foster care, barely remembering them, just enough to remind her that New York City would be the best place for her to hide. The best place to figure out what she should do. It wasn't hard to sneak on a train and make her way to the city. When she got there she was very out of sorts, not knowing anything about the area, or where she should go.

As time passed, she began to adjust to the city. She did odd jobs for people, performed on the street with others and split the tips until she had enough to buy her own guitar. Then she hit the streets by herself , working and saving to buy food and occasional shelter. Nevaeh did what she had to in order to survive, anything that it took. Pick pocketing, stealing, hiding in abandoned houses after breaking into them. Once or twice she covered a friends shift at a strip club. Too young for most everything she was doing, Nev had to spend a great deal of her time in the seedier parts of town. While working at the club, Nev got her first taste of alcohol. It didn't take long for her to realize the effects it had on her memories and the pain she felt deep inside. It was the only thing that really masked it all for any period of time.

At the age of 17, now very used to her life on the streets, Nevaeh ran into a man by the name of Jericho. He found out about her gift and steered her in the direction of the Xavier School for the Gifted. Convinced that this might be her last chance at a good life, she's tried to clean herself up and make one last ditch go at her life. Though the alcohol is still a secret crutch in her life, she's promised herself to stop stealing and start trying to turn her life around.


Self Duplication – Nevaeh has the ability to create numerous duplicates of herself. At the moment, the number of duplicates she can create is three. Any attempt to create more than that ends up in a nose bleed and a bout of unconsciousness that lasts an hour. The other dupes remain, but are quite docile, sticking close to the originals side.

Her first duplication is instant, and the others take 4 seconds each to create. They all share her memories up until that moment, but after that, the memories become separate to each dupe. Assuming they don't die before they're absorbed, when they rejoin as one, the memories will once again become shared. However, if a duplicate died, the memories from the time they're split to the time of death are lost forever. The body will remain for 24 hours from the point it was created before vanishing, leaving behind anything that wasn't on them when created. She will also not be able to create another dupe to replace the dead one for that time period.

Currently all the dupes share the same personality. They also cannot extend beyond a 50 mile radius from each other. The radius centers on Nevaeh, and if she steps out from that, the Dupes will fall unconscious until she either steps back into it, or until the 24 hour mark is up, when they'll simply vanish. If they're within that radius, and Nevaeh stays awake, then the dupes will continue to exist for another 24 hours. But if she sleeps for more than 4 hours at a time, the dupes vanish.


  • She's amazing on the guitar.
  • She has numerous fake IDs.
  • She has a secret drinking problem that she's very skilled at hiding.


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