Omri "Crypsis" Laroche
Omri Laroche
Portrayed By Corey Sevier
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 11, 1986
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Crypsis
Place of Birth Thule Air Force Base, Greenland
Current Location New York City
Occupation Freelance Translator; Professor of Linguistics at Barnes Academy
Known Relatives Noah Laroche, father (Presumed Deceased); Julie Herold, mother
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Physical and Linguistic Mimicry, Healing, Receptive and Projective Empathy
First Appearance ???


Omri was born on Thule Air Force Base in Greenland on January 11th, the son of US Air Force pilot Julie Herold and Canadian Noah Laroche after a one-night stand. Having dual citizenship in Canada and the US, he was raised by his father in Iqaluit, Canada after his mother chose to continue her career as opposed to raise a child she didn’t really want. Noah, a charter pilot who ran short-range prop plane flights to Greenland and back for a living, did the best he could on his own, but his job required Omri to be a latch-key kid.

Early on, Omri was a natural linguist, picking up French, German, Spanish and Italian before he was 14 years old. His father assumed the boy spent all his time reading books on languages whenever he was gone on a flight, but the truth was, Omri just seemed to naturally grasp languages as he heard them. His father was a good man, and he had a great home life, even though his dad was gone days at a time for work. Omri's father also began to teach him to fly the plane when he had time.

When Omri was sixteen, Noah’s plane vanished over the Baffin Sea, and he was never found. Before he could be placed in the foster care system, Omri ran away from home. He ended up in Quebec, where he lived on the streets, stealing what he needed to survive. After about six months of thievery, he discovered there was a lot more money to be earned in prostitution.

During the next four years, Omri sold his body, funding a rather nice residence in an upscale hotel. His success in this was fueled by his developing mutant abilities, which allowed him to read the desires and emotions of his clients, and use those feelings to fuel subtle changes to his own appearance to appeal to what they wanted. By the time he was 20, his powers became great enough that he could empathically read his clients easily, and could make himself look like completely different people. His grasp of languages continued to improve as well, as if he were sponging the knowledge from those he empathically connected with. He began to notice he could give gentle empathic nudges to influence others’ emotions, and that he could use that same energy transfer to heal others.

He knew he was special, and needed to learn to better control and understand his powers. He was also tired of being a street criminal. Moving to New York, he decided to try to figure out how to be an Avenger, and put his talents to use. He's not made any connections to join them yet.

Sticking by his decision to stop prostituting, he applied and was given a job teaching French at a local adult learning center. After about six months of this, one of the other teachers there suggested he look into a job translating with a company his brother worked for, and gave him the card for Circuitech. Omri applied, and has been working there ever since. He spends his weekends and evenings working on his abilities, and has seemingly mastered them to a fully functional degree. He also has taken kickboxing classes for several years and practices with firearms. When he can, he even does some limited crime fighting on the side, but he still feels his powers are really more geared towards small time crooks or support for big league heroes.


Omri can sense the emotions and desires of creatures and people as long as he can see them in person. His visual contact acts like a focus, and allows him to read people as far away as he can clearly see. If he cannot see them, he must be within twenty feet, and seeing them through artificial means, such as on a television screen. He can read only one person at a time. He also uses this ability to increase his accuracy with firearms, using not just his eyes to aim, but also his emotional sense of the target.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "…"


  • Always has a harmonica on him
  • Favorite food is kiwi fruit
  • Vegetarian


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