Randall Greene
Randall Greene
Portrayed By Adam Gontier
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 10, 1981
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Colorado
Current Location New York City
Occupation Former Professional Snowboarder
Known Relatives Laurie Greene (Mother), Robert Greene (Younger Brother), Evan Greene (Oldest Brother), Jason Greene (Older/Middle Brother)
Significant Other None
Identity The name Randall Greene is known in the Snowboarding Circut
Known Abilities Hyper-Running, Super-Strong Legs, Ultra-hyper Metabolism
First Appearance ???

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As a kid Randall Greene had your average upbringing growing up in Colorado. He was the youngest of three boys, parents who were happily married and over all a loving family. Though one thing with him being the youngest, he always tried to do things to stick out and prevent himself from being picked on by his brothers. That didn’t mean being the brain of the family, hell he was lucky if he passed a class with C’s, not that he’s stupid there were just other things he cared about more, snowboarding. Snowboarding would be what Randall loved.

Through out school Randall was the popular wild kid, he started smoking and drinking at a young age and would always do stupid dangerous things just for the sheer fun of it and he loved the rush. Which is why he loved Snowboarding. He started at age ten and for the next fifteen years it would be a large chunk of his life. By the time he was eighteen and graduated high school, instead of going to college he started competing in Snowboarding tournaments.

Randall’s parents weren’t happy with his choice but they let him live at home and made sure he worked while supporting his hobby. Though one thing about Randall and snowboarding, he was good. By the time he was 22 he was going to the X-Games as a part of the Snowboarding team and Randall became a known name in the Snowboarding circuits. He lived a fast life of women, alcohol and smoking. Drugs he didn’t get as heavy with his love for the sport. Randall even kept in good shape despite his habits.

Living on the edge like he did everyone thought if Randall was to suffer a major injury it would be on the slopes. This wasn’t the case. One winter when Randall was 26 they were on tour in New York State. While on a free day him and a couple of his boarding buddies decided to go into the city as they’d never seen it before.

While visiting the Brooklyn Bridge a fight broke out between a couple of super villains and super heroes. Randall was a innocent bystander in it all when his life changed forever. Somehow a car was thrown and when it landed back on the pavement it started skidding towards Randall, he tried to run away but he wasn’t fast enough and he was pinned to the side of the bridge and he heard something break and a flash of pain. After about five minutes of struggling against the pain to get free Randall passed out.

A few days later Randall woke up in the hospital and he found out what broke, his lower back. Randall was paralyzed from the waist down and would never walk again, let alone be able to snowboard. Thus ending his career and what he loved, snowboarding. After spending a few months in the hospital, Randall was finally free to go.

He decided to stay in New York for the doctors and got an apartment there with the money he made over the years. He’s been living in a small apartment for about a year and has a nurse that comes daily to help him with his needs. He’s been trying to deal with the changes in his life but Randall’s taken to it very bitterly.

Recently he’s heard about a new program with helping paraplegics at a near by hospital in New York and has decided to give it a shot, hoping that one day he’ll have the use of his legs again.

Theme Song

Collide - Wings Of Steel


Hyper-Running - With the enhancement to his legs, Randy has now gained the ability to run at superhuman speeds. He can run at speeds up to Mach 3 before reaching his limits. Along with the high speeds, his stamina is enhanced, strengthening his lungs and heart to be able to endure such effort for long periods of time. He can run at top speed for about an hour and a half before tiring. His brain is able to cope with the movement speed of his body, seeing most oncoming pitfalls, blockages, etc. At the speeds he runs, Randy can run vertically up a surface for about a 1000 feet before g-forces may pull him back. He can also run across water's surface as long as he doesn't slow below mach 1.


June, 15 2009 Randall is one of many watched by The Watcher. Everyday Life


  • "I said it!"


  • Randall Greene is a paraplegic.
  • Randall Greene is well known in the Snowboarding Circuit.
  • Randall Greene used to tour with the X-Games for Snowboarding.


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