Tucker Bromley
Tucker Bromley
Portrayed By William Moseley
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 9, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases n/a
Place of Birth Greenwich, CT
Current Location New York
Occupation n/a
Known Relatives Raymond Bromley (Father, Disowned), Joanne Bromley (Mother, Disowned)
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Empathy
First Appearance ???

Everything you feel, I feel too.


Tucker Bromley was born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut to a very wealthy family. At a young age he was raised to be 'proper' and to be proud of his highly respected family. The blond haired, green eyed boy lived a cheerful life until he was 11,(in 6th grade). He had been sent to a private school that specializes in 6-12 for 30-40 kids per grade. His father was an alumni so they were well know family in the school. Tucker came home from school one day with a black eye and a few bruises. His parents were informed that their son had gotten into a fight, and rather unhappy about it. He tried to explain that he didn't start it and was actually trying to stick up for another boy in his class, and that was when the bully punched him instead of the other boy.

Tucker decided to fight back, and the two boys got in trouble for it. His parents started screaming in anger at their son for disrespecting the family. His mutant power manifested and he started to feel how angry they were, Tucker tried to cover his ears and cower but the anger flowed through his body and he started to cry. He asked his parents why they were so angry, and that he could feel it. For the rest of the day his parents approached him with caution, not quite sure what was going on with their son.

When Tucker went to school the next day. he could feel what the other students were feeling and the overflow of emotion caused him to pass out. He was taken to a doctor where blood tests were done, revealing he was a mutant. His parents didn't want a mutant in the family, so they threw their only son on the street, so no one would know their son was a monster. They made excuses to friends and relatives, how they decided to send him overseas to a boarding school. They didn't want to spoil the family reputation.

With no where to go, he started wandering, homeless. Since his parents kicked him out, he has no access to any money, clothing, or food. He stayed alive for a couple years by petty theiving, living as a street rat. He made his way to New York City, where he would blend in among the homeless. Unfortunately it's a big and populated city, and constantly feeling emotions slowly drove Tucker crazy. Often he would curl up and scream from the constant change of emotion, and if anyone would touch him, he would freak out and back up with the look of fear. He was commonly thought of as a crazy person on the streets. It wasn't unusual for him to be kicked around, being so small and crazy. This was his life until he was found at the age of 14 and calmed by a professor at Xavier's. Tucker was offered a Haven there and decided to enroll.


Empathy - He can feel the exact emotions anyone one around him in a 15 ft radius is feeling. Unfortunately because of how his powers manifested, he cannot turn this off so he is constantly feeling the emotions of the people around him to the exact degree. If touched he feels the emotion twice is strong as the person is actually feeling it. If there are too many people in the room Tucker will have an extremely hard time dealing with the emotional overload.


  • You can view past and present logs here


  • "I said it!"


  • Tucker love comedy, books, tv, movies.
  • Tucker has a pet Welsh Corgi, Corduroy


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