2010-07-01: One Radar Needed


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Summary: Robyn meets Kisha who is determined to acquire a radar.

Date: July 1, 2010

Log Title: One Radar Needed

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

At least the weather's cooled off a bit leaving it not as humid or hot as it's been the last few days which is why Robyn isn't holed up inside in the comforting air conditioning. He's sitting on one of the benches in his usual black jeans and a t-shirt sporting a Skeleton Bunny while on the phone. "I know I said I'd come home this weekend Mom but I can't, I have something I wanna do with my friends here…." There's a wince on his face as it's obvious his mom isn't happy with that response.

As close as she'll ever be to clean (IE only her fingernails have engine oil beneath them) Kisha ambles across the courtyard, her attention fixed on an odd looking touchpad computer. Every now and again she stops, taps the stylus against the screen and mutters in Russian. A few moments observation would reveal her ambling is taking her back and forth, then advancing a short ways. As if she was trying to walk over the entire courtyard in some sort of pattern. Odd behaviour aside the most striking thing about the petite teen are the extensive fresh burn scars over both arms, uncovered thanks to her black caffeine molecule T-shirt.

"Mom…okay, okay, I'll come home on Sunday and stay till Tuesday, I promise." Robyn says as if a compromise to get his weekend free. "Okay, love you too, and Dad. See you Sunday." He says as he hangs up the phone and look up at Kisha and look embarassed for a second because of his phone conversation. "Oh, hey, sorry, I didn't realize anyone else was out here….are you new?"

Kisha doesn't quite seem to respond at first. Instead ducking down to put her hand against the ground and then tapping at the screen. "Potential point of interest for site A number twenty, priority… lets call it a four," she murmurs slipping back into English. It's only after her notes are done that she remembers she's being addressed. "Oh! Sorry I am, new that is. Just getting my bearings and learning the lay of the land. All the general new girl in school sort of thing. Such a shame I don't have a proper ground penetrating radar though…"

"Ground penetrating radar?" Robyn asks as that's a new thing for him to hear. "Sorry, I'm Robyn, Robyn Larkin." He says offering a hand. "I guess it's good to be just starting here in the summer, no classes to worry about." He tucks his cellphone back into his pocket and brushes some of his hair out of his face. "How long have you been here if you don't mind me asking?"

Kisha tucks the stylus into a little slot on her computer. "Kisha Dorogoi," she offers, checking her hand for dirt before shaking. "It does exactly what it says in the name. It's radar which goes through the ground, which would let me figure out what some of the things I can faintly feel are and if they're worth looking at." She shrugs. "Start of the week. But I've barely been inside since I had all my things checked by my squad leader. Well, I did have to buy new clothes. The few I did bring got battery acid on them somehow."

"I dunno, I think they already have radar and stuff here, I haven't been in the security room at all so I don't know the details just that the security here is pretty advanced." Robyn says as he isn't the most techy of sorts. He can work his way around the basics of a computer and that's about it. "Battery acid? What were you doing near battery acid?" But then the way she says 'somehow' leaves him to question if she even knows or not. "And I know I'm asking too many questions but whose your squad leader?"

"Think they'd let me borrow one?" Kisha asks innocently, glancing around the courtyard. "I'd try my utmost not to… well… dismantle it and try fix it. Maybe." She coughs and adds "Doctor McCoy? And the battery acid probably got on them before I set off from home. I was taking apart my stuff to pack and I must have put something on top of the clothes I had out. No big loss though, my dad told me not to bother packing my good clothes. He said I'd only ruin them… Unfortunately I'd have to agree."

Robyn blinks at that question and shrugs. "I don't know?" He says as his voice is filled with uncertainity and that hint of 'probably not?' "I'm just the art guy around here not the technology guy. Maybe ask James? He seems to know more about that stuff or Forge! He's good with mechanics stuff. He's my Squad leader." He says with a grin. "I'd ask what you were packing but I'm kind of scared to find out the answer." He says with a chuckle.

Kisha beams. "I'm assured none of it was remotely dangerous! Unless you count my tools, but anyone who mistreats their tools by using them carelessly doesn't deserve to have them," she states cheerfully, pulling the stylus out and tapping at the screen some more. "James you say? What does he look like? So I'll know who to ask when I run across him." Close up it's possible to see that her computer is displaying a fairly detailed map of the school, likely a scanned version of the schools promotional material with some additions from google maps.

