William "Will/3-D" Brooks
William Brooks
Portrayed By Ben Barnes
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 6, 1981
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases 3D
Place of Birth Twickenham, England
Current Location New York City
Occupation Street Artist
Known Relatives Deacon Brooks (Father, Deceased), Claire Brooks (Mother, Deceased)
Significant Other His Art
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Animate Drawing
First Appearance ???

Bollocks, my chalk broke.


Some people are just drawn to a hobby at a young age, sometimes there's no reason behind it, and thus was the case with William Brooks. Ever since he could remember he's loved to draw. Where some kids would go outside and play, William would sit around drawing or painting. Even when forced to go outside he'd find a way to draw if it be bring a pad outside with him or drawing on the sidewalk, or even just drawing in the dirt. He didn't care how long the picture would last, just that he could draw it. That was his first love in life.

Born in outside of London in England to a middle class family, William rarely found himself wanting in life. He had a good relationship with his parents, and he rarely argued with them. He did what he was asked as quickly and efficiently as possible so that he could get back to his latest art project. He had the same attitude about his schoolwork as well. Get it done, and out of the way, then draw. Television and video games weren't things that attracted William's attention. He was a born an artist.

As with most artists though, tragedy strikes, and lucky for William or unlucky for William, it happened when he was ten years old. It was on a Saturday night, rainy and his parents had dinner plans with family friends. He was home with his usual baby sitter when there was a knock on the door; it was the police with the tragic news. His parents were on the way home when a drunk driver sped through a red light and hit the car of his parents. His parents were pronounced dead on the scene where as the other driver survived.

William was devastated at first, what child isn't, and he withdrew into his art even more. Having no living relatives, he was placed into a foster care home with three other children in London. His foster parents were a nice couple named Winston and Dana Abbott. The other children were all older, Daniel was two years older, and Elizabeth and Gerald were four years older. The three treated William as if he was a younger brother and it was with their help that he got over the lost of his parents. William does love his foster siblings, but he was just quiet most of the time, his art becoming his life.

As the years went by, William and Daniel had become thick as thieves and it was through this that helped William to develop more of a personality. His fanaticism with drawing never did stop but he was able to put down his work to have fun with his foster siblings and foster parents. He developed a liking for music through them, and thing British Rock mainly, and specifically Radiohead. He found that music actually helped him draw.

He was lucky in that his foster parents encouraged his drawing and always praised what a good job he did. He even got to calling them Mum and Dad over time. They even got him art lessons as long as he still focused on his schoolwork. Which William wasn't a great student but he got by with B's and C's for his marks. He went to public school with the rest of his siblings and once he got to high school he really focused on his art classes, becoming one of the best artists in the class.

At age 14, William found a love in street performing. He would go down to Piccadilly Circus, The South Bank, and Covent Garden and just watch and learn from what the street performers there do and how they conducted their trades. He even got to know a few of the other street performers and they gave him advice and encouraged him to one day join their ranks. It might not have been a very respectable dream, or even noble in some people's eyes, but in William's he knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. Draw freely in front of everyone.

At the same time, around the age of 14, and all that awkwardness is happening in your teen years, that William had spent weeks working on this one picture of a beautiful girl standing under a willow tree. And he poured his life into this painting getting everything just right, the pose, facial features, shadows, everything. He would even claim that at all of 14 he might have fallen in love with the girl he was painting, which my be why that triggered his mutant abilities. Right there in his room, the girl came to life.

Shock would be the obvious reaction; he was also curious and proceeded to question her. He asked her where she came from, the answer, his mind. She told him that he brought her to life. It didn't make much sense to William but within 10 minutes she was gone and back on the canvas. He wasn't sure if that really happened or not, but he continued painting her until it was near perfect in his 14 year old eyes. Over the next few months he noticed that his drawings kept having a habit of coming to life, and as much as it scared him, he couldn't stop drawing.

That's also around the time reports about mutants were coming to England, but they weren't perceived as the threat they are in America. Learning about this, William realized that that's what he must be, a mutant. Over the years he learned to control his powers, sometimes bring a painting to life just for company. They never lasted more than thirty minutes though, and through out the years, William learned to handle his power.

By the age of 16, William finally decided to start going out after school and drawing in the various spots of London, earning a decent bit of money for his work. This is where he learned his love for chalk, and spending hours upon hours drawing a huge mural on the sidewalk to be enjoyed for a day. Granted the chalk would fade or wash away, but a part of that is what William loved, it just gave him a chance to start again and make a new drawing. Any money that he earned was saved up so that he could do what he wanted, become a street performer for the world.

William graduated high school and by this time he was the only one still left living in the foster home, His foster siblings were all off at college, but William knew that college wasn't the route for him. He packed up his things and set off to travel the country, not really caring where he slept or what he did, making money through his art. He kept in touch with his foster family, mainly through writing, as he never thought much of cell phones. If he had enough money after buying a cheap dinner, he would stay the night at a cheap motel or hotel. Some nights he even slept in the streets, getting chased by the police from time to time. Over all he loved life.

His wanderings brought him outside of London, and over the next 8 years, he would travel to Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Chalk art became his main staple, but he knew by drawing portraits and the landscapes of the area, he could make money from selling those as well. To some it may not be a wealthy life, but to William, it was the wealthiest. And over the years, he came to develop his trademark style of sidewalk chalking, 3-D art.

Now he's come to New York City, hoping to spread his art hear as well. Like with anywhere else he's been, he's come where with nothing but his art supplies, some clothing, his money, and passport.

Theme Song

Loreena McKennit - Greensleeves


Animate Drawings – William has the ability to bring to life anything he draws, the catch is, he has to draw it. That's the link between the power and animation. What ever he draws can become fully operational and real, but it can only last in this world for no longer than thirty minutes. So if he draws a toaster and animates it, it will be a working toaster, but if he forgets to draw a cord, it will be a working toaster that can't be plugged in. Once the image is drawn and animated, it will come to life and once the thirty minutes is up, or dispelled it will just become a drawing again and can never be animated a second time.
The animate drawings will have the abilities and powers according to their nature. No additional powers/abilities can be given once the drawing is animated. So if he drew a Knight with a sword and animated, he couldn't later add a shield to the drawing, once it's animated it's done. Everything is very real and while it is animated, it is real and 3 Dimensional. Any damage done to the drawing or by the drawing is real. Again using the knight example, if you stab the knight in the heart, or do anything that would kill a regular non-super powered being, it will just turn into a drawing.
As for the drawing of super heroes, if he were to draw The Hulk, it would show a Large Green Hulk, but since you can't draw super strength or draw invulnerability, it wouldn't be any stronger than a guy with that muscle mass (which is a lot but nowhere near the Hulk). If he were to draw The Human Torch using his fire power, the Human Torch would appear with his fire powers, but it would be normal fire nothing out of the ordinary


June, 15 2009 William is one of many watched by The Watcher. Everyday Life


  • "I said it!"


  • William hasn't been home to England in over 8 years.
  • William hasn't had a 'home' in over 8 years.
  • William has been to 8 countries.
  • William specializes in the Trompe-l'œil art technique.
  • William lives off of being a street artist.


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