2010-02-21: On The Facebooks


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Summary: Cam and Dunstin escape to the computer lab for some quiet game time.

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title On The Facebooks

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Computer Lab

Twenty computers are set up on four different round tables to allow the students access to writing papers and searching the Internet. Everything runs on a high speed line to make research efficient. Computers are blocked from searching inappropriate websites and installing programs. The room is usually on the cool side to prevent any machinery from over heating.

Sunday evening, Cam's tired and rather bored. So, he came to the computer lab to make a few emails. He's sitting, quietly, with an mp3 player in his ears. Sure, he has his own laptop, but sometimes, he just wants to not be in the bedroom. That, and some things just look better on a larger screen. Like those stupid little games on the stupid social networking sites. The things he's way too addicted to.

Coming into the computer lab, with his laptop tucked under his arm, is Dunstin. He doesn't want to be in his room and he figurers it'd just be quietest in here. He spots Cam and gives a wave as he starts to set up at a small table. "Hey Cam, how's it going?" He asks as he settles down. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a button up plaid shirt, which is his most casual look.

Cam's own outfit, at the moment, is a pair of loose jeans and a gray button down. Along with a gray cap. Looking up, he blinks. "Oh, hey." He says, offering a wave. Rich kid. Doesn't seem snobby. He was talking about that earlier today. "Not bad. Just got bored with using the laptop. Small screen and all." He says with a bit of a grin.

"I miss my machine at home but I have all the settings I like on this one." Dunstin says looking at what's on Cam's screen. It's that curiosity where you can't help but look. He smiles at the facebook games. "I get hooked on the little rpgs like Castle Age." He says turning on his machine. "Tomorrow starts my first day of classes here, and then whatever this Danger Room stuff is."

"I'm on there. If you want…" Cam starts, "You can connect with me. We can share it. I get addicted to the farmstyle games. You'd think, growing up near a farming area, I'd hate it… but… It's not the same." He grins a little bit with a shrug. "I just had my first Danger Room session last week. Mine wasn't so bad. The team training things are what aren't so great for me. My powers aren't so designed for things like that. I'm not exactly a combatant or anything."

"Neither am I." A combatant, that is. "What are you powers?" Dunstin asks as he starts to load up Lord of the Rings Online on his computer. "Sure, my email is DEVTwarlord at vttextiles.com" He says so Cam can find him and send him a request. "I get more into the online games though, it's also a way to stay in touch with my friends back home. Who think I'm just at a boarding school."

"I just updated mine. FindersKeepers at xaviers.edu." Cam says, nodding as he makes a few quick clicks and keys in Dunstin's email. "I also use FindersKeepers for my twitter and other things." He grins. "And that IS my power. I can find things. As long as I know who or what I'm looking for… if I see a picture of it or something… I can find it. Sometimes, I can't, but usually I can." He grins innocently. "Though if a few people here at the school think I can also make people's heads explode if I concentrate hard enough… don't relieve them of that belief."

Dunstin laughs at the head explode thing. "I use DEVTwarlord for everything, those are my initials and warlord, I just think it sounds cool." And people might get the wrong idea with using Dungeon Master. "That's kind of cool, that you can locate things. It's kind of like a Locate Object spell in Dungeons and Dragons?" Dunstin puts a lot of things mentally into DnD terms. "Yes! My Auction sold!"

"Very much like it. But some people can apparently see ME when I'm locating them. That was the weirdest thing having… uhm…" Cam pauses and sends a message containing the name of a very well known latverian ruler to the other student. "HIM see me when someone said my name and I automatically FOUND him." He shivers a bit. "Auction? What were yous elling?"

"Oh just a shoulder set, I got a few gold for it." Dunstin says obviously happy with that. After all having 10 gold is a lot of money in the game. "That's weird, that they can see you back and woah?!" He says looking at the name. "It was him, you could find him? The terrorist leader of Latvia?" It's a name that's hard not to know.

