2011-04-07: On The Prowl


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Summary: Anita is on the hunt and being very insistent with Robin and Ahdi.

Date: April 7, 2011

Log Title: On the Prowl

Rating: PG-13(L)

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

It's early afternoon, and Robin has skipped her last class of the day in order to satiate a craving that she's had all day. Since it is now satiated, the girl who is currently wearing a heavy black sweater and blue jeans, seems in a pretty good mood. Because of the way she's dressed, it's pretty difficult to tell whether she is a boy or a girl based on the androgynous facial structure. Synched with her motion is a glowing humanoid with her build and height that seems to glow through rainbow colours, sometimes settling for a few moments on any one of the colours.

Currently purched on the edge of a fast-food restaurant roof, sniffing the air with a mixture of discust and curiosity on his face, is Ahdi Anuati. Though it's hard to stand out, dressing like he does in his full native garb might make a few people raise their eyebrows, the tattoos on his face being the next curiosity visible. As he sniffs he decides that the food place under him probably isn't a good idea, and is about to jump to another building when he notices the shiny, rainbo…thing.

Having finally learned exactly what it was that she'd been sprayed with, Anita has returned, again, to Mutant Town to find herself exactly what her body craves. And find it she has. The dancer moves with a lithe grace, offering sly looks to handsome guys (and girls, too, for that matter). She's wearing a deep red sweater, dark gray jeans, and biker boots at the moment. Then she spots the beautiful… boy? Girl? Either way, it doesn't seem to matter to the hispanic woman. Especially when the rainbow colored being behind her is noticed. She practically glides over to Robin, an almost preditory smile on her face, "Hey, honey. You're looking happy today."

Robin and the puppet both take a shift slightly sideways as Anita slips over and she laughs softly, "Well, I am pretty happy today. Feel like I'm on the top of the world, to tell the truth." Her voice doesn't provide any kind of extra indication on the matter of gender, it being in the androgynous range, where range and tonal patterns seem pretty ambiguous. She adjusts her glasses and rubs under the painted lens for just a moment before deciding, "You're looking like you're in a pretty good mood, yourself! Good day?"

Ahdi perks up his ears as Anita comes into sight, easily able to listen in on the conversation from his perch. That rainbo puppet, though…Making up his mind the hunter leaps from the roof, over the street, and lands just three feet back behind Robbyn. From his crouched position he reaches out to touch the puppet. Though it would be easy to see him moving, Ahdi curiously makes little to no noise on landing, ghost like.

"Better than any I've had in a long time, honey." Anita's voice is almost bubbly and a real smile appears for a moment. She reaches out to try to brush a hand on the girl's arm, eyes flickering over to the puppet for a moment and then back to Robin, "Glad to know you're feeling good today. There's too many these days that are walking a knife edge." She glances back at Blank and opens her mouth to ask a question, but then Ahdi is landing just behind the two mutants and the dancer jumps a little, scowling for a moment, "Nice entrance there, honey. You could have given someone a heartattack, scaring people like that, though."

Robin smiles at Anita as she touches her arm but then furrows her brow and raises her other arm quickly when Ahdi moves to touch the puppet. The puppet, still synched with Robin, raises its hand even faster to smack Ahdi's hand away. The puppet is unnaturally strong, quite a lot stronger than an average human. "Hey, you can look, but don't touch without at least saying hi, first." Robin laughs and shakes her head, "Kinda rude isn't it?" She looks over towards Anita and nods, "But I can understand why so many people are on knife's edge. There's people raining from the sky!"

Ahdi moves his hand from the puppet to his knee, fast enough it's hard to follow with the human eye. Leaning quickly back away from the two women Ahdi looks appolegetic and very surprised, "Am much sorry." he says quietly, then bows his head. He has a heavy lilting accent that is impossible to place. Oddly, he doesn't stand from his squatting position, "Did no know would mind if touch."

Anita chuckles softly, giving the native man a slow look over, "Hmm… You aren't from around here, are you, honey." Robin's comment about the man's actions earn another little chuckle and a small smirk, "Rude? Maybe. But certainly not hard to look at." She looks back at Ahdi for a moment before once more turning her attention to the teenager and leaning in slightly to murmer, "You aren't too bad, either, honey." She once more offers a small brush against the younger woman's arm, "So I take it Rainbow Bright there is with you?"

