2009-04-20: One On One


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Summary: Jericho has an appointment with Vlad.

Date: April 20, 2009

One on One

Rating: PG

In the early afternoon, Jericho's got his schedule book out. Looking across the room, he makes sure everything's ready. He hasn't met with this student, yet. But then, he hasn't really gotten to know this one either. He should, the kid is on his squad. The Hellions.

Vladimir walks to the door and knocks on it then opens it and walks in with out waiting for you to tell him to enter. He has no idea your on his squad in fact he does not know anyone one in the squad or if does he does not know they are. He has never gone to a training thing or a meeting if they have any. Hell he does not even know the name of the group. He looks at the man, "hello" His tone is small and he looks very uneasy about being here.

There's a couch and a chair available. Jeri waves a hand. "Sit where you want. I'm not that picky on the whole lay down thing. So, you're Vladimir. I'm Dr. Parker-Mayfair. Eddie and Jared's Dr. Dad." He offers, with a down to earth grin. "And you're one of my Hellions. Sorry I haven't gotten us together, I'm still fighting with a power issue from the recent invasion."

Vladimir leans against the door and cross his arms, "I know it was Jared who said I should speak with you and you were his dad." He folds his arms over his chest, "what is a Hellion?" He is fully clueless about the group. He got the suit for the team in his closet but that all thing he knows about the team.

"Training squads. You, Daisuke, Pallaton, James, Pryce. The Hellions. Like Eddie's group is the New Mutants." Jeri offers. "Have a seat. IT's not comfortable to either of us for you to be standing at the door." The Hellion costumes are red and white. "It's a namesake based on Emma's old team of kids from back in the day."

Vladimir sighs and walks over to a chair and sits down, "Yah about that I have a problem with the colors. You see this going sound vain but I only wear black it a personal thing." He sighs, "I did not know you were to person in change of that team."

"No, you will wear red and white while you're on the squad. The colors are non-negotiable." Jericho says plainly. "If you wear black, you're saying you're not willing to work with the team, to have others rely on you. You're saying you don't trust them to guard your back. And we can't have that." He leaves it at that. After all, the colors were set a long time ago. "So, what seems to be the problem?"

Vladimir raise his eye brow, "It just a simple color change it means I not a fan of red and white not that I don't trust someone." He stands back up, "what is with this place they never take in there students feeling on things I just want to wear black! I refuse to just bend over and kiss others ass just to fit in!" Bingo it seems vlad got a very short fuse. If you look in his file you might notice he been in a few fights with others mutants outside the school and had arguments with both members of X-force and the Scott since he been here.

"Seems you have a problem with Authority figures. That you don't trust people that know more about what they're doing here." Jeri says with a quick nod, jotting that down on the paper. "See, when you join the school, you agree to follow the rules. One of the rules is that you have an Unstable Molecule costume of the colors of your squad. Your squad colors are red and white." He says with a nod. "I despise wearing Red. I prefer black. Ask my husband… he's always coming up and changing the colors of my clothes when I'm not looking, but my team is red and white, so when I'm working with them, -I- will be wearing red and white. That's the rules. I obey them too, so I can expect no less out of my students." He takes a moment before pausing. "I'd also like to ask you to please think about what you're saying, and to try to refrain from using foul language. This IS a professional office, after all. I really AM a doctor." The seven-foot man says with a grin.

Vladimir frowns but really can't argue with someone who is staying so calm. He sighs and moves some hair out of his eyes, "if you don't like the colors change them Shades already said I can have black if I can convince the squad leader to change the colors."

"There's a reason I can't change them. There's a tradition behind the name Hellions. And, I made a promise to someone that it wouldn't be black." Jeri says with a chuckle, shrugging. "So, why do you CHOOSE to wear all black? Black is usually a depressing color. I'm just trying to find out your views on it. I have my own, and my reasons behind them, but we're here to talk about you."

Vladimir shrugs, "there are a few. The first it is a neutral color no gang member as going to shot at you thinking you another gang. It slimming and goes with anything else, Also I am a night person so if you need to hide quick if you are in black it works a late easer then colors that stick out like red and white. Night and day you be a big target. Why do you think you see not English red coats any more?"

"What does that have to do with training? You don't wear the costumes out. WEll, some do, like Jordan, but that's because it shifts with his body. And… he wears it UNDER his clothes." Jericho says, tilting his head. "Did you think it was the only thing you're allowed to wear? I'm sorry if that was your impression. You can wear it under your clothes. The only time you wear it ONLY is when you're in a training simulation." Jericho says with a quick nod. "Though, white is also neutral, as is brown. Sure, black is easier to hide in at night, but not if you're in some of the places in the world that we find ourselves in. Sometimes brown is easier to hide in. And slimming? You don't have to worry about slimming. You ARE slim."

"And, I happen to know very well why they changed their colors. But what THEY do has nothing to do with what we do."

Vladimir Nods, "still don't like being another color I even wear black sock s and boxers. He points to his blue sunglasses, "these are the only thing I wear that is not black." His eyes narrow some, "So where in the world will we find our self's? What type of things are you building this army for?"

"Army? There's no army being built here, Vlad. WE're trying to help people learn to control themselves and powers better, so things that happen to some don't happen to you. Trust me. I was NEVER an active person. I never went out to 'fight crime'. To run around in tights. I still don't, really. I just know how to use my own abilities and have the ability to share others. But, I was just a normal person with abilities. My abilities aren't obvious, other than the fact that I'm a big guy, but there are normal guys bigger than I am. And I got kidnapped and taken to a mutant slave island." Jericho says, nodding. "I don't want that to happen to others, so I help them learn to control their OWN powers. I can see what they have and how they work. But, other than that, back on subject, in the team settings, you'll wear red and white. When you're not training, you can wear whatever else."