"I could that time. And he looked dead at me. I couldn't see his face, of course, but his eyes… looked at me with questioning. Boy am I glad he wasn't in the bath." Cam says with a nod. "Never tried it again. Never will, either." he shivers slightly. "But… I've noticed that Rafa usually notices that I'm looking for him… so it could be a mental thing."

"That's just creepy, I don't blame you for never wanting to try that again. My powers just random. I roll the dice and something happens for better or for worse." Dunstin says with a shrug. "I had to pay for the repairs to the portrait of Xavier cause I kinda rolled a one." He leaves it at that. "Whose Rafa?"

"Oh, Rafael. My roommate. He has no real body. He's like… psionic stuff held together. At least, that's what he told me… it's hard to understand." Cam says, with a wrinkled nose as he types away, sending a message to someone. "Ouch. ruined one of the big portraits? At least you can afford to fix it."

"Poltergeist?" Dunstin says trying to understand it. "Yeah, I was showing Chloe what I meant, rolled a d20 and got a 1. Figures on my first day here." He says with a laugh. "I figured it'd just be responsible to offer to pay for it to be repaired. And…uh…yeah…I can." Dunstin says remembering the reaction yesterday to being wealthy.

"Similar. But he can create a physical body. In all effects, he's like a shapeshifter. Just highly psionic." Cam offers, trying to explain. He's not acting odd about the rich thing. Just stating it. He's not wealthy, and he knows it. His family is ok as far as money goes, but most of his extra stuff is handmedown.

"That's kind of crazy. I'd be curious to meet him." Dunstin says before looking away from his laptop and looking at Cam. "So, you'd be interested in something like a weekly Dungeons and Dragons came or role playing group here? You mentioned something like that in the kitchen so I'm thinking once I'm here and get to know a few more people, I can run something."

"I'd be down." Cam nods. "It's not like I have anything else going on, other than my cooking, classes, and training." He says with a shrug. "Not much room for the resident fat kid to get around and do much. People keep inviting me to work out. I know they DON'T mean it the way I'm taking it." He says with a shake of his head. "But I can't help but think that THEY think I'm out of shape."

Dunstin makes a face. "Working out is so boring and why would anyone want to do it." He's not exactly in shape himself but he's not overweight. "And who cares about your weight. I went to school with kids a lot fatter than you. I was kind of surprised they made school uniforms big enough for Rockman." Which was the last name of one of his peers at his old school. "So what's it like over all here?"

"It's… like any other public school. You have your jocks… Dallas. Jordan. You have your geeks. Me, Probably you. You have your artists. Robyn. You have your whiny emo-butts. Lucas. You have your overachievers. Rashmi." Cam says with a shrug. "Just a normal school. Only… with superhuman abilities."

"I've never been to public school. I've gone to private schools all my life." Dunstin admits shutting down his laptop. "And it's been mostly with the same kids through out the grades, and never a lot of us. There you had your stuck up rich kids, your asshole rich kids, and your somewhat normal rich kids." He thinks he's somewhat normal. "Not many of us were geeks but three of us had a regular DnD group."

"It'll be a lot like that. There are the ones here who feel they're privileged. And, since mutations happen at larger age ranges now than they used to, we're getting kids of all ages." Cam says with a shrug as he starts the log-out process, himself, with a yawn. "I think it's getting to be bedtime, myself."

"Yeah, I need to get a good night sleep before class tomorrow then see how things are." Dunstin says unhooking his laptop. "You wanna walk back to the dorms together?" Hey, he figures he'd offer since it seems like he's made his first friend here. He doesn't make any comment on the privileged thing. "Maybe you can give me the who's who on who to avoid and who's cool." He says chuckling.

"Well, I don't know if ANYONE is cool here." Cam laughs. "We're all geeks and freaks in our own ways. But… I've heard a lot of warnings about some of them." Cam says as he begins his gossip seminar going. It's nothing bad. Just typical school rumors that Dunstin would hear anyway. He gets up after logging off, and walks along with the other teenager, laughing a bit as he does so. He's only been here a week, but…

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