2010-11-13: Om Mani Padme Hum

Players: Theo and Xorn

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Summary: After filling out reports with SHIELD for an hour or more, Xorn tries to get Theo to share more about what's going on in his head.

Date: November 13, 2010

Log Title: Om Mani Padme Hum


Note:This scene follows Don't Mess with a SHIELD Agent's Phone

Xavier Mansion - Theo's Room

This room is spotless. Every pencil is in place, every sock in line. There is no dust permitted, oh no. Theo's desk is organized to such a degree that everything seems to be painted into place. His bed has a green and blue bedspread, and you could bounce a quarter on it. Decorations are scarce, no pictures of family or friends are found anywhere.
There is, however, one very obvious decoration. An HO Railroad model is suspended from the ceiling, and the train can often be seen traversing around the room, just above the door level.

Theo was clearly unsettled during the whole process of filing the report. It wasn't a simple annoyance, but there seemed to be something deeper going on. Now that it's over, the teen has retreated to his room. He walks in, closes the door behind him, and turns on the model railroad that runs the course of the room. The backpack is dropped onto its hook, and he pulls the laptop from the bag and into its dock on his desk. Like a fine system, he returns to his backpack and zips it back up, making certain that the zippers meet precisely at the top of the pack.
With that finished, the technopath undoes his laces and pulls his shoes off, placing them under his bed in their proper place before flopping onto his back and staring at the train in motion. He lets out a heavy sigh, and just starts to zone out.

A knock can be heard on the door and a voice can be heard in Theo’s head, <It is Xorn. Theo, I would like to speak to you regarding what happened today. Please open the door.> The voice in Theo’s head sounds at peace calming and soothing.

"I closed the door because I don't want to talk to anybody," Theo calls out, placing his hands behind his head and watching the train as it makes its way past the window.

<I apologize, Theo. But I can sense emotions and I can sense you are at unease.> A sound can be heard on the knob of the door. Suddenly the knob seemingly falls apart, thanks to a little gravimetric pressure. Airwalking into the room, Xorn enters and looks around, and particularly at the trains, “They can be entrancing to watch.” He looks around once more, “I think I have only ever seen one room more spotless than this one. Mine”

"You could've tried turning it," Theo says dryly as Xorn enters and the knob falls apart. His gaze doesn't leave the train, though. "Of course I'm at 'unease', I was almost shot by a bullet tonight, in case you didn't catch that. I didn't get the research done that I was supposed to, and Bob probably is trying to figure out whether I just did something that's going to cost Stark Industries a lot of money." He fails to comment on the OCD cleanliness of his room as the train continues along the track over his head.

<Traumatic events can lead to more worry and stress, Theo. We live lives where on a nearly daily basis we face one potential tragedy or another. But the bullet did not hit you. You are unharmed. You helped in the capture of a dangerous shooter. Whether you believe it or not. You are a hero.> Xorn suddenly rises into the air and takes a Buddhist seated stance crossed legged and his hands are placed together almost as if praying. <As for research, that can be done at any time. If it must be done soon, then I will personally help you. As for cost to Mr. Stark, I am sure Iron Man will not be mad as he you may think. >

"I don't think he'll be mad at me," comes the even toned response. "And I'm not a hero." He doesn't give further explanation of the claim as the train makes its way over the door. "What do you want? I'll be fine. I just need to be left alone," Theo snips, though he already is sure he knows where the conversation is going.

<I cannot force you to speak your emotions, But being alone is never a solution. You will not be if you want to left alone.> Xorn hovers over to the unused bed in the room and remains in his Buddhist position, <So what happened today? Tell me what occurred and why you falsified your last name on the SHIELD report?>

At the mention of the SHIELD report, Theo's eyes shift from the train to look at Xorn, but otherwise makes no movement from his bed. The files on the teen remain incomplete. Where he came from isn't available, no known family, and he stands apart from the other students in the fact that he found the school before the school found him. His eyes rest on Xorn for a little more than a second before he answers. "Because I felt like it."

<Well, you felt was, apprehension during the incident with the shooter and fear when doing the report.> Xorn sighs and lowers himself to the ground and stands next to the bed, <Whether you believe it or not, we are help to help you. We actually care about you. But you need to trust us. What are you afraid of?>

Theo doesn't answer. He just continues to stare at the train as it makes its rounds.

"Theodore, please sit up.” Xorn moves away from the bed you are on and sits on the empty bed across from you. “Trust me on this and do what I do.” He does a similar lotus position from earlier. His legs are crossed Indian style and his hands are together palm to palm.

Theo sits up, but he doesn't assume the same position that Xorn holds. "Trust you? About what?" He braces himself on his hands at the side of his bed, supporting his weight from the shoulders.

“Sit the way I am sitting.” Xorn offers, “I cannot force you to speak. At the very least, I can teach you how to deal with the stress that you constantly carry with you. Between your powers and your fear, I can sense that you bear a heavy burden. As a teacher, it is my job to teach. So I will teach you how to at least control your thoughts enough to relax you so that the voices of technology are but a quiet hum and your fear is alleviated enough until you are ready to face it or trust those that care about you help you.”

The technopath stares down the masked face of Xorn for several seconds, studying the expression, or lack thereof. He finally lets out his breath, and takes the position with a roll of his eyes. "Fine, if it'll get you to go away."

<Close your eyes. Breathe in with your nose and exhale with your mouth, long breaths. Repeat this 3 times.> The simulated sound of breathing can be heard coming from Xorn, “Match my breathing.” Long inhale, long exhale. <While doing this, think of a peaceful place. A safe place. A quiet place. In this place is you and just you. It is a warm, safe, happy place. Concentrate until the only thing you hear is my voice and nothing else.> While not a telepath, Xorn will not from facial expression and body tension, when Theo has arrived at this place.

It reminds Theo of Addison's mental defense classes. The only problem? There is no safe place in his mind. So instead he mentally locks himself in a safe. Not happy, but secure. He relaxes some, and waits.

<I can still sense some tension. Keep concentrating. You are only partially relaxed. You must feel safe completely safe, but also loose. Very loose and free. Keep breathing in and out and repeat this phrase, Om Mani Padme Hum> Xorn’s voice keeps repeating the mantra until he hears Theo repeating it and matching the speed and tone of his disembodied voice.
"Mommy made me mash my M&Ms," Theo chants. Not at all what he was told to repeat, but it seems to do the trick, and relaxes him. Maybe there's more than a smart alec response to the chant for him, who knows?

If Xorn has eyebrows, he would quirk them. But Theo’s mantra seems to be having some effect. “Keep repeating that. “ After a few repeatings of the chant, Xorn checks to see if Theo is truly relaxed, emotionally and physically.

It isn't long before the teen is relaxed, and he sits patiently.

“Very good.” You can open your eyes now, but speak softly. “Repeat the mantra and take that stance when you are alone and you are feeling stressed or afraid.” Xorn says, “That was just the first lesson. We will meet regularly to continue.” With that Xorn pats your shoulder and makes his exit. In your head, <Be at peace, little one. And remember you do not have to carry the weight that you carry alone.>

Theo doesn't answer while Xorn is in the room. He gets back up after Xorn leaves and reassembles the doorknob, closing and locking the door afterward. He lays back on his bed once again, staring at the train with his hands behind his head again. "Yes I do."

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