2009-07-07: One Biochemist Needed



Summary: An interview with Wyatt isn't what it seems.

Date: July 7, 2009

Log Title One Biochemist Needed

Rating: PG-13

Coffee Shop in NYC

Seeing that Wyatt is only eighteen and already working on a doctorate he was contacted by a reporter claiming to be from a magazine called American Labortory for an interview. After making arangments to meet at a local coffe house right after dinner time, what looks to be a female reporter sits at a small table by the door with a pad and recorder on the table. The place is near empty except for the barista behind the counter and two other people typing away on laptops.

Carrying a small datapad as well as his own belt full of necessaries, Wyatt enters the establishment. Taking a moment, he looks around before spying the reporter. Offering a brief wave, but no smile, he moves over to sit down across from her at the table. "Hello." He says, simply.

A hand is offered along with a tight smile. "Hello Wyatt I am Anne Davis, reporter for American Laboratory, we found your story quite interesting and thought it's make a facinating article for our magazine. A nearly real life Doogie Houser in a way." She says as takes out a pen. "So whenever you're ready we can start."

"He was 16. I was 18. One big difference. Also, I didn't skip anything, but… understandable to make the comparison." Wyatt says with a firm nod as he takes his datapad and places it in his pocket. "That and I'm not a physician, but…" He shrugs again. "So, yes. I can go at anytime."

Anne chuckles. "Well I know you're not exactly, but anyway. So what drew your interest towards biochemistry?" Is the first question that Anne asks, it seems she's done a bit of her homework.

"Easy enough. My parents. A reporter and an NFL Linebacker. keep pushing until you get it right." Wyatt explains lightly. "They noticed my science scores were phenomenal at an early age and pushed me towards scientific pursuits. It turned out that the works of those like MacTaggart… McCoy… Xavier… all of it just stayed in my head, as did that of Pasteur, Connors, and a few others. So, it was simply natural to combine genetics and chemistry."

"Genetics and Chemistry? So I take it, with you being so young, are looking forward to getting the oportunities to explore more in the field, getting as much hands on experience and making some astonishing breakthroughs in science?" Anne asks as her hand moves to press a button on the recorder.

"Of course. What is science for if not to discover new ways to do things, new potentials for the human genome or the mutant genome?" Wyatt asks, nodding. "There is so much untapped potential within there, that I'd love to find a way to access it."

"Untapped potential, well there are rumours that with biochemistry there are all sorts of things you can…untap." Anne says with a quick nod as she moves a hand up with a quick gesture. And the gestures the signal, one of the men on the laptop takes out a small gun and fires it at Wyatt, aiming for the back of his neck. Wyatt would feel something sharp stick into his neck, like a needle, a tranq dart to be exact.

Reaching up to feel the spot, Wyatt blinks, jerking the dart out. He's used to small incisions and pricks, considering… Immediately, he starts reaching for his belt for something, but his movements are slow and jerky. This… isn't good. "Who are you really?" He manages to slur out before it really starts to affect him.

The other man on the laptop is already behind Wyatt moving to grab the eighteen yearold's arms and atempt to pin his wrists together so he can't reach what he was grabbing for. "You see Wyatt, we're here to let you explore the untapped human potental. More will be expalined later." She says as she stands up and just leaves the coffee house, leaving the drugged Wyatt alone with the two men.

"Wont… do it…" Wyatt says, but that's all he can get before he's out. If he had only had the time and strength to get at his belt… things might have been different.

Cellphone is immedately taken from Wyatt and he's dragged out of the coffee shop. It isnt' who knows how long later, Wyatt wakes up on a small cot in what looks like a dark lab with a ton of equipment. "Hello Wyatt, you've been recruited to research more about humans and superpowers." The male voice says. If Wyatt looks around he'd see one door with no handle and no window.

Wyatt looks down at himself first, to see what he's got on him. If he still has his own personal reserves or not. "Recruiting is voluntary. This would be drafting. And, no offense, but I find it hard to believe that you can force me to research for you." He says simply, shaking off his grogginess slowly.

"Remember the linebacker and reporter? Your parents? It seems they're just as effect by the tranquilizer as you are Wyatt." The voice says, if he's telling the truth or not, it's hard to tell. "Now over the next few days we'll be bringing in your subjects, in the meatime there's research on the table that you should look through."

"Do you have any proof of having them? Otherwise, I'm just giving up and I won't do that." Wyatt says, still showing no emotion, even to his parents being held potentially. Love? What is that concept? It's not quantifiable.

"If you give up Wyatt, you'll still be stuck here. Also don't you want the chance to expand your knowlege, explore the limits of humans in ways you never imagined?" Of course they don't know about Wyatt's previous work. "You'll either agree to help us or you, and your parents, will be killed."

"You can't prove you have them, then I can't do anything. I'm sorry, but that doesn't work well with me. Being stuck here? I doubt that. You'd be surprised what a little scientific ingenuity can provide." Wyatt says, shrugging. "If you can prove you have them, I may assist for now."

A small slot opens up in the door and an envelope is slid through, dropping to the ground before the slot is closed again on the metal door. "There, I hope that is sufficent for you Wyatt." If opened he'd find that it's pictures of his parents being holed up in some small room, nothing uncomfortable but certainly captive.

"Fine. How long until I can leave and take them with me?" Wyatt asks, simply, crossing his arms. Sure, it's not his place to bargain, but he'll sure try to.

"When your work is done you and your family are free to go, unharmed." After all they don't want to harm their cash cow. "We need a stronger, better strain of MGH, Mutant Growth Hormone to be developed. You will have your test subjects in the next few days. Anything else you require for your studies and experiments we will provide for you."

Rolling his eyes. "Of course. Recreational drugs for use in granting modified versions of other people's natural powers." Wyatt shakes his head. "Why do people even want to bother with taking other people's powers rather than developping their own." He remains seated.

With that nothing more is said and Wyatt is left to his possible research. They'll ask him tomorrow if he's found anything he's needed and he'll be provided three meals a day. Nothing great but it's food and ediable.

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