"Well, you gotta ask permission to touch. Consent, guy, you've gotta have it!" says Robin, smiling widely at that. She giggles nervously and blushes slightly at what Anita has to say about her own appearance but does answer, "Yep, Blank here's an extension of my body and will. A projection of my spirit, you might say! So when I say my will is strong," the puppet flexes as Robin says this, "I'm not making stuff up!" She laughs and brushes her hair back lightly, befoer asking Ahdi, "So what's your story, huh?"

Ahdi keeps his head bowed so some of his long hair can sweep forward and hide his confusion. "Am, no hard look…?" he mutters to himself. After pondering this for a moment he decides to ask Xorn about it later. "Am Ahdi Anuati…um, am jus' in mutent town for look, is all." Lately he has descovered that spilling his life story and rank to everyone, doesn't get good results, so he has shortened his story to only include the current events.

"I mean you're attractive, honey." Anita can't help but chuckle a little at Ahdi's confusion. She smiles at the introduction and offers a hand to the non-native-native, "Anita Escerra." She offers a small smile and looks him over again, obviously enjoying the view. The woman turns back to Robin, chuckling softly at the blush, "Oh, honey, you don't even know how attractive you are, do you?" She leans in to try to brush a light kiss to the teenager's cheek, "You could always come home with me, honey. I'd love to show you just how hot you are." She glances over at Ahdi again, "You're more than welcome to come with us, too, honey. The more the merrier and all that." She'd certainly enjoy it.

Robin blushes even more furiously at the kiss and says, "Ohh, wow, it's not that I'm not incredibly flattered at hearing that, but I think I might be jailbait to you and don't want to get anyone in trouble!" Blank meanwhile goes so far as to put her hands on her cheeks, occupying a more reddish area on the rainbow spectrum. She shifts her eyes over towards Adhi with a baffled expression.

Ahdi is very taken aback by all of this and manages to shake his head 'no' at Anita. He even forgets to shake her hand, one of the human customs he tries to use out of curtacy. "Am, um, much glad you say. Am, no think Human mating custom is same as Atjadni, though." he stammers. Standing from his crouch he visible winces when Anita kisses Robbyn, seeming nervous.

"Oh, jailbait doesn't bother me, honey." Not right now, anyway, "Ain't nobody gonna get me in trouble." Or so Anita thinks, anyway. She chuckles and glances back at Blank, her expression highly amused by the bashfulness. Then Ahdi says something about human mating customs versus something else and she raises one eyebrow, "Aw, honey… As long as the equipment is the same, I'm sure we can figure something out." She chuckles wickedly, apparently amused by the glances that she attracts from the people around them, "And even if it's not, then I'm always willing to try something new."

"Oh, wow, you are pretty forward!" says Robin, laughing nervously and touching her cheek, "Maybe another time, though, not tonight at least." She wrinkles her nose slightly, smiling a bit bashfully and rubs her neck. She does look at those passing by and offers them an exaggerated shrug before looking towards Ahdi again, eyes shifting between the Atjadni and Anita.

Ahdi smiles, a bit nervously, and back up till his hide-covered back is pressed against a nearby wall. His head remains bowed and his hands folded over his lower stomach, "Uh, equipment. Equipment be same, have see, is custome different. I have get mary before mate, is how customs of my people are. He falls silent, and blushes furiously though his darker skin makes it harder to tell. Both of his eyes, tattooed and not, close.

"Nothing wrong with chasing what you want, honey." Anita chuckles again and brushes a hand against Robin's arm one last time, "Your colorful friend here is kind of cute, too… Don't suppose I could borrow him for a couple hours, huh?" Then she's looking over at Ahdi and chuckling with genuine amusement, "Aw, honey. That's just so cute." She laughs again, "How very old fashioned." She takes a couple of steps closer to the alien and tries to rest a hand on his arm, "You're in America now. You've gotta go with the flow…"

"Oh, noo, Blank is also me. We're both me. Double me, and usually in the same place!" explains Robin, shaking her head. She raises her eyebrows as Anita approaches Ahdi, but doesn't intervene. She teleports the puppet next to herself and they both watch, still, kind of curious about what his reaction will look like.

Ahdi composes himself before looking up at Anita and smiling a reserved half smile at her. He doesn't pull away or seem bothered by being touched in the slightest, though he still seems a little edgy for other reasons, "Um, thought was in Earth, no America…am no one of you, am, different…" he trails off then, deciding he can't really figure out what to say. It's a bad time to be tongue tied by a pritty woman, but that's always been a problem with Ahdi.