Robyn can't help but glance at the map but it's not his place to really ask too many questions besides if the teaches say she's okay she's okay in his book. "So what is it that you do? Like, for a hobby that causes you to make dangerous stuff or not remotely dangerous stuff?" Robyn feels like there's a hole with what exactly it is that involves possible danger and battery acid. Then in regards to James. "Oh you won't be able to miss him when you see him. He's like seven feet tall, dark haired, looks like a Hyena."

Kisha taps at an icon, changing the screen to a text document into which she begins scribbling notes. "Hyena you say? Unusual choice of animal all things considered," she notes. "My hobbies? I'm an inventor I guess, used to help my Dad working on cars but these days I'll try my hand at pretty much any kind of machine. Like this, made it myself, although I think some of the parts came from other things. My memory is a little fuzzy from around that time, mutation issues and all." She holds out her computer for inspection.

Robyn looks at the computer and smiles. "I am throughly impressed you build that." He says honestly. "But I don't know much about mechanics or computers so I couldn't tell you if it's any different?" He says sheepishly. "Ah cool, so machines the radar thing makes sense and the fact that you built the computer. I'm more into art stuffs." He says with a grin. "So now for the million dollar question, what's your super power?" The way he says 'superpower' is over exaggerated and has a humourous edge to it.

"Long story short? My power is my hobby in a way. It lets me build or take apart things and figure them out faster," Kisha explains, closing the text document down and opening another. Into which some more notes are made. "The main difference between this and a store bought machine are all the ports and stuff. Also I can run almost any kind of media on it, except for tape decks. I had to build that into a plug in unit. Plus with my connection to my main machine I've got more processing power than some colleges… But anyway what about you? I'm guessing you're a mutant too?"

"Sounds kind of like my squad leader, Forge. He's really good with inventing machines and such. But that's kind of cool that you can invent like that. And it's convenient that it's your hobby." Robyn says with a grin as he nods at the mutant qusetion. "We all are here. I'm all psychic based powers, I can astrally project myself, possess people and make psonic weapons. That's my thing. And oh! You're on a team with Beast? My roommate Connor and my twin Richard are on Excelsiors too."

Kisha tilts her head, then frowns at the screen. "Twin brother you say? Are you hard to tell apart?" she wonders. "I haven't met anyone else from the squad yet. To be honest the only person I've chatted to was called Laura and she had some really interesting implanted blades. I've tried looking up what they're supposed to be made from but no luck so far." She sighs longingly. "Which is a shame because indestructible metal would be /so cool/. I guess it's just as well though, right now my inventions are a little… well… variable."

Robyn holds up his two wrists, one has a 'Mad as a Hatter' on it and the other says 'Thin as a Dime'. "I have tattoos, and a different haircut and he's all super strong where I'm…not." He says good naturedly. "I've met Laura once, in Central Park but it was brief. I don't really know much about that I just know that Wolverine also has implanted blades and he's kind of..well badass for lack of a better word."

"Has anyone ever found out /why/ they both have implanted claws?" Kisha asks curiously, stylus in constant motion as she scribbles away. "Perhaps if they have the same metal it came from the same source, which could be tracked somehow. It would be so much easier to get hold of a super-material than having to learn to make my own. Although there is a lot of potential in artificially assembled carbon structures, which is what I chose my codename in honour of. And if it's good enough for science fiction why leave it there!"

Robyn shrugs. "I really don't know, I don't exactly think that is information I'm privy to as a student and that's something that…I don't know Kisha." Robyn says as that's kind of diving into personal and weird waters for him. "What's your codename?" He says as the curiosity has hit him. "I go by Psyche since all my powers are up here." He says with a tap to his head.

Kisha frowns. "I originally wasn't going to bother, but I must have been scribbling notes on the application forms and put Karbon down. As in Carbon but with a K. Stupid huh? But I guess it's too late to get it changed," she replies, scowling. "I don't really understand why we need them. Presumably it's to ensure we're discreet if we ever have to use our abilities in public? But that seems a little… like they expect us to play superhero?"

"Karbon's not bad, and is it any better than Psyche? It was about all I could think of and it's better than In Your Head Lad or something equally weird." Robyn says as he pulls out his phone to check on the time before giving a nod. "It's not too late to change it but it's really not bad. I mean on my team there's a Bullet, Instinct, Supernova and Mother. Mother? Is that even a code name?" He says with a chuckle. "No…they don't expect us to play superhero it's more…we're forced to sometimes." Robyn says sounding a bit grim.

Kisha opens her mouth, blinks and then covers her hand to stifle the laughter. "/Mother/!?" she asks incredulously "I… you're making fun of me aren't you? What's her ability? Does she put band-aids on and hold your hands when you cross the road?" After allowing a brief moment to let the laughter subside she grins. "Are all the squads so colourful?"