Vladimir frowns and looks away, "what ever." He then sighs, "if this is not a army" He looks back at you, "then what's with uniforms and and the battle training? Even more what is with the X-men going off to fight and stuff? I not the only student who thinks this school is a restatement center. It one think with the X-force made to defend the school I can see the need for that with so many hate groups and stuff but the x-men go out and look for trouble." He sighs, "the real reason I am here because Jared is a friends and he thinks I need to see you over my rage issues and my past."

"The X-Men take care of problems. They do not seen out fights. It's because of the X-Men that I'm NOT stuck in a prison camp in Genosha. They freed us all about nine years ago. They knew that the slavery was wrong. Sure, they do their thing, but it's not required. I don't go out with them. I'm no X-Man. I just choose to come and counsel the students. Kids have always thought it was a recruitment center, but it's not. Some choose to become heroes, others choose to live normal lives. My husband has a business. He just works here to help with bills. He was a student here and chose NOT to be an X-Man. He's a very popular hair stylist. The training exercises are to help you learn how to work with others in an emergency. Have you not noticed that we DO get attacked here?" Jericho asks with a canted head. "I don't run into fights usually, unless I have a reason. IF Eddie's in trouble, or one of the people I know, yes. Otherwise, It's not my business." He leans back in his seat. "Rage issues, authority issues, and past? Well, we'll get there when we get there. For now, though, why do you have a problem with people in charge?"

Vladimir shrugs, "I don't know. I mean I guess it because all the ones I knew were assholes. There my mother the crack whore who was always to high to do anything but open her filthy legs for so guy with a 20 or a thing of crack. Then the guards at the state run half way house. They all cared nightsticks and pepper spray and enjoy using them. Then there were the gang members in the house." He stops and looks away and stays silent.

"So that means we're all like that? I like to think I'm not. Otherwise, the state wouldn't have awarded me custody of Eddie. Nor would they have allowed me to keep Jared with me after his mother died. I'm a doctor. I took an oath to keep people safe. Yes, I'm a doctor of the mind, but the oath is the same either way." Jeri says, nodding as he looks at the boy. "And you seem to have parental issues as well. Have you tried letting yourself forgive her? Some people just… never get out of their childhood. Your mother doesn't define who you are, you know. You can be someone else."

Vladimir frowns and looks at you, "Well I don't know you that well yet but you are Jared's father which means you most likely a good guy, Shades seems to be on the up and up, I know the weather witch um what's her name in cool, and the guy with the thick accent and the black eyes seems alright." He sighs, "I really don't have a thing against this school or the people in it just um I don't know how to explain it with out sounding like a retard." He then snorts some, "forgive her never she cared more about her next fix then me. She allow them to take me away and then she let me rot there. If it was not for my powers I would of still be there being everyone's whipping and fuck toy."

"Did you ever think that maybe she had a mental illness and didn't know to seek help? There are some people like that." Jeri says, nodding, as he sketches a few things on the pad he's holding. "Some people don't know that they're doing something wrong. Perhaps she was raised in the wrong manner, and didn't know it wasn't the right way to treat a child." He doesn't know her story, so can't truly comment. It's been about a half hour, but JEri's not stopping just yet.

Vladimir frowns and shakes his head, "so what I suppose the feel bad about for the ho bag! Well forget it I hope she dies a slow painful death!" His hands are in fist. Maybe not much of a threat to you but he is wearing leather fingerless gloves with silver studs on the knuckles so if he lashes out he could harms someone with out powers to protect them. His eyes narrow now look into yours, "I will never for give her even if she came crawling on her hands and knees and begged me."

"Perhaps that's something you SHOULD do. You don't have to go to her and tell her you forgive her, but maybe you need to look inside yourself and see WHY you can't." Jeri says. He's not frightened by the fists, himself. Considering his own strength, and his current secondary power.

Vladimir blinks at you and frowns, "hard you hard of hearing I hate her because she a drugged up whore who did not care at my well being. I don't need to look inside my self to know why I hate her it is clear isn't it?"

"No, it's not. And insulting is NOT the way to go about this. Why does it bother you that she's like that? Are you afraid of becoming that, yourself? Are you afraid of becoming a whore?" Jeri asks. HE's still just as calm as he has been. "And just because you disagree with someone's beliefs and actions doesn't mean you should hate them. What she did didn't hurt anyone other than you, and she probably didn't realize it was hurting you. Admittedly, she doesn't sound very attentive, but… why do you hate all of it so much? You should think about what you see of yourself within it."

Vladimir looks away and frowns, "I am a slut not a whore I only sleep with people I like or look like fun." He does not looks back, "Her action only hurt me but isn't that enough?" he now looks back, "Or are you saying I am nothing and it does not count!?" his hands still in fist but they stay on the arms of the chairs.

"I haven't said anything, Vladimir. You've been saying everything. I think it stems from the fact that you ARE afraid of becoming her. You said it yourself, you're a slut. Why would you call yourself that? It's an insulting term. It's not something people strive to be. And I'm not saying what she did was right, don't think that. I'm saying, you're showing self-loathing and parental loathing. The two are tied together." Jericho closes his notepad and nods. "I've got another appointment coming in a few moments. Between now and the next time we meet, I'd like you to start listing things that you learned from your mother. Good AND Bad. Tell me what you know you learned either FROM her or because of her. Bring that with you next time."

Vladimir stands and leans over the desk until he so close you can most likely you can smell what he had for lunch on his breath, "I am not her I will never be her!" He then stands up fully and turns and walks to the door, "what ever" He opens the door and walks out and slams the door behind him," It is a good thing he not super strong.

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