Anita gives Blank and Robin a slightly amused (and speculative) look when told that Blank is her as well and chuckles, but does let the subject drop. For now. "America is the country, honey. Earth is the planet." She chuckles and shakes her head, lightly running her fingers over Ahdi's arm, "You really aren't from around here, are you…" She tries to take his hand and lead him down the street a little ways, "My apartment is just a little way from here…" She offers a light chuckle, her voice dropping to just above a whisper, "Let me show you what a real woman can do for you."

Robin brushes her hair back lightly again as Anita gives her that look, and both the puppet and the girl seem to exchange a glance. "Well, that's a surefire way to induce some culture shock, I guess." She shifts her eye slightly as she looks askance.

Ahdi lets himself be lead along, wondering what exactly is going on. She hasn't kissed him, so she couldn't be talking about mating practices…Glancing over one shoulder he gives Robbyn a 'help me' look, saying, "Um, am, no sure…" The hunter is at a complete loss on what to do in a situation like this.

"It's not that hard, honey." Anita gives a wicked little chuckle, "Not yet anyway…" She pulls the native man's hand up to try to brush her lips against his palm, "Come on. Just come home with me." She shoots Robin another glance, "You're still welcome to come with us, too, honey. I never turn down company." Though her dogs might not exactly be happy about her bringing in more than one person.

Robin shakes her head quickly and says, "Oh, no, no, like I said, I'm jailbait! That'll be different in June, so maybe I'll feel different then!" Robin gives a fake polite smile and then says to Ahdi at the man's pleading face and, thinking it is a request for info, she says, "She wants to have sexual relations with you." She puts her pointing finger and thumb together to form a loop on one hand, and sticks her opposite pointing finger through. Blank does the exact same thing in the same synch.

Ahdi blanches, his hand pulling out of Anita's so fast that it might give her leather burn from his glove, "Can, no do, am sorry." Even as the Atjadni speaks he folds his hands over his stomach and bows, taking two fast steps into a nearby allie and turning. The movement is gracefully done so it almost looks like he dances around Anita to get in the alley, "Am much sorry, really, am much sorry." he says, bowing again.

Anita rolls her eyes at Robin's insistance that the younger woman doesn't want to go home with her, "Your loss, honey." Then Ahdi is jerking his hand out of her loose grasp and the dancer frowns, watching him as he dances around her and into the alley, "I mean to have one of the two of you." That's said to both of them, "So just give over and come with me."

Ahdi shakes his head, bows once more, and says, "Can no, am much much sorry." That being said the Atjadni comes up from his bow and launches himself straight up in the air, making it a good 25 feet into the air before one foot snags the edge of a roof and he moves out of sight, running along the old building's top.

"Give over!" repeats Robin and she laughs, "I don't have to do anything you want. I'm in charge of my own destiny!" Both her and Blank shakes their heads at Anita and take a step back, "I should probably move on, hehe, especially if you're being so forceful!"

Anita scowls as Ahdi disappears, watching the rooftops for a moment to see if she can catch sight of him again. "Damnit." She looks back at Robin again, still frowning, and sighs, "You're a stubborn little perra, aren't you?" She stalks forward a couple of steps and tries to reach for Blank's arm, intending to grab and hold on, "Come on. I promise you'll have the time of your life."

"Don't you have a vibrator for tonight, lady? I don't even know what a perra is," says Robin, seeming amused at least until she reaches for Blank's arms. The girl frowns at that and takes a step back, teleporting Blank around herself in quick flashing motions about ten times. "I'm sure it'd be a blast and all, but no thanks, not today! Besides, you're starting to get super creepy!"

There's a very faint growl from Anita and the animals in the area start putting up a fuss: Dogs howling, birds diving out of trees, cats yeowling… She runs a hand through her hair, "It means 'bitch'. And who needs a vibrator when there are plenty of people filling this city that would kill to spend one night with me?!" She gives Robin and Blank a disgusted look and turns on her heel, "I'll just call Tony. He'd drop everything to spend a few hours with me." Even if he's probably too busy to actually do so. "Maybe he'll bring that cute wolf friend of his…"

Smirking, Robin says, "Well, you have fun with that, lady." She laughs and hops up onto Blank's hands, and the puppet launches her up onto the roof where Ahdi jumped up, then teleporting next to the girl. "Catch ya later, nympho!" With that, Robin runs away across the rooftop.

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