Robyn can't help himself but laugh at the reaction as he nods. "I know, and no, I'm not making fun of you. She goes by Mother. She's an empathy it's kind of…I know. Lemme think…there are some crazy code names here like Damage." He doesn't remember who Damage is though. "Lord Luck is another weird one too but Mother is by far the worst. And what do you mean by colourful?"

Kisha holds her stylus up to the side of her head and twirls it, while making cuckoo noises. "As in mentally unbalanced! I must admit I'm not really one to talk. My power has made me… weird. I can't sleep unless I have some technology to cuddle up with, like bits from an engine or circuit boards. Ironic when I think about it, given just how close I came to 'sploding myself with the first thing I purely built by myself."

"I..well..a lot of us have been made weird cause of our powers and some of us were just strange before we got here. Guess which side of the coin I'm on." Robyn says with a grin. "Though I do need to absorb mental energy survive, that's my weird quick. I'm a vampire of sorts but not some lame sparkley one, I don't drink blood." He says making a face. "What was the first thing you build that amost exploded you?"

"Good question! And if I ever find out I'll be sure to let you know," Kisha answers with a wave of her hand. "There are probably still experts from the police forensics lab trying to figure out what it was. Aside from that it emp'd the school science fair I can't even begin to guess. I've check all of the notes I have left and tried track down the parts I used, but it seems like my power kicked in at a higher level than it's at now. Or just had a better run of the place without my mind getting in the way."

Robyn nods at her answer. "Well if you do know, I expect an answer. I'd love to see something you create sometime though. It might be neat. Me…I sculpt that's about it. I like to make things out of clay not nearly impressive as building a computer but I like it. And in regards to a better run of the place, I'm sure you'll be able to do what you can here they're actually really good with helping to learn about your ability and how to use it though it sounds like you're that kid from Meet the Robinsins who likes to build stuff."

"Ah, by a better run of the place I mean I blacked out and my power took over. A mental place, rather than anything physical." Kisha explains, tucking the computer under her arm and rubbing her arms. "All my tools are hand-made, but they're under my bed at the minute. They're a little flashy thanks to all the chrome I used but they work really well. Far better than anything I've seen in the stores. If it turns out it wasn't a safe creation I'm only going to tell you if you promise not to share it with anyone else, okay? Like if it was a death ray or something which breaks the fabric of the universe.. Which might actually be a fun invention, perhaps I'll look into it later."

"Okay, I'll keep my mouth shut but if you invented a death ray or something…you are one scary girl." Robyn says with a smile to show he's more joking around. But she is still scary if the death ray is true. "How come I see you and Connor somehow ending the world between your powers and his powers?" He says as he doesn't think her inventions sound 'fun' at the moment if they destroy the world.

"What's his power?" Kisha wonders, apparently unconcerned with the potential risks to the planet. "And you shouldn't be too attached to Earth! Space travel and colonisation are things we should be striving towards as a species. In fact I think maybe that's what I might do once I finish highschool."

"He can teleport but it's a weird teleport as if you're traveling through other dimensions and seeing yourself in other ways you could have ended up it's…different." Disturbing, weird, unnerving. Robyn just has to prepare himself before he teleports with him. "He's one of my best friends here, Connor, and I dont' think it's an attachment to Earth but to this dimension and timeline."

Kisha pouts. "I don't even know if it's possible to destroy a dimension or the timeline. I think I'll save that sort of research until after I've settled in on Mars," she says with a dreamy smile. "But anyway that sounds /exceptionally/ interesting. I wonder if it's possible to tap into the other dimensions and parallel process. Instead of building the worlds most powerful computer you make a simple one and link it to an infinite number of versions of itself. That way it's able to calculate /anything/."

"I honestly don't know if you impress or scare me Kisha." Robyn says as he stands up but even as he says that he smiles as he does think she's facinating. "You are like crazy genisus whose probably pull off the most brilliant, bizzare and frighting inventions ever. I look forward to it." He says chuckling as he means it in a good way. "I gotta run though, I'll see you around?"

"That was a perfectly reasonable idea," Kisha protests, noting the idea down on her computer. "And I suspect you will. Unless I end up in detention for the entire summer. Which might happen I suppose, especially if anything I make explodes. Doubly so if that's what it was supposed to do." She grins. "I promise I won't make anything too frightening! Unless we have a Halloween contest in which case all bets are off. Cya around."

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